Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu Part 2 - Episode 3 discussion

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu Part 2 - Episode 3 discussion


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Even as LN reader, it's still sad seing Sauros dead


It hits different watching him die in anime


Probably because it's been just stated in the LN that he was executed and not shown/described






I actually felt whatever about him, the real sad part is knowing how devastated Eris will be when she finds out he died.


If anyone wants to know: The reason Rudeus was stripped naked and got water poured on him often is because to the beast people, that is the greatest shame they could experience. This punishment is only granted to the worst criminals, in this case Rudeus fluffed the Holy Beast while been aroused.


It's literally the beast person version of spraying your cat with a water bottle when it's bad lol


What's hilarious is Rudy was mostly unfazed by it.


Honestly he had worse shit done to him in his first life.


Ah, I remember in episode 2. Being tied up to the gate naked in front of the school.


Sweet lord, that was heavy


Dude , Sauros getting executed right after eris wanting to meet him again hit me hard.


Deaths in this season are so fast that they don't even have time to fully rise the red flags


I mean. It was a death flag. I got worried for Eris for a second there.


I love the Soundtrack for the Beast Kingdom. They spent a good minute showing us the environment so it feels actually lived in, love when shows do that!


I love how whenever the show enters a new environment or place they just flex during the Opening by showing all the different backgrounds and people going about their daily lives.


Yeah the immersion visuals top notch.


They have done it for most of the towns they go thru. My favorite was Roxy’s village, a small quaint town where it feels like everyone knows everyone. Hoping they’ll continue this for the next towns we will see


I like how the beast race show their tummy in submission form like a dog when asking for apology.


I guess even when you're humanoid there are innate instincts you can't get rid of. Even their Sacred Beast they worship is literally a dog. Maybe they get it from him.


Them worshipping a giant dog must be like humans worshipping King Kong I suppose.


Why didnt I come up with this connection before lol


Their Sacred Beast is most adorable doggy. So much fluff. No wonder Rudy couldn't stop petting.


Rudy should’ve gave them belly rubs as a sign of forgiveness


You know he would have rubbed a lot higher than the belly on the female. “*oops*, my hand slipped. Twice.”


"Oops, that wasn't my hand."


OH! So that's what it is. Damn, my mind is too dirty.


Haha same here! I think Rudy has tainted our minds - we've started thinking like him!


It's definitely gonna turn into a new fetish isn't it?


I think there was literally an anime about big-boobed girls looking at you with disgust a few seasons ago.


*Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai* maybe?


Well, Eris is already is already prepped with the [ears and the violence](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EuWtaBLWQAA94hN?format=jpg&name=large).


[Rudeus here looking like he's channeling the Paul genes](https://i.imgur.com/MXjf0wN.jpg)


[Here's Rudy looking like he's channeling the Zenith genes](https://imgur.com/a/Kx5dyUZ)


The warm cuteness of his mother, and the scummy suaveness of his father.






Yo quiero sentir tus labioooooooooos


besándome otra veeeeeeez




The duality of man


Rudy shining and acting like a god (except he's totally buck naked lol) and saying "*Welcome to the last stop on the road to life"* was such a hilarious scene.


Fun fact: that was actually the Sleeping Buddha pose It was very serene until he lashed out on Gisu lol


that scene confused me so much because in the very next shot he was flipped horizontally in the same position


I think the first shot was supposed to be his reflection in Geese's eye.


He's just imitating the reclining Buddha pose, lol


Gisu took that situation pretty well i mean anyone else would have been nope im out.....


Geese was a pretty chill and helpful bro in this episode. I loved when he said he couldn't do a 100 women but he could do one...maybe two, tops.


He’s a man of modest aspirations


He's a man with a realistic view of his own capabilities. A man that won't hesitate to pocket sand you


I really like his character. I hope his character doesn't get ignored or killed off in the next few episodes. Manga readers, I don't want any information about anything that will happen however small. Please don't reply what will happen to him here.


Yeah, I like him so far. He also has some sort of sense of justice too.


Prison life has made Rudy a naked chad.


That shit cracked me up. The whole beginning of the episode was great.


