Can you imagine being Mitt fucking Romney and unironically trying to use the phrase “all hat, no cattle” against Bernie Sanders? The sheer audacity.


And the fact that they’ll concern troll about how close we are to our “socialist agenda” when convenient, but tweet this kinda “haha libs can’t do anything!1!!” shit at the same time. Almost like they’ve chosen an enemy that they can characterize as either weak or strong depending on what argument they’re making 🤔


Lol yep. "We must save this country from SOCIALISM, we're on the brink!" Also "Democrats are ineffective and can't get socialism passed..." He's telling on himself and not realizing it.


It's a classic tactic. The enemy is both a complete moron who can't do anything, AND the most cunning genius you've ever seen. Look what they said about Biden. "Sleepy Joe" had to much dementia to get the job done, but he also personally organized the most subtle election rigging in history.


Pretty sure that’s indelibly written in *The Fascist Playbook*™.


You joke, but… > 8 The followers must feel humiliated by the ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies. When I was a boy I was taught to think of Englishmen as the five-meal people. They ate more frequently than the poor but sober Italians. Jews are rich and help each other through a secret web of mutual assistance. However, the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak. Fascist governments are condemned to lose wars because they are constitutionally incapable of objectively evaluating the force of the enemy. - Umberto Eco *Ur Facism*


That is the thing we all despirately need to be taking a lot more fucking seriously. The republicans, all of them, are fascists. They have tried to make that word lose weight and meaning but we all need to make sure we understand just how dangerous they are.


They weren't joking


The whole “election was rigged” narrative is in preparation for 2024 when the GOP will undertake widespread fraud, and when the Dems try to call it out they’ll be tarred as sore losers like they were.


They bust themselves all the time and nothing ever happens.


Umberto Eco's 14 common features of fascism: > The enemy is both strong and weak. “By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”


> And the fact that they’ll concern troll about how close we are to our “socialist agenda” when convenient, but tweet this kinda “haha libs can’t do anything!1!!” shit at the same time. Almost like they’ve chosen an enemy that they can characterize as either weak or strong depending on what argument they’re making 🤔 And the absolute ***worst*** part? IT WORKS EVERY FUCKING TIME.


Nothing like using cognitive dissonance to prey on people's fears and superiority complexes at the same time!


It's not stupid if it works.


But it works so fucking well. I don't get it.


People are uninformed and angry. That's really about it.


It's one of the tricks of fascist manipulation: The enemy is simultaneously strong/dangerous and weak/pathetic.


I'm still confused about socialism anyways. The Dems are supposedly turning us communist through socialism but Trump was the one giving out all of the money in stimulus form last year, not President Biden.


Hey, remember when Mitt passed ObamaCare in Massachusetts and then pretended to hate it for the 2012 election? Yeah, that was super cool. Fun times.


I member


member berries


Remember all of the people thrown into poverty so that Mitt could pretend to love Jesus as he looted healthy companies to make himself obscenly rich?


A man who made billions and whose only tactic was finding loopholes so companies didn't have to pay people what they were promised.


truly is a man of the people


I remember. I was even living in MA at the time. Fun times 😵‍💫


It’s a shame Romney gets credit for that when he likely would’ve vetoed it if not for the democratic supermajority in MA, and all of its provisions were voted for by that democratic supermajority. Plus Romney ran against Obamacare during his presidential and senate campaigns, so he doesn’t even support the one accomplishment he’s credited for.


I remember it, but only because we ended up with Mitt fucking Romney's Healthcare plan


He is from Utah. It should be all girlfriends. No wives. Or all democracy, no sponsor of a religion that for years and years has systemically covered up abuse by its own leaders.


He's not from Utah. He just ran there to take advantage of the Mormon vote, but he's not lived there very long.


Right. He's LDS but he's not Utahn.


Is that even a real phrase


It is, mostly in Texas or the Midwest. Those guys that have big trucks, big hats, and all the trappings of the 'cowboy' persona but they live in suburbia. All hat, no cattle.


