takt op.Destiny - Episode 3 discussion

takt op.Destiny - Episode 3 discussion


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Looks like sakuga is back on the menu.


I think the main piano scene last episode was Sakuga Fight me


*Coincidentally, this week's episode is made by Madhouse, last week's was MAPPA


Well, I guess you could say it's Madhouse for this episode but funny enough, both episodes 1 and 3 don't have much in-house key animation. It's mostly freelancers for both episodes. It makes sense Madhouse's best producer (the guy that gets the freelancers onboard) is in charge of the action episodes because Madhouse doesn't have any big projects so he can just get a lot of popular animators through Twitter for this. Meanwhile, MAPPA has plenty of big and important projects, pretty much all of their top producers and staff have their hands full with other shows. Smart move from MAPPA here to ease the workload. However even though episode 2 didn't have much action is still the best episode so far overall for me, it actually made me care about the characters and made me curious about where the story is going. This episode had some nice action but a big part of the episode was just them in the house talking at the table for exposition and while that's good because we learn some more stuff, I feel like it was a bit too drawn-out and I got kinda bored at some point, they definitely could have directed this part better and in a more engaging way.


Actually I like this way better. Madhouse can give us sakuga all we want and mappa may do story driven episodes. It doesn't matter much cuz freelancers are same for the animation


Yep, I'm really digging this collab so far. It's a great match of which episode is being animated by which studio until now.


this week's episode is made by Twitter


Robotic Cosette could really use some aim training.


Yeah, if she isn't actually trying to kill Takt by draining his vital force


Meanwhile Titan got almost [perfect accuracy.](https://i.imgur.com/Meq60u0.jpg) She must be [a pro gamer.](https://i.imgur.com/q61A4Al.jpg) [](#umucool)


If there were aimbots for the off-screen world in this anime, Destiny definitely could have used some. Maybe they can recalibrate her sensitivity/accuracy in New York. Albeit, I’m sure she’s using some wall-hack. Otherwise she wouldn’t have ‘noticed’ those D2 from miles away; even before Titan. Unprecedented talent? She’s just a ‘filthy hacker’!


I feel like whoever was in charge of naming might have played D2


Holy shit the animation especially the first three minutes was absolute fire. Yen BM is the madman that did most of the key animation in the first three minutes.






Certified chad


Just hope he won't start wearing a side plait when he's cooking in the kitchen.


Stupid sexy Lenny


As a gay man he is WAY too attractive. They know what they're doing


Dude, as a straight man I agree. They got me too with Lenny.


Probably the person I least expected to ara ara, but you know what? It oddly made me tingle a bit with excitement.


As soon as we saw him in the OP I had a feeling


Lenny is now my favorite.


I never knew that I enjoyed ara ara by a man.


[Oniisan energy](https://i.imgur.com/8ArTJ8R.jpg) [](#kawaii)


I just noticed, Lenny's right arm didn't disappear, so it's only for Takt and Destiny? Specifically when Destiny changes her form.


I think it's just for Takt/Destiny because Titan doesn't change forms


This here. It’s quite possible that Lenny never gave anything up and the lost arm is unique to Takt/Destiny. But if a maestro is required to give something up as part of their contract with a musicart, I would suspect whatever Lenny gave up has already been given and because Titan never reverts back to her “unarmored” state, he never gets it back like Takt gets his arm back when Destiny changes back to Cosette form.


Maybe he gave up an internal organ (like a kidney), or a sense that isn't very obvious (like his sense of taste, etc).


or his heterosexuality


Pretty much. Destiny's transformation is irregular. The way they speak is as if Destiny already existed and is just a reincarnation.


Does she not change forms or did she simply not do it yet? Because Lenny mentioned "armored form" or something when talking about Cosette, which "to me" implies that's something every Musicart can do, so maybe Titan was in her "unarmored form" during the episode


Lenny mentioned that it's unusual for Musicarts to be in a sort of "sleeping" unarmored form. They also don't absorb energy from their Maestro the way Destiny does.


