Never knew that Marx was into lesbians


Oh yeah, big fan of girl on girl porn Karl was.


Two girls and the people's cup.




Don’t spoil it for me! I can’t wait to see 2 hours of hot lesbian action!




That's Gideon the ninth in a nutshell




Checkmate boomers, we made space gay


Buzz Lightyear 3 will be a full 120 minute feature film of two women kissing


Now, here's the twist, and there is a twist. We show it. We show all of it. Because what's the one major thing missing from all Pixar movies these days, guys? Full penetration. Guys, we're going to show full penetration, and we're going to show a lot of it.


Fight Zurg, then penetration, then fight Zurg, more penetration, over and over until the movie just kind of ends


Unfortunately the hot lesbian action is only .4 seconds long.


I’ll have to call my doctor after a Buzz Lightyear double feature.


He definitely has lesbian porn on his work laptop.


My first thought


But see lesbianism is only okay when it’s for the benefit of straight males. /s But seriously, since they view it as only valid for *their* sexual gratification, any representation of it in a children’s movie is “sexual” and “grooming” in their eyes. These people are disgusting.


I always wondered [what’s up with that](https://youtu.be/0p8hZFMqCcY), but you’ve put it in words that it finally clicked. Classic projection as usual.


There’s no need for the /s. That’s literally the whole deal.


This is the internet and somebody will always talk shit if you don’t explicitly say you’re being sarcastic. A lot of people’s sarcasm radars are completely broken.


Yeah that’s true. It’s just your sarcasm is like 100% reality.


I always liked this exchange from Mad About You. (Paraphrased) “Why are men into lesbian porn?” “What? They’re hot, they’re naked and I agree with both of them.”


Do as I say, not as I gay


Did I miss something? Buzz Lightyear got turned into a woman, who is communist, and kissed another woman? /s


you mean you haven't been castrated for marxism yet? we'll have to get you scheduled


Seize the means of (re)Production, comrades.


Sounds dangerously close to "grab her by the p-word", friend


No, comrade. For the P-words are not in power. Only the dicks.


Fair point and well taken


Can have my spot tomorrow. I need to get my Soros checks cashed in.


I have a doctor's appointment to get my Soros checked.


Name checks out


Made me cackle


That’s just disgusting (clutching pearls).


Sounds lit fam.


The church I used to go to is outraged over this, but we literally went to watch the hunger games together as a group with the PASTOR chaperoning... A movie where children violently kill each other for sport... But a kiss somehow is worse than that.


Murder, famine, child exploitation? Good storytelling, one kiss or a rogue nipple slip everyone loses their mind


Yet they're fine with a dad fucking his daughters cause they think they're the only ones left and need to repopulate. And they're totally fine with Adam and eve having 3 sons. And then making the rest of the human race through either incest. Or with the wives they somehow found on earth. Cause evidently God made humans before(it did if you believe ancient judiasm,, Adam and eve would been like the 4th or 5th try) or somehow completly ignored basic genetics


Backwards. Daughter drugged dad and raped him. Carry on.


Right I forgot. He was seen as a Saint and all the women were evil. I forget it's the catholic Bible people read these days.


That is the way the story is told. The Bible isn’t shy about rape. While it is very bad about blaming the victim, and suggesting that women somehow “did something to deserve it” - it’s the *only* time that I am aware of that it claims that women (it was actually more than one daughter) are said to have perpetrated the act. I’m an atheist - in large part because I *have* actually read the damn book, so I’m not interested in defending it - and pops was hardly a saint, since he offered up his own daughters to the mob to spare the Angel… though at the time, the laws of hospitality were such that it was seen as the act of a righteous man to sacrifice his family to protect his guest - and under the norms of the time, he would have offered his sons as well, if he had them. It is mythology, and if you expect to use it as insight into a culture or belief system, it is important to get them right, not change them because of modern values and assumptions.


