Why can't these laws be challenged under the constitutional right to religious freedom? I don't get it


They probably will. But that would require the court to be impartial and care about the law. Not be some front for the religious rights attempted take over of our country.


The fact that the people who swore to uphold the very highest form of the law blatantly lied about doing just that as it concerns Roe v. Wade during their judiciary hearings shows just how much we can depend on any court.


The justices that said RvW was "settled" and set precedent during their hearings should be impeached.


Anyone who came away from those hearings feeling like Roe v Wade was safe was in absolute denial. They did everything in their power to avoid saying Roe v Wade was safe, watch the hearings again. I'm not defending them I just am angry people actually believed them for a second, wake the fuck up people.


No one believed them. But all Democrats could do is vote no. And even now, impeaching and removing an SC justice requires 60 votes in the Senate, which is never going to happen. The whole system was predicated on the assumption that Americans would elect officials with a love of and respect for established checks and balances. That hasn't been true for 50 years, longer than most Americans have even been alive.


Actually requires a 2/3rds majority to remove SCOTUS judges, so 67 votes no party will ever have. That "check" on their lifetime appointment doesn't truly exist unless they like... murder someone in public with witnesses and countless cameras. Then the parties would both vote them out. Well, the GOP might have them put on trial and say "innocent until proven guilty" and draw it out until they had the 50 votes in the Senate to be the ones chosing the replacement. Then, suddenly, they'd come out saying "the proof is clear, we don't need to wait anymore."


>That "check" on their lifetime appointment doesn't truly exist unless they like... murder someone in public with witnesses and countless cameras. Then the parties would both vote them out. The last 5 or 6 years have shown us that is most likely not the case.


> That “check” on their lifetime appointment doesn’t truly exist unless they like… murder someone in public with witnesses and countless cameras. Then the parties would both vote them out. At this point it’s hard to say if this would be the case. It’s so bad that the person on “my side” could do pretty much anything and stil be embraced simply in the name of repelling the other. I would’ve though inciting a crowd to storm the Capitol and assault members of Congress would be on the level of excommunication, but here we fucking are. The barrel is bottomless.


Only idiots believed. Literally everyone else on both sides knew what the plan was


I’m annoyed at the pro-choice Republicans who voted to confirm these people on the caveat that they wouldn’t overturn Roe v. Wade and now are acting indignant that they were “lied to” or whatever. I just don’t understand how you can watch their responses from the hearings and get from it that, to them, the law is settled. It’s very obvious that they were doing a lot of talking without actually giving an answer one way or the other.


Right? It was more like a confession or foreshadowing that this thing in particular is on the menu.


Absolutely since that is purjury.


Saw the actual quotes posted somewhere the other day, and in retrospect it’s obvious they were very carefully crafted non-answers. Things like: “Roe vs Wade is an important precedent for the court.” … Well, yeah, ok, but would you overturn it?? “Precedent sure is important.” … Ok, but answer the fucking question??


"I don't know what more the Senator from New York wants to here, I said precident was important and Row v Wade was important."


"I said it was important precedent - important to me in that I felt it important that I overturned that important precedent ASAP."


Even if it is, I feel like it's a stretch to prove. What stops someone from just saying "oh I changed my mind in the process of hearing this case"?


Except Kavanaugh said "roe is settled" on camera and under oath. There is no "I changed my mind".


Welcome to Republicanism. Wait until you realize 3 of their picks helped rig elections for George Bush in 2000 like Kavanaugh and you will begin to understand that is at play.


People really don't realize how dangerous things are getting. Even if the Republicans lose the next presidential election decisively, they will be in a position to use the supreme court to overturn any unfavorable result. And it will be legal. Because the court decides what is legal.


There are ways around the supreme court since technically the constitution doesn't give them the ability to override federal law. Only state law. But that would require a progressive with a spine, not a milquetoast centrist.


It’s almost like we need to reset the system. There is an elite class that does as it will with zero penalty. All the while the rest of the 99% of the country has to fight it out for what’s left. Time to seize the power.


So the court is biased, Congress is useless and the executive is terrible. I don’t understand why America is so messed up.


The Satanic Temple is suing already.


And gained al least one new member!


The stupidity of the GOP’s plan is becoming clear. The SC is only as effective as it is perceived as non-political by the population. Blocking Garland and then rushing their own after RGB passed - this DESTROYS the court’s legitimacy in the eyes of the public. The comment I’m replying to is where the population ends up. Good job GOP!