Oh, i must have missed that


Pretty sure it's due to Destiny eating his arm last episode. From the website though it seems his right arm becomes her weapon. Other things though, Lenny's eyes don't become like Titan's when they fight. If you also notice Takt also seems to gain superhuman speed/reflexes and can see from Destiny. My guess is the reason they share lifeforce is due to how Cosette became Destiny was specifically tied to Takt, meaning while he shares his lifeforce with her she shares her powers with him.


I noticed the speed and reflexes from takt as well, he’s fast af. About your last statement, I agree with that, seems like a mutual take and give interaction. Interesting to see this develop.


Because Destiny has to 'steal his life-force' as Lenny put it. It seems to expand out from the palm of his hand, so I guess if the red rashes get bad enough it just gobbles up his body


Maybe something else disappears?




His tattoo's an Alto Clef too, which is kinda 'in between' the treble clef and bass clef


Pretty sad to see Cosette go from this cheerful, music-loving girl in last week's episode, to a robotic Musicart killing machine this week, but I do have to admit, her Destiny form is pretty badass.


Please, please let old Cosette be back.


I liked her too and wouldn't mind seeing her again, but somehow I feel like story- and ideawise it would be such a cheap ass-pull if they actually went through with the whole hinted "maybe Cosette will come back after she received proper training" thing, when according to Lenny every other musicart changed completely after awakening. On the other hand, he also said that Cosette is special, so I guess there's still hope and it all depends on how they sell it.


I think the series will end with Cosette somehow being "freed" from her role as a Musicart, either by fulfilling her mission or somehow passing Destiny on to someone else, possibly Anna. Since Destiny was the first "naturally born" Musicart and has all of these other factors that make her far different from the others, there's a chance that same unique factor about her could also provide a way to bring the old Cosette back.


Old Cosette in the ending somewhere in America so we can hope that not a lie.


Don't trust visuals


Screams in jujutsu Kaisen


For real. Not really spoilers, just a reference. [Jujutsu S1] >!I pray Cosette doesn't get the Junpei treatment!<


that damn OP still gets me


To Your Eternity taught me to never trust op/ed visual.


I am firm believer that Cosette will be back one day. At least share half the body/consciousness like Yugi Muto something.


Badass but feels sorta one note to me. I'm worried interactions between her and takt will just get repetitive Old Cosette was really nice


I like OG Cosette more but based on episode 1 I think they can make this work especially with Anna around trying to keep those two in check.


It seemed like they made a pretty good comedy duo. Her being matter-of-fact about their situation with him actually reacting to the absurdity of it all, along with Anna trying to keep the kids in line and focused. It was a fun dynamic in ep1, I don't expect it to wear thin for me quickly.


Yep. Noone had these issues before episode 2. People only started complaining once we met OG cosette.


Anna was hard carrying them during the banter parts of Ep. 1. Just Destiny and Takt isn’t gonna cut it. Luckily it seems Anna is always around.


I already had a feeling Cosette would be ‘lost’ after I saw what happened last episode. It’s quite sad, nevertheless, to see her reduced to this state. I’m sure we’ll grow to like Destiny by a couple weeks, but for now she’s just a bit… off. Hopefully we’ll get Cosette back by the end of this season. If so, I’m speculating she might be able to switch between her normal self and her ‘armor-mode’ (i.e. Destiny). I would love to see her cheerfully tease Takt again and play another duet with him.


Imo one good course of action would be for the relationship between Destiny and Takt to grow and Destiny slowly becoming more "natural", maybe with Takt even learning to love her. So that at the end when Destiny's destiny is fulfilled and Cosette comes back it'll hurt too, and we'll have a bittetsweet ending, hopefully more on the sweet side, watching Cosette and Takt play together again. And yes, something similar happened in [Bunny Girl Senpai] >!But it was MC's little sister instead of his love interest, having the love interest have this sort of arc could end up being an amazing story!<


It will be slow and gradual, but I foresee Destiny will be learning to talk more and more like Cosette as the episodes progress


Come on Takt, wave at Titan at the end you monster!!


