The irony is that when I've heard people taking the piss outta Chinese they sound closer to Thai than manderin


Not to mention Ls sounding like Rs is a Japanese thing.


Yes and no. In mandarin, L sounds are common at the start of words/syllables, and in some dialects a sound very much like an English R is common at the *end* of a word/syllable. So replacing a terminal L sound with an R is definitely something a mandarin speaker might do.


My dad speaks Cantonese and still has a bit of an accent but still unfortunately has trouble pronouncing his "Rs" correctly


Lol reminds me of an episode of South Park where the Chinese immigrant guy and the Japanese immigrant guy had competing restaurants next to each other and the first thing I thought of was "wow they got the stereotypical accents 'right' :D"


Sikhs were murdered after 9/11 because the rednecks thought they were Arabs.


An Indian coworker of mine was harassed several times in the months after 9/11. Like what the shit man? She's wearing a saree and has a fucking bindi, how god damned ignorant can you be?


Reminds me of that scene from space force. "What's your relationship to India?" "None, I'm Chinese." "And wouldn't you say India and china are... On the same continent?" "...Yes?" *Awkward silence* "You're free to go."


After Bin Laden was killed some American dude asked my (Indian) uncle how far away from his home did that happen. Probably a thousand miles in a different country was the answer. Edit : He didn't know this guy, he was asking seeing that my uncle is brown.


I’m Eastern European and Muslim and was asked if my family and I knew Bin Laden or his family.


Oh, you guys never connected at the meetings?


Shhh!! We don’t talk about that.


"We don't talk about Bruno Laden."


Oh you're white? It must be weird when you meet with the remaining Hitler family for Christmas!


It would be but the living ones all fought against Hitler, so it’s not so bad. Now, about those Jackie Chan autographs…


So? Do you? Don’t leave us hanging like that!


I mean we just got together like once, not a big deal!


Dude! You can't kiss and tell!


People just really suck at geographical distances in general for places they aren't familiar with, and they pretty much universally underestimate the distance rather than overestimate. My friend in Korea was shocked to find out that it was like a 6 hour drive from the Twin Cities to Chicago. In college some international students from Sweden (which is by no means a small country) I knew, who had been in the US for like 6 months already, told me their plans to rent a car and drive to Miami for the weekend.... from Northern Minnesota. Like they wanted to leave after class Friday, spend the weekend in Miami, and then be back for classes on Monday.


While that is quite egregious, i have an example on a smaller scale. Living and growing up in atlanta, our streets are well spaced to say the least. Walking from 10th street to 17th street is like 20 minute venture...in my new how of San Jose, walking from 10th to 17th take 10 minutes. The streets are much closer together in San Jose and my mind still hasn't gotten used to it. I still overestimate trip lengths by 50% to 100% because the spacing of the streets makes me think I am zoomed really far out on the map. It's nuts what you subconsciously calculate. Again, no excuse for miami to minnesota, but I think it is interesting none the less


Welcome to San Jose


The best way I've read the difference between Americans and Europeans put is that Europeans think that 100 miles is a long distance and Americans think 100 years is a long time. Just different frames of reference.


We were vacationing outside of Tampa once when I was in high school and my friends’ dad was really pushing “hey, why don’t we drive to Miami today?” Sure, what a fun 5-hour jaunt that would be. People are clueless.


Tampa to Miami can be done in about three hours. Locals do it all the time.


Wtf, use maps people.


Technically the place Bin Laden was killed (Abbottabad) is less than 100 miles away from disputed Indian territory.


Not to undercut your point, but there's a saying where "Europeans think 100 miles is a long way, and Americans think 100 years is a long time." If I were a racist in Texas, I certainly wouldn't think 1000 miles is that far.


In his defense Pakistan and India are neighbors so I guess maybe he knew that? Lol


Don't defend idiots, that just encourages them.


That's like asking someone in Boston how far away from their home the prison El Chapo escaped from was.


You over estimate us... everything west of Worcester (pronoumced Wustah) is 1000 mi away. Springfield's like... I dunno kid like eleventy hundreds miles away or sumthin"


El Chapo? He’s the kid Sully and them used to hang around with in Medfid, right? They put him in MCI Nohfick, that’s out in the sticks near Fahxbro I think. Or sumthin, I dunno, go fahk ya self kid.


It’s an insensitive question to begin with. But if I’m honest, I sometimes have trouble telling Indians and Pakistanis apart. Not usually, but sometimes. And I tend to be very good at identifying ethnicities.