I live in Texas and have heard that many times. I got the gist of what the phrase meant, but your explanation is helpful. Now it seems so obvious. Thank you.


Which part of Texas if I may ask? I've lived here for a little over 25 years and never heard the phrase. I'm pretty sure that's only because I mainly lived in a major metropolitan city though haha. I completely believe you btw! Just genuinely curious :)


Grew up in Central Texas, heard it all my life. But hearing it from Mitt Romney's milquetoast ass brought me a laugh.


Shit, I'm from NC and I've heard it used. Though, between the military and a lifetime in construction I've probably spent more time around good ole boys than most.


NYC checking in, pretty sure first time I heard the phrase was in Fallout: New Vegas


Most of it, haha I’m kidding — but, not really. It’s becoming harder and harder to compete with large-scale corporate ‘ranching’ putting a lot of smaller cattle operations out of business (which are usually both sustainable, out of necessity, and produce happy cows because they genuinely become big bovine pets). Not ALL farmers, as Reddit often likes to suggest, *want* to take government assistance — but when you can’t afford feed for your cattle in the winter because all of the alfalfa has been bought up or priced out, would you just…let them starve to death? Edit: to answer your question, just ride 40-50 miles outside of any major city and take a few FM (farm to market) roads for fun — you’ll see what I mean. There’s a thin veil in this state that seems to cover the majority of the poor, old, dying oil towns that are now nothing more than a liquor store, a church, and a gas station.


For what it’s worth, I’m Texan as an. Born and raised here, our roots go back to before Texas was even a state. I grew up in ranching territory, and helped work cattle from when I could ride a horse reasonably well… I never heard the phrase until it popped up on a Facebook link that got spread like wildfire.


i've lived in Texas for over 500 years, it's the only thing we say anymore. in fact our language is now based off the phrase.


West Texas. Im transplant from NM about 10ish years ago.


A phrase that literally describes W. perfectly. The guy called his country estate "a ranch" despite not having a single livestock animal located there, had a New England prep school, and Ivy league education, adopted a Texas accent when he got into politics, and wore a cowboy hat for public events sometimes.


I don't know, but I get kind of sick of people cosplaying cowboys, you know, like 5 year olds do.


"Why won't you treat this country like your own personal cash-cow Bernie? What a fool." ~ the former CEO of a private equity group


Politicians be flexing they've blocked 28 years of actually working *for* the people.


People know this country sucks and keep voting against their interests to keep it that way because they’re all future millionaires fighting the socialist boogie man. I need to leave this fucking country.


I moved to Switzerland, there's like 80% less idiots here. The US is a sinking ship.


How hardgow hard is it to move to another country like that? I think about what it would take to immigrate often but I have no useful skills to another country lol


You said a lot. I agree with most, but I don’t think people are aware that they are voting against their own interests.


Propaganda is a powerful tool.


It's funny when people think propagandas don't exist in their own countries.


I’m with you. I’ve been looking at jobs in the UK. Even under Boris, it’s saner than here Edit: spelling


Hahahahahahahahahahaha Mate, as a UK’er that left, I can assure you it’s not sane. Over 50% of the population continually vote to shoot themselves in the foot. Hence why Boris is in charge and brexit happened.


At least your right wing is mostly on board with healthcare being affordable, and acknowledging climate change. I would take that as a first step.


At this point I’ll settle for a civilized country without the equivalent of an NRA


saner, not sane


Come to the Netherlands :)


Dude. You want to escape America to come to America-lite lol


No. It's because of how we vote. Stop blaming the victim of First Past the Post voting. (Our current electoral system) [ First Past the Post voting](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s7tWHJfhiyo) Other electoral systems we can use: [Alternative vote](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y3jE3B8HsE) [Range voting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3GFG0sXIig) [Single Transferable Vote](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8XOZJkozfI) [STAR voting](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/STAR_voting) [Mixed Membership Proportional voting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT0I-sdoSXU)


This is why "Bernie hasn't gotten anything done" as an argument against him is dumb. Like, yeah, if Bernie got the legislation he wanted passed, we wouldn't have many of the problems we currently do. People need to stop and think about how much bad crap Congress has done over the past 28 years.


