I've got a shirt that says "vaccines cause adults" same theory/effect different path.


I work at a science organization and so naturally everyone has taken the pandemic seriously and obviously is all about that vaccine life. But then this one coworker has tried to talk to me about anti-vax stuff and all this fake science shit. And she talks about it like it's normal and I'm going to be convinced or agree with her. I'm just like... do you know where you are??? You'd think that working at a *science org* with a mission to *spread scientific knowledge* and support *real scientists* would basically be as good as a t-shirt, stating our pro-science position.


I knew a nurse that was anti vax, "because of the chemicals in them". She smoked... It's astounding what people choose to believe when they should know better.


You can't use logic to get people out of something they didn't logic themselves into. Seriously it's frustrating. My SIL nurse just had her first and is refusing all vaccines plus didn't get the Vit K shot.


Like walking naked through a forest at night


I also like to tie some steak around me as well. Really drives home the feeling of the old days being able to fight off predators naked in the wild.


Sorry for your loss.


I knew a guy that smoked meth and snorted coke from people he didn't know at all tell me that he won't vaccinate because he doesn't know what's in it


Same, I work with a guy who blames his heart condition in the vaccine. I remember him coming into work 5 years ago with a heart monitor on for tests though. Yeah it's not the drinking and blow for the past 30 years. Also being angry at everyone probably helps a lot too.


You know my nephew?


Yeah...my sister has her degree in biology and does statistical analysis for a pharmaceutical company.... But she is also a staunch tRump Republican and thinks the Covid virus and vaccine is a hoax. Go figure.


Impressive mental gymnastics, or a short circuit somewhere lol


Deep down, she prolly doesn't. It is called cognitive dissonance. Pretty traumatic if people actually go through with a realization of how the world really is vs. What they want to believe it is. Addicts call this the "moment of clarity" or "rock bottom". I can't imagine that it is actually the worst the addicts have been, more of a breakthrough to see thier lives at is actually is. They decide to make a change and many do. Most Trumpets who are that deep in don't have thier moments of clarity until they recieve a Herman Cain Award. Best of luck, and hope she pulls off of the freeway to crazy town soon.


Losing your religion is sort of like this.


I work for the postal service and back in 2020 when we had the machine removal controversy we had a conservative conspiracy theorist guy talking about election interference and stolen ballots and delaying mail and all that. I asked “where? how? You literally work here and you’re getting the mail out the door on time like any other day. The new ballots are stacked right there under 24hr guard and you put them on the machines right here to be sorted and delivered. What have you done or seen that interferes with the election?”


But none of that evidence fits *what he wants to believe.*


I worked in a pharmacy but the intelligence of those around me surprised me more than once sadly.


Ooh! I have that one too!


Where can I find that?


Got mine from the evil empire (Amazon)


No way antivaxers understand what it means.


My coworker keeps saying... "I'm not racist, but..." Every single time I've responded with: "Actually, that's pretty racist." And he STILL thinks I agree with him.


It must be your deadpan delivery being too ambiguous. "Actually, that's pretty racist" "lol I know right"


I don’t say anything… not till later anyway. People have a tendency to say all this shit and much more thinking I’m some military dude or whatever (as If that would mean I’m ‘on their side’) …. I’m not either, nor pretend to be.. and I have to say once they find out later I do not agree with their bigotry it seems they become quite angry. Apparently having revealed a dirty secret of sorts. It’s literally a whole undercurrent of sick ignorant shit that exists. Very frightening. But I’m pretty happy (in a way I guess) to have a good understanding of just how deep the evil goes. Much further than most are willing to accept, that’s how deep. This is why I find it comical that people think simply electing someone like Bernie (god love him… seriously) will fix what’s wrong here. There is no quick fix here. The issues we face are incredibly deeply seated. They will take concerted years long effort to fix. Buckle up people.


If you aren't saying something in response, you aren't doing anything to stop this from happening in the future. Don't wait til later, call them out in the moment. "That's fucked up man, I don't believe that and neither should you."


The 'but' just throws everything preceding it into the trash. A few of my friends and I were at our friends' annual picnic at a local park. Family and friends of both the couple. We went down to the frisbee golf course for a couple of hours and there's one hole that tees off right by the parking lot. These two guys roll up in a truck and start talking up there disc golf shop and us being casual players humored them for a bit. Then they start going off about the Arab shop, of course they didn't pronounce it that way, and we're like "yikes, don't even know this part of town too well so we don't know what you're going on about". He ends it with, "I'm not racist, but," before my buddy interrupted him and said, "But the next thing I say is going to really fucking racist." That shut them up real fast.


