YSK to never use glue traps to kill/trap pests

YSK to never use glue traps to kill/trap pests


[Just use the classics](https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/YouTuber-Recreates-the-Mouse-Trap-Gun-1.png)


"You've yee'd your last haw" -Guy that designed that trap


I remember seeing that a while back on and episode of [Mousetrap Mondays](https://youtu.be/oM09ZgY2qPM)


Does it need to be percussion cap, or does a flintlock also work?


Tbh a crossbow might work just as Well and not wake you up at 3am


Ah, but at least I'll know that I've caught something, though prying the musket ball loose from the wall and cleaning up what's left of the rat is quite the chore.


That's why we load it with salt rocks! Aand then just a little bit of plastic wrap a-la Dexter on the wall




Activate instant kill


*[muricah intensifies]*


Don't use cheese as bait for mice, ~~they can't actually eat cheese.~~ Your best bait is peanut butter or plain popcorn. Edit: it turns out that they actually are attracted to cheese.


Second for peanut butter. For snap traps, get it inside the trigger so they work aggressively to get it out and trigger the trap.


I used to use a single Cheez-it with peanut butter on one side to hold it to the trap trigger. The peanut butter will hold the cracker to the trap so you don't have to reset it if it falls and it causes the mouse to stay at the trigger point longer so the trap has a better chance to catch it. It worked flawlessly. So glad I don't have mice at our current house!


I just tie a thin strip of gauze to the trigger lever and saturate that with the peanut butter. Works great.


I've had great success by hot-gluing a small nut to the trap. Mice are foragers, so a small peanut they can grab and take with them is really appealing.


Like superglueing a quarter to the sidewalk


Lmao if I'm trying to catch a mouse, I'm less concerned with what it *can* eat and more with what it *will* eat


Gotta make sure it has no tummy issues befote death


A piece of chocolate works well too, or Nutella. I had mice years ago because of the dirty fucker that lived in the room under me. The same piece of Cadburys Dairy Milk caught 8 or 9 mice.


In my experience, the only thing mice won't eat are fruit snacks. The mice in my apt would use the wrapping to line their nest but leave the gummies. Lil fuckers.


I use chocolate in my traps and it seems to be working well.


I never thought to use Nutella, I crush a Reese cup and use the pieces. Benefit to using candy is it doesn’t mold as fast as peanut butter.


We made chocolate spread sandwiches, got them every time.


Peanut butter in them catch and release traps works great.


The NYC subway uses peanut butter to capture rats.


Yea I made the mistake of using a glue trap to catch a big ass river rat once. I had to kill it. I felt really bad about it.


My workplace once set glue traps and I didn't know. I came in the next week and found a tiny mouse that had died with its nose stuck to the glue trap. It slowly suffocated. Glue traps are horrific.


That’s actually the quickest way for them to die on the glue traps. It’s when their limbs get stuck and they are stuck there for days or weeks desperately trying to free themselves.


Trigger warning....or something We had glue traps down and caught a mouse who had limbs free, dragged itself to another glue trap with another mouse on it and began eating the other mouse. It was so horrible! We have since gotten a cat and exterminator service. The mice were from a hoard house that got flipped and released a ton of vermin in the neighborhood.


Same thing happened at my friend's house. But 2 mice in one trap. Woke up to high pitched screaming. Found 1 fat mouse and one with no meat on its leg bones, still alive. I'm told they do it from the stress, not hunger.


We used a 5 gallon bucket trap to catch mice in our grain shed and we emptied it often (almost twice/day). It is crazy how fast they turn to cannibalism.


Yup. I caught two mice in one trap and the one that was still alive ate the other mouse face off. Was disgusting.


Yea they turn insanely aggressive when in a confined space and feel they can't get out. The tickler in GoT is actually historically accurate


Gosh that Bond villian wasn't kidding


Oh wow yeah I've seen it to. Roomies were breeding for their snakes and broke up, forgetting the rodents. Came home one day to a horrible smell and a rat standing over 3 dead ones, an arm in hand going to town.


That's why it's actually more humane to drown them in that bucket than it is to keep them in it. There's a YouTube channel that reviews traps and stuff and he uploaded a video because people thought drowning the mice were so inhumane and it showed that nice will attack and each other almost instantly.


