Maybe he just likes those colors idk


That’s what I assumed. Nail polish on men are very popular now. Makes me want to start wear nail polish again but… ugh, it takes too much time. Forget it😒


Haha. It looks like from the video he painted those colors himself because they don't look like professionally done. He looks very cute, especially when he put his hands around his mouth with the green nails lol.


"A story behind nail polish"? Does he need a justification for that? Strange question.


Idk I love that he is wearing nail pollish tho


also he was wearing babyblue recently


Seems like one of his signature colors lately!


i saw somewhere that he started wearing nail polish because omar was wearing nail polish


Thank you! Yes, I saw Omar is wearing the black nail polish, which goes well with his mysterious gender-neutral vibes. Edvin's choice of the green ones is very adorable.


Lol what? Someone speculated that here but he never said anything like that. And he has pics with nail polish before he met Omar


never said it was a fact just said i saw someone say that


> he has pics with nail polish before he met Omar Oh, he does? I did think I heard somewhere that he loved it on Omar and was inspired to do it himself. But that's cool he did it before too. I wonder if I just read that as a fan comment, I don't actually remember, but I thought it was something he said. I guess not! I like seeing how they have had influence on each other's style, even wearing the same items sometimes. I wonder if it's deliberate each time or not. The most recent was them wearing the same ring from Cartier. Appropriate for Edvin while in Cannes!


I like your username. What did you mean by "story"? Like, as in the colors he chooses having meaning assigned (blue calm, green earthy)? Or fashion story, like him having signature go-to colors in his style? I love talking fashion; both Omar and Edvin have great senses of style. I love how Edvin's outfits always have a twist. His is "grandpa resort wear except chic and modern", complete with a soft, pastel wash and silver jewelry. (Depending on the event) he often keeps his skin natural and, as another person commented, does his own nails. Or did you mean something else, like why would he as a man paint his nails, and what does that mean as a fashion choice? It doesn't signify anything at all, regarding gender or sexuality. But I don't want to demonize you for asking. This is a relatively new concept for many people. You wouldn't be alone in wondering, if that is actually your question. Not long ago for some of us, it would be considered a bold choice that would stand out, at least where I'm from. It would likely be someone who is expressing their gender fluidity or gay+ sexuality, or perhaps someone goth, "on the fringes", making a statement, maybe to look cool in a band too (punk, rock, hippie, etc.) Certainly, I don't mean to type people by saying that; my point is that this perception would likely be made by others when seeing a man with painted nails. Personally, when I first looked up the actors from the show, I was curious if anyone was out / identified as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. After I convinced a friend of mine to watch, she texted me asking if Edvin or Omar are gay IRL. I said they don't wish to label themselves publicly, though I believe Omar may identify in the queer community, and Edvin has dated girls, but who knows? They are private and do not wish to label themselves. In our convo, we said something about them wearing nail polish and rings, and some feminine pieces in their wardrobes, though that can mean something or nothing. My point is, we did bring it up, even though it didn't matter or mean anything. I know we're all curious, if someone wishes to identify with a community, we might find that relatable and be supportive (I would hope!). But there's no meaning to it. They are young people, and things have progressed to where people don't need to be making a statement - they can choose or not. What people wear and the accessories they choose is just expression, regardless of assigning gender to it, or sexuality. I hope this long winded answer was helpful in some way!


Did he wear them all at the same time or seperately?! Because for me white green and gray almost immediately gives agender vibes… but that is probably too much of an interpretation on my part…