Cockiness stat maxed out


Roxy been looking for Rudeus, but all this time he's been Nudeus


If Roxy actually wants to find Rudy quickly, she should use her panties as bait.


Worst part is that it should work like a charm...


Elinalise would've a better chance finding him if she was a Shotacon.


Queen Elinalise is everythingcon


Men: *Exist* Elinalise: *It's free real estate* [](#lovenectar)


what's Elina's favorite burger place? ​ 5 guys.


Roxy got enough of that last week


Fuck man Eris going how she can't wait to see her grandfather and then cutting to his execution scene hit me like a truck. Definitely wasn't prepared for that.


That noble feels like a total scumbag and based on his behavior, it seems like he always wanted to have Sauros in his heels. Poor Eris. She really loved her grandpa and now she won't know that he was executed anytime soon..... Also did anyone feel like the execution scene had similarities to how [GoT Spoilers]>!Ned Stark was killed!<.


It's always the fat bastard noble that's the textbook evil antagonist in isekai stories.


So it seems like some nobles are opportunistically using the chaos caused by the teleportation incident to obtain more power. Many of the top houses must be weakened because of their members getting teleported.


Yeah, this fully strikes me as politics: there's no way there was a reasonable expectation for him to actually deal with the mana disaster, it's almost certainly just an excuse for someone else to use him as a stepping stone. Makes total sense and was easy to see coming, but it still hurts so bad because of how they aligned it with our main party. This show is so good. But also sad.


Yeah, Eris is so excited at seeing her family again and then we cut to her grandfather getting beheaded...and we have no idea what happened to her parents. I can't imagine homecoming is going to be fun for her.


Sauros loved Eris to the end :,(


i actually wasnt expecting this, i was sure that finding the whole family and reuniting with roxy was the main plot,but now they added a ugly bastard backstabbing and manipulating the king or whatever


There's also that Castle in the sky, and that sick Dragon dude we saw at the end of the first season


well ye but i feel like that will be like the overarching story for a long time even after roxy and family


So I guess the kingdom decided that they needed to blame someone for the Mana Calamity and they made an example out of Sauros. Sad that at the end all he thought of was Eris, and that this is something she has to "look forward" to at her return. And of course the nobles who are going to replace him look like scum. We still haven't seen the full scope of the Calamity disaster yet, so I'm definitely curious as to what it is, which maybe we'll see when Rudy and company finally return home. Since they didn't meet up with Roxy they too still don't know even about Paul's situation.


We have already seen the impact of the calamity on Paul. This is basically equivalent to a degree 8 earthquake. Sauros' execution looks like it's mostly the result of the other fat guy's political maneuvering, but he's not entirely innocent. Sauros stared at that suspicious black hole for three years and decided to do nothing about it just hoping it will go away.


>Sauros stared at that suspicious black hole for three years and decided to do nothing about it just hoping it will go away. yo... when you put it that way...


As sources material reader, i knew this is going to happen but not like this. Really caught off guard hard, i think most read didnt expect this twist. It’s well done wow.


Ghislaine will be fucking pissed. The people behind Sauros’ execution should better prepare themselves. A King ranked Beast woman would be hungry for revenge


Well yes and no. Gishlaine is strong, but this is the Asura royal family she'd be up against. Aka the royal family of biggest and most militaristically powerful nation in all of Mushoku Tensei. Keep in mind Eris' house is but one branch of one of the great houses of the Asura kingdom, and without getting into spoilers consider this: if the Boreas house has a king class swordswoman you can only imagine what the Royal family of the most powerful nation in the world has in their employment.


Boreas house has the "naked" God Rudeus. No chance for any army


That was really rough. But now I'm also super intrigued about what happened as well as looking forward to the people responsible for it getting their comeuppance.


Knew that Gallus Cleaner was a cunning asshole


That guy dealt in smuggling so already the red flags about what kind of guy he probably is were there but I wasn't expecting him to be part of such an elaborate scheme though.