I mean Pakistan was India Just that a century before


And Ireland was part of the UK a century ago, too. Good luck calling someone from Ireland a British.


Quoting my favorite british baker: "The Irish have always been difficult, Tommy. They have for about fucking 700 years"


Lol. I really should watch that show.


Are the reviews good? I know it exists but haven't really found a reason to watch it other than Steve Carrell


I enjoyed it. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a good mindless comedy to wind down with. I think the supporting cast is the best thing about it though. Carrell is serious throughout, and the rest of the cast plays off him. And I pretty much enjoy anything with John Malkovich.


This is the perfect review. Also, I found it much more enjoyable to binge the episodes back-to-back. If I split it up over several days, my enthusiasm went down and I lost the continuity (this might be a personal problem). It's not a bad show and there are quite a few hilarious scenes, but it wasn't really a memorable show overall, other than the great cast. If it never comes back for a 3rd season, I'll probably forget about it.


It got cancelled after season 2. If you want a top tier Greg Daniels show that is going to continue for at least a while check out Upload if you haven't. It does a lot more than Space Force with a lot less of a powerhouse cast. Craziest thing to me is that both Greg Daniels and Mike Schur separately pitched 2 shows about the afterlife on like either the same day or week without really knowing about it.


Cant say I'm upset about the cancelation. I actually just finished the latest episode of Upload and I agree it's really good. It's not at the top of my list, but it's up there.


The reviews aren't amazing but honestly I think it's worth watching. It's a critique on the American system, and specifically on the overfunding and underhanding in the military. It's extremely funny imo. Lisa kudrow as pseudo-nice mom also really adds to it.


> haven't really found a reason to watch it other than Steve Carrell Uhhhhh...so nobody's told you John Malkovich is in it? Dude, John Malkovich is in it!


In my opinion, it's not very good. It's one of those shows that just doesn't work, unfortunately. Like, on paper, it should be amazing. Great cast, amazing concept. But it just falls flat for some reason. I really wanted to like it but gave up after 5 episodes or so.


That was how I felt the first time around (also gave up) but after giving it some time past the initial hype I randomly turned it on again and put my phone away. It was hilarious


its not as good as the office but its funny and definitely has its moments. I'd give it a go.


You rely on reviews and ppl abuse them harshly


The reviews for the first season are terrible and I don't really understand why. It's a very earnest show in its relationships, often setting up a tired trope and then not doing said tired trope at all. The second season has much better reviews, and again, I don't understand why. Where as the first season avoided tired tropes, instead choosing to allow the characters to express real human relationships, the second season does away with the absurd space antics poking fun at the existence of and creation of space force, and replacing that source of comedy with... Tired sitcom tropes. Like... I don't... Understand. If you gutted out the first season, that meant you enjoyed that set up and WANTED the silly workplace stuff and the earnest human stuff. But in changing the second season to appeal to the critics who hated that, they now have a show that no one has any real reason to watch all the way through.


I was called a “terrorist” in middle school by this one kid over and over again. I’m brown (not Arab or Muslim) and he was white. I found out he’s in the military now. I hope he’s not as prejudiced as he was back then


I'm so sorry to break this to you


Lol I know but I can hope


He's not only just as prejudiced, he's also got a brand new mustang @ 24% APR, a wife that cheats on him when he's deployed. Also, he's always deployed because his wife hates him and he's got three kids at home and who has time for that shit.


One of my classmates in college was called a terrorist by the professor of the class...in a lecture. It took 4 of us going to the dean of the school twice over a 6 month period before she was fired.


I'm glad to hear she was. Good on all of you for getting it done.


So was I, by a lot of people. I'm white, i just have curly dark hair. And all my life white people have assumed I'm not white. They don't know and don't care what anyone is, as soon as they spot a difference they put you in a box.


Yeeeep. I'm a Choctaw native and I *WISH* I had a dollar for everytime a white person started speaking bad Spanish to me.


I went to Marie Gras in NO in Feb 2002 and my Filipino friend caught a lot of harassment… my opinion of the average American intelligence has only gone downhill since then


I spent a weekend in Copenhagen with my Filipina friend and the number of people just LEERING at her was so fucking awkward. Like they'd never seen an Asian woman in their lives. My blond hair, blue eyed self got the same treatment in India when I traveled there. People are so weird. Just *leave other people alone and mind ya business*, it's not that hard.