They talk about process and horse racing because they've totally lost the debate on policy


Horse *trading*, but you’ve got a good point


Motherfuckers forget that he’s one person and bills require support from a lot of people. But yeah, its Bernies fault that you’re a sell-out.


because the heart of conservative belief is that the strong *deserve* to prey upon the weak and conservatives are really good at convincing the average idiot conservative voter that he's part of the former


*nearly three decades of my cohorts and i successfully thwarting guys like bernie from doing jack shit for the people - amirite? up top!*


I will keep saying this until I’m blue in the face: Sanders not being able to pass policies that are wildly popular with the American people is not a condemnation of Sanders’ abilities as a legislator it is an indictment on the rest of the United States government for failing to listen to the will of the people.


Also Mitt Romney is all piss, no cum


Better to cum in the sink, than to sink in the cum.


Almost as if Bernie is one of like 17 politicians who actually care about the world




I mean, if you count local politicians too there's probably that many.




Local politicians, generally speaking, have far more of an impact on your quality of life than provincial/state/federal level ones.


\^ and this is why sane people who have the ability to run for office should do so, even if they don’t think they’d be able to do any good. Local politicians often have tons of power people don’t realize.


The mayor of the town over is counting the taxes they're getting from medical marijuana sales and talking about starting some form of UBI for everyone in his town. Yeah it can matter that much and that's a lot. Our new mayor just beat a mayor who is currently being investigated for embezzlement to the tune of $2mil from the town, so hopefully we can actually get some fix for our roads and shit. The difference just one town over is staggering.


which is probably why he can't pass a thing. there's only so many of them.




they actually can make a difference, but only if people remember there's elections more often than leap years and that the president *only* ***signs*** bills. there are plenty of excellent local politicians that rise through the ranks. and we need a better congress to write bills that will actually represent our needs so the president can sign them into law. the guy who was once the mayor of my city ran for vice president in 2016. true story. he was the governor of my state, and now he's one of my senators. you may have heard of him; his name's tim kaine. point is, at least show up to vote if you do nothing fucking else. donate if you're inclined. volunteer if you'd like. do more if you're passionate enough. but at least fucking vote (once, and only once, in each election in which you are eligible to vote).


The one that got away…


Thing that gets me is other dems who say Bernie is too "extreme" and no one would work with him yet the republicans when push came to shove had little issues standing by Trump. I feel these are extreme times we need extreme measures to even try to fix whats happening.


I love how they say he's extreme and none of his ideas could possibly work, as we look around at all the other western countries somehow finding ways to make his crazy ideas work...and then they question why those people in those countries aren't falling over themselves to move to the US where things are supposed to be so much better for them lmao


>why those people in those countries aren't falling over themselves to move to the US where things are supposed to be so much better Don't point that out to my parents "They're all coming here, all the illegals and those seeking healthcare! My friend told me her mom died waiting on treatment, socialist healthcare is bad!" Yeah she genuinely thinks her mom died due to waiting on treatment and that people from the Europe are flocking here for healthcare.


Meanwhile people here in the US literally do die because they either won't go to the hospital because they can't afford it, or they have to wait 6 months for an appointment. Or because they're female and doctors don't take their symptoms and problems seriously. But that's all fake news, right?


Even my primary care doctor is on a montha-long waiting list. It would suck if I was in poor health.


I asked a conservative friend why we couldn't have universal healthcare and a $15/hr min wage and he told me our country is too big. That was it. No explanation as to why he thinks there is a limit. It's just too big.


That's all his smooth brain is able to handle.


