I own both. Superstonkers annoy the shit out of me.


They’re also the source of 98% of the DD found on the AMC sub.


\^\^thisx1,000,000. Hence why these fuckin posts are even MORE annoying.


Only dd you need is buy and hold. Anything else is just encouragement, pump, or morale boost.


Pretty much all modern DD is just finding the date. That's what the astro/criand cycle theory does, it's what knowing about everything the SEC is doing does, etc.


Hard disagree. There is great new DD that comes out every week. Buy and hodl is the strategy, but understanding the “why” is important. Everyone here needs to go to their sub and read the latest stickied post about cellar boxing. It’s long but it’s worth the read.


What does cellar boxing dd say? Hedge funds short stocks to bankrupt them where they create millions of synthetic shares. It is old news, old dd, just rebooted. So what are we supposed to do with this information? Buy and hold? Got it. Anything else we need to do? Nothing, alrighty then.




I know it’s so fucking stupid you have to say “that popcorn stock” or else your comment is blocked?, Wtf I don’t see why


It's an easy way for the bot to limit fud and keep the focus on what that subreddit is for just like there's one for amc


Thanks ok that makes sense


Well it's a gme sub.


This is an amc sub and you just had no problem typing gme?


Reddit admins threatened to nuke the sub for brigading so they made a strict rule to not mention other subs so they couldn’t be accused of brigading.


To be fair you cannot mention any other stocks and not even the word crypto. I am not sure but i think you also cant mention other subs


Why can't we all get along? I own both stonks. Let the rift pass and let's get it done and continue to hodl and buy more. It's been going on for so long now. Apes don't hurt other apes 🦍🦍🦍


Exactly, think ALOT of us own both


I think it's not that we don't get along. It's that the game stonk IS the ticket. I have AMC too, and I'm sure it will rip as well as all the other stocks in the basket, but not like the game stock. So for me, I would not just own amc. I would hodl amc and game stock or just game stock. I would not hodl amc alone. The numbers are just not like the numbers in game stonk. So I think at first it was a loving warning that eventually got annoying because ppl gonna buy what they want with their money, which is how it should be. But no way would I hold amc and not game stonk. But I would hold game stonk and not amc. That's just my opinon though.


None of us knows the real depths of the fuckery except Kenny boy and his team… but we’ve all figured out quite a bit … there are many dirty plays by MMs and the SHFs but none quite at the levels of AMC and GME. Yes GME has a smaller float and long term wise I can see her fundamentals being quite incredible but as far as the squeeze play goes … both are basketed together by the same bad actors (mostly) it’s why they are so linked and why pressures on those actors inevitably helps both stonks because they will throw in the towel … AMC having more synthetics because it’s larger float will help … if I had to guess once AMC’s lows are in 80-90 and are highs are around 130-140 then that will be AMC’s equivalent to what GME did once she hit 400 .. then there will be real evaporations like Melvin style … both are going to pop … this is my guess / gut instinct , happy to ride it out no matter how long it takes.. Love GME Love AMC


I feel the same way but for amc. From the data I have seen on the dark pools and so on, AMC is more shorted IMO. I just know AMC's float was traded many more times this year than what GME's was, just facts. Time will tell though.


Show the facts then, go on :)


Gme has a small float, tiny in comparison. u/gherkinit


What's the point?


The point being is that with a smaller float that there's more of a scarcity of shares which the hedgies would need to buy back so the gme stock holds more value and also since theres is a smaller float there is less chance of someone selling at a lower number because there's far fewer people with GameStop shares opposed to people who are not a part of this community at AMC sub, that bought in because of the fomo and don't know much about moass who would sell earlier on. Sure they would both rip but it's true that GameStop would definitely rip higher just because of scarcity of a smaller float.


I agree why did u tag him lmao


Prob cuz he’s a huge amc hater but he’s not just gonna show up here and say amc sucks to a bunch of amc lovers. People are going to buy what they want and there’s nothing he could say to add to the Convo, thus “what’s the point?” Lol


FYI, AMC's float is 511 million, with 513 million outstanding shares. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/AMC/key-statistics/ GME's float is 250 million, while outstanding shares are 76 million: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/ While AMC's float is still within the realm of possibility, it looks like GME's float exceeds the number of outstanding shares which shouldn't be possible. So, take this for what it's worth. Obviously we know a lot of the data is being hidden, but this is what's currently available.