And because no politician on the left has the balls to make this argument to the general public lest they lose the cunting "independent" or "undecided" voters.


But they CAN do it with Judaism without the "taint" of atheism on it. I'm hoping that some Jewish attorneys and doctors band together and take this on as religious freedom.


That would definitely cause a stir since the republicans have done so well courting the anti-semitic vote.


I can already see it. They'll say there is some globalist Jewish cabal that eats aborted fetuses.


The “blood libel” refers to a centuries-old false allegation that Jews murder Christians – especially Christian children – to use their blood for ritual purposes, such as an ingredient in the baking of Passover matzah (unleavened bread). It is also sometimes called the “ritual murder charge.” The blood libel dates back to the Middle Ages and has persisted despite Jewish denials and official repudiations by the Catholic Church and many secular authorities. Blood libels have frequently led to mob violence and pogroms, and have occasionally led to the decimation of entire Jewish communities. [it's an old claim](https://www.adl.org/education/resources/glossary-terms/blood-libel)


Wow I thought you were being sarcastic but is not . 🤦🏻‍♀️


Nope there's some fuuuuuuucked up history there.


I wish I could call this a shitty unrealistic take but you're totally right. I. Hate. It. Here.


They already say that. [Pizzagate = Blood Libel.](https://www.wired.com/story/opinion-the-dark-virality-of-a-hollywood-blood-harvesting-conspiracy)


I imagine Jews, Muslims, even the Buddhists can get in on it..we're so rarely in the thick of these things since Vietnam, I say let's all pile on...Hell I'll straddle the satanist/Buddhist line and be a double threat.


You would even have some Christians on side because a good portion of those are sickened by the people using their faith and as a weapon of hate rather than peace


that would certainly be an unprecedented coalition


Because our left isnt really left. The bulk of the Democratic party is people who abandoned the Republican party around the Tea Party movement. Most of the politicians are conservative and push against active Progressive policies. That's why the Democrats never really seem to get anything done when they're in power. They don't want to.


You're half-right. Even before the rise of the Tea Party the Democrats were fairly centrist. This has been the case since the 80s, with Clinton's win in 92 solidifying that shift. Basically it's a combination of their financial masters not wanting any progressive legislation to pass, with their belief that holding the center is politically advantageous.


> Clinton's win in 92 I'm old enough to remember when they were the "New Democrats." Shit, I'm old...


“New labour” for our friends across the pond. Don’t tell me white Protestant imperialism isn’t the MO. I’m Irish and Jewish, I been knowin


My dream one day is an American political landscape where the democratic party is as right as our representatives go.


A few short weeks ago the GQP were up in arms and foaming at the mouth as they swore up and down that Ketanji Brown Jackson would be a partisan hack. They riled up the pleebs probably knowing that the SCOTUS was working quietly on this monumentally partisan decision.


Conservatives view religious freedom as the right of Christians to force their religion on others. Disagreeing with that is an attack on their religious freedom.


In the states I hear that quite common since they hold religious freedom so highly. Even the satanic temple has easy sign up specifically because it has an abortion ritual that must be protected under religious freedom. Take the freedom of one religion and the Christian right is aware their religion can have freedoms taken away, which is their greatest fear


The Satanic Temple is currently working on it


In order to bring a case, you have to be affected by the law in question. Being Jewish in the US doesn’t cut it. You need the following: - Be either a Jewish woman who had an abortion or a Jewish doctor who gave a patient an abortion. - The state needs to have a law criminalizing abortions. - Get arrested for breaking that law - Claim First Amendment violations for preventing you from practicing your religion’s beliefs. - Appeal or otherwise fast-track the case up to the Supreme Court - Ideally, have the abortion rendered because the patient’s life was in danger. After all of that, the Supreme Court has to agree to hear the arguments and adjudicate the case. It’s a long process when the courts want it to be.


And they'll always want it to be, since it's not their religion so it doesn't matter. Also, you left off a Jewish woman who would want an abortion, since they'd be affected too.


that would be a much weaker case and you wont see that get to the supreme court


I hope we can get to a point where bodily autonomy is a protected right but I just don’t know. abortion should be an option for everyone everywhere, circumcision on others need to be outlawed. Just let people make decisions for their own body instead of forcing.