Yep Bernie is far from extreme he is fighting for what almost every first world country has already. If we are going to blow the smoke up our own asses about how we are the best the least we can do is take care of our own people like everyone else. But no the republicans want us to be more like Saudi Arabia which is cute because their constituents hate everything to do with the Middle East.


Build! That! Wall! We can’t afford it? No problem! A country that’s explicitly said they won’t is gonna pay for it! Are we gonna go to war with them for it? Nah we’re just gonna hope they change their mind! ITS RIDICULOUS AND UNREALISTIC TO THINK ANYONE WOULD BE DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE SOCIALIST IDEAS LIKE “healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt a family” WOULD EVER BE PASSED IN AMERICA. SHEEP. IDIOT SHEEP!


> Thing that gets me is other dems who say Bernie is too "extreme" and no one would work with him Which is funny from us on the outside looking in because Bernie really isn't even all that extreme. American Media and the two parties are wild with how they portray some politicians.


"Too extreme" lol, Bernie wouldn't even be considered a leftie here in Spain, more like a centrist. It's crazy how practiacay the rest of the entire world has socialized healthcare and education but some Americans scream "Communism!" at it. I guess companies and lobbyists have successfully brainwashed them.


He’d be centrist or even right wing for the uk too.


I remember looking at right wing policies in the UK a few months ago and all I could think, as a leftist in the US, is “Wow, that would be great.” It’s a shame that the US is so brainwashed.


Bernie is not nearly extreme enough, this country is just fucking dumb


Unfortunately they don't say that because they actually believe it. He goes against their interests, so they say some semi-believable excuse to satiate people. None of the Republicans did that with Trump because he supported their interests, and it wasn't upsetting to the toxic majority of their base.


Yeah I don’t think it would work out that way. Trump is a corrupt piece of shit who does his best to profit off the broken system we call a government and those around him profit off it as well. Bernie wants to change the system so that powerful people are less able to profit off it but the rest of society gets lifted up. Republicans worked with trump because they were already grifting pieces of shit and that wasn’t being threatened by trump. If anything trump made it easier for them to be grifter pieces of shit by courting a moronic base that would accept everything Fox News says without question. The elite dems have everything to lose by working with Bernie amd they obviously don’t have the moral backbone to *want* to do the right thing or help the American people. There’s at least some dems that do opposed to the zero republicans, but clearly it hasn’t been enough to make real change.


I voted for him every time I could. The Dems rigged the last go against him because they couldn’t stand someone who wasn’t a declared Dem his whole career winning their nomination. He was brining an entire young generation to the Democratic Party but they just couldn’t see past that, like every other politician group.


I used to say, back in 2016, that Clinton was motivated by ambition. She wanted to be the first woman to be president since she was a little girl. Everything she has ever done in her career has been in preparation for this. Trump was motivated by ego. He cared more about his ratings than anything else. And Bernie was motivated by a desire to make things better, or to prove his ideas work, or something like that. I had the robot Reagan test. Imagine if Reagan was reanimated as a robot and was allowed to run for President and it was pretty much guaranteed that he would win because "everyone" loved Reagan. But being a robot they needed an actual person to be President behind the scenes. So they go to reach candidate and say, you will win and get to be president, but only if you do it secretly as the person behind the robot Reagan. Trump would say no. He wanted to be president because in his mind he had already conquered everything else, business, tv, etc. Clinton would say no because her ambition was to be the first woman elected President. That can't happen if it's a robot. But Bernie would totally make that trade. He gets to try to fix the country and people might actually listen to him because it's a robotic Reagan. Edit: having thought about it more, I'm not even sure Clinton is "wrong" to feel this way, if she does. I get the impression she does, and I don't even know if it's wrong. Perhaps it is that important that a woman be elected President and break down that wall. I'm truly not sure I disagree with that take. I think I might agree with it. But the impression I get is that these three would choose in this way for these reasons. Maybe that's incorrect, but if so, it's a statement about their campaigns and branding as much as it is about me being wrong about how they feel and what motivates them.