We have a cat where I work. I have to say, I see no vermin and even if I did, I wouldn’t think it so cruel if animals were doing what animals do.


Just having a cat around deters rodents, even if they’re rubbish hunters. Same goes for dogs but less so, and you have to spend a lot of time staring at a dog staring at a log pile.


We had mice living under our shed until we sealed off our fence and let our cat wander the backyard. He doesn't get out as he's a shitty jumper and the mice seem to be gone.


My kitty keeps the rodent population at bay. Shes a great mouser and I have noticed a decline in “gifts” so I am hoping the rodents are just staying away at this point.


Yup. Mine is a dumb, lovable, cuddly, patient murderfluff who thinks the Big Stupid Human needs to get her shit together. (... He has a point, but anyway.) The local mice have apparently packed their shit and bailed, lol.


This is part of the reason we feed and shelter feral cats that show up in our yard.


Yikes. That sounds absolutely awful. I'm not against getting rid of them as humanely as possible, especially when it's a hoard. I just want it done quickly. When it's just a few of them though catch and release traps should get the job done.


Yeah, wait until it's not 'a few', which it's usually not... and they are ruining all your food every night. Don't even say 'call the landlord' or 'move to a nicer neighborhood'. Those are not options for everyone. Especially in other countries. I have lived in these conditions. It's still an animal world. We just happen to be the dominant species. Should I just share my food with mice and risk contracting a communicable disease? No thank you. How do you think covid started? Bubonic plague?


Yup. There's a reason they say that if you see one mouse running around it means there are a hundred in the walls.


I hear the same but with cockroaches.


In one place I lived, you turn on the light at night, and about 100 scatter. Might see 1 sick one during the day. I'm not setting out "humane" traps for roaches, and releasing them into the wild. That's crazy town. They are also animals.


Do you not still find that awful when there are alternative ways? I'd argue that a traditional trap is actually the quickest way if you're determined to kill it.


I do want to note, if you use humane traps, please check them often. We had humane traps at a farm I worked at once. One of them got forgotten for about a week. When I finally opened it up, I discovered multiple mice had gotten stuck in there and ate each other.... Moral of the story: humane traps work if you check them regularly, if not, they can become inhumane very quickly.


Sorry to break it to you but basically all commercial places use glue traps inside Tin Cats to catch rodents.




Also wondering this. Do they still wake you up at 6am every day and stare at you with contempt until you put food in their bowl that’s still 75% full from the night prior?


Worse. These demand you recharge them anytime their battery drops below 90% and they are not solar powered like the flesh cats.


I walked into work one day to find a tiny mouse screaming it’s head off stuck to a glue trap. I got some orange oil, spent 10 minutes getting the glue off, and freed the poor thing. Catch and release traps are the way to go if you have any decency. The suffering they go through is absolutely horrible


only if you remember to check them in time...


If you have a full blown infestation, catch and release is useless.


Thank you for showing kindness to a terrified animal


I'm not sure how I could catch and release fleas though. I guess I'll stick with the sticky traps.


I know a dude in pest control and he hates glue boards, he'll give them to a customer to use if they insist, but if he's setting the traps he will only use snap traps (for mice/rats...bigger stuff he does live traps). He's had to finish off enough little dudes that he really doesn't want to do that anymore. People can be really shitty about things that they find to be disgusting (and yeah, it really is disgusting, but it also screams when you kill it).


My MIL had some mice in her garage, we caught about 8 total. Of the 8 like 3 died in the trap somehow (just babies I think) despite picking them up the very next day. The others we drove up in to the mountains and released them. Probably just became snacks for other animals. I guess that's better than being thrown in the trash.


Same. A puppy rat.


These are the most effective traps: https://youtu.be/DY4nH9XCt_E


I'm pretty sure Shawn's favorite trap right now if that commercially available bucket trap. It's yellow with a trapdoor. It has to be the original though because the chinese spinoff version objectively doesn't work as well. He compared the two with great success for the original, and lots of rodents escaping from the chinese version in a way that doesn't happen with the original.


Thanks, looks good. Made by a company called Rinne if anyone's interested but doesn't want to trawl through the video.


