Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo - Episode 2 discussion

Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo - Episode 2 discussion


###Stitches! * [Plugsuit Rin](https://i.imgur.com/gkR2rx6.jpg) * [Casual Rin](https://i.imgur.com/AfoySHt.jpg) So it looks like according to the OP, [there's two more battery girls to meet.](https://i.imgur.com/WihyB3r.jpg) Can't wait to see them in the future! [Pouting Rin is absolutely adorable!](https://i.imgur.com/0m051IA.jpg) And I love how [her suit really is just cosplay](https://i.imgur.com/Xt8ULu7.jpg) and serves no purpose other than getting her [into the right state of mind ot move the Garanndoll.](https://i.imgur.com/cuKTG3V.jpg) And another [pouting Rin!](https://i.imgur.com/uoRkdGV.jpg) [Of course Rin is going to be popular](https://i.imgur.com/14j1lp6.jpg) among the otakus here in Akiba. And all of these otaku mechanics [already hate Hosomichi for being able to pilot Rin.](https://i.imgur.com/Yz5UKP0.jpg) [Hosomichi really needs to drop the act](https://i.imgur.com/sEt6zna.jpg) and admit that he's a closet otaku. He definitely seems to have a deeper reason why he won't open up to Rin though. Meanwhile [Rin is just laying it all out for him.](https://i.imgur.com/G2jP3O0.jpg) The fact that the debt collector guy [even suggested that they can sell info about Arahabaki to the True Army](https://i.imgur.com/NYjZqFC.jpg) makes him very dangerous in my book. I can already see him selling them out in the future. [I love that their Commander is a freaking mascot!](https://i.imgur.com/wJmDVZB.jpg) And it's a mascot that can dispense money! I wonder if we'll ever get to see the person inside it. [That Robo-don was great](https://i.imgur.com/mbFwmXP.jpg) but I really dislike it when Hosomichi is not wearing his glasses. He's clearly in his Host Mode so he can fool Rin into thinking that he's now willing to cooperate. [So Shark one's entire armor is just illusory!](https://i.imgur.com/YvEc6rY.jpg) That explains why there's different mechs with different battery girls in the OP. They just need to switch out the battery girl and it will change its appearance as well. [That plan is hilarious and I'm surprised it actually worked!](https://i.imgur.com/ejSxott.jpg) I love that the leader of the True Army arrives by menacingly approaching them from the horizon only for him to be taken out by a falling tower! He's not even flying, [he's literally held up by cables!](https://i.imgur.com/MaFNEP5.jpg) xD [There we go!](https://i.imgur.com/78UvflW.jpg) Looks like Rin saw through Hosomichi's lies and realized he's not genuinely enthusiastic about this entire thing. I really hope Hosomochi impvoes next week, he's not really being likable so far.


The character designs in this show are so crisp, love them. Felt bad for Rin who went through all that effort to draw that picture, only to have her heart broken 😞.


Plot steadily moves ahead. We meet up with the main resistance where almost everyone is masked and where the leader is in a Mascot uniform.. and has a lot of money. Hosomichi just wants out of this, possibly hiding some past trauma related to Anime. As he does seem adept at putting up facades, so would not be surprised if his true desires is buried away in there too. But it does not fool Rin (mostly because he can't see that she drew him on the mech) and so the entire thing fails.. at least for now. Also translation changed from Fantasy Country to Illusory country, plus we get illusion particles too. Toss in the Mech suspended by the airship and there's definitely a theme of illusion and belief running through the entire show as even the "True" country uses it. But i like the character interactions and conflicts so far and the world building also seems interesting. Really nice show so far.


Switch: On Vision: Off


World has nano-bot waifu-powered mechas but dude hasn't heard of contact lenses?


Probably couldn't afford them


Oh so Rin was really serious about Zaburn, she wears a cosplay similar to Zaburn and manifest Shark one in the same fashion as him. I really like her tbh But man I hope Hosomichi starts getting honest soon, he cares about this stuff but pretends not to, like he instantly recognized the Zaburn statue, and I really hate his fake persona Op showed couple of other battery girls, wonder if they will have their own pilots or if Hosomichi will pilot them as well


OP showed all the 3 female lead in chibi mode alongside Hosomichi so (even if they initially have other pilot or do it alone) they will partner with him "at the end"/ sooner than later.