I do agree that yes we should look at it for what it was. Religions just like everything else in the culture grab bag (language, food, religion norms, etc,) changes over time. Religion changes over time and reflects the modern culture. Though it is regressive and usually behind the times. Look how much it has progressed from what it was 200 years ago. Pretty amazing really. It just unfortunately or fortunately was supposedly the word of an all powerful all seeing God. So it can't really change like everything else. Why I call it regressive. So it gets stuck in these little rutts. Where it's obvious it no longer reflect the morality of the day. Like no kind God should advocate for slavery or genocide. But the bibles do. Kinda why a lot of Christians these days only read the new testament. For whatever logical reason they say the old testament is. Well. Old. And no longer applies. Even though Jesus the son of god/God pretending to be tiny Rick said that nothing he is saying now(new testament) replaces or contradicts the old testament. Which is not very logical and super contradictory... My wife was atheist when we met and is now turning Christian. So I'm getting a front row seat to how folks can fall I to cults. Kinda don't know what to do.


I think the former is the content of the Bible


The latter, as well. There is WAY more porn in the Bible than most people seem to be aware of


Rape, incest, threesomes, bdsm, anything your heart desires really


And that's just the sex stuff. Their bear maulings, child murders, familicide over a bet, and when a point really needs to ne made, genocide. But at least no gay people were treated like people. That's what messes up the kids that we're supposed to always be thinking about and certain people think way too much about


Did Buzz show some titty??


They had to cut that scene for time LOL


saving my nut for the extended cut


Christianity is a horror porn religion. Remember all the field trips to see The Passion of the Christ, a literal bloody mess? But lesbian ships? Wrong forum for that.


The phrase you’re looking for is “death cult”. Violence, torture, murder, are acceptable - heck, it’s the central focus of their scripture. Their most prominent religious symbol is an ancient execution device. They’re alwyas on about the “blood of the lamb” and sacrifice and that sort or thing as well. But love and lust and joyfullness in living? No, no, no, can’t have that. Can’t talk about it or watch it, and we certainly can’t have the kids exposed to it. It’s a death cult, pure and simple.


I was just having a conversation with my husband last week about how my parents dragged my 12-year-old ass to the theater two watch that shit. But two girls kissing? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! …I’m still bisexual though, despite their efforts.


Murder, famine, child exploitation? Good storytelling, one kiss or a rogue nipple slip everyone loses their mind


So true you had to type it twice.


It’s a glitch I think


We’ve entered the matrix.




They "castrated" Buzz Lightyear? The fictional toy? The one with the notably smooth downstairs? ​ Were there people who were invested in Toy Story for Buzz Lightyear's big dick energy? Who are these people? Are they available for questionnaires or studies?




This. For people who claim to be all about freedom and small government they sure have a lot of opinions on people’s creative freedom, social freedom, sexual freedom, pretty much all freedom…


"Small government". Small enough to fit in my vagina.


To be fair, it might be the only way some of them get to see a vagina.


No, they require pre-game analysis for vaginas now


They care only about their freedom to act like a dick without pushback or repercussions and to carry weapons as they see fit. They're really not into freedom. Do they want less people in jail? No. Do they let people worship or not as they wish? No. Do they let people have relationships with consenting adults? No. Do they care about women body autonomy? No. Do they care about having a real choice in election? No. Do they care to allow you to use recreative drugs? No. Do they care about letting you read what you want in schools? No. They're the party of restrictions and of the real cancel culture, only they brainwashed their base into thinking backwards.


Would love to see this on a t-shirt


Buzz Lightyear is a true American hero with a gigantic cartoon penis. Sorry if that offends you! /s


Now that I think of it, when I watched the original movie in the 90s as a kid, I do remember Buzz having a large veiny triumphant bastard


*To infinity, and my dong!*


For real. I never once considered the penis on that toy space man until this.


Buzz lightyear AKA: Mrs Nesbit


Yeah, he was cross dressing before M&Ms were properly sexy.


someone responded to his tweet with “yeah i miss Toy Story when buzz light year had a huge dick”


I will have you know that Buzz has massive BDE and it's what made Toy Story amazing.


Buzz Lightyear was my generation's Rambo >:(


I mean, he did get a big ol stiffy over Bo Peep. It was just his wings tho.


Actually it was Jessie that his wings got hard over


Ah, thanks, its been ages since I watched the early films.


So the director(might of been another part of the crew) made a tweet. It basically said this movie is based on the character in which the toy was based on in Toy Story. So it should be a person with all equivalent appendages, as it was a "human" actor in the Toy Story universe.


Yeah, I *get* it. You don't even need the director's tweet, as that's kind of baked into the premise of the movie. ​ But "castrated," past tense, means castrated *relative to previous incarnations of the character* which, in addition to being some pretty peak "I make fun of gender studies even though I sure argue about 'em a lot" twitter dude bullshit, is fucking silly.