Yeah, a smuggler asking Rudy to "liberate" children from trafficking but seemingly asking for nothing in return (while giving them a lift across the sea) made no sense. Though I guess that also means the people he had guarding the kids and sacred beast in the last episode were expendable to be slaughtered? Cold indeed. Well, not like they were good people anyway. I definitely was surprised he was a North Saint though, usually it turns out these bandit leaders are all talk, especially since he was holding a hostage, but he was damn powerful.


I viewed it as a token of gratitude after Rudeus saved him from that falling object but I shouldn't expect characters in this show to be so pure from now on.


Sadly not everyone can be as helpfully noble as Ruijerd.


I originally thought it was him trying to take out rival smugglers. Less competition would mean he can get more jobs and charge higher rates.


Yeah, smugglers are generally not very nice people, and he was basically playing them from day one. I guess they still got transportation for Ruijerd and managed to stop him, so it worked out in the end, but still.


I thought he was the good type of shady character. Bummer.


Same, although in thinking about...hard for there to be a "grey area" when it comes to smuggling people.


I mean Ruijerd is a mass murderer but there very much is a grey area to his character.


I think Rudy learned a valuable lesson "Never trust a smuggler, even when you save their life."


I was so into the banter between Rudeus and "newbie" that I was caught off guard by the forest burning and one of the beast people being stabbed through the chest! Also that ending too! So many questions!


>that ending I know right! Are they saying the Greyrats were responsible/took some part in that mana disaster? Or is it because things went into chaos? What could they have done?


The way I can see them placing blame is that weird thing that was hovering over their domain back in S1? I remember after Eris' grandpa was I think clapping cheeks, he was looking at some random thing in the sky. Not a clue tbh, that's my only hint.


Yeah, I can see where the king was coming from with that sentence. The whole incident honestly felt too elaborate to just be a "natural mana disaster" (that orb does not feel natural at all), so it can't be really considered that but **maybe** (and im just speculating here, I havent read the manga) a terrorist attack of some sort. By this point you can't really blame it on the nature for making this happen, but rather a person to avoid being blamed yourself for letting this happen. And who was a better target for that blame than the lord of the region where the Mana Catastrophe happened? The same lord who failed to properly handle the situation and decided to "just ignore it" (the excuse that it was floating in the sky and thus unreachable is pure bs, there's dragons and other fantasy creatures so there must also be ways for people to fly). The whole thing was obviously a Kangaroo Court and its inexcusable to blame poor Sauros for something out of his control. But from a pragmatic point of view, it was the solution with the least bloodshed.


They absolutely Ned Stark'ed him. Blame him for something that happened, and they get to kill off a political pain in their side "legally"




Bastards. I really liked the grandfather.


No. Basically his political rivals took advantage of the disaster to get rid of him with crap excuses like "you didn't do anything" even though he couldn't have done anything


They straight up Ned Stark'ed him


Man that episode was so good. I love the animation for all the spells Rudeus is casting and i love the fact that in the end he first hesitates instead of helping the girl immediately and the goes all out on the bad guy. Was a hype moment for me for sure.


Thank goodness his doggy pal was there to make sure Rudeus did the right thing, and Rudy couldn't have won without him.


To be fair, saint level swords man are very scary in MT world. Not to mention that it is especially a bad match for a mage like Rudy, since time for incantation is enough for many slashes. If Rudy decides to save the children, he would literally be risking his life, and he would most likely die. We are so used to stereotypical heroism from story we tend forget that it is a dangerous enough situation that would probably make you and me cower in fear. The very fact that Rudy even hesitate is already a sign of courage. He was simply calmly evaluating the situation and realized the chance of winning was too low. But we see the moment doggo joined up he didn't hesitate to attack at all.


Rudeus: adores a dog Everyone: he is horny sent him to jail


I mean They're not wrong


Yeah they only mistook his source for the hornieness It wasn't the freaking dog you big breasted well defined beasts


Rudy: Joke's on you, I might be into this shit


Rip Sauros


Beast Loving grandpa got a silent beheading. I feel so bad for Eris now.