Edit-ignore this. I totally didn’t read your comment correctly. Key point being that float literally changed from 70 to 122. To 149 over the course of Saturday. Gmes float has been just over 70 million since their latest atm offering. Check their WEEK OLD QE documents. It’s been between 60-70 for the entire year. The 250 million that’s popped up a few places on Saturday is the focus of hot debate. No one knows why it changed overnight. Use the way back machine if you wanna check. It’s all superstonk is talking about.


The volume on AMC to me represents the lack of a squeeze. Liquidity hasn't dried up due to 300m more shares being around this year than the same time last year. Diluted as fuck float equals no squeeze


It's innate in many of us. Look at politics. There are many people that HATE the other team. Why? If they were honest with themselves- it's insecurity, pride, with a splash of pettiness. Think logically, not emotionally.


It’s fine but just because someone owns Boeing stock doesn’t mean they have to say it’s the same as AT&T. The stocks are neighbors at best. They’re not unified in any substantive way.


Yo, chill out. You're being a bad actor in this method, fanning flames. (HOW ANNOYING THINGS ARE! /s) Other APES, do not listen to this persons disdain! They seek to trick you into a ceoting frustration. BUY. HODL. PEACE.


There’s 600,000 people on superstonk. As in all aspects of life, the worst people make the most noise. Don’t paint with a broad brush because some people misrepresent the rest. Hodl.


HOC is a theory that’s applies to the whole market, not just one stock. Also the meme basket theory is by a dual ape. They also cross posted that DD to this sub but for some reason the DD posts on the sub don’t do well, low upvotes. Sometimes when DD is cross posted from SS, OP will add “not gonna do a new post same info applies” Lastly most DD in SS is checked or tested using AMC to prove the point of manipulation or DD. Also remember when SS had a campaign against YouTube’ers being bad and not to be trusted. Well now apparently they like Youtuber’s check out Gherkit latest post promoting their YouTube page. There is no need for divisiveness or FUD towards one stock to the other. The whole market is f*cked all there is to do is buy and hodl.


> Also remember when SS had a campaign against YouTube’ers being bad and not to be trusted. Well now apparently they like Youtuber’s check out Gherkit latest post promoting their YouTube page. They love Gherkit because he keeps saying AMC is a distraction and because he keeps doing GME TA every day for many weeks/months He's bascially figured out how to appeal to them


Didn’t know that. I always ignored those daily post, because any TA on these stocks is really hit or miss because of the manipulation. Guess someone’s gotta fuel the hate and he’s making $$$ off of it bonus.


most of what he does is good It's just sad that he's milking AMC is a distraction


Cool, I’ll check it out more often. Thanks.


actually the DD guys are not anti AMC most of them mention AMC in their DD, such as Criand *************** the problem are the small holders who are very insecure as they only have X or XX GME and really, really need GME to be the one and only MOASS ********************** people who can afford both GME and AMC have both because no one can predict the future and tell which will MOASS first All the best DD in the world is worthless in the face of RANDOMNESS and HUMAN EMOTIONS once FOMO starts 99% of people buying AMC and GME will never have heard of Criand's The Theory of Everything or Astro's Cycle Theory and WILL NOT CARE People just want to make money


I hold both because I like to meme with everyone


To add, remember Astro’s DD in AMC about MM sending messages to each other in the level 2 books about 1-2 weeks ago? That was dismissed by SS as being FUD. Well isn’t it funny how now thabats post was updated to make mention of this, see links in edit 4.


👆🏻 This right here is why SS is becoming toxic. If it applies to both stocks why does it matter


It is already toxic, some of these guys bought in at 300-400. Seeing red for the past 9 months will do this to you.


100% and they can’t accept that amc has taken the momentum I hold both and I can see how amc has taken over the top slot and I’m ok with that and I’m also ok I’m GME squeezes but those former wsb clowns now GME shills are sounding like jealous losers


You are correct.