Um, never? Let the ladies kiss. Let the boys kiss. IDGAF. If I don't want to watch, I can turn my head or close my eyes.


That's the key. The entire conservative culture war can be unequivocally shot down with a single argument. "That's not allowed according to my beliefs, *I* cant do thag" is just fine. "That's not allowed according to my beliefs, *you can't do that*" is fucked. The entire culture war the right wing is fighting now is imposing their beliefs on others.


While screaming and clutching their pearls about public schools “indoctrinating” their kids with “woke” ideals.


"How long will these people have to make out before you're outraged!?" It's a very odd question. Like... indefinitely I guess? Let's test it..


I must have bought my communist manifesto from a dodgy bookstore because I'm missing the chapter on lesbians.


You had to buy the DLC preorder bundle.


You don't get the good communism unless you pay for it.


The Soviet union dissolved because Gorbachev spent his season pass money on pizza hut


Accusations of Marxism are right out of White Supremacist literature. It's an easy way to tell where a person is coming from.


I guess the claims of Marxism might depend on how vigorously the two women seize the means of production. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*


Lol. Nice!


Either white supremacist, or idiot, but usually both.


Yea the fact that modern Republican talking points are just copy paste from kkk/nazi rhetoric leads to a lot of idiots that don't know repeating it because they think they're making a sound argument. A lot of them are WS at this point just from the beliefs they've been led to follow whether they're conscious of it or not.


Watched Lightyear with my kids. They don’t remember that scene. My five year old just remembers it was a fun space movie with a silly talking cat. When the kissing scene in a kids movie is long enough my kids comment on it, I’ll consider being outraged


Taking cat? Ban the movie! Witchcraft!


It's a robot talking cat it isn't magic it's ok


Robots? Burn it!


It must be tiring to be so outraged all the time over such trifles.


Very wet with all the melted snowflakes too. Can cause mold issues they need to spray that white stuff all over it to prevent the mold.


No idea how they have the energy to keep this up day in day out.


I swear you can talk like these idiots by referring to the most mundane thing ever and inserting a few words. “I’m NEVER going back to the CRT ridden restaurant that is Dunkin’ Donuts! The prices are absolutely created by Marxist Facist who push for a China first agenda! Clearly Dunkin’ has been taken over by the deep state liberal media, I got a chocolate donut with sprinkles and even my donut was woke with all the sprinkles having LQBTG colors! Dunkin’ you’ve lost a valuable customer and you will not be getting my weekly 6 dollars I spend at your store anymore!”


This is horrifyingly accurate. People actually talk like this. It's like trying to converse with a demented parrot and I'm so tired of it.


That comment was art


Hahaha was looking at some of the YouTube comments for the clip and an old grandma wrote almost exactly like this. She was explaining how she cancelled her trip to Disneyland with her grandkids because of muh gey agendi.


Lol 2 girls kissed in Lightyear?! Thats fucking dope


for like 1 second. blink and youll miss it. its "representation" as much as that lesbian couple in finding dory was


Wait… there was a lesbian couple in finding Dory?




And it also caused some drama (less than with Lightyear though)


"If we all pretend gay people don't exist maybe our children won't 'become' gay and instead will grow up repressed and closeted and live a miserable fucking life like us **just like God intended**"


It's a bit more than that. She discusses her engagement, then you see multiple short clips of their life together through the years. The kiss itself is negligible but the representation is more substantial.


thats what i was referring to was the kiss itself. conservatives are blowing up over something so tiny just like they did when you saw two moms with a baby stroller in the background of finding dory


If they didn't rage against inconsequential things, they'd have no hobbies at all.


Honestly, for as much as they like going to Florida and lazing about on the beaches, I dunno if they are ever not generally angry and afraid. I wonder if their average blood pressure is higher than most leftists, despite leftists actually being worried about real shit like climate change


Well it has been proven that conservatives on average have a larger amygdala than liberals. Which means their fight or flight responses are much more heightened. They are literally always scared and/or angry. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/conservative-and-liberal-brains-might-have-some-real-differences/?amp=true


That honestly makes me sad for them. It's no way to live. Personally speaking, I was conservative when I was younger and I was very unhappy. Once I "grew a conscience" in high school, I was much less miserable even though it forced me to acknowledge a lot of unfairness that I'd glossed over or victim-blamed when I was conservative.