My dad used to use glue traps to catch mice when I was a kid. He couldn't hear them and would sleep through it. It would always wake me up and I'd have to go cut their throat so I could sleep. Oh childhood memories.


I had a hanging glue trap for mud daubers that were continuing to build a nest on my in-laws wall after washing it away multiple times. Or had exterior plastic caging so birds couldn't land on it, so I felt better about it. One morning I checked it and a tiny lizard must've climbed the wall, out the extended hook, onto the trap and gotten stuck. I spent 30 mins or so carefully prying them loose, used oil to help with the sticky solution and eventually got him off and he was breathing. Little guy didn't make it though, came back out to where I released him and he was still there :(


Dawn dishwashing liquid removes the sticky instantly. Learned from a vet removing a bird from a trap. Damn thing flew in my RV door just as I opened it and flew straight on to the trap, like it intended to.


Next time just put him out of his misery even though you meant well it probably was just more torture for the little dude/dudette


Yes, it is very hard and sad but in the end it is a mercy. I found a snake caught in one and the poor guys skin was coming off in many places. I called my dad and he said that it was suffering now and would not be able to recover and live long. I cried but I know it was the right decision. Anytime I see them I make sure to let the owners know how messed up it is. I mean even rodents shouldn't have to die like that.


Aww you sound like a sweetheart and I completely agree ❤️ humans aren’t the only ones with feelings. It’s good to have empathy for other creatures


I use glue traps to stop centipedes and spiders


I have a spider who lives behind my toilet, it is a good spider, it eats all the other insects.


I allow spiders to hang out in my house with the condition of not near my bed or toilet. Also, eggs not allowed.


you made them sign a contract?


You don't?


My friend calls his room "the den" he let's any spider live there but if he catches one on him he takes it all down but his gf ruined it for him because she won't go in unless they're all gone


Camel crickets


Cockroaches for me


Yup, great for fleas, too. Treat the animals and drop a few sticky traps, problem solved!


You should absolutely never catch and release rats. It just becomes someone else’s problem. It’s even illegal to do it in some places.


100% agree. I have used traps that killed instantly (I agree that prolonged suffering is cruel and unnecessary), but if I am setting traps for vermin, I am doing it to kill them, not catch and release them.


Fucking seriously. Catch and release rats? No thanks. You can tell OP has never actually had to deal with rats. Just get a trap that kills instantly.


Not to mention the "Foresty area" thing. Like, the closest "foresty area" I have is over a mile away, and spanns about a few meters on each side before you get to someone's house.


Ah, the heartwarming story of a rat that was released into the forest, overcame predators and natural and man-made obstacles, and found its way home!


I was taught to use a catch and release cage, and a bucket of water to submerge the trap in after the pest was caught


Should not have to scroll this far down to find this reply.


It's good to be aware of if you are going to use them, but I think the key here is use the trap that is appropriate for your needs. I've dealt with a lot of mouse and rat infestation, and the sticky traps are a godsend. I've used them in my room and on my deck - both areas where I heard them as soon as they realized they were stuck and started thrashing. And I'm also okay with providing a quick death with a knife, I know some people aren't. I would never use them in my garage, because I wouldn't hear them, my pets could get into them, and the dustier environment ruins them way too fast. But those times when you've isolated the path that a mouse or rat is taking...oh sticky traps my beloved. Keep in mind that snap traps can trap a leg, electronic traps keep the current active for a couple minutes because you need that amount of time to actually kill them, if 2 mice go into a humane live trap they may attack and eat each other.... so on and so forth. Pest control is a difficult and responsible task, I highly recommend hiring out for it if you don't feel up to making these decisions and dealing with the aftermath.


I use glue traps for Hawaiian centipedes and I am not at all sorry. Let them starve an agonising death ripping off legs trying to escape. Then I throw them in the fire BURN!


There's something incredibly unsettling about centipedes, like even more so than most other bugs and pests. I think it's because we can never tell which way they're facing, it's just a wriggly mass of legs and antennae.


Centipedes are metal af. They can paralyze and eat mice and other critters. Centipedes and spiders are esteemed guests in my home until they crawl on me.


And, I really want to be right there with you, but then they move, and i'm over here trying to figure out how I can set the whole house on fire to make sure it's contained.