Not gonna lie bro I'm very confused about your "robotic Reagan test"


considering that half of the ppl in this country throw the word "communism" at anything thats remotely close to a social benefit, berny and his followers are going to be angry for a very, very, very long time


The "red scare" was essentially just propaganda being drilled into boomers so they'd forever associate "socialism" with evil. They're too scared to vote for what would benefit them, because those in power told them so


But bailing out airline companies and big banks, subsidizing corn, social security, and Medicare/Medicaid totally aren’t “socialism”


A guy i work with was complaining about the high cost of his daughters medicines, and how he would quit if her medication wasnt $9200 a month if he didnt have insurance. I casually made a comment about how "wouldnt it be nice if that wasnt a worry like in most civilized countries", then he told me "yea, but it's impossible to ever see a doctor in those countries" I responded "nope, not true. I have british family and they habe never had an issue" "Well that wouldnt work here" "Why not?" His response was inchorrent, but he definitely mentioned how he "served in the military", Kyle Rittenhouse, and "some people in this country" I did not know what to say


Waiting times can be long in some countries with universal healthcare. That is true. But in the US if you can't afford and do no qualify for programs, the wait is forever. So long trumps forever.


Exactly. And you dont have to worry about losing your home because you broke your leg, or got cancer, or whatever. A friend of mine was in a real bad accident a few years back. Talking 100s of thousands of dollars. Luckily he had insurance, but there were a few bill he had to pay out of pocket here and there. He missed 1 bill, that was $120. It just got lost in the shuffle, and if fucked his credit and has prevented him from buying a house. Our system is beyond broken


Half is a massive overestimation considering they are throwing themselves at this virus like lemmings.


Oh no, somebody stop them...


In comparison- Trump Republicans have made the old guard - like Mitt and George W seem human. But make no mistake- the old guard was, and still is, a bunch of greedy a-holes.


I hate that there was a brief time period in the past couple of years that Mitt was considered a good guy in comparison.


Mitt *is* a good guy in comparison. It’s just a low fucking bar is all.


Crazy how even someone like Jon Bolton was considered a “good guy” for a bit




We need ranked choice voting


Ranked Choice was on the public ballot in MA. We turned it down unfortunately. I think not enough people knew what it was.


Only because trump didn’t bring him on board. Don’t forget that Romney was absolutely gunning for a cabinet spot in trump’s administration.


My wife is one of these people: Her: “GWB is just so cute with his art and his friendship to Michelle Obama.” Me: “He is a war criminal.”


"You know honey, there was a guy in Austria who used to make 'cute art' do you know how that ended?"


If I had a time machine, I’d just go back and try to convince the board of that art school to let him in. “Yes, yes, I know he sucks. Know what sucks more? SIX MILLION DEAD PEOPLE!”


For me it's more of an indictment against the Obamas than anything. I lived through 9/11 and the run-up to the wars - I *know* GWB is a shitbag. But this chummy neoliberal rehab of his image pisses me off to no end. A lot of people voted Obama in expecting accountability to be held against the previous administration and then... nothing. Same thing is happening with Biden.


I never expected Obama to hold GWB accountable, they all seemed to be in the same club, a club Trump is still not part of, I believe/hope his day of reckoning is still coming.


NARRATOR: [Trump was in the same club](https://i.imgur.com/olUjDoj.jpg)


Painting pictures of bathrooms is a great way to escape the tiny fart of guilt from bombing weddings


God I feel like every other comment I make is a remember when, but remember when VP/head of the CIA Bush Sr. let Nicaraguan drug traffickers import cocaine into the US to fund their anti-communist mission? Or when Ronnie didn’t acknowledge the AIDS crisis until it broke out of gay communities and started affecting “regular” Americans? Or that other time when Nixon existed and did Nixonian things? Or that other time that Bush Jr. had a torture program and tanked the US economy? Ike was the only decent Republican president of the modern era, and even he had some real problematic tendencies. But compared with who came after him, holy fuck that man was a saint.