I actually did miss it when I saw it lol too busy stuffing my face with popcorn. Had to look it up afterwards to see what the conservatives were freaking out about


Honestly i'm Always shocked, i watch movies to see War and murder and drugs and sex, you know normal stuff, and then they put gays, how will my children learn god, it'll traumatize them i tell you


Seeing 2 women kiss must be traumatizing. It would certainly upset me. *walks away in gay*




Omg this is hilarious. What is it from???


[It's an office parody called Angry Office ](https://youtu.be/kTeQSzHGWyw)


Thanks I love it.


I'll be offended when it's something worth being offended by. Like grown ass men with body armor and ballistic shields letting kids die.


Saw two womans kiss in a movie and it instant turned me gay for men. Yet dems keep all the news on gas prices! Smoke and beers, people! CMON! Our heritage is at steak! FIGHT! /S


Rock flag and eagle!


But why would we be outraged?




Love how grown adults can get offended by an animated movie.




By Pixar?


I'm glad I'm a liberal snowflake not some overly sensitive simpleton who's offended by cartoons and books, like a conservative.


Yeah! They *castrated* the...toy that doesn't even possess genitals. And even if he DID, I'm failing to see how two separate characters kissing would achieve that.


Marxism is when lesbians


Marx was famously a lesbian.


Them two gals best not hold hands ever as well. We all know that sparks pornographic imagery. *Sarcasm intensifies*


Castrated? It was voiced by fucking Captain America, lol. I guess they won't be happy until they get depictions of honor rape.


Yea, but they’re also upset that it wasn’t voiced by Tim Allen.


Conservative white dudes be like. “ in porno sure, but in real life scenarios?! Not in my merica”


I’m starting to wonder if their real kink is the sense of shame they feel after beating off to lesbian or gay porn and if it’s normalized, they’ll no longer feel that deep, electric sense of sexy sexy shame.


My moms were so excited when they saw that scene (I haven't seen it yet, but they went on opening night because they love Toy Story). They called me after they saw it and said that there is finally some form of casual inclusivity making its way into media. All we've seen before this were shows like Glee that made it into a spectacle. A couple of days later, they called me back and said "The Christians found out". They're used to it. They've been together since the 80's, before gay rights were cool. They don't get bent out of shape over stupid opinions. But I still hurt for them. Their love is incredible and their marriage is stronger than that of most christians. But *they're* the ones who are wrong.


I'll be outraged when Pixar starts promoting homophobia and anti-trans messaging in their movies. ​ So, probably never.


It shall be written in history that two fictional female characters kissed in an animated film and this was our nation’s (the world’s?) undoing.


Wait, Marxism?


"Marxism is when women kiss each other, and the more women there are kissing each other, the more Marxist it is" Capital, Karl Marx, Chapter 4, pg. 86.


He wrote extensively about how in a worker's paradise, Space Lesbians will be the official castraters. Wake up, sheeple!


This guy's upset that the same sex kiss isn't for the male fantasy anymore.


This shit just gives me more fuel for my belief that all this shit is manufactured. I honestly don't even remember the scene they are talking about. I know the couple but I can't remember the kiss itself. IT IS ALSO NOT EVEN AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE MOVIE!


I think I would start a bit of an outrage if they started to make whole sex scenes. Would be wrong. But a kiss? Give me a break.


you know what, that’s a fair point. when they start putting full porn scenes (of any sexuality) in a kids movie i will definitely be outraged. but if kids can handle seeing five hundred variations of heterosexual kissing, i think this is not going to traumatize anyone. until they realize they were LIED TO and girls CAN date and get married. that could be worth some therapy later on.


Ignoring the fact that this guy probably couldn't spell communism, the movie actually makes a pretty solid case for communism. High level spoilers to follow, this is all revealed in the first 20 minutes and is effectively the movie's plot setup. >!The crew of the ship get stuck on a hostile, barely inhabitable planet and all use their individual skills and strengths to work together towards a common goal. The people good at engineering are building machines, the miners are mining resources, the farmers and biologists are farming and producing food. There's never a discussion of economics or capital, its everyone in the society working together to serve the common needs of the community. That's the type of thing commonly seen in small isolated communities and is the type of inspiration Marx saw for the large industrialized communist societies he wrote about. The movie is an industrialized society but isolated from anything they didn't bring or produce so the economics are similar to a small to medium village. It was a pretty cool idea!<


I wish we saw more of it. They made so much progress in those first 4 years but we barely saw much after, even though it should've been huge advancements with a bigger population and city


Ok Helen Lovejoy


Won’t somebody please think of the lesbians?!