Another very fun meta adventure with Rumble today. Hosomichi is trying to [take off his glasses](https://imgur.com/a/zrLcVLM) and pretend this isn’t real, which rightfully offends Rin. He couldn’t even see what she [drew](https://imgur.com/a/3ZiT1Fx) for him because he’s so afraid of embracing what’s in front of him. It’s definitely going to be an impactful scene when he finally puts on his glasses and accepts that reality can include both traditional values and the fun from these hobbies. He really is the closet nerd, who’s been told to not show these parts of him because it will interfere with the real world, and I really want to see him push through that. The Arahabaki members all have the [same mask](https://imgur.com/a/1YG4WUP), which shows how society looks at people who haven’t accomplished anything and get too absorbed into a hobby. It’s not something we always want to look at, but it’s true. They all have this mask because they aren’t really themselves, because they’re too committed to fantasy. This show doesn’t just condemn those who enjoy fantasy though, and actually shows the importance of believing and being inspired by those tales. [Rin is inspired by Zaburn](https://imgur.com/a/pnDFJPs) to reunite with her family. Honestly, I feel like she’s the one closest to understanding reality and fantasy because of this. She gets influenced by this piece of art, but doesn’t choose to hide in it like the rest of Arahabaki. She wants to bring it back into reality with her, and that’s just too sweet. I hope Hosomichi starts to learn from her soon. This episode, while slow, was still solid. The scenes with [Hosomichi and Rin](https://imgur.com/a/Sf3Ujyh) were beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the “leader” of Arahabaki. I hope it picks up a bit more next week, but if the team keeps up their visual presentation as they have, I won't mind another slower one.


Another meta detail about the Arahabaki members is that the one with a cap was named Cap and the one with glasses was named Megane, as they are quite literally just mob characters


Wait, so was Hosomichi just pretending to act cool but he actually didn't want to fight or is that just what Rin thinks? Could've fooled me. Oh yeah, that OP song totally slaps!


>so was Hosomichi just pretending to act cool but he actually didn't want to fight Yep that's exactly it. Whenever he removes his glasses, he takes on a fake persona just to satisfy the person he's talking to.


I think this is a case/parallel of Yuuta and Rikka in Chuunibyou - Yuuta declared himself "having grown out of this embarrassing behaviour" to Rikka, but Rikka intuitively knows that's not truly him, but him cashing himself back in the social projected expectations that she was forcing herself under. So the likely dynamics is that only Hosomichi can move Rin, but won't admit it himself, while Rin is one of the few who can feel when he is being genuine vs when he's acting the role.


Dept collector dude is about to kill this show for me. His part just add unnecessary bitterness to the show and clash with the entire wacky and funny atmosphere. It is also a terrible motivation for the protag to fight. I kinda like the rest of the show though. Will stick around for 4 episode rule.


Any show "must" (is not a surprise to have) an antagonistic character (villain-alike). And since the "baddies" are so gung-ho / by the book, then he adds some variety in the whole "this is just a parody-guys, don;t think about it too much". Also, his presence is a leverage to Hosomichi's "embrace the environment you are into, stop being fake" plot.


yeah, same feeling. also, if you would ask me, I would say that by saving the debt collector's life in ep 1, MC paid off his debt.


I stopped watching because of the debt collector part it killed the show for me.


That was plain witty fun! I do see that the references to otaku culture being seen as detrimental to the society are slightly lighter than I expected, but it nevertheless feels pretty striking, particularly when Rin and Hosomichi each references their previous memories and their valuing of the Zaburn series in their lives. I still wonder if this will be central to the plot or it would only be used as background world settings to support Hosomichi and Rin realizing their dreams that were once filed away. There are other interesting things being thrown around for the Arahabkai organization, not the least of which the really funny Balzac and their mascot Commander leading a group of cute masked guys. The fights also have lots of fun today as well, Plan B using the Phoenix thingy that Arahabkai got from the True Army to slice their airship is hilarious. I wish we see more of mecha fights though, this show really centers on childhood mecha-driving superhero dreams and it would be unfortunate if we don’t get more of those. This show is really completely ignored! While I don’t have that much expectation out of this than several other shows this season, I still feel sad that literally no-one is trying this out despite a solid main staff line-up. Hopefully we can make more noises for people to come in soon!


About the mecha-fights..while certainly those are important in the show, I don't expect smooth animation during those fights. Ep 1 was a clear signal of a more "static" approach to mecha battles.