☝🏾 This!!! 💯


I don't see anyone complaining about that fact. Hell we appreciate the hell out of it. The DD itself says selling anything at this point is too risky. But some of the Superstonkers are too stubborn to see that.


Damn, don't kick them when they're on the ground already


This. 100%




Bars. Good DD on GME is reposted here and DD on why AMC is a distraction is ignored.




The people making the DD and the haters dont overlap


The other 2% is screen shots of the great DD they have posted here! Lol


Are you guys brigading again or why are anti-AMC comments getting this much upvotes on an AMC sub?


Don't you think that these could be just shill attacks? The FUD has been very heavy this weekend. I own both too and belong to subs in both.


I think so. Just shills paid to run with a different angle. Desperation, that’s just good news for us


The shill's job is to make you do their bidding. They've effectively convinced a few people to make them hate the other.




We almost all do. AMC n GME!


I find it funny they won't even say AMC on the subreddit. Like its Voldemort or some shit.


Same bro I can’t stand their vibes. They just can’t accept that Gme and amc are in the same boat fighting the same villains.


Their memes are fucking atrocious.


I own both too. I mean, a lot more of AMC but still. It seems probable that both will MOASS, we are in unprecedented territory.


Yes they are so much better then us! Even tho I tell them I own both, and to degrade it and refer to it as popcorn stock? I don't get them but damnit they have great DD!


Because our sub has a scripted automation that will auto remove any thing mentioning other tickers or crypto because it's purely dedicated to GME. It's not to block discussion totally but to throw off noobs and shills...it's our sub, our code.


I only own AMC, but I support and respect my GMe brothers and sisters. GME had taken off, and I couldn't afford to get in on it. But I cheered and was like "hell yeah!!!!", the entire time (and still am). We are in it together.


It’s FUD, no other way to put it, ape love ape all my GME friends support amc I happen to own both


Same, there kinda dickish but were in this together fighting the same war.




You’re preaching to the wrong choir brother. Ain’t nobody dragging GME or GME holders on *this* sub. Should go proselytize on SS and see how warm and fuzzy they get. 🙄


Trolled the comments on this cross post into GME and it’s what was expected: not warm and fuzzy regarding popcorn stock


That’s what I’m saying. GME sentiment on this sub swings from neutral to positive. AMC sentiment on SS or r/gme swings from neutral to dog shit negative. We are not the same.


People need to stop with this idea of AMC vs GME. It was never like that at least for us AMC apes. We're constantly getting attacked for nothing on SS. :/


I think many GME holders also hold AMC! Anything else you hear is just idiots trying another angle to separate apes! Ignore negative comments and stay the course 💎🙌🦍


This, you cant be a MOASS believer and not hold both... I think most hodlers are just silent and of course overzealous people are more vocal.


Exactly! I think the larger holders know our time will come on both and sit back silently waiting for that day whenever it may be ;) 💎🙌🦍


I own both too…it’s sad people are so possessive and too proud. It’s a friggin stock, not a sports team


…even if it was a sports team!


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Don’t own GME but I hope it shoots back up like crazy. Want everybody to get rich


I own no AMC and I hope y'all get rich too. I think the GNE holders are tired of trying to convince you guys of which play is best.


How about both dude. The goal is to get Citadel margin called triggering the MOASS. If AMC moons, you think they get any liquidity to hold GME down? I have been in GME since the beginning of the year dude. I watched it come down to fucking 40 too. I could still remember that sinking feeling. GME, AMC, even BB. They are in it together dude.


I'm not here to fight, but because of the smaller float and higher price, GME shares being bought actually get more bang for your buck to push the margin call. Also, they are the ones working on an NFT.


The question is why choose one over the other when you can choose both.


The only factual advantage that GME has is moving the price easily with a higher volume compared to AMC because of lower float, But having a 80M v 500M total shares aint that far from each other if both stock's float have been bought many fold by both apes. Amazon has more float than AMC but its playing around 3k to 4k per share. Sure, amc has 6 or 7 times more float than GME, but thats nothing when the stock is heavily shorted. The only question is not how much but "when" cause if one rocket launches, the other one will closely trigger too. Just a matter of which one goes first, apparently, AMC's price movement is a little better now compared to GME.


