Should I watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

Should I watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?




Fair point😂


On the other hand, you need someone else to give you a reason to watch it. So there's your reason not to.


I remember watching JoJo's and I wish I could do it all over again. My friend, there is nothing else like JoJo's out there, it's like the Joker in a deck of cards. How can your anime experience be complete without JoJos. They have a guy in there named "ACDC", Like c'mon, the amount of music reference should be enough to watch it. But that first season was trash. I never finished it. But second season and beyond, magnificent. Watch it.


No way there is actually a character named ACDC?? Well I'll def have to watch then


Jojo is an acquired taste. Kids tend to not like it but adults really do.


My man speaks facts


I guess I'm an adult now.


Strong writing and unique, creative fights (once it gets going). Parts 4 and 5 are among some of the best anime I've seen. The series is super influential on manga and video games, too. Also lots of music references. Pretty much every other character and power is named after a band or a song.


Yes, don't base the whole show on the first season, the 2nd season is great, and the 3rd season is amazing.


I've never been able to get over the art style


Is that like a good or a bad thing?


I didn’t much care for it at much, but it grows on you the more you watch it. I quite like it a lot now, it’s very unique and I don’t think I’d enjoy the show the same if it had a more average or common art style. Some people dislike it enough they won’t watch it at all.


Bad, it's super jarring


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Doooo iiiiittttt!!!


Fuck yes


The only reason you really need is this: You might like it


Yes, you won’t regret it.


Do it. Shit is wild