The joining the Conservative parties to vote made sense when it was inconceivable that an NDP government could happen in Alberta. This is no longer the case.


I don't understand why some people want to join the ucp to vote in the leadership race. If you don't support the ucp joining then to vote in the leadership is pointless


Exactly. This kind of strategy is absolutely asinine. Look what's happening in the States. Sure, some of those extreme chucklefucks progressive voted for in primaries in hopes they get decimated in the general won't get elected. But some of them will. They put an election denier over the top instead of an incumbent who voted to impeach Trump. Great. Now an election denier is running in a district that's only gone more than 40% for Democrats twice in the last 30 years. Conservatives might complain about how divided they are, but unless a party has literally split itself apart and formed two distinct parties, at the end of the day, the UCP is still the UCP, and most conservative voters will fall in line and vote conservative, just like they will for the GOP. No way in fuck will I ever think bleeding myself slowly is a worse choice than shooting myself in the fucking head hoping the gun sees reason before I pull the trigger.


Disagree. If you don’t support the UCP you could still vote for the perceived lesser candidate in the Leadership Race, thereby increasing the likelihood a sub-optimal candidate will be successful against your desired party or individual


Sure, just don’t give them membership dues. Money = wins. Go canvas for Danielle, don’t give her cash


simple reason. Look at the conservative leadership race and tell me you would be comfortable with any of them. some people feel the actual election is now also, others think the NDP & liberals give too much power to the extremist left and so they go to the closest thing which is UCP. you can also have the pied piper strategy, of NDP voters joining the UCP to vote in the leadership race so a weaker candidate wins only to lose to the NDP. now my opinion is given the option between choosing a bullet to my skull or voting NDP/UCP. I am choosing the bullet as both parties are extremists.


Ndp is extreme in which way? They are centre left party


I think it makes sense. Just like in the U.S, many democrats who live in very red states will become registered Republicans in an effort to vote for the one who's the most moderate/left leaning, probably also exists vice versa in blue states.


Disagree. The non complete nutter candidates need as much help as possible **(as doomed as they likely are)** Realistically, this WILL be our next premier. Edit: I didn't feel like I needed to bold the "as doomed as they likely are" part but here we are.


So you think progressives should vote for the least worst UCP leader which would make some right leaning moderates to vote UCP again? Then, when this person fails we have to go through the process again which makes people think THIS time it is the right person… and so on and so on… Let the UCP supporters pick their leader. It will show the electorate what kind of nut jobs they actually want as leader


>So you think progressives should vote for the least worst UCP leader which would make some right leaning moderates to vote UCP again? What As if they had any other options.


All the top candidates are appealing to extreme elements. What's the difference? How that work out when choosing Redford?


Aheer isn't appealing to the extreme elements much. It's mostly smith, jean and loewen appealing to the extreme elements.


She still sucks. Want a repeat of Redford pick her. All of them are corrupt.


They'll sign you up and vote for you anyways. May as well have some fun with it.


The right in Alberta engaging in the fraud the right in America would love to prove.


I want no part in helping any of those jerks become premier. Unfortunately we all know one of them will be. Just sit back and watch the fireworks hoping they explode along with them and take out the entire UCP party. Do not give them any money if you do not support them.


Conservative never again! Or at least for a very long time!




It's the entitled "I want it NOW" conservative mindset


Fuck, I’ve been trying!


NDP for my vote next provincial. I have watched the PC/ UCP FUCK this province for 40 years .


Don’t give any politicians money it just encourages them.


People need to understand that when it comes to politics in 2022, it’s about who does the least amount of damage. NDP are the lesser evil.


In that case let’s vote alberta party


I am not sure why the ABNDP is getting involved in the UCP leadership race. They should stay quit about it unless they are forced to talk about it.


*Cut to the first 20s of the video where the reporter asks Rachel to talk about it, and she responded*


There's an election soon enough, and they may be hoping to destabilize the UCP even further or even trigger a snap election. Notley knows what she's about.