Consider the 14th amendment’s opening phrase: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof …” followed by the stipulation that no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property,” without due legal process and equal protection. We have the words in the 14th amendment of the constitution that fully supports Roe. The "unborn" have not gained any rights, yet. Full stop. Therefore the pregnant woman has the self-evident right under her own protected liberty, endowed upon her by her creator, to self determine whether or not she wants to attempt at bringing her unborn to full term. With current medical advancements, we can save the unborn only when they have developed enough to survive outside a mother's womb. Other than that, we cannot prohibit or forbid the pregnant person of her liberty, except for very limited cases that the court can decide upon individually. Any government that seeks to blanket deny persons a self evident right *lacks all moral authority to enforce any law*.


They will claim that it doesn't have anything to do with religion. Dont you get it? These people know they're being dishonest. They don't care about what anyone thinks of them. No matter how many smart tweets we see about it, it doesn't matter. They won. And they won because the side that was reasonable, decided not to cheat because that would be unreasonable. So the unreasonable side cheats, gets away with it and wins. All the while the reasonable people are shouting to the skies that it is not fair. And the cheaters who are in control laugh all the way home. It's stupid to follow the rules of a game designed to make you lose.


There is another reason that we have to keep in mind. This wasn’t some overnight thing. They’ve been working on stacking the courts for decades. Republicans will come out and vote for the most vile humans because they know that in the long run, whoever appoints the judges will win the policy war. And they finally got what they wanted after decades, in the face of public opinion. The left needs to be smarter than the average GOP voter. My concern is that time is running out. The courts have legalised voter suppression at this point.


When the highest judicial courts are dominated by religious freaks, religious freedom gets thrown out. Exception gets made for Christianity.


Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Jewish man, but married. It’s almost like conservatives only care about the establishment clause when ***they’re*** feeling persecuted.


Here’s the fun part: they’re always feeling persecuted. It’s their favorite kink/fetish


Naw if it was a kink/fetish theyd keep it in the bedroom, its a full blown obsession


Just like Jesus-- it makes you better at christianing. Of course they could always jusr follow his teachings about compassion and serving others, but being an emotional martyr is a lot easier.


Quite a few Christians would agree with your statement. "I do not believe that just because you're opposed to abortion that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don't? Because you don't want any tax money to go there. That's not pro-life. That's pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is." \- Sister Joan Chittister “The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn.” ― Methodist Pastor David Barnhart


Maybe we should start persecuting them then. Legally and nonviolently of course.


The "nonviolently" bit means that we would have to to fight them asymmetrically with a built-in disadvantage right from the start. Forcing women and girls to carry their rapists' fetus is a violent act all by itself. This entire farce had been an act of violence against women.


Well the nonviolently was really a bit of covering my own butt. But asymmetrical warfare has shown successful many times throughout the world. Ukraine right now is a decent example. As well as America not winning a decisive victory since WW2. Just look at who's been handing us our own asses: guerilla forces. EDIT: for spelling


well in all fairness, the CIA trained [in asymmetrical warfare] and/or armed most of people we've fought since WWII - Ho Chi Minh, Bin Laden, assorted Afghani Warlords. lots of people we haven't fought, too (CIA has been training Ukrainian SOF for a while, and they ramped it up quite a bit since 2014).


Another devastating blow in the War Against Christmas ^TM


Christmas is all about Jesus. Just ignore the fact that, if he was born at all, it wasn't near that time of year, and the placement is to make it line up with Pagan celebrations. Completely about Jesus.


Shit I’m an atheist in a secular state. No law governing me should be based in any religion Edit: thanks for the gold and respecting my pedo satanist lifestyle /s


I'm also an atheist and a veteran, I don't believe neither God or the Government has any business with what's going on with someone else's crotch.


I seem to remember the right saying that the only ones making decisions about healthcare should be you and your doctor, during the healthcare debate


The southern baptist convention said the same thing about abortion, in 1971. In 1979, the big-wigs had figured out that segregation wasn't a mover and shaker for motivating people anymore, so to protect the tax breaks their "universities" and churches got, which were exclusionary by and large, they went for abortion.


I'm Christian and, in true Christian form, there's no fucking way they're going to force me to follow the Bible.


I mean, free will must mean something right?


Gotdamn right. Sky Daddy said I have free will? Alright, I'm gonna test that joint to the fullest extent of its allowances.


Well fetishization of a fetus isn’t in the good book , so… I am not sure where that leaves you. Obligatory /s




I mean the government has limited business. Like if you're using your crotch to non-consenually assault someone...


Well yes but in this case it's less the government has business with the assaulters crotch and more the government has business with the person said crotch is attached to.


Detachable crotches are the new new, better watch out!




Definitely putting “the government has limited business in anyone’s crotch” in my pocket for future use.