Oh my goodness are those the big huge centipede things like the size of a grown man’s hand? 🤢


Yeah. And they are fast and they bite. You have to shake out all your clothes towels sheets check your bed turn over your pillows. They hide everywhere. I was putting bread in the toaster one morning and an 8 inch long monster centipede came boiling out of the toaster ran behind the appliances on the counter I looked and looked and could not find the bastard. Then later got bit on my back as one fell from the ceilng and landed on me as I was eating breakfast toast. AAAAAAAAAAAH!


Those are just in Hawaii....right....?


Um no many warm places have obnoxiously large biting creatures. Centipedes can be found in all warmer areas of the world I believe. Then there are the flying cochroaches. Yes. Flying cockroaches as big as a small womans hand. There are tree rats. So many rats. Geckos are cute but they poop everywhere.


Op: nicely catch then release rats so they don't "suffer". Neighbors of op: F you!!


In short double barrel shotgun > glue trap


Quit releasing your vermin in the wooded area. Just because i live surronded by trees doesnt mean i want you dropping off more mice and rats then i already have just get a snap trap and be done with it instant death.


Right. All it does is bring disease and disturb the ecosystem. Fuck rats.


I get bad flea problems in my garage and I found if I keep one of those glue traps with the light bulb it really helps keep the numbers down in between sprayings.


Fill a bucket with water then run a ramp up to a rod attached across the bucket. Humanely drown the nasty ass pests instead


humanely and drowning cant make sense.


I’m not catching and releasing roaches on my neighbors or putting them in my car and driving around to find a spot to let a handful of roaches out. Glue traps are supremely better than poisons and way more effective than lemon spray or rosemary.


Glue traps catch roaches but if you're getting a lot of them/regularly it's probably more effective to use bait to wipe out the nest.


Right outside my back door is a bunch of trees with decaying plant matter at their bases that these little bugs live in. They only really try and come in the back door at night when the lights are on so glue traps by the back door stop 99% of them.


I don't think anyone catches and releases roaches.


Glue traps won’t fix a roach problem. Their only use for roaches is to monitor them. Bait poison is extremely effective because they eat and go into your walls and die, where all their friends will eat the dead roach, and also die.


Sounds like you've never had a bad mouse problem, you should not catch and release mice. Instead they should be exterminated. I hate that they can look so cute but that opinion will change when you find yourself suddenly living in hell.


I'm a snake owner so I have built up quite a loathing for the creatures. But one time my snake wouldn't eat it so I kept it in a little enclosure for a week. I got kind of attached to the little bugger. When it came time to feeding my snake again. I named the mouse Mitch McConnell and gave him to my snake without hesitation.


I don’t feel bad for something that could contaminate my place of living and kill me with disease


I’m sorry but the rats don’t pay rent.


I set up a glue trap outside of my 19y/o step sons room and can confirm it doesn’t work. Neither does he




Yeah where the hell do they want me to release this shit, central park?


You can also make catch&drown traps, a lot more efficient and humane


OR use traps that kill them right away. I advocate for catch-release, but when you don't want to or you can't, please just don't make them suffer for no reason.


Try waking up in bed at 3 am with a mouse on your arm that just shit on you. You begin to not care if it is a glue trap or not.


I once woke up to a mouse climbing right by my ear trying to get around me. These critters can be so annoying >.>


Christ. I had rats in our trash area and screamed bloody murder to our landlord. It wasn’t just because of the rats as there are rats everywhere in my city.. it was about the conditions that encouraged rats to multiply... This would be a trip straight to a hotel for me.


I honestly couldn't care less about them.


Ah yes, much better to catch and release the same rat over and over, or better yet pass it on to someone else so they have to deal with it /s


I've never caught a mouse with a snap trap even when its baited but they fall for glue traps all the time so, sorry mice, but don't come in here if you don't want to die.


OP clearly has never dealt with an actual rodent infestation, because glue traps are pretty much the only thing that works. You feel bad for the first couple of ones you catch and try to think of humane ways to kill them, but after you reach double digits with no end in sight you just start throwing them into the garbage without a second thought. Fuck mice with a rusty rake.


I just drop them in a bucket of water. Quick and easy.