I have red hair and when I was a kid we would cross the border to mexico to go eat authentic mexican food (si much better than the Tex/mex stuff served in most of the US). So many people would come up to me and rub my head. So very many. It was weird as hell. I guess when a population is really homogeneous people with different features stand out, but its still strange and a bit unsettling to receive that kind of attention. Particularly when its physical.


Yeah to your second anecdote, have traveled to East Asia a few times so it’s pretty unnerving to have folks just stand and unabashedly stare at you. Though it is funny to spot another white person 2 blocks away and try to catch up and talk to them just to find out they’re from a completely different country and don’t speak your language!


My sister and I are half Spanish. The thing is, I look 'mestizo' (half-indigenous) and she gets an absolute pass as a Galician woman (N.Spain) in the early 90s we were there visiting dad's family and people kept glancing at my Apocalypto-looking-self when we were out and about. I found in odd at first, but it was 'meh' after the 1st couple of days. Then we went to visit the small city of Ourense to stay with cousins and they were hosting an exchange student from Jamaica and whatever attention I thought I was getting paled in comparison Tonya was pretty, outgoing and black...dear Lord! Even as a young guy I was mortified by the looks she got when the three of us went out to do touristy things. People are weird *and creepy*


I have no idea what any of these things are ...I'm just not bigoted so it doesn't matter


A saree is one of the traditional dresses that Indian women often wear, and a bindi is the traditional "red dot" on their forehead that (I think) signifies that they're married. Even if you don't know what they're called, you're most likely smart enough to recognize that a woman in traditional Indian dress isn't a "scary arab terrorist" or some shit.


I was a kid and my friend couldn’t come trick or treating with us that year because their family was from India and her mom was too worried (and rightly so) to let her go with us.


That's infuriatingly sad.


Never, ever let the ignorance level of the average uncultured American surprise you. If you expect for someone to know the average height of say an 18 year old caucasian male and they answer "green" you must keep your poker face. We are really odd as a society, we don't do 'moderate' anything it seems, it is either all or nothing: like those of us who geek out, go full bore and can tell you about say India's favorite brand of cashew wine (yes those are all things that are real) and then on the other end some dude will honestly wonder how and when 'our' Indians got here from actual India ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm) I've traveled a bit and even in Latin America, the perception and opinions of other cultures, while more guarded than in the US, also seem more discerning people are much more willing to also 'ask' than to jump to conclusions.


> how god damned ignorant can you be? its starting to become apparent there is no lower bound on that variable.


Conservatives aka regressives do not value education. They do not value Science. ​ Indeed, they have been underfunding public education in the US for decades. Their goal is to produce idiots who will vote for them. They are evil.


I love that this is a fourfer, since obviously Americans didn't do 9/11, not all Arabs are Muslim, and not all Muslims are terrorists.


What's a fourfer?


it's like a twofer but instead of two for one it's four for one.


Americans didn’t do 9/11, yeah uh huh and Santa isn’t really.


My mom is a right winger. Her closest friend is a miserable obese racist who you’d assume was trolling you with the amount of stupid ill informed shit that comes out of her mouth “Walmart only sells things that are made in America.” Is something that has stuck with me for 20 + years now. She really believes that. Anyways, after 911 she verbally attacked the 711 clerk who is Sikh. She was banned from that 711 and it was the only sort of “injustice” she ever experienced in her entire life (except for wearing masks and getting a vaccine, now she’s fully oppressed). There’s zero part of her brain that can differentiate any cultures or has any interest in it. Pretty wild shit. Passing through life like an absolute pile of trash.


Civilization has advanced enough to allow people like her to go through most of her life without any hint of real adversity but she's genetically programmed to survive a harsh world. The mismatch between her instincts and actual environment forces her to manufacture dangers where they might be, and play them up to a level that would fill the expectations of hardship. It's always unfortunate wherever you encounter such people, living in what might be the pinnacle of societal safety but not wanting to acknowledge it.


My conservative dad refuses to call any Asian food anything other than “Chinese foo”. “Dad. This isnt Chinese food. It’s Thai. Big difference.” “It’s all the same.” “It’s actually not.” Zero culture. Zero interest in acknowledging that anyone exists beyond the American bubble of strip mall food courts. As if it’s something to be proud of. I grew up under these people and found my way out of that narrow thinking. Thank fucking Christ.