And despite being a five-star general he warned about the military industrial complex and how it drains resources


Generals who have to actually fight tend to have a dimmer view of war than politicians and businesspeople. However, generals that become generals without that kind of combat experience done share the aversion.


Absolutely. We can’t forget the crookedness and evilness of the party in general. Just because the trumpers are lousy people don’t overlook the party in general.


And the thought still scares me that we are close to someone so much worse than Trump that we will look back on him in the same way we do W.


Mitt is over here highlighting the fact that the Republicans have been a problem for at least 3 decades.


At least they pretended like they gave a shit. These new assholes aren’t even trying.


Why is Mitt stooping to Internet trolling? Isn't being a US Senator, Mormon aristocracy, former governor, son of a governor and cabinet secretary, and half a billion dollars enough for him?


Ask Elon why he's internet trolling as a side gig. Honestly so many rich powerful people spending so much time shitposting on twitter makes me realize even with the money to live however you want, people still decide to waste their time on garbage.


Elon suffers from NPD just like Trump. His fit over not being able to use his underwater tunnel in Thailand showed that he's just another Buddy Pine (Syndrome), trying to be a superhero for the vanity, not to help others.


Hording wealth is a mental Illness. You won't be able to change my mind.


It's the magic underwear. Makes him feel invincible.


I forgot to mention that his FIL was the richest man in Michigan when Michigan was the economic engine of the nation.


A man like Romney got a great empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.


Internet trolling is the new politics, sadly.


So we just need to run and elect more Bernies and fewer Mitts.


Yeah, but those with the most money usually win. Who are the wealthy contributing to? Luckily there are a few places like Vermont where wanting the whole country to do better is still a thing.


It’s not just a money thing. There aren’t a lot of Bernies. Most people who are like him don’t run for public office.


I think there are plenty of Bernies, but you aren't going to run if you can't win, so I agree with your last sentence.


It’s also a lot of TIME. to try and run for office while also working to support your family is a huge endeavor. That’s why most people who have money run because they can afford to take the time to run


Representation is bought. We need a general strike.


Yeah, except there's a solid 30-40% of the United States who are convinced that they're in the same socioeconomic class of the "Mitts" of the world and **do not** want to have to "suffer" for lesser people to get things easier! These people are also rabid and will vote, every single time, come hell or high water. Meanwhile, Democrats have a hard enough time agreeing on the type of flavored seltzer they're going to serve at a fundraising event.


Wrong. It’s just wrong. Your average poor conservative voter understands very much that they are poor and likely to remain so. I know this from experience, but if you need proof I give you Donald Trump. A radical populist if there ever was one (note: populist doesn’t mean “good”). Your average southern conservative *is* convinced that the reason they no longer have access to the middle class is because liberals in big cities took that away from them. In their minds you can’t fix their situation with government because government (and it’s allies in big-everything) is the whole problem. They believe that city liberals *hate* them and the things they value. Handing more power to government only emboldens those people to harm them even more. We have two sets of poor people in the United States both responding to the same problems of wealth division in entirely different ways. Progressives think government is the solution. Conservatives think government is the problem. Both sides are really dug in and it’s been seeping into our very culture for decades. I wish it was as simple as “these people think they’re going to be rich one day so they vote for what rich people want”. It’s not. It’s about desperate people acting in what they believe is their own best interests while believing the other side is actively conspiring against them. I have no idea how to resolve that.


Zero Mitts


Right? Like Romney‘s whole argument is self-defeating. He’s literally telling us that reform can’t happen because assholes like him run the economy


Didn’t Mitt Romney make his money by buying healthy American companies with borrowed money, shipping off the manufacturing divisions overseas to reduce costs, and then selling them for a marginal profit? I only ask because—fuck that guy.