And we're tired of convincing you guys that you might be wrong and that's why we're in both. Look at the volume for amc since February, 21 billion shares traded. Every single buy is a naked short, same as with gme, but the difference in volume and momentum is huge.


I cannot imagine holding AMC and not GME... get both. AMC is mama and GME is papa.


Well I only love mahbed and my mama I’m sorry 💪🏼💀


Any one pushing division is ignorant that one moons and it will help the other.


The just don’t get this fact


Who cares what others think or do


I am convinced that these are shill attacks.


They're not paid shill attacks. I've spoken with many on r/gme and on superstonk. The mods over at r/GME banned then muted me from messaging them just for making a post saying to get along. The users over at those subs are extremely hostile towards AMC Apes, and this is the main event during the weekend because of GME holders being in the red and AMC won the battle of $50 last week. They're back on about how "sticky" stock is just a distraction when really both AMC and GME's are over 5x the float.


Personally I think that Sub is compromised


Maybe. I mean, what if hegies paid mods 1mil each to fuck up the biggest "meme" stock subs. But I really do think those subs aren't full of paid shills, but its all subjective we probably won't ever know for sure all I know is GME Apes have been hostile towards AMC Apes from the very beginning.


That is why we just buy and hold.. who cares what mod drama or other stuff they can come up with.


As a holder of both from the beginning; just ignore it. No one on the hard line GME side is going to hear anything otherwise. We’re all going to the moon, some maybe a bit farther than the other but it’s not a competition. It’s about sending a message.


Only the shills push division. I own both and love any ape who’s in theses two plays.


I 100% agree


Holding both and buying both on open! Let me tell ya superstonk has one of best wrinkle brains out there for DD. CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE


Own both , I can give dissipate any argument that come in my way , by facts . I know what I’m holding , amc is NOT a distraction


I notice the GME/AMC chatter happens when big/game changing info or DD is discovered. Or when big runs are happening and/or morale is improving. I lurk and comment on both here and SS. I do observe that when the chatter isn't as bad, there's a lot of mutual apes. Ones that respect all squeeze plays. There's also a very big percentage of apes that own both (to varying degrees). It also seems the division chatter amplifies across all social media platforms, not just on Reddit. Keep track of what's going on when suspect activity is happening. You'll notice patterns! The best thing you can do is not engage. Ignore it. Let those who want to divide, expose themselves. Says more about their character than yours. At the end of the day, you do your DD and stick to your convictions. Don't fall for the bait.


I believe paid shills are using GME to bury the good news AMC got last week and the big AMC run we are expecting next week.


Oh 💯 there are shills that are being used to divide. It's an easy tactic and very successful depending on how they execute it. Notice the chatter ramped up when AA mentioned in an interview that they reached out to GME? No coincidence division chatter picked up. It was expected. A good opportunity to spread FUD. The float in GME chatter. While that's huge, I feel it was intentional to draw attention away from other big stories/ information that has been uncovered lately.


I own both too. It’s odd that I see this message all the time in amcstock but never in the other sub.


The mods kinda encourage “there is only one stock that matters” sentiment meanwhile the GME apes have had to migrate subs 1-3 times due to mod grifter/shill infiltration. Anyway you slice it a squeeze doesn’t happen without volume (AMC has it GME doesn’t), so for them to alienate AMC apes is shooting yourself in the foot.


yeah, smart Apes would pump up AMC Apes hoping that after AMC mOASS they come in and pump up GME too


I hodl both but let me tell you, the cool kids are at superstonk. Trust me bro I used to know cool people in high school


If superstank are cool kids does that make us special educated retards who only understand memes?


Nothing is cool in assuming you are superior than the others


I own both, tens of thousands of dollars worth of each. I haven't ran into any AMC owners with disdain for GME owners, it has always been the other way around.