I know it's weird coming from an asian immigrant, but I kind of understand why older American people aren't familiar with these things. Sushi and ramen weren't even a mainstream thing in the US until the 80s. And the even more niche food like Thai and Vietnamese were pretty inaccessible because there wasn't any focus on them on TV shows, and the internet was not a thing. Chinese takeout had a head start, and to some extent, indian food. Everything else? New. That means majority of the older generations grew up never being exposed to these foods until recently? Mix it with the hardheadedness of older age and you get what you see in your dad. I know too many people like that as well.


Yeah the ignorant really rose to the occasion. I grew up in NJ and had two uncles harassed in the aftermath, my father’s (heavily bearded and of Sicilian descent) brother and my mom’s BIL (born in India). They were both mistaken for Arabs by morons. And this was in North Jersey, one of the more diverse places in the country. Not to skip over the fact that even if they were Arabs it’s their god damn right to exist and inhabit the US.


My dad and brother got harassed at work and school respectively after 9/11 for being Muslim in NYC. Hell, my dad was harassed until the day he retired by his Italian-American, Staten Island coworkers. The kicker is we’re fucking albanian and white as shit. Paler than my dad’s coworkers. My brother was (and I still am) blonde. Can’t even imagine what other bullying Muslim kids endured


That’s so crazy. I’m Bosnian and Muslim and I was able to often hide it that I was Muslim, I was the only muslim kid in my school and my parents were afraid for my safety after 9/11. Sometimes when people found out they’d say things like “how can you be Muslim if you’re white?”


My Filipino mother practically begged me to shave my beard off before I travelled to the USA for the first time in 2016, she was convinced that I was going to be mistaken for a middle eastern man and treated as one.


Yeah, unfortunately I could see that happening. I do hope you had a good and safe visit.


Yeah, I enjoyed it for the most part. It was actually kinda shocking. I thought I spoke English really well but more than a few people literally couldn't understand me because of my accent. That accent was Australian. I was born and grew up in Australia with English as my only language. I've literally never had someone fail to understand what I was saying until I went to America. And that includes the Philippines and a lot of SE Asia


> rednecks New Yorkers were attacking Muslim cab drivers.. so not just rednecks. edit: To everyone saying what they believe rednecks are Merriam-Webster has this definition: "a white member of the Southern rural laboring class"


Sadly, same in Providence, RI. I literally wrote in my little 11yo diary on Sept 12, 2001, something along the lines of "they caught the bad guy who did it! He was at the train station and they held him down until the police got there!" The poor man was Sikh.


Wait, so random people thought a random Sikh was a terrorist and held him down?


"I've been all over the world doing this job, and let me tell ya, there are rednecks everywhere." - Jeff Foxworthy


They mean White Supremacist, not all Rednecks are racists & not all White Supremacists are Rednecks, or even like Rednecks.


I live in western canada, a good friend I worked with in 2001 happened to be brown. At that time, he had experienced very little, if any, outright racism. The comments he got afterward were, well, insane. It's like as though he had the audacity of being darker skin toned he was automatically a terrorist. Also, when family guy got it right, they really [got it right](https://imgur.com/m6od8Nd)


Iraqis were murdered after 911 because the White House claimed they did 911.


In 1982 a Chinese American named Vincent Chin was beaten to death by two auto workers who were upset by Japan's domination of the auto industry. They got three years' probation and a $3,000 fine.


There is a really good movie which explored this occurrence called "My Name is Khan" edit: I should note that the film isn't about sikhs specifically but a Hindu/ Muslim couple.


A whole country was invaded because people thought South Asians were Arab


It's doubly insulting when you know why Sikhs exists basically.


What's your understanding of sikhi if I may ask?


Dated a girl who was born and raised in Brooklyn (or the Bronx, I dont know NY very well) and her family was essentially run out of town for being brown.


“It’s coming right for us!!!”


It is really cool that they can speak both Thai and Mandarin.


And they speak English too, that’s like at least 3 languages


I am not a racist but I can 100% not tell the difference.


Same but tbf I can't tell the difference between a lot of languages verbally.


Half the time I can’t even understand English


What'd he say?


I think he said “blessed are the cheese makers! The Greek shall inherit the earth!”


It's not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.


They're selling chocolate.




Sweet, sweet *chocolate*


No idea


Chiao, It's Italian, it means food


Try talking to Scottish people


LMAOO same


He's not saying non-racists will be able to, just that racists definitely won't.


Difference is non racists aren't assholes who go out of their way to terrorize Asian granny's.


That’s a really great observation


Same. Although I'm getting better. If I listen long enough I can tell the difference between Chinese and Korean. I can definitely tell when it's Japanese, though.