Also has been a part of essentially shorting companies into oblivion similar to how GameStop and all those "meme" stocks were being shorted at the beginning of the year. He had his hand in multiple companies (ala Toy's R Us) going bankrupt and profited off of the downfall without having to pay taxes on his gains.


He made Toys R Us bankrupt!! OK i knew i hate this guy but now i have a perfect reason to. Fuck that guy.


Your synopsis is too tame. His time with Bain was called parasitic capitalism. He cut jobs, pay & standard repair/maintenance work at the beginning of acquisition. Bled the companies dry nearly immediately, in the hundreds of millions, and yes, entire site layoffs either when the company tanked, or had their work sent to Mexico for lower labor costs as the company died. Here's a fascinating read that simultaneously infuriates me with how manipulative & disingenuous our accessible media coverage & bipartisan politics has been for the last 20 years. https://www.seattleweekly.com/news/mitt-romney-american-parasite/


I had to scroll WAY too far to see a Bain Capital reference. Just goes to show how most people *really* don't know where these politicians came from.


Don’t forget stripping the pensions!


Which got bailed out on the taxpayers dime. This information was available when he first ran for president. It dumbfounds me that we have so much "chatter" clogging up the people's attention span, that we can't get REAL information presented to the voting majority that would ACTUALLY be worthwhile in informing a voting decision. Everything he contributed to during his time with Bain should have ended his career, and ostracized his family from the public.


Yeah that Reagan is thought of fondly is another example of a terrible person whitewashed by years of misinformation.


He made his money the old fashioned way: by being born into one of the wealthiest, most powerful families on earth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_W._Romney


Bain Capital has been a force of evil in the world. Bankrupting businesses for profit, looting pensions, leaving workers out in the cold, and I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread yet. Mitt Romney deserves to have his name tethered to Bain everywhere he's mentioned, because Mitt is an I've-got-mine piece of shit.


https://www.seattleweekly.com/news/mitt-romney-american-parasite/ Yep.


Mitt Romney is a vulture capitalist. The firm where he worked was responsible for the destruction of Toys R Us. Somehow he has not been visited by 3 spirits on any subsequent holiday.


Soon Geoffrey will have his revenge


You cannot rely on hopes and prayers to fix your problem, if you ever see him throw a banana at him


You'd think that people would stop trying to dunk on Bernie by now.


Its easy points from their supporters when they try to dunk on libs.


Literally no one like Mitt. He and moscowmitch are prime examples of hated by constituents but elected cause of party label.


That's why America is fucked. Civil war 2.0 is being fought at the polls and every time the Republicans take office they make life worse and worse for the average American and they begin to win the battle for fascism. The worst part is how many people are voting against their own interests to stick it to the other party.


Just compare Mitt with his dad. Pretty much shows where the republican party has gone. https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/08/how-george-romney-championed-civil-rights-and-challenged-his-church/261073/


> every time the Republicans take office they make life worse and worse for the average American and they begin to win the battle for fascism because right wing beliefs are justified by fear and insecurity, and a prosperous and materially secure populace will naturally start moving away from right wing beliefs


If Bernie was so ineffective and irrelevant, they wouldn't be attacking him. It's not about the scoreboard anyway, it's about the way he plays the game.


It's just so insanely frustrating how the people who have been tricked into hating Bernie are likely the ones who would benefit the most from a Sanders administration.


GOP: "you don't need any help, do you? you're strong and independent and don't need any help from the nanny state, right? not like those lazy black people, that you're better than, right?" dumbass GOP voter: "durr, yep!" they swallow it hook line and sinker, every time


The real socialist agenda is the military and it's fucking bleeding us dry budget. Why the hell are we paying Raytheon, Lockheed Martin etc Billions to make shit we don't need when we can't house our homeless or end the insurance nightmare?


>The real socialist agenda is the military if that military were truly controlled and directed democratically by the people, instead of by raytheon and lockheed martin and oil company lobbyists, I would agree with you.