You should see all the haters on the SAME post I posted to GME


SS literally bans posts with "AMC" in it. Mine got taken down when asking a simple question.


This is true you have to call it popcorn which is childish and this why peeps are moving to amc sub because they are toxic


Honestly I think all the FUD they toss at AMC is good news. It’s just shills. SS is just as compromised as wsb is. The only reason we can cut down on the FUD on r/amc is because there is absolutely no reason to be on here unless you like the stock. Supper Bullish if you think about it.


I’ve seen one AMC post calling GME garbage for hating AMC. And I’ve seen another post asking why GME hates AMC. And I’ve seen this post. I have not seen a single GME post about AMC. What I have seen are posts and comments that basically say “this is a GME only sub so stop talking about non-GME things” So like….I don’t fucking know what’s going on here.


Dude, you are straight up lying Their Page 1 post for last 2.5 days before today was a post claiming that because share holder vote for AMC wasn't 100% then it means AMC shares sold are not more than float A half assed theory with no DD behind it ******************** You perhaps don't actually read the posts at Superstonk they are basically dying to bad mouth AMC every chance they get it's almost comical


They called it the ‘movie stock’. Maybe search that instead of AMC over at Superstonk and see them shitting on us at every turn. Even the latest CELLAR BOXING dd man. Dude doesn’t need to cast snide on AMC to prove his point because fucking hell THE SQUEEZE IS NEVER ABOUT THE FUNDAMENTALS and we all know AMC isn’t a super growth company, it is just a giant corporation with loyal customers that will stay profitable which is all we need. Yeah, GME IS FUCKING GROWING BUT WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH AMC SQUEEZE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT RELEVANT AND WHAT ISNT’t??? Rant over. Check out that DD though. It’s good. Just ignore the irrelevant part about AMC. Or better yet don’t ignore it but read it to know how fucking irrelevant it is.


I own all kinds of stocks not just GME and AMC (albeit they are the most entertaining). I really don't understand the animosity over these threads; like there are literally shills watching them all do this. Smh. This is like me walking over to my neighbors house and punching him in the face for having a finished basement when I only have a two car garage, even though we both live in similar model same year house and they can't even declare their basement as livable square footage so both our homes have similar market value and this whole time kenny over there building a fucking treehouse over fence lines and he has no kids. STOP STARING INTO NICOLE'S BEDROOM KENNY! I may have forgotten what sub I'm in... (hodling since Jan)


IGNORE THE NOISE - that’s just Shills trying to divide!


lol the initial division was a shill tactic, pulling attention towards something other than gme


It’s all shills, don’t fall for it, just ignore the noise!


Ape loves ape


![gif](giphy|JvtrhAX8aXo4w) Stonks only go up ⬆️ when apes and gamers strong together…


I'm not at war with anyone..... Other than Hedge-Holes. Why all the noise?


Wtf does someone feel compelled to post something like this every week


I HODL for you, You HODL for me, Apes Strong Together.


I own both. I hate me and me hates me. It’s hard being me.


okay now kiss


Apes together strong .


Lurker here. I own both. I ignore anything that nudges one against another. We've ALL made it this far.


Just stop talking about it. That's it. Who cares. You do you and let them do them.


I'm in both I keep saying Apes strong together I support the movement on both, Divided we fall together we strong 💪 🙌 ❤ 🙏 .


Take a look at u/sofftako post to see how loving and supportive gme really is.




Don't know about you all, but I'm just here to make money.


This is what trolls, shills, and commies do. Divide you into groups and pit you against each other. This playbook is as old as satan himself. As long as you are divided, you are incapable of seeing the biggest picture. You are too busy fighting with each other to understand reality. You are too sadly caught in their fraudulent Matrix to even be able to see reality. Its time to wake up. It's all tied together. I don't give less than one fuck if you like what I said. Truth and facts are still truth and facts. Whether you want to believe them or not is no longer relevant in the biggest scheme of things. You lose together divided, or you win together United. It ain't hard to understand. History is important to understand. This isn't a game. This is your future.