I often get the bizarre "I'm not racist" followed by something not racist but when combined are suspicious. E.g. I'm not racist but I hate rap music What do you say to that? It's not racist to hate rap music but it's a bit weird that you think it might be


I've got a coworker who is convinced he can say n***** because he's dating a black woman. I'm pretty sure that pass doesn't apply at work.


Am married to a black woman and I know that's the quickest way to divorce.


Any% Speedrun Divorce - Racism Allowed


Soooooo many white people wanna use the "but I'm dating a ____ so I can say ____" like fuck no!! It should be the opposite!


Anytime I hear someone use the word "but" after saying they aren't something, I just assume they really are what they claim they're not. I'm usually correct in my assumption.


I'm not racist but I am allergic to milk products.


Actually that's pretty racist


Honestly if you have to preface something with "I'm not racist, but..." then it's pretty much always going to be pretty racist


Northern alberta, blacksmith build, bald, big beard. The shithole people that think i share their views continue to be caught flat footed, and it NEVER GETS OLD.


With you man. From Alaska, live in Oregon, guessing a similar build. It blows my mind first, then theirs when I'm not on-board second.


Same here. Rural Texas and a rancher. What's really crazy is how many assumptions are made about me from people who look like me and yet when I go into the city to visit my favorite book store no one ever assumes anything about me except that I like to read.


I look like the physical embodiment of a Wojack meme only not bald but a bit fatter. It really doesn't matter. So long as you're white, they just assume you're on the same page as them and just spout whatever. I worked a lot of manufacturing jobs in the Rust Belt so I've had to hold my tongue a lot. There's this one place that was a small operation with fewer than 100 employees, so everyone knew each other. The one time I blew up on someone was right after some attack in which the perpetrator was Muslim and the guy literally said we should round them all up and kill them. There were a few more hints I dropped that I wasn't on board with their POV, but they'd take too long to detail. Point is, I look like a strawman, I occasionally revealed my true self while mostly keeping quiet, at one point, I even revealed I was an atheist, but only cause someone asked what my religion was (I know there are right wing atheists. I'm only including this detail because it's such a huge part of their leftist strawman stereotype). Until you straight up tell them what your political affiliation is, they'll assume you're conservative. These are the same people who wondered why Derek from accounting could never find a woman when he was such a catch while he talks so enthusiastically about buying drapes with his roommate Bruce over the weekend.


This comment chain....https://imgflip.com/i/6kp4js




Bald powerlifting trucker checking in. My build does not, apparently, match the views I'm supposed to have.


My boyfriend is a square, hairy midwestern build veteran with a black truck. We live in Alaska. It’s been crazy to see how his Facebook suggestions etc changed just from him getting out of the army and hanging with my (gay stoner leftist) friend group all the time lol


Im young, thin frame, with BRIGHT PINK NEON HAIR, and I still get boomers who think Im gonna laugh along with them when they talk shit about tech supports accents or whatever the fuck


Holy fuck I definitely get this one. Like I've caught friends who say all kinds of "off color" shit about my coworkers being from India.


Like, I get it, language barriers are hard especially on a phone, but that doesnt excuse just outright racist remarks towards people who spend their entire time helping their dumbass figure out how to work a printer


Like for real. Especially since like they're just trying to do their job.


And those Indians are bilingual, which is pretty impressive. How many languages do the people complaining know fluently?


Yeah, the number of racist white boomers who think that your average white millennial or zoomer will share their racist views is… surprisingly high. It goes back to the idea that a lot of these people think that “woke liberals” share their same repugnant views but don’t vocalize them for political gain or some other reason, maybe they actually think we’re getting paid by Soros.


I'm 32 without a big build. It astounds me how many other Trumpanzies want me to agree with their Republican bullshit. Toxic masculinity needs to go.


It’s also amazing to me how much Republicans can get away with broadcasting their entire political identity while lacking the self awareness to realize how much of an asshole it makes them. If I kept wearing an Obama ‘08 shirt even my Democratic friends would be like “…dude, please stop”. A guy wore a Confederate solider uniform to a local classic car meet up at a diner I take my kids to, and he’s basically viewed a a stalwart of the community.