Romney is that guy in the GOP that truly knows everything that has gone down the past 5 to 6 years is completely deplorable. But he has chosen to deep throat the MAGA-verse to keep a job at the expense of Americans. Romney is worse than Gaetz and Greene's because the others we can see coming. Romney is a shell of a man from the past in a game that he has chosen to be a bitch too. I hope this fucker has a miserable life going forward.


He still thinks he can be president. It’s pathetic.


So I dont always agree with Bernie. But he seems like a politician who actually gives a fuck about constituents and his beliefs instead of towing the line with the party. I wish we had more like him


It's amazing how long he's been at it and how consistent he has been. I remember seeing a picture of him being arrested for protesting when he was like 21 years old


It's so exasperating that to anyone with a standard IQ and basic education, these Republicans are so ridiculously stupid, short-sighted, and surface-level with these vague, inane statements. Their base is so incredibly stupid to eat this stuff up. They probably simply think (if at all) "since a successful man in a governmental position said it, it must be true and valid."


It's not "Here's my plan to help my constituents with their issues and concerns". It's "Here's who to hate and ridicule and blame while I rob you blind." Literally blind, Republicans blocked insulin price caps and diabetic retinopathy is a thing.


James Baldwin said it best when he said to be informed in America to be in a constant state of rage. How could you not be angry thinking about how Flint STILL DOESNT HAVE CLEAN WATER Edit: thank you to everyone who has updated me that Flint now has clean water


Someone on a post I saw, said they live in Flint and they're water is much better that it was and that there is another town in Michigan who is worse. I will try to find it. Edit: I found it [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/qx1dam/hey_elon_this_you/hl77ql7?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) I'm not trying to downplay your opinion at all. Please know that. American is a in a constant started of rage and the older I get, the more rage I feel.


Well, how can you rage about something and not keep updated about it? I think that’s a bigger problem, people understandably rage about some issue, but never follow through about it.


As someone not from the United States it always suprises me a little to see people like Bernie (or any US leftist, to be honest) being called a Socialist. I'm not that well informed, but US left is way, way less left than most leftist parties in South America, and even here in Brazil our so-called socialist parties can't really be called that, just cause thats not really their agenda.


Here I’ll help you get it: Taxes pays for police/firefighters = All good, capitalism Taxes pay for doctors: basically communist Russia, no patriotic American could ever support such disgusting socialism


Idk why communism as a concept is disgusting , what was done with the system was disgusting not saying it's perfect but you have to pick and choose the good parts of each system .


So Mitt admits it there’s no “socialism”


Americans think basic human rights are socialism.


Ironic considering when governor of Massachusetts Romney passed a fairly progressive (for its time) state medical insurance program that 98% of his current party would call socialist.


Do these people not see that our entire society is propped up by socialist programs? From roads to emergency services to the military are all socialism. Hell every time we bail out a corporation, that’s socialism. Plot twist there are no bailouts in a free market


I haven’t had health insurance since I was 17. I’m 36 now. Why does it have to be so fucking expensive? $450 a month? Oh okay let me cash in my gold bars I have propping up the corner of my second mansion out in Beverly Hills.




They call him Mitt because he's a fucking puppet


Saw Romney at Ruth's Chris in Sept of 19. Wish I'd given him a piece of my mind then and ruined his dinner.


In a just world corporate raiders like Romney would be punished instead of rewarded


As someone who works in non profit- accepting that the deck is stacked against you and soldiering on the best you can is part of the job. Bernie is like any other person in that positon- you do what you can and soldier on- the fact that he is still pushing after all of these years is a testament to his will and desire for change. you cannot have empathy, and not be angry.


Okay people keep coming back every few months with some lame reason why Mitt Romney is actually a good guy, how he's not like the other (R) pols, fuck that. This guy's a scum lord and I don't care if he's the reason you can smoke pot in Massachusetts or whatever it was, fuck this guy.