Yeah I live in the city and have a rat issue. They’ve cost me thousands of dollars over the last few years - eating the wiring in my car, dying under my floorboards, etc. - and they leave droppings all over the area where my young son plays, causing a health issue. Sorry, but I’m going to use the most effective method to get rid of them, and if that’s glue traps then so be it.


My record is 5 in 1 night with a walk the plank : https://youtu.be/DY4nH9XCt_E


Snap traps totally work. We had an infestation in our basement when I was a kid. Killed dozens of mice with simple snap traps baited with peanut butter. I'd empty them out multiple times a day. The adult mice were bad enough but the squashed baby mice broke my heart. At least I knew it was a quick death. I relate to Charlie from Always Sunny in that scene where he talks about his near PTSD from killing generations of rats. My family was not usually the type to kill pests, but it had gotten so bad they just gave up. Some time before this we caught a mouse in a no kill trap and took him a mile away to a local park. We let him go and a hawk swooped down and grabbed him as he ran across the grass. I couldn't help but see the humor in it even though it was so fucking dark. They were so proud of doing the humane thing and then BAM, nature.


Use a lever arm+bucket trap. More effective and more humane. Look up Matthias Wandel's design.


Why was this post removed?


This is how to get rid of rats! [Only_solution ](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6573879/Student-CRUCIFIES-rat-cross-catching-eating-pet-turtle.html)


Once you invade another species home and take their resources, death is now on the table.


You just described what the entire history of humanity has been and has done to the world.


My brother in law is a pest control technician. When he catches a rat in a glue trap, he folds it over and stomps on it to kill it so it doesn't suffer.


Don't the guts get everywhere?


When we used them in our old farmhouse when I was growing up, if we caught a live one my dad would go out and throw it face down into a rain barrel we had. Not so much on the not suffering part. You'd also sometimes find ones with nothing but little nibbled off mice feet on them.


Do whatever works best to keep your home clean and pest free. They can carry disease and their droppings can be toxic. Kill traps have never worked for me but placing glue traps in high traffic areas has worked very well. If you don't just leave them to suffer and handle them quickly then it's not really a big deal. If you have the stomach for it, I just suggest putting them in a grocery bag and placing them in front of your car wheel. It's really no less humane than a snap trap and it's a lot less personal than other means. I know this can be a sensitive subject for a lot of people but you can't just simply catch and release because rodents mark territory very efficiently and know how to make their way back and if not then they'll just go to someone else's home. They can be a danger to not only yourself, but your children and pets as well.


Isn't this more of a personal preference? I mean, come to me and advocate for a different pest control method... fine. But to present it to me as some sort of YSK fact stating "YSK to never use..."? GTFO


I agree, but since some types of poisons have been banned in the U.S., glue traps remain an option. The poisons that are available, my experience, aren't effective.


Shawn Woods channel on YouTube, he tests loads. Walk the plank and rolling log are the best traps.


Nah I don’t give a shit how inhumane it is. The mouse is in my house and it shouldn’t be. Though personally, I’m a fan of the classic snap traps.


You should know. I use glue traps often.


Heads on toothpicks has always worked for me. Set them up at entrances so the other mice know what awaits them if they journey further. Sometimes the best option is the most primitive.


Lmao. At this point I don’t feel a thing when I catch mice with the glue traps. I had an issue with those little shits getting j to my garage. I tried the snapping traps/poison/covering up their little entrance and nothing worked. Now I just leave the glue traps in there along the walls. I’ve caught a few already like a little family. I just pick them up and toss the traps into the trash so they get more stuck in the traps. I hate mice and the destruction they cause. I use that bucket trap for outside by the dog food container. Then just drown them with antifreeze.


Former exterminator here. If the problem is rodents, catch and release only means that they'll either come back, or they're going to be someone else's issue. A snap trap is quick, humane, and helps ensure that the bugger isn't going to return.


My work set out glue traps and caught a little ring snake. We couldn’t get it off without it ripping the poor things skin right off so we just had to leave it.