Half of Korean sentences end with "yo". And Korean (which is not a tonal language) has a very distinct melody.


Korean is a dead give away in 5 seconds. But I live in the west coast where I can pick them out very quickly since I’m used to it.


Yeah, that's probably why I can pick up on Japanese like instantly. Where I live we have A LOT of japanese people where as I've not met many Korean or Chinese.


I can, but I went to a massively international school with lots of people from lots of countries mostly in Asia. Thai and Chinese aren’t even particularly similar, and really wouldn’t be confused for each other if you know what you’re listening for. That last caveat is massive because it’s entirely possible that you’ve literally never been exposed to either in any significant way. Honestly for me, and only when I am not paying attention, Korean and Japanese are the only East Asian languages that I would confuse, this is only when I don’t pay attention because I speak Japanese at home so whether or not I understand what the other person is saying is a massive tell.


Names and intonation are usually the easiest way for me to tell (unless it's Japanese, since I studied it in college and am a weeb, then it's pretty easy for me to distinguish). Easiest way to differentiate language for me is seeing the writing.


>I'm not racist but... Ya know, this may be the first time I believe someone who says that lol


Big facts




The five Asian languages you named all belong to different language families while Nordic languages all fall under North Germanic (Except for Finnish which belongs to Finno-Ugric), which explains why it's harder to tell them apart.


Same, Nordic and Scandinavian languages (come to think of it I don't even think I know the difference between those terms lol) all sound pretty much the same to me. Some Asian languages I'd definitely have a hard time distinguishing between (Thai, Khmer and Lao for example) but Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Thai, and possibly even Cantonese, I could figure out pretty quickly I think.


The scandinavian languages are all very similar though. Im Finnish and my swedish teacher said she could read Norwegian newspaper because she understands swedish


I bet if you heard them back to back a few times you could. They have very different ways of speaking, cadence, sounds, etc. I don't speak either, but I watch a lot of dramas that are in Thai, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean, and although some people's accents can be tricky, you can generally tell if they speak long enough, even to a monolingual American ear.


I think most people would be able to tell the difference honestly if they heard Mandarin and someone told them it was mandarin, then heard Thai and someone told them it was Thai.


I commented on another post about a comedian who basically did just this and after I watched him I was just like holy shit they are so different. Like, I always knew that they were different but you're exactly right, hearing them back to back like that it's just asounding how different they really are. It's so crazy how language evolves Edit: voice to text because I'm too lazy to type.


I think if you heard them side by side you'd know there was a difference, but you might not know which is which. I've got Thai in laws. Thai is distinct compared to Chinese to me... But that doesn't mean rednecks would know the difference. To many of them, the entire Asian continent is china


To many of them Asia is a country.


Well yeah but the difference is you’re not gonna target or harass them for speaking Chinese


If you give them an honest listen for about 30 minutes, you'll be able to tell. Thai and Mandarin sound *completely* different.


I can't even tell the difference when you get East of Germany.


I took three years of Mandarin way back in my college years so I can recognize it. Hooray for me! I can even say hello, thank you, and like three other phrases.


Nothing wrong with that. If you haven't heard one of them much, you wouldn't know what makes it different. I certainly couldn't tell Thai from Chinese, but definitely could tell Japanese from Chinese.


You should look up the differences, then you will be able in the future


Same, I could only probably pick out like 2 languages I don’t speak just from hearing them


Same. To be fair I have a hard time with accents. My gaming buddy is Australian or from England I can't remember and since I am not racists I don't need to remember.


Laugh if you want but I can easily tell Mandarin from Thai so long as I can see the speech bubbles when they talk.


Just dont forget to turn the subtitles on.


[foreign language]


Polite particles The most important ones to know of these are kráp (for men) or kâ (for women), which should be said at the end of almost every sentence in order to be polite. For instance, if you bump into someone on the street it would be slightly rude to just say kor toht ('sorry/excuse me') on it's own, while saying kor toht kráp/kâ would be perfectly polite. The same goes when saying sawat-dee ('hello/hi'), korp khun ('thank you'), mâi bpen rai ('never mind / you're welcome') and pretty much anything else. https://www.into-asia.com/thai_language/grammar/krapka.php everytime my wife watches thai soaps im hearing those polite particles allover im like yep thai soap huh?