I feel bad for Sauros. Kinda sucks


true, getting your head chopped off is a little lame


This episode reminded me once again just how fucking terrifying North God style swordsmen are to fight against. It's basically the trickster/rogue swordstyle of the three main ones and the hardest to predict since everything goes. Even with his Foresight he couldn't react to the quick hidden daggers etc. quick enough which just shows you that even after all this Rudy is a small fry in this world when it comes to life and death battles between humanoids, especially if he doesn't have Eris and Ruijerd who can compensate for his lack in CQC.


While I really like the description of it in the novel, only this episode show how terrifying North God Style is compared the rest three Sword-man style. All the previous episode hadn't shown it properly.


i don't get how that is scarier than sword god style decapitating your head at the speed of light. swordgod style is the scariest since the speed of one of its technique would blitz anyone even god tiers.


Sword God is scariest at its peak, but on a more normal level, North God is definitely equally if not more terrifying. North God requires a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and preparation in the form of hidden weapons. It's really hard catch them off guard or guess what they'll do next, so you have to be on your toes at all times. Sword God on the other hand is pretty predictable, the problem is that at some point they get so fast that predictability stops mattering.


So North God for midgame, Sword God for late game?


They haven’t shown any of the Water God style yet. That’s the defensive and counter based style.


What I like was how Rudeus was kiting during that fight, like a true mage. I can't remember the last time I've seen something like that in an anime.


I love how Mushoku does magic in general. I'm so tired of incantations and magic circles with beams of light while the mage just stands around and everyone just politely waits for them to chant their spell


Well, no one waits around for you to chant your spells, but pretty much everyone but Rudeus and Sylphie use incantations.


Reason why most mages get murderized in a few seconds when fighting a swordsman 1vs1. It's actually pretty nice that for once mages aren't the meta and are actually better to dispose of the chaff. A mage is the cannon fodders' nightmare but a similarly powerful (or even somewhat weaker) swordsman will annihilate them.


Nah, an equal swordsman wins within their engagement range, but mages have a much larger engagement range. Saying that swordsmen win in every matchup against a mage is like saying swords win against every matchup against a gun, only true if the swordsman is close enough.


>Rudy is a small fry in this world He absolutely isn't. The problem is twofold: 1. he's not meant to be a Front liner. It's not a spoiler but it was skipped in the show, in LN our resident buff cat girl is frankly shocked at how strong Rudy is and how if he wasn't holding back how impossible it would be deal with him if he had any sort of distance to start with, I think she put it at like 100 or 200 meters he would be unstoppable for a swordsman. 2. The problem is self imposed: Rudy has never killed anything but monsters. He fires off things against people with the intention of disabling and holding his opponents. He doesn't need to launch fire balls at people. He could just flame torrent someone where they stand. Or fire a rock bullet that even if you cut through it just explodes like he did against the red hooded cobra snake. He could also just rupture the ground instead of turning it to a mud sink. Why Target an opponent when you could just detonate all the space around them? Rudy is constantly limiting himself in combat thus far.


Moral compass nerfing op mc since the dawn of time




Yuiko Ohara never misses.


This episode hit hard so many way. Music animation, story, transitions, tragedy For me, this is the best episode from all 14 so far.


The song is 継承の唄 (Keishō no Uta, *Song of Inheritance*) by 大原ゆいこ (Ōhara Yuiko). [Tweet announcing the release](https://twitter.com/ohara_yuiko/status/1449758762391117824) [Where to listen (also linked in the tweet)](https://nex-tone.link/A00091641)


I love the theme is "*something* no Uta"


*Every soundtrack, OP, ED is a banger


Seriously, some kind of masterpiece stuff we got going on here.


Always so atmospheric, especially when we see it playing during an environment showcase like with the aerial beast village.


Rudy: Gets locked, stripped, has cold water dumped on him and is verbally abused. Me: He must be so frustrated and hurt. Rudy: *What are they gonna do about it if I develop some weird fetish?*


I mean, a girl with jiggly boobs looking at him and calling him scum...that was literally a fetish anime a few seasons ago.


I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your *Belly*.


LOL Rudy continues being best scum boy.