Catch and release traps make us feel nice but they are not humane. When you catch and release say a rat or mouse, studies show it will almost always be dead within 48 hours. You are releasing them into a place where they have no food or shelter and the territory is already occupied. PROPERLY SET snap traps that are the CORRECT SIZE kill instantly and the animal doesn't have to suffer. Do not use mousetraps for rats, for example, they are not big enough and will just maim. Poison is also a terrible choice, it takes the animal several days to die while it internally hemorrhages. It's a horrific death. Then other animals like birds, opossums, raccoons and domestic dogs and cats eat the carcass and are poisoned too.


I use mini land mines.


Fuck that. I’ll use what I want


Yeah this is a terrible YSK.


Pests in the house? Cats will gladly help out


Certified Pest control guy here. Usually, sticky traps are used for bugs and you want to use something that is a coagulant so they can leave somewhere else to die. Mainly for the fact that rats and mice are a nuisance and need to be kept in control or else the species can become out of control and actually cause more harm than good and spread disease and hurt other animal and insect species. This is due to the issue of we as people are overindulgent and make more waste than we are worth and give them too much food. So main point. Don't leave food out, patch holes up in your house that don't let them inside, and make sure there isn't trash for them to make a home out of. ​ P.S I agree about not using sticky traps not being used because they are inhuman for animals but they can also smell really bad due to the decomposition of the rodent.


People feel sad for uninvited rats and lizards? News to me.


The lizards I feel bad for. The rodents can die a miserable death in a glue trap for all I care.


Right, right. Lizards I do catch and release. Usually they even get to keep their tail.


Fuck you and fuck mice. Glue traps work. They figure out snap traps, if they escape oncr they'll never come back. The bigger, humane traps aren't always feasible for city living. So no, if you live in the city you should 100% be using glue traps. If you check them every morning they won't be suffering long. They're also better for figuring out where they're getting in so you can plug those holes. AND they catch random centipedes and such. TLDR: OP is a dumb fucking hippie that's clearly never had a mouse infestation in a row house so lets not listen to them.


I spend literal hours in my garden, and I'll be damned is a freeloading rodent is going to break in (despite my best efforts), eat my strawberries, shit in my yard (logs everywhere), and then I'm suppose to be humane? I refuse to go out of my way to be cruel, but humaneness is not a priority in this pest problem. Plus, I can play the kid card. If she gets all stickied up, well, that's what five year olds due, so par for the course. But snap traps could harm her. Not that I should need to use my kid as an excuse, but it does exist.


I'm gonna hear it get stuff they band into things with the trap on them and squeak. Then quickly send them to rat heaven. Catch and release has 2 endings: they come back, or become a problem for another person. Not okay either way.


Fuck that shit. It's a fucking mouse/lizard/snake. Yes, my family's well being is more important than the possibility that a pest is going to suffer as it dies. Sticky traps are probably the safest thing to humans that you can employ indoor.


Sticky traps are the only traps that work. Sometimes I use the bucket of water trick when there seems to be a lot of pests. Works like a charm.


Or just kill them. Don't torture them though, that's cruel. I lived in an apartment building once that had a mouse problem. The landlord's solution to this was to call in an exterminator who set glue traps around my apartment. I asked the guy when he was there how the glue trap would kill the mice and he told me they'd starve to death. I asked if he could give me a better solution than that and he suggested I stomp on them when I heard them screaming (because apparently they scream when they can't escape the trap). Yeah as soon as he was gone I got rid of them and replaced them with normal mousetraps. Those work great, they just kill the damn mouse. Bait them with peanut butter (not cheese).


I dont want rodents or lizards in my house either, so 🤷


If you're struggling with bed bugs with no way to get elsewhere, get bed bug mattress and box spring covers, move your bed away from the walls, allow nothing to hang to the floor and set glue traps under each foot of the bed.


It baffles me how people are sympathizing with rodents


learned this the hard way; had a bird and mice guess which one found the glue trap.


Used a glue trap once and this mouse got his feet stuck on the floor, there is still glue there and this happened 3 years ago


I put a glue trap down in my bathroom once and a bunch of baby spiders landed on it. I figured they'd hatched inside the radiator that I don't use. I put another one down behind the sofa...same thing but I got the adults too. I noticed that the spiders were deliberately going to the sticky trap. Whatever is in the glue that's supposed to attract mice, attract spiders and those tiny black beetle things. I bought a whole box of stickies after learning this. Wherever I put one down, the spider goes right to it and tries to eat the glue but house centipedes are too smart for it. I've never caught one but I see them sometimes. Creepy af.