BIG MOASS NEWS!!!!! Well I guess they are no longer hiding the play here. amc will be huge as well. https://pub.webull.com/us/news-html/fbd9cdd731cf47aab97b0a415e6c0095.html?theme=1&hl=en&color=2&_v=1&tickerId=913254559&sp=0&hl=en


People need to grow up and ask themselves if this time next year when you’re rich as f*ck if all this nonsense even mattered. Both will squeeze. Facts. Only way one is squeezing harder is by the willingness of the people to hodl.


first things first, we know **motley fool** is the mouth piece for the **hedge funds**. what does motley fool say? "if you had to pick one, pick GME", Sep 8 2021. **the hedge funds are more worried of AMC than GME**. end of discussion, both stocks are set to squeeze, but AMC is the bigger beast the hedge funds are trying to run from. stop worrying about what superstonk is saying because we all know shills are a thing, moderators and such CAN be bought off. if they can't analyze AMC logically, i won't feel even a tiny bit bad for them when they miss out on AMC's shot up, hey at least they can get a smaller jump up with GME right?


AMC VS GME IS FUD AND SHILL TACTIC. Just don't mention it.


Pathetic children. Buy whatever stock you please, especially if its shorted, hold on to it like nothing in this life and ignore this stupid fucking people on the internet. There is literally nothing simpler than to buy and hold. Go fucking run or something.


Own 90% of GME and I agree 100% the AMC hatred is really stupid. We’re all on the same team. On behalf of GME gang I apologize. I cringe every time I see AMC hate on the other sub


You would be correct sir! Rule 8.


Ape ♥️ ape


Wow. People are really bored and start to fight. The drama is real. Buy and hold what you can.


What's happening? Not a clue...I'm 90% amc 10%gme... I like em both...why are ape arguing now?


We went over this months ago. No ones mad at anyone. It’s a psyop, just shill bullshit. 🦍🦍 hold strong


As an amc holder i want y’all to put all your money on AMC, so I’d expect the same from them…


Yes. I do not want a war with myself. That happens enough when I open the refrigerator.


Thats 100% FACT. THERE ARE ONLY 2 stocks part if the short squeeze MOVEMENT (to keep the doors open, and bring geoffrey 🦒 back!!!) THOSE 2 ARE $AMC n $GME. Stop fighting each others, we are 🦍nation and the hedgies n shitadel want us to fight to divide our strengths. Only together can we be on the same page, and blow both these stonks 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕 Just BUY N HODL and be patient. 97% will always be the 97% because they dont have the patience. BUY N HODL Feb🦍here holding lots of $AMC and 10 $GME for my fellow 🦍nation. 💎🙌🦍 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕


There is an almost identical post on gme as this. It’s a sensational topic of conversation if you are frigging bored but truly who gives a fuck. Oh apes buy and hold. That’s it. Miss me with the drama.


I owned GME prior to AMC, it’s now 5x1 in the opposite direction, but still chearing for both! This community is way cooler though


I also think this whole GME > AMC is a shill tactic. If you’re short either stock, you’re fucked.


I don’t want a war but the wall streets bets ppl talk heavy shit on amc


Saw this same post on r/GME and you'd think I was a fucking Shill Lord for wanting us both to succeed. Got accused of taking away from their MOASS or that AMC is just a distraction and that Shitadel is long AMC lol. Wtf


Agreed! We already have enough distractions with the media and their games. We don't need more within our community attacking each other. I own AMC only and have no ill to GME holders regardless of their thoughts. To each their own. Some of you own both and that's great. Day to day my focus is only AMC here. Cheers 🍻


Yo i stand with GME and AMC, raise your bananas boys


Most of us own both 🦍💪


I refuse to believe that people who hate on GME or AMC while hodling either AMC or GME are older than 12.


Unfortunately GME subs seem to have an idea that everything other than GME is a distraction. In reality GME was to expensive after the January run up. Well too expensive for most. AMC was super cheap and has great upside too. So people obviously would want to own more shares before a run up. Its not rocket science. The reality is GME just has alot of competition now. The people who say GME is the only play are delusional.