How could he ignore such a cutie!


Man, RIP Cosette. It’s sad that there’s not even a trace of who she was left. Hopefully they can at least stabilize her in New York. Speaking of which, they’re in what? California somewhere? They mentioned going from Vegas and then down to New Orleans and then up to NYC so they must be going from the west coast somewhere. Also, these D2s are basically mutated animals right? Like that black meteorite came down and infected all the animals or something? That would kind of explain the lack of wildlife in the show so far.


Opening description said D2 killed animals as well.


Ah, so they’re totally alien then?


The first wave of D2 emerged directly from within the black meteorite.


Well they were a little vague, but my guess is that d2 hit the Earth, burrowed and something happened where they could metamorphose into those d2 monsters. The reason why I think they're mostly just made of dirt is through most of their deaths, they just turn into dirt and dust.


>they are in what Yeah I have been wondering about that too, I guess it’s somewhere in NorCal judging by the scenery of forest instead of desert that we have here in Socal


As far I can tell according to Anna there are slight traces of old cassette. Like the tart thing


Lenny is a top tier character so far, I fucking love this guy, and his voice is so god damn smooth!! Side note, rip Cosette, even though I predict she'll be back eventually with that darn smile


The opening always reminding us what smile we're trying to protect and the ed reminding us the lives that could've happened.


\> Visibly gloomy Takt after losing Cosette \> Shrugs off his house, because *his house was not a home.* \> Goes to Vegas \> Gets beat the fck up \> Music **Takt literally needs to just don an afro and a red suit and the story becomes literally The Weeknd's After Hours.**


> The Weeknd's After Hours Interesting contrast will have to watch the short film.


I didn't expect that kind of ara-ara.... Not that I dislike Lenny though. >L: "Cause you're yummy." > >T: "Huh?" > >L: "It's a joke. For now." Lol!! It seems someone controlled the D2 with that tuning fork thing. RIP OG Cosette. I'm surprised by how calm Takt received the news. Then again, he directly saw how Cosette died and already unleashed his anger to some of the D2.


>It seems someone controlled the D2 with that tuning fork thing. Yeah, definitely. Wonder how long they're gonna tease the baddies like this until we properly meet them.


You can see who it is if you rewatch that scene then watch the OP.


They showed [the silhouette of the villain](https://i.imgur.com/0HtwhhQ.jpg) indeed


>It seems someone controlled the D2 Looks like the musicart with the military from the opening, confirming we are getting stand fights later on


> L: "Cause you're yummy." Lenny: "She's going to eat you." Takt: "You mean in a 'she's going to kill me' way or in the *other* way?" Lenny: "Yes."


> tuning fork thing I thought that was the Spear of Longinus.


You watched too much Evangelion lol


“Jk! Unless…?”


DILF Lenny


It must be traumatizing seeing this thing walking around that's a spitting image of your dead sister/friend, a walking corpse devoid of personality. So not only does Destiny look like Zero Two and loves to eat but she also devours Takt's life force whenever they fight. Destiny really wanted that final killcam.


The entire situation with Destiny is actually so fucked. Takt finally came out of his shell to connect with someone for the first time probably since his dad died, and immediately she's cruelly taken from him and replaced by this inhuman... thing wearing her face who magicks his arm off every time she fights and carelessly devours his life force while doing so. And Anna's clearly coping really poorly with it, and trying to immediately latch on to Destiny as a replacement for Cosette. And that's not even considering the fact that the Symphonica *regularly* effectively murders human girls (judging by Titan, even very young ones) to create these Musicarts.


I’m not sure murder is the right word. Granted this is semantics, but from Lenny’s explanation, it didn’t seem that the girls were being forced to be musicarts (though I could be wrong here). If it’s voluntary, than sacrifice would be a more appropriate word. As I said this is just semantics as regardless of the correct wordage, it’s still fucked up.