Ah yes, kind of like the "süm-knee-dah" at the end of Korean sentences


"Its ok fellow Klansmen, put down your weapons. These guys are alright, they are not Mexicans, they are from Spain, fellow white Europeans like us" - Things that will never be said


Sounds like Monty python scene


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


That's a quote from the thing!


Just listen for the vosotros


Found the Mexican!


I'd assume most ignorant racists would assume white Spaniards were speaking Italian or some shit


"I dunno about that, Cletus. These here folks seem to be that there Catalonian \*spits out dip juice\*, as famously written about in George Orwell's 1938 autiobiographical monograph: *Homage to Catalonia*. I tell you what." "Jethro, what in the ever loving shit are you talking about?"


Read that in my best backwater hick narration voice. It did not disappoint.


I used to work with a racist dipshit that was ok with people from Spain because they’re white but if they’re from Portugal they’re lazy and worthless. To this day I’m fairly sure he thinks Portugal is in South America


That's true for casual racists. Competitive racists know how to hate with precision


"I'd like you to meet Mr. Kahn. He's Chinese." "No he ain't. He's Laotian. Ain't you *Mr. KAHN*"


That always cracks me up. Everyone else is racist in an ignorant and insensitive manner, but Cotton is actually racist, and racist enough to know the difference.


Cotton experienced the insane bloodshed of multiple battles in the pacific theater (while he was teenager), had his ship blown up losing most of his friends, and had his legs blown off by the japanese.




They actually trained soldiers on identifying different Asian races for the pacific theatre They gave out pamphlets documenting various stereotypical defining features to look for. You can find examples of them online actually


He knew the difference because of his time in the south pacific during WWII.


Not to mention that after he said that, Kahn was shocked that he knew that.


[Beat me to it, but I'm still posting the clip.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxI5qQAUWVc)


….*what* ocean?…


Especially the diamond ranked ones. They are crazy good


I can only solo queue up to platinum. If I want to go to diamond I need a full squad


They're like a hatred sommelier.


Gem mint 10s


'He's like the Abed of racism!'


"I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at animal cruelty!"


You can excuse racism?!


Reminds me of The Other Guys where Mark Wahlburg’s character learns ballet to make fun of other kids doing ballet


Cotton Hill has entered the chat


As a white Jugo-mutt, we get shit from other white people for speaking Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian (*very* similar languages)... because it's "Russian" if you're a monolinguistic person.


What does jugo-mutt mean?




Dale: “He’s Japanese” Cotton Hill: “No he ain’t. He’s Laotian, ain’t ya Mr Kahn.”


Can confirm: racists really are at the very bottom of the Evolutionary Curve. Many, many years ago I used to hang out with a bunch of Filipinos who lived around the block from my parents. One day some knucklehead had written in black marker "Chinks Suck" on their front porch. Much to my surprise, instead of being angry or outraged, my Filipino friends broke out in hysterics at the sheer stupidity of that graffiti. That memory has stayed with me over 4 decades later.


My husband is Filipino, and once had an old white lady ask if he was “Italian” (of course pronounced as “EYE-talian”). He just looked at her, said yes, and walked away. It’s been a permanent inside joke with us for years now.


The one with circles is Korean, I know that!


Yeah, you can definitely hear those circles when they talk.


What's funny is that the circles are placeholders and don't actually represent any sound.


I am from SEA, hearing Thai makes me hungry.


I am from LAND. And me too.


I can tell the difference, but that’s autism working in my favor


Many of those racists went to college too. The most racist person I’ve ever met was the chairman of the department for my major.


Racists don't even know how to speak English dude, but certainly they "know" how to be racist in a country build by people from all around the world.


It always amazes me how stupid people think it’s a good flex to ridicule someone who’s bi-lingual, when the only language they can speak is racism.


You're assuming these idiots know they're speaking English and not "American".


I speak English with no accent (other than new York when I get excited ) but I swear people look at me and hear Chinese when I speak to them.


Asians are white now, are they?


There is certainly a small contingent who believe asians and whites are part of one superior master race, maybe OP is just one of them


Exempt from affirmative action, so honorary? 🤣


You mean punished by AA. Asians score worse than whites.


I am Scottish and briefly lived in Melbourne. I'm a white guy, from a white Scottish family and a Scottish accent. A guy on the phone in Australia called me a "fuckin paki". Dude, not even asain.


That’s truly ridiculous. Calling a Scottish person a “Paki” is just wild. The accents aren’t even remotely close. Maybe it’s just some catch all slur, applying to all foreigners, I dunno.


Why is this on white people twitter?


how is this on white ppl twitter