Yes this. It blows my mind how multiple a-holes in my small town fly the "F#ck Biden" flag or similar crude Chinese made crap with vulgarity in huge letters can claim to be model citizens. They all proudly pat each other on the back at the gas station and vote each other into office. Next weekend at the independence day parade they'll all be on floats. I'm sure I'm one of the few democrats in agriculture in my area. I'd erect large political signs on my property if I didn't think they'd get shot to pieces or errantly kill my cattle.


Just talk loudly about how you love soy, that'll get them off your back.




Trumpanzies,😂😂 I love it. Good one🤘


TIL a new phrase. Thank you! It is easier to say and faster to type out than 'The Great Orange Buffoon'. :)


Yeah, I'm a big cranky looking white dude with a lot of facial scars in a skilled trade in the south. Too often I've had to lose my fucking temper and make it clear in no uncertain terms that I don't hold the same dogshit beliefs as a lot of the people I work with. They're always weirdly surprised to find out I'm Jewish but depressingly unsurprised that I'm an ex-con. And I hold some beliefs that I can commiserate with them about but coming from a left-wing perspective.


> And I hold some beliefs that I can commiserate with them about but coming from a left-wing perspective. Yeah, that's usually where I find common ground with my dad (fortunately not racist, but very conservative). I can agree that Biden isn't phenomenal (though I think he's doing an OK job - it's nice to at least go back to the 90's standard of the POTUS being disappointing as opposed to being... well... Trump), but he dislikes him for doing too much, I dislike him for not doing much of anything.


I have glasses and long hair, stuble and dress like a slightly nerdy skater dude. People all the time think ill laugh along with their racist jokes or right wing comments about the LGBT+ community. I always feel so uncomfortable about it, especially since I'm not white, straight or cis.


Come on, cough up a story!


Not that guy, but similar build/hair/beard combo. I had an Uber driver taking me to downtown Los Angeles back in 2016 and as we passed through Crenshaw he gestured to the side and said "Once Trump gets elected, all of this will go away." I said "I'm sorry what?" to which he replied "You know the blacks, they will all be out of here." I was so taken aback all I could mutter was "the fuck?" and then I put on headphones and ignored him. I reported him on the app right there in the car and left my only 1 star review ever (pretty sure it was my only non 5 star review).


In line at one of my local shell gas stations (best root beer slushie im town) a few months ago Waiting my turn in line, behind a lady i had held the door (and had been given the thank you nod) for. Both the teller and lady were the alberta classic: craggy as hell by 50, and both were books you can read while still standing inside the bookstore. The lady asked for a carton of (smokes brand unrecalled), and upon hearing the price (buck sixty!!), began with the usual conservative bitching about cost. To this, the teller lady remarked "thank our glorious prime minister for that one" "Yeah, i just dont understand how somebody hasnt shot him yet" It was at that point player 3 entered the match "That would be because he is over there *points east*, and the people who think its okay to extrajudicially (so glad i was able to pronounce that in the heat of the moment without a fumble) execute public officials are over here *points at them* The look on both of their faces was delightfully transparent. They had failed to get a proper read of me, and wrongfully assumed they were in good company. What followed was the most tense, yet anticlimactic three seconds of my life as i traded a locked gaze with the purchaser. She (surprisingly) elected to disengage, and just headed out. I was having a bad day, and was somewhat shocked i had even said anything, preferring usually to be a background extra in the worlds feature film. I step forwards to the counter, to a visibly uncomfortable teller. "Ill get two packs of export a full, king. And a large slushie, please"


My southern Alberta son, who really should know better than to debate me, rolled up to the house with a F🍁ck Trudeau sticker on his car and I asked him why he was running around with that racist sticker displayed. "Oh Dad. It's not racist. I just don't like Trudeau. A sticker can't be racist." "Listen, son. You're not racist. That's not how I raised you. But the actual racists think you're racist when they see you sporting that sticker. So do you want to keep giving a wink and a nod to racists just by driving around with that thing?" It was off his window the next time he came over.


> A sticker can't be racist no but the words on it sure as shit can glad you got him to vibe check himself


"Preferring usually to be a background extra in the world's feature film" I felt that one, thats how I like to live my life too


Would you exchange a walk on part in the world for the lead role in a cage?


Similar thing, I'm a tall, stocky dude with a big beard. Surprisingly growing my hair out worked wonders for making me seem like I'm a fellow white supremacist. The change from short to long hair has been night and day for how many dudes approach me with some crazy shit.


