Would Dr. Nicky be cleared and released now?

Would Dr. Nicky be cleared and released now?


There's still no evidence that Joe killed Beck since he frame Nicky with all of it. The cops would have to be able to prove that it was planted on him, which is close to impossible and be able to prove that Joe did it, which is only doable through Paco and Paco would never tell.


Sure, but it does create some reasonable doubt in Nicky’s case. And you need more evidence to prove someone is guilty than to prove they’re innocent.


Add in Forty's trip to see Dr Nicky right before he threatens Joe with a gun and I bet you'd have an investigator that would bite and start digging.


r/FreeDrNicky disappointingly does not have an update, and haven't read any possibility of him reappearing for Season 4


i think that’s a good possibility especially considering the urine and the toe. he mentioned at the end of season 3 that they were able to tell it was joe because of his DNA so wouldn’t they be able to connect it to the urine in peaches house?


Urine has very limited DNA in it and it deteriorates very quickly. Probably wouldn't mean much.


ah okay gotcha that’s been bothering me since i watched it lol


Would they have to test it again though? Can't they just compare the original test results done on the urine to the new toe results, without having to retest the urine?


They may not have gotten enough of a sample when they first tested.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped any loose ends from the previous seasons completely. Season 4 is shaping to be a soft reboot by the looks of it, I mean, the man is considered dead and has moved to another country entirely. Not sure if we’ll ever see his past catching up to him.


I hope so.


No, because Dr. Nicky is an idiot.