This literally just happened to my friend.. they have a huge problem with mice/rats and they set a bunch out where they had just spotted one to trap it. And a poor little ratsnake or black snake got trapped in it and they had to kill it. It had ripped a lot of its belly and scales off and there was no saving it.. please don't use glue traps.. they don't work anyway. Try peanut butter poison surprise instead!


Poor thing :( rat snakes make great rodent control. If you have one around, you won’t have a rodent problem for long.


One time, an exterminator gave me a pack of heavy duty sticky pads. This was due to our upstairs neighbor being more pig than human. Their mice and roach problem became ours mice and roach problem. They eventually got evicted a 7 months later. I applied the sticky pads as instructed all over my apartment... No one told me mice SCREAM that loud. I still have the image burned in my head of one mouse who ripped or worse chewed off his on front leg. Trying so futilely to escape. I put him out of his misery and got rid of the rest of the sticky pads at same time. Never again.


If you don’t have pets nor care for the we being of whatever you are catching then they are best method. I had a rat smashing cinder block next to the traps to put them out of their misery before disposal. My work area is an old factory I converted to a wood working area, rats and mice everywhere. I catch them near the doorways, through the roof area. Like 2-4 over night usually. The place is down the road from a grain silo so that’s probably where they are coming from.


My work place set glue traps and it caught a female mouse that then gave birth and all the little ones got stuck on it too.


YSK that if you never check your humane catch and release traps they are not so humane.


I love watching rats and mice bind themselves irretrievably. Then as they squirm I grab the trap and smash the rodents skull against a rock. Mercy is mine to give.


This advice doesn’t work for bugs.


Hell, just shoot em while they are stuck to the board!


My dad used a sticky trap to catch a mouse in our house and when he caught it, he put it in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash. I was crying and asking why he would do that and how’s it’s going to suffer and he shrugged and said “it shouldn’t have come in the house”.




Cats work pretty well


Was taught this lesson one fateful night while living in a sub-basement in a canyon: lots of wildlife. I had mice dragging my sticky spider traps all over my 70s shag carpet. It was a pain to clean up.


What about for cockroaches?


Yeah they also smell too why would you want a dead animal rotting away in your house The only defense I have for this is that if you put poison out and your own pets accidentally get it you're fucked So the glue traps do have a purpose


Set and release? Nah


For rats and mice I use Victor Electronic traps for a humane and easy disposable solution.


We have mouse traps that just break their necks. Fuck catch and release but also them suffering sucks.


Am I the only one who doesn’t really care how the rat dies as long as it’s dead? I have killed a lot of rats, mice, and other vermin. I can’t imagine caring this much if they suffer.


Why you want to catch and release rats? Guess you’ve never gad to do with vermin


Snap traps with peanut butter have given me the most success. At least it’s a quick death for the little bugger.


I prefer live traps, so i can kill the pests with my bare hands


Thank you


They work. I care more about that more than your foolish opinion.




Do people really give a fuck how rats (literal pests) die? I couldn't care less if it had the worst time of its life before it died


Regular mouse traps are cheap and kill instantly. Just use those.


They don't always kill instantly but they usually do.




You should know oil will release them from traps, we have problems with brown recluses and stick traps work great but if a lizard gets caught just grab some oil pour it on them and gently rub the stick area, they come right off


Best trap I found (for mice) is the [bucket trap](https://www.bobvila.com/articles/homemade-mouse-trap/). If you want to be kind, you don't fill the bucket with water and can just release the mouse. If you want to exterminate the rodents (hey, no judgement) you would fill the bucket 1/4 way with water. Yes, the mouse would drown, which isn't nice but it's far more humane than a sticky trap.


Yeah I’ll release the mice so they can come back inside!


Had mice in the house once, after weeks of multiple different kinds of mouse traps and waking up to them running around my room and such I finally decided to try glue traps. Within a few days I got about 4 mice and they was the end of the issue, I placed the traps on top of a bag, so when it was caught I could bag it up and just finish it off with a bat. Maybe they are inhumane, but they're extremely effective