Brother, can you repair my armor? I've not much spare coin for your efforts, but if you have a quest for me, I will see it done.


46 yr old white male from Kansas that now lives in Florida, can concur. Always amazed me to be standing in line at a hardware store and some dumbass next to me would start a convo with, "that damn Obama."


In 2015 I was working in a grocery store. A woman asked if a certain honey was local. I said yes. She said that's good, because local honey can help with allergies, and also a lot of honey comes from Mexico, and how it's very dirty there and that they're all criminals there and that we need to BUILD THAT WALL. This was all *one thought* in her mind. edit: and *yeah* I went over my word limit, what *of* it, fite me


It's all that's ever on their minds. They just constantly bring it up out of nowhere. The way my layperson self understands how brains work is that thought patterns used a lot get stronger like a highway and the ones not, become gravel roads. So these people just have right wing talking points as maglev trains so any thought naturally comes back to it. It must be a terrible way to live, they are literally stuck in a thought loop and they can't get off.


Calling it a "thought" is very generous.


By pure science it is a thought, even if it was drilled into her head during brainwashing.


Oh hey, didn't realize it was you! You're forgiven ;)


They either start abruptly or just change the topic at wildly inappropriate times. Im an RN and I've had many times where I'm discussing a patient's hospital plan of care, and before I'm done telling them what orders the MD has placed, they just say some wild shit about Mexicans or "the transgenders", and I'm always like "where the hell did that come from?"


My dad does this, and he didn’t used to. It’s pretty sad and I’m pissed at Fox propaganda taking my dad away from me. We used to have great conversations, even when we disagreed. Now it’s like I don’t even know what subjects to bring up, because I could be like ‘wow this is good ice cream’ and he’ll somehow come out with some comment about ‘illegals’


Dude, SAME. I literally avoid my dad because I just have no clue how to even talk to him anymore. Which means I also end up avoiding my mom. She’s conservative, but rarely ever brings it up and has a ton of other hobbies to talk about. I love her and miss her and wish I could see her so much more, but I can’t stand my dad anymore. It fucks with my mental health trying to talk to him, even if I manage to not trigger politics. It’s completely exhausting either way.


The patients with Fox News on 24/7 🙄


My MIL apparently has Fox News text her updates on her phones. “How else would I find out the news?” she said. I cringed.


By reading news instead of getting propaganda texted to you?


The patients with swastika tattoos or the ex-cop when you're just there to give a nebulizer and get the fuck out of the room...


Me: Patient: you must be a Democrat because they always tell people what to do!


Reminds me of my favorite customer interaction. Me: So your dog is overdue for his rabies vaccination today. It’s legally required by the county. Do you want to get him up to date? C: *20 minute rant about autism* Me: … so you’re afraid your dog’s going to develop autism? C: No! Me: … so did you want to update the vaccine then? C: Just get me the vet. I miss being an animal nurse vs an RN. The stupidity was a lot more tolerable.


55 yrs old white male from Maryland. I live in the sticks and everyone assumes I'm like the rest of the ppl out here. But I don't wear a shirt that screams WOKE, because I love calling those racists out when the start spewing their crap.


Thank you Sir


25 white guy here, one who certainly *looks* like he follows alt-figures on twitter. I feel like I have the power to make a Nazi reveal himself just by politely nodding and letting him talk.


Oh, man, I feel this. I’m mid 50s, white guy, gone completely gray/silver early. The assholes who come along with attempts at humor aimed at BLM protesters, feminism, and “the Left,” in general, assume that I’m one of them.


Always fun to enthusiastically agree but from the left, start talking about how it's a disgrace he accelerated instead of drawing back from Bush's racist, profiteering wars, never closed Guantanamo, managed to be both the first black president _and_ an absolute disaster for the economic well-being of black people across the US, completely betrayed every grass roots movement that helped him get elected. Always fucks with whatever stock "Kenyan Muslim" line they'd been practising.


People used to throw "that damn Obama" around with little to no context too. I worked at Subway, and we ran out of pickles one day. A lady got mad and said, with no sense of irony, "It's that damn Obama." My coworkers started using for everything that was non-Obama related.


I'm a teacher. A while back I had a parent get mad at me for starting an email to parents 'Grownups', insisting it should be 'Moms and Dads'. Like, why?!? For context, in my rural, low income school district, we have a lot of students living with grandparents, extended family, foster care, and more. I am damn well going to use language that includes all the grownups that provide care in my student's lives, whether that one parent likes it or not.