They kept the free apartment monologue from the LN. Now I can die a happy man That said is incredible that so far all openings have been really enjoyable. Although I like a bit more the one from the demon continent, it has been my favourite so far Edit: also the fight allows to see a lot the evolution of Rudeus a lot and how much the eye rather than being overpowered is an equaliser. Gallus being a Saint Level swordman in one school should be at least be a match for Paul who is advanced on all three schools. Also Saint is just one level below Ghislaine


> Gallus being a Saint Level swordman in one school should be at least be a match for Paul who is advanced on all three schools. I thought paul just sucked cause his highest rank was advanced, but I guess he's actually pretty strong from being a generalist?


The thing is that we needed to put swordmanship into context. People above Saint Rank in any of the three schools are usually monsters that creates shockwaves just from dashing (look as Ghislaine at episode 5 or what a warrior like Ruijerd can do) Paul is far below that level, but being advanced in all three schools and a seasoned S rank adventurer he is as strong as a normal person can be. In the right circumstances he should be able to defeat someone like Gallus


He was advanced in all 3 schools while being a total slacker. Who knows how strong Paul could be if took training seriously.


Hey man, he took his swordplay very seriously. He was constantly looking for new partners to penatrate.


For context, average swordsman adventurer/knight ranked around intermediate if not to the lower end. Advance rank swordsman can be found in famous S rank party or Big Clan. Saint rank swordsman are almost never being adventurer because they can open the dojo or get hired by land lord/army to be, body guard, instructors, Elite unit for service. King rank Swordsman like Ghyslaine being an adventurer is an anomaly. Normally king rank or above belong to capital of big country/bodyguard of royal family.


Brb gonna get myself arrested by the Beast People, Rudeus sold their pris-, ahem, apartment really well.


Yuiko OHara is the mascot singer for this series and she is damn goood, and gives nostalgic vibes with every op and ed


Don't let Rudeus' naked ass distract you from [how cute this fluffy doggo is](https://i.imgur.com/bqVqEfb.png). Just look at him [get all mad and angry but becomes 100x more cuter instead](https://i.imgur.com/YENG63Q.png) #ALL HAIL HOLY BEAST-SAMA


North God style is no match for Good Boy style


Best doggo coming to the rescue was a great moment. All thanks to Rudy freeing him and then hugging him in EP2 and thus gaining his love and respect. Treat your pets with respect, you never know when they can save you from bad situation.


Rudy made the right decision befriending his new doggy pal.


Omg, the ops arent seasonal, they are REGIONAL!


Swear to god if we get Tabibito no Uta when we get back to Asura kingdom, i'm gonna fucking cry.


>if we get Tabibito no Uta when we get back to Asura kingdom Tabibito no Uta remixed with another vibe would be fucking GOD tier


So is that why they changed it? Brilliant!


I don't know if regional or arc/sub-arc based. We will find out whenever they get to the next continent I guess or next arc/sub arc


Holy shit you're right


The first few minutes were *so extra* haha. Rudy casually having a conversation acting all high and mighty while naked..And that Geese dude calling him Senpai and giving him a massage. So Garus planned the whole attack on the village, he seemed like a chill guy when we first saw him. Thankfully Rudeus was here to help, with Geese too, who didn't abandon Rudeus. Of course, can't forget his fluffy companion.


Rudy is VERY comfortable in his birthday suit


One could say it is his natural state...


Rudy trying to make the most of his situation and making snarky comments is so very Rudy. Geese was a surprisingly chill and helpful guy, even massaging some naked dude he just met. Gallus was secretly a scumbag (a dangerous scumbag at that). Never trust a smuggler. But do trust a good boi like the Sacred Beast.


Easily the best episode of the cour so far


Episode 2: "Easily the best episode of the cour so far" Episode 3: "Easily the best episode of the cour so far" Episode 4: . . . Episode 12:


So truee


Easily the best anime of the year


The OP this week did an especially awesome job of painting the atmosphere. Sacred Beast is confirmed to be best boy...and did Rudy just use EXPLOSION?