If the Court overturns the Smith doctrine in terms of religious freedom, than we can hold abortion ceremonies to satisfy our Satan under the guise of religious freedom.


They already do that :) Edit: satanic temple, I mean


But they will take away all religious freedoms but their own! Want to be outcast and pariah.... just give them an excuse!


I have a lot of religious freedoms I must practice if generally applicable laws now violate my right to practice atheism.


An atheist? Well obviously you rape and murder children like all of us would do if God didn't say not to.


No no no. The rape thing is Catholic. We eat them.


You can do both, one after the other, you know.


At Thanksgiving we stuff the children not the turkey here.


You exxxxxxperiment on them before they grow or are fertilised! You monster! /s


This concept would be hilarious if people didn't think it was actually true. My stepdad says that if it wasn't for our laws stemming from the bible we'd all be robbing and murdering each other. The implication always startled me that apparently the only thing keeping him from going on a criminal rampage is the fear of hell. I don't need religion for me to know that killing is wrong, all it takes is empathy.


EXACTLY. if the only thing holding you back is the fear of hell ur just a shitty person lol


I have raped and murdered all the people I wanted to.


"...Which is zero" ~ Penn Gillette




But, something something, you’re literally a completely amoral satanist pedorapist devil who would sacrifice babies for shit and giggles, and we can’t have laws that are deprived of ethics like atheists obviously are. And by ethics, I conveniently mean my own Christian ethics, of course! (Joking aside, I might be biased as a non-American but I have a hard time recognizing a country where the president swears on the Bible as "secular")


There’s no requirement to swear on a Bible. You can swear or affirm on anything you choose or nothing at all.


I want someone to swear on the Second Amendment. Watch the conservatives twist themselves in knots.


I'm convinced many of them believe the Second Amendment is part of the Bible.


Somewhere towards the back as I recall.


It's not like they have actually really ever read either.


Can you swear on the grilled cheese sandwich you had for lunch


Sure. It’s up to any American how they choose to swear or affirm for any position. I was sworn in to a position and simply chose to affirm my commitment without any object. Just as an example.


It would be funny if a president swore on the nearest mcdonalds


Probably almost happened with the last president...


I'm a Christian, and I respect your choice to be an atheist. Why evangelicals can't get this I'll never understand. They could do something as simple as loving one another regardless of background, but instead they want to force their religion on others. I've always said religion is dying, and the cause of death is suicide


Evangelicals are just an arm if the Republican party


Yes, an arm of what is now the Trumpist Party.


Religion is just a way for these people to keep control of the government. Evangelical preachers like Fallwell are bigger sinners than most other people on the planet but they get to take a moral high ground and influence policy making because a big, significant of our population is convinced that religious freedoms are more important than personal liberty and individual human rights... the same set of people who cry about Sharia law impose the Christian version of it in arguably the most influential country in the world and nobody can do anything about it... it's a fuckin travesty


I’m a Christian in what’s supposed to be a secular state. There can be no freedom of religion without freedom from religion. Build the wall (between church and state). “Just say no” to Christian Sharia Law.


Sharia law allows abortions thru the first trimester and in all cases when the womans life is in danger. Similar to Rabbinical law.. Because fancy that, the bible says abortion is a-ok.


Not just the bible, but later Rabbinical traditions. Specifically, the fetus is not considered living until birth - it is considered a part of the woman until then. A very important part, given that it has the *potential* of life, but not so important that it supersedes concerns for her health or safety.


I'm Christian but I couldn't agree more. The government should represent all people, not a part of them.


Almost like this was always a faux crusade by the religious right not based on anything but *their* "beliefs". Big man in the sky via little man at the pulpit via right wing propaganda tells them so, so they do.


yea it's always just been made-up wedge issues. Will you improve my life or well being in any ways? lol no. But i'll convince you to be really mad at gay people and women for 30 years you'll be begging me to deal with it.


Jewish you say. I’m sure they have a special plan for you. This is just their beginnings. We must stop this insanity now!!!


First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me


I love this quote but only now did I realise it partially implies only communists, socialists and jews will speak out for you in case shit hits the fan.


It was pretty germane to WWII, when those events occurred.


America should preserve one of their founding ideologies of separation of church and state Like other countries aren't founded on that idea, so I get the debate. But in America it's pretty clear and consistent


Would someone please tell the American Christo-fascists that their most-adored ally, Israel, has both abortion on demand and universal health care?




Since the apocalypse can’t happen until all the world’s Jews are in the country, as long as I personally never go to Israel, the end times are held off at least until my death. I’m doing my part.