SS: “The equities market is a house of cards built on lies, and it’s rotten inside and out with all the manipulation of dozens of stocks” Me: “So there’s more than just one stock that will benefit when these practices come back to bite them?” SS: “NO!”


Can’t understand those that hate AMC that hold GME. I have no emotional ties to either. For me it’s all about the money


I never assumed it was a war, unfortunately superstonkers think it is.


I hold both. Majority GME. However the hate and arguments between both parties just doesn’t make sense. Why are we fighting each other? We are all on the same path with the same goal. TO END CORRUPTION!!


1 person can't make a change. 1 Ape Family can! STRONGER TOGETHER!


People really don't understand unless they've holding both since January pre squeez and since then, has been reading and following everything closely. It's to the point where gme silverbacks have seen so much and soaked up so much dd, fud and fuckery that we honestly don't follow or need to follow the other stocks. I have one other stock I'm long on besides gme. I still have a small position in amc from my xxx 4.75 position back in January. I'll hodl in solidarity. I agree ape no fight ape but I honestly see very little amc discussion over there. We know our dd and we're zen. Have been for months. Apetogetherstronk


This is the way! This is the fucking way!!


Real apes buy both


I remember back in January everyone said, when we were on the brink of a squeeze massive in fighting would happen. Back then no one gave a shit if you were gme or amc, only that we were all loving the stonk and that Shitadel would finally shit the bed and that maybe, just maybe if we held our collective shit together Kenny would get some prison time. Alas it has come to fruitation, we are on the brink and the memestradaumus was correct, the fighting is here. Buy and HODL. If gme squeezes first, buy into cheap amc with your riches and get Kenny prison and if amc squeezes first, sell and buy gme and let's get Kenny locked up, if they squeeze at the same time, hodl til Kenny gets prison. It's easy, let's get these shit bags in prison, do the largest exchange of wealth and let's do some good for those who couldn't buy in because of the hell the mega rich have created against those in poverty!


If super stink would get over themselves we could be brothers and fight them together, I own both , heavy amc


Ken Griffin personally owns 1.5% of AMC, which rubs GME apes the wrong way. IMO this means AMC is likely to moon before GME so Kenny can make some easy money and skip town!! :)


AMC Apes never asked for one. I own both stocks. I'm very proud of AMC apes controlling their emotions through all abusive posts by the GME apes. At first I thought it was just chills trying to divide and conquer, but the truth is, some of these guys are really thin skin.


This is the way .




Took at field trip over to GME and it got ugly real quick regarding sentiments for popcorn stock. I’m holding both ‘cause I support the bigger movement. Ape no divide. Ape see big picture. Ape love ape.


Fuckin tell that to r/SuperStonk


I like money, video games and movies.


Attacks on SS is FUD. Apes don't hurt Apes


We all want financial freedom period. Nothing more too it


I have both so f amc and gme


I hodl both and want AMC to moon. But can someone explain to me what evidence exists that AMC is going to MOASS that doesn’t apply more moreso to GME? Isnt the evidence of MOASS just better on the GME side? Please, I’m nit trying to argue, I just want to understand the case for AMC


I hodl both. Apes strong together


💯#AMC$902K 🦍💪💎🙌🚀🌙💵💰#iownGMEtoo


The answer has always been to hodl them both. There’s more than just amc/gme too.


We know this. They don't.


Division is a tool of the rules, not the people.


These are the dumbest arguments ever. It’s like my money fighting on if it should go in my right pocket or left pocket lol


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from AA. Have a I missed a recent post?


Don't post on SS unless you want to lose all your karma. I commented about CS having some less than positive user reviews- instant -300 downvote! Just leave them alone in their glass tower.


This is the way 🦍🦍🦍🚀🚀🚀


Mostly shill last ditch weak ass effort ! Most own both have since February or before ! Love is in the air !


100 GME/1000 AMC here


I love all apes, forget the ticker. I hold AMC and GME individually and I’m for anybody who thinks hedge funds are need to cover their shorts


This is the way!


very true and much needed post


And we don't. The unification already happened.


This is the wey


Its probably just hedgefucks posting this bullshit to divide us. Apes are apes boys. Most apes i know hold both.