Hmm, it does seem like this will be a little more than waifu-powered silliness, both our leads are quite good actually. Scientist lady at the end seems promising too, I just would like some of the hero girls to be more than a power bank. Also unsurprisingly more Evangelion references with the elevators, emergency visuals, maybe more


> waifu-powered silliness I think that's the point, and it's the beauty of this show. It's very much a Konosuba-esque comedy show, and by using lots of tropes and satire, it does that well. Now, that doesn't mean it doesn't have serious moments - and because of all the humor that starkly contrasts with the other sections, those genuine moments are so much more heartfelt.


Konosuba is an interesting comparison, so far this show has balanced celebrating and making fun of otaku tropes better IMO.


Thanks! I have to agree, it really does. The serious moments are serious, but the funny moments are hilarious. A really underrated show, I gotta say.


x 2


Sugita seems to having a lot of fun as ~~Kamina~~ Balzac, I wonder if he's adlibbing or sticking to script this time? Also nice to see Lady Liberty getting to use her laser cannons for once.


>Also nice to see Lady Liberty getting to use her laser cannons for once. To my knowledge she hasn't used it since [G Gundam](https://i.imgur.com/jK7F22U.png) so it's been quite a while, truly the most under represented American weapon.


It’s always a treat when Sugita speaks English.


This needs some promotion here - is quite enjoyable and should echo with a lot of people here about hobby and reality.


Oh and yeah coming from watching and then dropping Shinka no Mi that's airing on the same week day, which has at least double the upvote of this show, I think this is criminally under-watched.


Average viewer will always prefer the "generic" isekai with the kind of OP character and /or a harem (I know several of those shows have some differences from each other, but from all the available tropes they copy most of the list, don't use others and the last one is given a LITTLE turn/variation in execution called "premise"). ​ But also, some anime pages didn't advertized this show beforehand. And since the visual / promo image of this show (as it happens with most of the anime) doesn't communicate the flavor of this show AND/OR what it does communicate is very generic or cartoon alike..its no surprise.


Damn, this anime is so good. Actually not a potato MC, it's hilarious, over the top, great seiyuu, and just fun! Why isn't it more popular? It's (imo) by far the best thing this season, at least for now.


No source and having a late airing probably are factors why it's not popular at the moment.




Why did he bring his loan shark with him again? Rin reminds me of space patrol Luluco. Also, is liking old shows from your childhood considered an otaku thing in japan? Rin's Zaburn speech makes it seem so.


>Why did he bring his loan shark with him again? Because they both thought the safest location to hide from the enemy soldiers that were perfectly willing to let them escape and take cover, was inside the mech that was just fighting them.


>Why did he bring his loan shark with him again? I think (and hope) there's more reason why he's still submisive to the loan shark despite everything already turning into shit. Especially since when bringing up the loan, the guy showed Hosomichi his scar.


This is a surprisingly cute and kind of silly anime. I really like it so far! I hope him and Rin make up soon. I felt bad at how he tried to “play” her. She’s so adorable and pure, he should feel ashamed of himself!


The akihabara army is plain ridiculous, I like it.


While I do find the show enjoyable, there hasn't been much fighting. Which is a bit annoying for a mecha show. I'd really like to see these 3DCG SD mechas fight it out!


The show is trying to tell something more (while also disguising it as a blatant parody as ironic as that sounds) so the fights are not so pivotal, but certainly important for the battery thing is included in the show's title and there are 2 more girls to debut in battle. Ep 1's fight told us the fights will be "static", also. Ep 3 definitely has a fight going by the title so don;t fret.


Shark One was designed in the image of Rin's favourite show, Zaburn. The robot statue is of the same design as the action figure Hosomichi had in the flash back. Rin really believed Hosomichi was going to be a hero that she drew him as Zaburn (scarf and all) on the side of Shark One.


A bit of Shimoneta, a dash of Daimidaler, combine to make a really fun series.


what really grinds my gear is that the MC saved that debt collector's life, if you ask me, MC has paid off his debt.


MC needs to grow some "sub-captain's last name"


That last bit about being excited together, is that supposed to be a sex euphemism? Hmmm maybe I brought it too far. Anyway, for some reason I'm a bit disappointed that battery girl is an actual girl rather than an android girl. The commander hiding in a mascot suit while still being a genius strategist is very entertaining to see though. Also, Robot-don!