The most common address I've seen for those situations is "Parents and Caregivers".


“Whaddup Y’all!”




Hey there!


That's why I just use "to whom it may concern" for everything. It's all inclusive no matter your topic or audience.


When I was in school (more than a few years ago), all of my school papers were addressed to "Parent or Legal Guardian"


I'd just start it with, "To you poor, unfortunate souls".


In your next email, you should again start your email with 'Grownups' for everybody except the one getting mad at you. For *their* email and only their email, you start, "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears".


“Grownups” is adorable. I approve.


What about "guardian"?


Teachers are in a rough spot lately, you have my sympathy and undying support. Just the other day I was talking to one of my coworkers and she started going off on how schools only teach kids how to hate America and make kids gay, and I absolutely have no idea what prompted that twist in the conversation. I was stunned and confused. I don't know how someone with 35yo children would know anything about how kids are taught these days. I guess parroting propaganda serves as a replacement for critical thought and personality.


Once I grew out my beard, I instantly found myself in this predicament. I recently picked up a sticker [from the SRA merch store](https://shop.socialistra.org/collections/stickers/products/defend-equality-lgbt), with an M4 over a pride flag that says "Defend Equality." Still trying to figure out where I should put it, for maximum confusion/effect. I'm thinking next to the Marine Corps sticker on my water bottle, *really* scramble some brains.


Blows peoples minds to see Marines that aren’t brainwashed right wing idiots. I worked with a Marine at the BMW plant for years that hated unions and thought one would never make it better cause they’re just “left wing mafia money laundering corrupt organizations”. Eventually he came around after the company kept fucking us over and said “maybe I don’t buy into your communist bullshit but a union would alter things here.”


I can say from personal experience that's how it starts. I'm no leftist, but maybe all these wars were a really bad idea. Then a little later... I'm not a socialist, but these companies are fucking the economy. And then... I'm not some progressive tumblrina, but why would I give a shit if someone with a dick wants to wear a dress? Now... Fine, give me the fucking Che' T-shirt. Do I really have to eat a rich person to join, or is that a myth?


Down in the wonderful Republican stronghold of South Carolina very few people actually go far enough to be considered left but it ain’t hard to convince people that companies mistreat what use to be an amazing work force.


Yep, plenty of folks are conservative until they themselves are mistreated, then it's an issue


The beard is an instant invitation for racist guys for some fucking reason


Beard, sunglasses, and a hat seems to be the right combination for racists to walk up and assume you're one of them.


When in reality I'm just fat with a baby face and I don't want the sun in my eyes. I'd probably wear a hat too, but my heads too big to find nice hats that fit.


Are you me, from the past?


>my heads too big to find nice hats that fit. This is exactly why I don't wear hats. I look ridiculous


Just don't put it on your vehicle unless you want someone throwing shards of a spark plug at your windows.


Someone on Reddit sent me an Awesome BLM hoodie because I complained about being a middle aged middle-class white dude with a bald head who drives a truck. People see me and ASSUME I must be a piece of shit. It's not my fault I'm bald!! If I had a choice I would still have my Robert Smith hair from the 80's!


Oh man, to have Robert Smith hair is a wonderful thing... sorry people assume the worst of you because you don't have any anymore


Hey man, Robert Smith hair is a state of being. It’s what’s in ur heart. You got it.


It's the Robert Smith hair in your heart that matters not your head


It's not the hair. I am an old white guy with *okay* hair and I get to hear ALL the racist sexist homophobic Trumpist shit because they think I am one of them. I always reply mildly with facts. Just irrefutable facts that they can look up.


I prefer to go with a more emotional response, something like "wow is that a quote from Jesus" or something, whatever I think might really catch them off guard. Irrefutable facts don't matter to these people. You can't reason yourself out of a position you didn't reason yourself into in the first place.


If you wanna piss them off just tell them that's not a very Christian viewpoint


I'm a mid-30's white guy who's a bit overweight, has a beard, and drives a truck as I do a lot of camping in the woods whilst living in Oregon. You'd be ***SHOCKED*** at what people assume I'm cool with in casual conversations. I know I sure am.


Bruh, I get it. Mid-30’s white guy here that likes to collect historical guns and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people casually throw out terroristic comments.