Aw. This dude had a confused gay girlfriend at one time. He's just dealing with it in a very weird way about a movie.


I will never be outraged, Lori. Love is love. If someone showed you more of it, maybe you wouldn't be so hateful.


Are these people saying that gay people don’t or shouldn’t have a place in modern society? There are plenty of children with same sex parents, but for some reason they should never be represented on screen?


I've seen plenty of lesbians kissing and showing affection to one another. I haven't been outraged once.


Wait, it's sarcastic that you haven't been outraged, or that you have seen lots of lesbians kissing? Because I don't believe for a second that you haven't seen a great many lesbians (or people playing lesbians) kiss


At no point. That's the answer


Now I’m definitely going to go see it


Is almost like they have no idea what Marxism is...☺️


These are the type of people that I can’t wait to die out. Absolute vile human filth. Blatant bigotry that’s insufferable. Don’t like it? Then stay good with your god by not doing it and shut the fuck up. Not sure what’s so hard about that concept.


Being conservative seems exhausting. Other people’s lives piss you off and everyone’s out to get you


Nick Adams is confused. Marxism doesn’t castrate people… it guillotines them.


Nick Adams is a professional dumb fuck.


I don’t think he understands Marxism in the slightest


As soon as I see woke in a derogatory context, I know that person is insufferable.




People need to learn wtf Marxism is. Idiots.


The romantic opening scene in UP is ten minutes of heterosexuality, which I suspect much of the LGBT+ also appreciates for the relatable intimacy it conveys. I look forward to a world in which a queer romance gets ten minutes of a mainstream hit and is received by critics with the same adoration as that romance in UP.


Is there anything that ISNT woke to republicans now?


It's 2045. All movies are just an hour and 40 minutes of lesbian porn. True communism has been achieved.


For the record, I have no plans getting outraged by people showing affection to each other. I was allowed to get married despite my personality, others should be allowed to get married despite my personality.


"Two women hugging in a cartoon is the essence of my philosophy." - Karl Marx


The commies are gay now?


Never. Because a kiss between two consenting adults has never been and will never ACTUALLY be controversial. They just want something to cry about.


I would hate to see what happens at the mention of Brokeback Mountain.


Hats off to Disney.


Here I was under the impression that Buzz kissed a man.


Wait until people figure out that they should link these people to rule 34


I feel like possibly he has a lot of experience with people being disgusted at something that only lasts five seconds


Oh no! Not the slippery slope, it's coming right towards us!


I will not be satisfied until lesbians are kissing for a full hour of a Pixar movie!


"What's next? Full anal scenes?" Conservatives probably


I really liked the part where Lightyear butt-fucks a landlord and then redistributes his land to black people as reparations for slavery


"Being offended" is simply an indicator of poor impulse control.


If 5 seconds isn't enough, I believe we need to see where that limit truly is. Ya know... for science... now where is the sample theater? I'll gladly sacrifice my life to find this limit.


Great now I HAVE to see it out of spite smh


Did anyone actually watch the movie? I haven't seen it yet but damn they might as well change the title from Light-year to "disgusting lesbian kiss scene"


At what point will I be outraged over gay people kissing? Never.


A lot of dudes mad seeing two girls kiss, kinda sus


So weird that they use "woke" as a negative. The term originally comes from the idea of finally seeing the world as it really is. 🤷🏾‍♂️


What's the odds on how much lesbian porn he looks up?


That's exactly what I was thinking. Funny how that's not "leftist bullshit" huh


Lol…”YOU! ARE! A! TOY!” Relax Nicholas


Anyone upset about the kissing scene is a closeted homosexual.


I know it's Republican SOP to pretend to be outraged by benign shit but man, they're really going above and beyond to pretend to be offended by an action that's not even five seconds long. Remember with the GOP, every accusation is a confession. So I wonder what Nicky's search history looks like. I'm sure there's no lesbian porn searches.


Once it hits 5-10 minutes worth I'm watching the movie for a whole different reason and I'm still not mad.


This is odd, because they are old Enough to remember Brokeback Mountain….