I thought we had to convert too? I know that ain't going to fucking ever happen.


Honestly I’m not as versed in their crazy bullshit as I maybe should be — I lowkey thought the plan was to maybe just put as all in one place so they could nuke it ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, pretty sure if we all convert it triggers end times. I know we say it's antisemitic to proselytize to us, so more progressive churches no longer do so, but more conservative denominations say it isn't antisemitic and will continue to proselytize. Just like an evangelical for you to set a boundary, explain why it's wrong and them go "no, I don't care."


"We're not antisemitic!" >Tries to exterminate Judaism off the face of the earth "I don't see how that's antisemitic, we just don't want you heathens to exist. Please become Christian so we don't have to kill you." >But we're totally not antisemitic, we promise Sounds about right. You ever get approached by those Jews for Jesus psychos? I have yet to be "preached to" by one who didn't have those eyes where you can see the whites above and below the iris.


Spot on. And yes. It's honestly sort of terrifying being approached by anyone who wants to talk about religion in real life. My alarm bells start to go off. When I was younger, I thought saying that I was Jewish would make them leave me alone, and sometimes it did work, but I swear, sometimes their eyes like sharpened and focused in on you, like a shark smelling blood. Terrifying.


I wasted the time of two evangelists trying to convince me to come to "bible study" on a Sunday with them. Next time I'm just never answering the door, when I said I wasn't interested and I'm Jewish I thought I was about to be assaulted- sexually or physically, I legit couldn't tell, but the look they gave was terrifying. Never again.


I don't know how to make Evangelicals leave you alone (God knows I've tried, living in the south), but if it's Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses just tell them you were excommunicated and they will flee. Unitarian seems to spook some evangelicals but not others. Saying you've been saved or born again, but you're comfortable with the church you attend can work, too. Then do your best to disengage. Unfortunately, I've had some overzealous types at work get pushy about it, and they can be hard to avoid when you see them every day. I prefer to tell the truth, but sometimes that just makes them crazy, as you said.


This was my best friend’s mom growing up. Literally insane. Total q-Anon nutjob these days.


It's all made up and the points don't matter


The fools have underestimated our pettiness We literally have a holiday about an antisemite who died 2,500 years ago whose failures at being antisemitic we commemorate by booing him loudly and making fun of his stupid hat Nothing will prevent us from doing it more than the fact they want us to do it


The idea that America is “The land of the free” is a joke.


Its very free if you are a cis white Christian male with the means to exploit the system... its in the fine print


*Rich*, white, cis, Christian male...


That would be covered by the "with the means" portion of the text.


Straight white cis Christian male. I said this in school a decade ago and got detention.


Next step will be forced conversion. After all it has happened before.


I first read this as “forced conversation” and i shuddered at the thought


Either one would be pretty terrifying


Introverts should not have to live under extrovert ideologies. Wait, I just described my workplace...


*still happens But they’ll have grounds to do it prominently now


That's when I get to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights.


Ah, the Crusades.


NOBODY should live under evangelical christian ideologies…or any christian ideologies…or any religious ideologies.


Every time anyone ever told me I "would face Jesus" when I die, I would say back "if I must face your god, then you must face mine; have fun explaining why you deserve a seat in Valhalla." It would always make them angry but they couldn't argue further without adding to the absurdity. Law is the same way. This country is just adding to the absurdity and it's cost a lot of lives. It makes me tired.


Well as far as Jewish belief goes, we’re pretty much all going to Sheol (a big pit under the earth full of departed souls) when the ride is over. Enjoy.


Sounds like a rave. Say hi to all my jewish friends for me when you get there... you know, since we won't be in the same afterlife together and all. Has anyone ever addressed if the varying afterlifes allow visiting hours...?


They don't want you to live at all. That's their endgame


Always has been. Tale as old as time for us


*Tale as old as time* *Song as old as rhyme* *Heathens all deceased* Oddly enough, rated G because no Christians were harmed in the making of this motion picture


Atheist here. Same sister!


Evangelical christians when it's jews: *sleep* Evangelical christians when it's israel: *woke*


I’m a Christian woman and I don’t want to live under evangelical Christian ideologies.


As a Christian, I agree. Separation of church and state are fundamental to a functioning democracy.