I swear this is like half the comments on r/liberalgunowners right there, and variations thereof.


I'm an avid shooter and rarely get flack for that. In my limited experience, I get a lot more folks who look like or assume I'm with some really bigoted shit. A few months back, I had a guy at a gas station while waiting in line say, "I thought the ch**ks were supposed to be good at math" when the Asian cashier was making change. I'm not sure what he saw in me, but I fucking hate that it told him to open up with his vitriol.


That's every day at my local gun store. Everyone in there is talking about doing terrorist stuff. Every day. There's regulars who come in just to hang out and talk about terrorist stuff. Don't buy nothin.


Do you also get those people talking about "what *I'd* do" if they were in the Ukraine War, or in the Middle East, or whatever armed conflict they assume they would turn into Deathstroke for?


It's an easy way to weed out responsible gun owners from the dorks who think owning guns is a personality. As soon as they say something that suggests that they fantasize about using their weapon on a human, they lose all my respect. The folks who post that "I value my stuff more than your life" meme on Facebook. They have that cowboy mentality, thinking that they'd be the guy in a white hat, when they're more like the sloppy drunk passed out at the saloon.


"Oregon" "woods" Gotta be Nazis. They love that shit.


I was fishing the other day on my kayak. Dude on the bank struck up casual conversation. As I got closer, I saw a fucking *SS* tat on his neck. Wtf is wrong with these hate-filled idiots?


46 year old white male, usually look like something the Hell's Angels might have puked up and kicked out of the club back in the 1970's for being too antisocial and unprofessional. Also work in construction and automotive related industries (aside from occasional bursts in food service). Yeah. The amount of customers that assume I'm "one of them" is too damn high. Usually I wait for them to get full tilt into their rant du jour before claiming whatever they're raging against. Homophobe? I have a gay brother (I do.) Racist? Black brother-in-law (married to the gay brother, actually). Anti-Semitic? Yeah, Jewish family (a stretch, but a cousin is married to a lovely Jewish lady). They usually shut up really quickly. And, happily, rarely do it again, as I have many repeat customers. Any trans folk mind if I claim them as a reddit cousin so I can further embarrass morons without having to completely lie my ass off? Edit: Y’all are adopted, welcome to the family. Membership kits will be in the mail soon.


I'll be your disabled Asian Muslim cousin so you got all your bases covered


bros collecting oppressed minorities like the dragon balls


I can be your queer twinky trans man cousin. Bonus: I also do witchcraft.


I’ll be your Reddit cousin lol


I'll be your biracial (Arabic), trans man, mentally ill and neurodivergent cousin if you want


I’m a bi guy but I’m pretty straight looking and work in a straight field so I often get this. I like to listen to whatever they say about The Gays and then say “oh absolutely, take me for example.”


One of my favorite responses to homophobic shit is “you know, never thought about that. I’ll talk about it with my husband tonight.” Boy does that shake them. I don’t have a husband.


You will one day I promise :)


Oh finally. Can he go and do my yard work? I keep putting it off


The fact that you say that you work in a straight field implies the existence of a gay field. You have my curiosity.


That's what the gaydar detects, gay fields. It's like an electromagnetic field, but way more fabulous.


Right? Also, someone tell me what fields are hiding my fellow bi's. Are there bi fields? Or is there a camouflage you're using? My camouflage looks kinda like emphasis on civil service in an unpopular government agency.


fashion. we’re all in fashion darling


If fashion were bi, skirts would have pockets


[Steel Mills](https://youtu.be/rzTXYNrAxX8)


I don't even have to open the link. "We work hard, we play hard."


Academia and healthcare, especially among recent graduates (PhDs, med school students) have gay/bi overrepresentation. According to [one survey](https://www.aafp.org/news/blogs/freshperspectives/entry/20200303fp-lgbtqphysicians.html) in 2019, 10% of med school grads identify as gay or bi, and I'd estimate at least 20% of my med school class in NYC is gay or bi.


My girlfriends dad, who is a white man nearing 70, wears a shirt that reads “end racism”. He says he gets plenty of scoffs from random people, just because of a shirt with the most fundamentally inoffensive statement ever lol.


“Woke” is another way for boomers to say “I shouldn’t have to think about xyz”. During the civil rights movement leaders were criticized for being “communist”—they still are. Oh and police brutality is state terrorism.


I hate the word communist so much. It has lost all meaning. Basically means something that I don't agree with or understand now.