Yep create a cute powerful musicart sacrifice your life to save humanity. Some sort of pitch like that. Or they just chaining down orphans and transforming slowly in stages, it did seam like a over time process he describing we will find out later.


Yeah there was a lot of fishy stuff hinted at by Symphonica


Just make a contract with me and become a musicart! /kyubey


I'm guessing they use the terminally ill. Offer them a way to get rid of the pain.


>It must be traumatizing seeing this thing walking around that's a spitting image of your dead sister/friend, a walking corpse devoid of personality. The worst part about it is that, minus the devoid of personality bit, this is the *desired* outcome. Whoever goes on to become a Musicart just... Dies and this new thing starts piloting them like a meat puppet.


>So not only does Destiny look like Zero Two and loves to eat but she also devours Takt's life force whenever they fight. In my eyes, Destiny is Saber with a musical theme




I can see somehow Destiny turned into final boss due to her strange origin as Musicart and life consuming property. Also, Lenny’s take on how susly weird everything going like it was planned. Symphonica also sus and thing bout 10y ago at Boston definitely has to do with Takt parent’s death.


I'm enjoying this for the fights so far. The story is slowly getting there for me, but there is still too much up in the air. Like is the point of the conduct to essential "conduct the fight" and make the musicart better at fighting? So does that the musicart by themselves couldn't do anything at all? Also apparently this will be a mobile gacha game, and as an avid Fate/GO player I can definitely see the possible mechanics for the game being displayed in the show. * Food = Energy System * Musicarts and Symphonica = Gacha Pull and girls * Conductor Fight = Fights with the player constantly directing the flow of battle * Travel Across the US = Campaign map and have to clear out it cities D2 problem Just some thoughts.


Gacha games must be making bank when they can make a whole seasonal anime for a commercial. I didn't even know this one was for a game.


Fate Grand Order at least in first few years toped a Billion in sales. Yes it's bank. Certain current things higher.


I didn't know either until I tried to look up the source material to make more sense of the plot. Found it on TapTap as gacha game to be released.


Anime originals hyping up gacha games have actually been surprisingly good recently. Revue Starlight, BanG Dream, D4DJ, Katana Maidens, and Release The Spyce were all pretty fun shows, and Revue in particular is (IMO) a 10/10 masterpiece. **EDIT:** Uma Musume too. That game is making truckloads of money and the anime being so enjoyable helped out a lot.


How can you not mention Uma Musume when talking about this topic - s2 earlier this year was amazing and helped fuel the game's explosive launch


I really hope that [Lenny](https://i.imgur.com/a9cKypu.png) is wrong about Cossette being gone and that Anna is correct and that taking Destiny to the New York Symphonica will bring the old Cossette back. Oh, so Takt losing his arms is not something that actually happens to all the conductors but is instead just something that only happens with Destiny, and it is because she is devouring him. Damn, just before that scene with that D2 happened I was thinking that at least Takt's home was still intact. [And then comes Destiny and blew it all up.](https://i.imgur.com/xpzZYcU.png) I wasn't expecting [Lenny to mention so clear to Titan](https://i.imgur.com/60ndadF.png) that it seems that what happened with Takt and Cossette with the D2s' attack in their town and even his father's death to be something that was planned by the Symphonica. I honestly thought for a moment that Lenny and Titan had a change of plans and were not following Anna. [It is good to see that that's wasn't the case. ](https://i.imgur.com/RJxvWnA.png)


>Oh, so Takt losing his arms is not something that actually happens to all the conductors but is instead just something that only happens with Destiny, and it is because she is devouring him. LOL yes, I actually thought of something weird when I saw Lenny still has all of his limbs and visible body parts. So I'm a bit glad when he said losing a body part is something unusual.