I feel like a lot of campaigning meetings involve people saying “we should do SOMETHING” even if the right move is doing *nothing*.


There has to be a voice of reason amongst the madness. Like Danielle Smith is the most extreme, bat shit crazy of the bunch, with 6 out of 7 of the candidates fitting into the "bat shit crazy" category. Those are all potential leaders of Alberta that make Jason Kenney look sane and professional.


Who is this "better government" you speak of, the SpenDP? What a laugh.


Yup. I’d rather a government spend money on ring roads and cancer centers than war rooms and facilitating corporate stock buybacks.


It's amazing how quick people forget about the $1.5 billion Kenney literally threw away on a bet.


Or the corporate tax cuts, that was literally free money they gave away ($4.5 Billion circa Jan 2023). It resulted in negative job growth.


NDPs deficit was 90,% due to collapsing oil prices plus a bit for (infrastructure) job creation. Same as Getty and Stelmach. If one is going to diss the Alberta NDP, at least do it for legitimate misfires-agriculture Bill 6 and believing Alberta could work with the Trudeau Government.


Cons always projecting the provincial deficit that was inherited by the NDP, onto the NDP.


Yes, how dare people vote for a party that will actually spend on behalf of the people they govern, instead of the corporations.


I'd rather to spend for social welfare and environmental protection than austerity for embezzlement.


I'd rather my tax money go back to the people rather than to corporate dividends.


FYI, the NDP started about $14b in debt from the previous PC government, after oil prices had tanked and as we entered a recession. They borrowed at around $12.3b annually for their four years. The UCP started with that debt, but with oil prices back to normal, no recession, and well funded public services. They borrowed at around $14.7b annually - about 20% faster than the UCP - even before Covid appeared. After three years, we have massively underfunded education, healthcare, and public services, all in chaos, for what? A $4b surplus that was a result not of any cuts or “fiscal responsibility”, just a sudden jump in oil prices. I’ll take the SpenDP thanks, at least we still had a workable province with them.


Ndp history: https://www.macleans.ca/politics/6-things-weve-learned-about-rachel-notley-and-albertas-ndp/ https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/rachel-notley-says-alberta-ndp-has-fallen-short-on-respect-for-staff-volunteers-1.5949287 They can’t even treat their own staff or volunteers correctly and you’d like them to run the province. Rofl


Wow some of their staff got treated poorly, I better vote for the party literally driving health care into the ground!


You got to love the horse blinders glossy over the whole Devin Dreeshen situation. Not to be a both sides argument, no one deserves to be treated with that kind of disrespect regardless of any party affiliation.


How you treat staff and volunteers is a great indicator of the type of people you’re dealing with. No thanks


Do you mean like this stellar behavior from the UCP: https://globalnews.ca/news/8329352/alberta-legislature-ariella-kimmel-lawsuit-ucp-sexual-harassment-allegations/ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-minister-tyler-shandro-behaviour-vital-partners-1.5511288 https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/elections-alberta-asked-to-investigate-bulk-ucp-membership-purchases-1.5895428 https://globalnews.ca/news/8716885/jason-kenney-alberta-rcmp-ucp-leadership-race/


Ah…rage all you want, I point out the hypocrisy of the party you support- I don’t support these behaviors in anyone. If you do, you’re just as bad as them.


"You can vote yourself out of communism" ok reet


I'll be voting for the NDP.


Is there a party that ever thinks outside the box? Every party just seems to do the same old day to day status quo shit that never moves the needle foward.


Well we were supposed to have a technological super centre built in Edmonton that would've centralized all medical services in one area pre-Covid, but the UCP shut that down. Same goes for the micro-refineries idea that would've enabled us to ship out refined oil at world market price instead of shipping at basic crude to the US.


You can? Why it cost so much to even apply to run? Most people could never afford to be in politics. It's for the wealthy, not you. And the wealthy will never care about the rest. Tale as old as time.