Thankfully instances of "hey, you look like me, let's talk racist!" have gone way, way down after I moved out of a Hee-Haw rural town... but regrettably not down to 0.


Same reason we wore mohawks as punks. Ward off people judgmental enough to be upset by hair, and attract people who were also open-minded. And for me, it was also a local native tribal hairstyle, albeit vertical with glue.


I wish I had the patience to become a Proud Boy mole. I am a dead ringer for 3rd Percentilers / Meal Team Six / Gravy Seals, but prolonged exposure to right wing dumbfuckery makes me naseous.


Ooo, ooo, ooo I saw another term the other day that you can add to your list...cosplaytriots. I know it made me giggle.


Green Buffets, Bacon Rangers, Fork Recon, Condiment Controllers. It goes on. There's a lot.




I did this in reverse and assumed my Black coworker was antiTrump … but nope. Hardcore supporter. Sigh.


This has been such a great thread to read. It gives me a little hope. I’m a Black GenX woman, and too many of my white ex friends, classmates and other age cohorts seem to be ready and eager to become angry boomers. As a Black female Navy veteran who’s married to a white male Navy veteran, we have a small amount of wall space in our den dedicated to our military stuff - plaques and shadow boxes. My husband’s side contains his photo. The amount of service people who have come into my home - always white men - and tried to shoot some conservative, racist shit with ME after finishing the plumbing/internet/HVAC work is just amazing. They see his photo, ask about our military service, and assume that I *must* be on their side because I’m married to a white military veteran. I think it’s more that than my being a veteran. What they get in return is a polite ‘please get tf out of my house.’ And my husband has had a lot of the same experiences as many of you. It’s a fact that doesn’t surprise me at all.


The looks I got in traffic before (mostly non-existant) and after I put an ALLY sticker on my Jeep was enlightening.


I need to add one of those to my Jeep too. Everyone assumes that I'm a Trumper bc I'm a 40 y/o white man living in TN.


I have a beard too. I could pass for a MAGA if I gained 50 pounds.


And lost 50 IQ.


Fellow middle aged white dude Tennessean here. I put an ally flag in my yard for pride month and considering the number of trump 24 banners around my neighborhood I half expected to wake up one day with the lawn on fire, but so far so good. I might push it and add a BLM flag next month.


Try being a business owner on top of it. Though it is occasionally fun to watch them blanch when they figure out that my partner is not just my business partner.


My wife (white) is a nurse and the racist shit she hears from her fellow colleagues (nurses, doctors, techs) is astounding.


Was driving through Northern Idaho on my way to Montana helping my brother and a friend move. I’m 6’3, shockingly Caucasian and extremely bald. And the smallest of the three of us, with the other two being very tattooed and very obviously former military. They went inside to get snacks and I was gassing the truck. Four big ol’ boys pull up in a beater truck, shaved heads, Steel toe boots with red laces and some visible Nazi tats. They get out and I get the coordinated head nod and a smile while one says “brother!” in greetings. Thought for a second “…ya know, I guess there really are friendly people in Idaho who are fine with strangers…..oh shit”. Immediately motioned to my brother and friend to get back in the truck and get the hell out. Before we got invited to an upright bbq.


As soon as you mentioned Northern Idaho, I knew *exactly* where your story was headed.


Yeah my step dad sort of had a similar situation happen at the gym. He was there with his oldest daughter and some bald guy gives him “the nod” you know (step dad is bald) and he was like “no no no whatever you think I am you are wrong” or something like that. I wasn’t there but that’s about how he summed it up


I used to work in a prison in Ok. Several times someone stopped me, closed the door and started with some racist "joke", "tirade" etc. After those several times of me telling them they were behaving unprofessionally and I didn't ever want to see that happen again, word must have gotten around because I didn't have to say that anymore the next 23 years I worked there.


No shit. It's even more shocking to hear how they ramp up from casual racism to "WTF did you just say?!" once they find out I'm a combat vet. I stay stealth instead of using your idea though because I prefer knowing who they REALLY are.


As a fellow dumpy middle-aged white guy I approve this message.


Working as a cashier during the pandemic sucked for this reason. Every person just spewing their personal views on you, assuming you MUST agree with them.


I worked in a liquor store during the pandemic and heard the same crap. Luckily the owner of the shop was 100% cool with me kicking people out for being an idiot. Nothing like telling somebody “that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard, get the fuck out of here” and not getting fired.