>Takt's home was still intact. And Lenny fancies being [in Takt](#rerorero)


Did I just heard a gigachad say "Ara - ara"? Goodbye Cosette and welcome Destiny! I'm gonna miss the og cosette but I'm wishing her to be back again before the series ends. I've been watching depressing anime lately so the possibility of Takt and Cosette having a happy ending is high right? Takt and Cosette ship must sail! **But to be honest Ana is one of the hottest anime woman that I've ever seen. Just look at those midriffs. Thank you LAM for making such character 11/10.**


Forget the main ship, I just want to see Anna and nothing but Anna for 5 straight minutes! Don't even ship her. Just have her stand still in whatever breathtaking pose suits her best


> But to be honest Ana is one of the hottest anime woman that I've ever seen. Just look at those midriffs. Thank you LAM for making such character 11/10. [](#utahapraises) god bless LAM


Even the D2s want a piece of Ana. [Her design](https://i.imgur.com/leOERp1.jpg) would fit really well in the Persona universe.


###Stitches! * [Lenny](https://i.imgur.com/Br6TMd6.jpg) * [Destiny 1](https://i.imgur.com/wczZYmC.jpg) * [Destiny 2](https://i.imgur.com/ufyNIE7.jpg) * [Titan](https://i.imgur.com/HZM16GS.jpg) Holy fuck! [Cosette going absolutely wild in that opening scene](https://streamable.com/kz5twy) looks amazing! Also it looks like Cosette's ability wasn't the only one who got boosted, we actually get to see Takt himself zip in and out of battle with superhuman speed. We finally got to see another [Conductor and Musicart pair!](https://i.imgur.com/Izfyn88.jpg) I thought losing limbs is part of their nature as a Conductor [but this dude clearly has both of his arms intact.](https://i.imgur.com/j6QurmD.jpg) [Seeing Cosette fade into the light](https://i.imgur.com/nKCTBha.jpg) in Takt's dream hurts a lot. I'm really hoping she's not completely gone. For now, [we have Destiny taking her place.](https://i.imgur.com/u3Of4Bt.jpg) [I fucking love Lenny already.](https://i.imgur.com/3HzxmlS.jpg) And it looks like compared to Destiny, [his Musicart partner Titan](https://i.imgur.com/mB0OTzf.jpg) has a much more human personality. So turns out Musicarts [go through a slow and rigorous process](https://i.imgur.com/tjNBSIN.jpg) to become one and they don't just suddenly awaken [out of nowhere like Destiny.](https://i.imgur.com/cw6rA3y.jpg) Meaning everything about Takt and Destiny is completely unique to them which I guess includes Takt's arm disappearing and Destiny's personality. [That's the news I didn't want to hear.](https://i.imgur.com/XeO5FR7.jpg) We get a confirmation from Lenny that Cosette is gone and has already been replaced by Destiny. That makes me curious though. [What was Titan like before she became a Musicart?](https://i.imgur.com/I8iZDTE.jpg) [That's why they need to go to New York.](https://i.imgur.com/kYex0W8.jpg) It's not just to calibrate Destiny but [to see if they can fix her](https://i.imgur.com/Qci2cjn.jpg) since she's currently unstable due to her awakening. Knowing that [Cosette ate the tarte tatin despite refusing to eat](https://i.imgur.com/wN12QHh.jpg) when Anna first brought her back home gives me a tiny bit of hope that maybe the Symphonica can still bring back Cosette. [Destiny certainly needs some training](https://i.imgur.com/Xssd82m.jpg). That D2 was point blank range and she still was unable to hit it. Maybe slice with the blade part of her weapon? She seems to do well when she was first awakened. [That doesn't sound good.](https://i.imgur.com/yLhnOiv.jpg) So on top of everything irregular about them it looks like Destiny is eating Takt's life force, something that normal Musicarts don't really do. Well no wonder Takt is always out of breath and tired when Cosette fights. [Seeing Titan fight is so fun!](https://i.imgur.com/leKd1pz.jpg) Seeing a loli blast D2s with [her pump action shotgun](https://i.imgur.com/D4DBMWB.jpg) brings me so much joy <3 Welp. [RIP Takt's house.](https://i.imgur.com/7QAzmzE.jpg) Without his grand piano there, he seems to not mind it though. Especially since they're about to go on a road trip to New York. [Time for the road trip to start!](https://i.imgur.com/Slt7sGJ.jpg) Looks like for now we have Lenny and Titan accompanying them part way. I'm guessing we'll see where their paths diverge and then we'll jump into the events after Episode 1? [The ED of this show is gorgeous.](https://i.imgur.com/Js2vcjb.jpg) I hope we can get a creditless version soon since almost every shot of that can be used as a screensaver. [That shot of Anna looking sad](https://i.imgur.com/M2J0vKG.jpg) just breaks my heart a bit. She's probably thinking about Cosette. :(