I love when they show off all the environments and daily life of a new civilization/culture. Sacred Beast is the doggy pal Rudeus never knew he needed.


yea I personally have had enough of this. I'm ordering all of the english translated novels this instant. Best world building I have ever seen in anime/manga.


Now that's just cruel showing happy Eris and then her grandfather get executed


That's just how life, personally the way MT balances these thing is what makes it so special for me. You can't have happiness without sadness.


Yup. There's no such thing as a free lunch.


But there is a free apartment!


The Boreas Greyrats sure do love their Beast Children Slaves. The slave market is thriving because of them


>*it couldn't be....could it?* That was such a funny subtle reference to the Greyrats.


Well the market is gonna crash now then cus their #1 client just lost his head.


I like how this show doesn't seem to portray everything in a good light but with a morally grey lens. Except a few, almost everyone is a scumbag, one way or another.


That’s my biggest takeaway, having read all the translated light novels. Nobody, is uncomplicatedly **good**.


Oof. Well, at least they treat them well from what we've seen. Other than sleeping with them, but I guess that's more ideal than straight up abusing them.


The way they see it, they are saving them by buying them out of slavery, but in doing so they are giving money to the slavers to capture more for them to save


They *are* buying them out of slavery and giving them probably pretty cushy lifestyles compared to the vast majority of people in that world... But let's not pretend their motivation for doing so is anything other than wanting maids with kemonomimi.


Best Style is North Style Gallus The North Saint almost got away with it if not for the meddling of a horny rat, a nosy monkey and a fluffable dog


True North Style user should always say "Omae wa mou shindeiru".


That opening with [Rudy giving us a tour of his rent-free "apartment"](https://i.imgur.com/3mbyulE.jpg) with all [of its wonderful "amenities"](https://i.imgur.com/LTUdmVw.jpg) had me genuinely laughing out loud! That was a really good bit! I'll never get tired of this show [using its openings as a world building device](https://i.imgur.com/ghLYYu3.jpg) showing us glimpses [of how this Beast Tribe village works.](https://i.imgur.com/IykxQFQ.jpg) [So Rudy has no issue escaping.](https://i.imgur.com/aFma0Fu.jpg) He can literally do it anytime, he just doesn't want to get lost in the forest so he'd rather wait for Ruijerd and Eris' rescue. I love how he's more concerned of this [becoming his new fetish](https://i.imgur.com/Z6ZJxtC.jpg) xD [This Geese guy seems pretty fun!](https://i.imgur.com/qUEvQM0.jpg) He's already getting along with Rudy so well [that he's even giving Rudy a free massage.](https://i.imgur.com/nMTA8AB.jpg) Rudy wasn't kidding when he said he can escape easily! I love how he [instantly turns that piece of rock into a key!](https://i.imgur.com/Z0Qokms.jpg) [Godfuckingdammit! It's the slavers again.](https://i.imgur.com/cx5UUw1.jpg) Rudy could've just easily escape but [it's good to see him choosing to stay](https://i.imgur.com/8KqoEW0.jpg) even if it's only so they'd owe him. It's pretty cool to [see Geese stay too and fight.](https://i.imgur.com/CaMTWA0.jpg) He may cheat at gambling but it nice to know he's the type that will save people if he can. So the purpose of the fire [is to block the sense of smell](https://i.imgur.com/0jr2GHJ.jpg) of the Beast Tribe warriors then? [Looks like someone's finally realized that they imprisoned an innocent person](https://i.imgur.com/XgDloVW.jpg). [I am so confused about this dude's plan.](https://i.imgur.com/aPj8NXK.jpg) So he had Rudy and the gang set those beast girls free so he can catch more beast girls? [What decoy is he talking about?](https://i.imgur.com/xqkqEjL.jpg) Rudy was captured and taken to their village so how is he a decoy? [Gallus is bad news though](https://i.imgur.com/nx4K9yG.jpg) since apparently he's also a Sword Saint. Thankfully Rudy isn't alone in this fight since [he has the Sacred Doggo helping](https://i.imgur.com/XdhE2R3.jpg) as well as [Geese helping him out.](https://i.imgur.com/2vip98b.jpg) Animation still top notch with Rudy avoiding every attack [thanks to his brand new eye.](https://i.imgur.com/7KHBKn3.jpg) [Seeing Gallus get blasted is so good!](https://i.imgur.com/aMiXGv2.jpg) I'm kinda hoping he's still alive so the beast people can have their revenge but it looks like he's already done for. [Finally Eris and Ruijerd is here!](https://i.imgur.com/qZlKdOh.jpg) Misunderstandings is finally cleared and we even have [Rudy's captors showing their stomachs](https://i.imgur.com/8cUXPt8.jpg) as a sign of submission to Rudy. That was actually hilarious xD [Look at Eris being excited about telling her Grandpa about the village.](https://i.imgur.com/hIB53dn.jpg) Too bad that [Sauros is getting executed](https://i.imgur.com/9auR19h.jpg) for failing to respond to the mana disaster. Fuck. I do feel that it's kinda unfair to Sauros tho, I don't think anyone would've been able to respond appropriately to that kind of a disaster. And it looks like the guy [that will be replacing him is an even bigger scumbag.](https://i.imgur.com/sxuscNQ.jpg) Curious what happens to House Boreas after this. :(