They haven’t felt separated since we started printing “God” on our money


This comment made me curious so I looked it up and apparently Congress started doing that in the 50s, which is I guess something I’d never even thought about. Before then America had no “official” motto (but unofficially it was “E Pluribus Unum”). My only guess is that it was some reactionary nonsense about communism since soviet Russia was officially atheistic and the US identity was very wrapped up in being the anti-USSR. (Odd, because as far as I know the Abrahamic faiths are not exactly capitalist - with the whole “camel and needle” thing and the “give justice to the poor and oppressed” stuff. Both the Quran and the Bible even disallow charging interest on bank loans - but of course the supposedly Christian Right still does this.)


It was absolutely to combat the “godless commies” but it is decided only a certain group’s god that matters. That set a precedent.


Superstition is no grounding for a democracy.


Or some farcical aquatic ceremony


We tried electing a bint and it didn't work.


Not the point - the religion of one should not dictate the lives of others, regardless of belief or faith, or lack thereof.


It is funny. I am an atheist Jew. And growing up, I just have absolutely never had any buy in for any Christian nationalism. All of the bullshit we have in our politics about Christianity, swearing on a bible, etc, it literally has always been hocus pocus garbage to a Jewish person. Growing up as a Jewish person in a very Christian place, you see how cruel and exclusionary this country is to non Christians. All I can say is I’m lucky I’m white.


White-passing bro, remember that when the. New gestapo shows up to grab us in a few years. Our whiteness is conditional. Some Jews benefit from the privilege, but a shocking amount of people treat you different when they realize.


Lol, I know. That’s what I was implying. Anti Semitism is alive and well on the fascist right.


Republicans are literally attempting to make a fascist theocracy.


Nobody should


Good guy Jew: can’t have ham sandwiches Doesn’t try to outlaw them.


Jewish law permits abortion. Sue under religious freedom, like the Church of Satan


Actually *requires* abortion if the mother's life is in danger (which is the only scenario where it's allowed anyway)


As the white population shrinks in the United States, and the Christian Taliban numbers decrease even more, they are going to try to setup a fascist structure similar to old Apartheid South Africa. white minority rule.


I’m a human with functioning brain cells. I shouldn’t have to either.


I’m Christian and shouldn’t have to live under Evangelical Christian ideologies. This is bullshit for everyone.


What a shithole country


Start taxing churches.


I’m a Pro choice Christian woman and don’t want to have to live under this bullshit either.


Lotta people more mad that the person identifies as Jewish than the valid points below. Maybe y’all should unpack your antisemitism/judenhaas




It means Jew hatred. Its origin is German, yes, but it’s being used more so antisemites won’t use semantics to try to pick apart being called antisemitic. It’s not as easy to be nitpicked and detract from the actual issue in conversation


Shit even the Bible says abortion is ok he did a few himself if I remember correctly and DEMANDED it in certain circumstances. Life begins at first BREATH!! This is the conservative religion created by the GOP and used to swing voters


I once heard a preacher say “if you take everything you’re taught in church and do the opposite, you’d be closer to what the Bible actually says.” Lol


It's too late to argue biblical logic to them; they've been rewriting their religion for decades to make it fit their lifestyle. How else you gonna be racist, homophobic, and hateful to each other, while still claiming to follow Jesus?


Being Jewish is probably one of the things they’re planning to criminalize in the second wave.


In the 21st century our laws should be based off of secular ethics and scientific evidence, not the not-so-ancient beliefs of puritanical Christians. A six week old fetus lacks almost all of the bodily functions and anatomy of a human being and can feel no pain nor experience thought. There is greater evidence for doing harm to plants when we cut them down or step on them than a fetus when it is aborted.


https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/campaigns Consistent with our tenets that call for bodily autonomy and acting in accordance with best scientific evidence, The Satanic Temple religiously objects to many of the restrictions that states have enacted that interfere with abortion access as well as other related issues that affect members' religious rights. TST is taking many steps to address reproductive laws that violate our religious conscience by inflicting guilt and shame in one's decision and being inconsistent with necessary health and safety standards.


Agree. I’m a Christian woman, and *I* should not be forced to live under Evangelical Christian ideologies.


None of us should. This country is fucked because of them.


I’m Mexican, I don’t even know how to read English!


You’re doing great so far


Your personal religion is irrelevant. No one should be forced to live under religious ideology, period.


They aren’t even Christian ideologies. The only time abortion is mentioned in the Bible is when it’s telling you how to perform one.


I'm a woman. I should not be forced to live under male ideologies.


unfortunately, if you want your freedom back, you're probably going to have to be willing to do some fairly severe things.


Rights are fought for and those who fight will not stand alone.


Those severe things are not nearly as horrible as the everyday things that we're subjected to by evil people.


That’s a grade A title.