Retired Army NCO who is heavily into bikes… my helmet looks like a street sign in Berkeley. Covered in liberal stickers. It keeps the copsuckers, trumpets, cosplay militia morons, and sisterfuckers of the south nice and far away..


I got a shirt with "Don't tread on her" and a snake in the shape of a uterus. The double takes from both sides are great. Edit: I was going to link the shop because they donated to worth causes, but they unfortunately went out of business in Feb. [Here is a link](https://society6.com/illustrationsbyanniee) to one of the originator's personal site that has the same design.


I thought I was the only one that did that. I let my 21y.o. college student daughter pick out my t-shirts.


Me wearing hoodie from local black owned restaurant Coworker DMAWG: “Is that place good?” “Very good!” “I’ve never been there?” “I know!”


The more people I'm likely to be around, the more obvious the "woke" message. And the overly patriotic with flags and fireworks and eagles wearing sunglasses? Only worn in the home, at night.


I want overly patriotic with flags and fireworks and eagles wearing sunglasses with "woke" messages shirts....


There’s a guy in my town with a fuckin huge lifted truck on which he flys a giant pride flag on the left side and a Biden flag on the right. I think all the local hillbillies’ brains implode when they see it.


I'd love to see that big ass truck with the flags.


Pride Eagle, *here I come*




One can love their country AND want to fucking rebuild it entirely. Funny how the American flag for US citizens has become synonymous with the passionate radical right


This would be a fabulous new business idea


"Slavery... is such a *harsh* term..." Nope, nope, gtfo right now.


I feel this down to my core. My dumpy, middle-aged white guy core.


I look like the poster child for the ‘master race’, 6 ft blonde and green eyes with a permanent high and tight. Working in the trucking industry I hear so much shit that is demonstrably false and hurtful it’s astounding. Loudly proclaiming how much I fucking love Bernie and AOC means…I don’t have a ton of friends in the trucking industry. Aww shucks, guess I’ll cry some liberal tears about it


This thread is giving me Life and Thank You 😊 HOPE for humanity ✨️


I came out of the closet at 35. I’ve always worked in tech sales (AdTech and SaaS) which is about as broey an occupation as one can have. I’m masculine and into sports. Unless you looked at my Spotify playlists, you’d never suspect I was gay. Especially in sales, straight white men are terrible. It feels like I was a spy for 20 years infiltrating.


I sadly have to agree. I taught for years in auto factories traveling across the country and it never ceased to amaze me what ignorant white racist people would say to me because they thought I would be "okay" with it. I was married at the time to a black woman, so I never let these moron's slide. They brought it up, so I challenged them on it. Thats why Trump never surprised me. About 1 in 3 white, blue-collar Americans want racist policies and white only representation. Trump just gave the 30% what they wanted. Thats why they still support him no matter what crime he commits. He represents the hate and fear they live by.


Im a truck driver now. Used to work in factories. The little amount of sexism and racism I've encountered on the road cannot compare to what Ive been witness to in factories. Its insane how far that garbage goes uphill. I've never, and I mean never, encountered a business owner that wasn't a god awful piece of shit human being when it came to women and people of color. Garbage people!!!!!


I like that!!! I like the sneak attack method for myself personally. Get them all warmed up and confiding in me until they say something offensive enough for me to turn on them and coldly make them realize I am not on their side. Watching their balls shrivel up is kinda satisfying.


It so crazy the things you here as a dumpy white that is actually woke. "I used to work for .75¢ and hour, and your telling me a 16 year old or even someone that can't even speak English makes $15 an hour?"


If they are speaking only English in the kitchen the food can't be any good.


I look like a bouncer (albeit a geeky one) and I absolutely love the cognitive dissonance and consternation my vividly blue fingernails cause in all the right people for this very reason.


I absolutely love the gotcha stories but ya’ll PLEASE tell me that your do-the-right-thing attitude and activism extends to VOTING as well.


I used to have a shirt that said “We Are The 99%” but that just confused people


My husband is blonde haired, blue eyed, from California... But he lived part of his early life in Panama, so he speaks Spanish fluently. A couple of times he's been out in public with someone who was one of those "low-key racists" and they were grumbling about the Spanish speaker in front of them taking forever in line because they couldn't communicate with the cashier. Their face when my Arian looking husband walks over and busts out in fluent Panamanian Spanish... Priceless.