> I am so confused about this dude's plan. So he had Rudy and the gang set those beast girls free so he can catch more beast girls? What decoy is he talking about? Rudy was captured and taken to their village so how is he a decoy? They skipped over most of the details. Rudy wasn't the decoy, Ruijerd was. There are multiple factions within the smugglers. Gallus thought that the group who'd taken the sacred beast had gone too far and would call attention to their operation. He expected the Doldia to mount a full scale rescue effort for it, even if it meant leaving their village undefended. By dropping a Superd into the middle of things he hoped to wipe out both his competition and the rescuers.


>There are multiple factions within the smugglers. This is the detail I was looking for! Now it makes much more sense knowing that!


>I'm kinda hoping he's still alive so the beast people can have their revenge but it looks like he's already done for. I don't think Gallus is dead though. Rudy hasn't killed any sentient being yet and considering how he views death being from our world, I think his first kill will have more weight to it than just blasting the asshole and fainting.


>Gallus is bad news though since apparently he's also a Sword Saint. There are three main sword styles in the current era of Mushoku's world, the Sword God Style, the Water God Style, and the North God Style. For swordsman above the Saint level, they'd be called XX Saint, XX King according to which school they excel in. I know what you meant by Sword Saint, but in that world it specifically refers to Saint-level swordsman who are best at the Sword God Style, so Gallus would be a North Saint.


That transition from happiness to despair tho....


Finally, we get to see Rudy use his smarts in a one-on-one fight against a superior melee opponent with his much better arsenal. As we see, despite foresight, Gallus is ahead due to his North-god style trick attacks and hidden weapons. By the time Rudy gets a glimpse by a second, he still only has that instant second to process even a simple "Oshit, hidden blade!" before it gets launched at him. Still, using earth magic to shape the terrain to raising platforms to dodge faster was cool, and definitely my favorite aside from his staple Quagmire bog spell. And a controlled cumulonimbus by getting as much cold air to spin and create swift rain to wash away the fire. Normal mages would require to chant the whole spell like Roxy, but Rudy does it easily chantless by now, a saint-class spell and well-controlled at that!


Rudy put those clothes on so quick, someone must have lit a fire under his ass. It was really nice waking up to Eris again, glad they have resolved the misunderstanding about his involvement with the beast children. Looks like next week we're getting some SOL moments among the trees.


Nooo! Not the horny Grand Father!


He died thinking of Eris' happiness...and maybe about how much he loved Beast People...


Anyone else find Rudy prison description amusing? lol


the toilet being a fricking square hole in the floor was the best part


He was really trying to make the most of a less than stellar situation.


Someone is in downvote spree again gotta get used to it


New Yorkers probably jealous of Rudeus rent free apartment


It happened every week since the day this anime become popular, by this time I already expect it to happen every time new episode come out.


It was a really big thing with each episode of Black Clover too. Just some people hate things so much IDK...


I actually didn't notice until you pointed it out. But oh well these matters are trivial