I think this is the only anime in a Western setting I've seen where the characters actually don't have overt Japanese mannerisms like bowing or putting their palms together.


Yes. It been explained that normally they leave in the bowing and putting palms together as Japanese have trouble understanding what is going on without them. Basically they interpreting the English and English speakers customs when they add the bowing and putting palms together.


Welp, Cosette is dead dead. Or at least that’s what they’re thinking. Ana still seems to be holding out some hope that getting her tuned up in NY might bring Cosette back, but I don’t think the show is going for that. Still fuck this is sad. That opening fight scene though! Goddamn, the fights might actually hold this quality all the way through. A visual feast for the eyes. I loved how fucking pissed Takt was. No smarm like some protags have their first go around with a new power. He’s out for blood and wants these monsters to suffer for killing Cosette. That line of them not screaming was cold and love it. Love Lenny and Titan. They’re both fun and bubbly. Lenny comes in to be our exposition master and clarify a few things. Destiny is a very unique Musicart and she’s completely out of wack. We see that the arm thing is weird, she and Takt are connected, and they’re sharing lifeforce since Takt gets super speed when she’s activated. He’s the one that sets them on the road trip and will guide them to at least Vegas. Though it’s not like they have any choice now. After another badass fight showing off Titan’s abilities, Destiny blows up the house. Takt seems perfectly cool with that since there’s nothing left for him now. There seems to be a grander conspiracy going on. Lenny hints at all this being connected to what happened in Boston with Takt’s father. There was that mysterious shot of the tuning fork that may have brought the D2 there. The Symphonia is already sketchy as hell. I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes. In the meantime next stop Vegas! Notes - I’m thinking there are 2 ways they go with Cosette/Destiny. They’re going to develop her humanity on this road trip across America and by the time they get to NY Takt will like her. When they get their either 1. There is a way to bring her back and Destiny sacrifices herself to do so or 2. There is no way, but Destiny becomes her own person and her and Takt go off together - Man they’re going to sprinkle in these connections between Destiny and Cosette and it’s going to be sad every time unless they bring her back. - Love Titane’s pump action shot gun. It’s a cool visual in her fighting style. Also how wonderfully American. - I cant wait to see all these American cities on this road trip. Vegas should be super fun. - Destiny has stormtrooper aim and needed a nuke blast to wipe out something that was right in front of here. Please get her some target training.


Still hasn’t grown on me yet, but the animation is dope as expected so hopefully the characters and story will grow on me as the show progresses.


Similar feeling, although I'm also not completely sold on the conductors during the fights, at least visually. Animation is still very good overall though.


If you swapped conductor with master, that comment would fit right into FGO and Ritsuka. With that being said they do at least give logical explanation in Fate series for why close proximity of master is important and what skills they have to protect themselves. While conductor proximity works the same as in Fate, I really want to know what his wand wagging does. All in all, so far art and character design are its strong points. OST is also nice.


[Destiny's battleform](https://i.imgur.com/WsnPEdX.jpg) is awesome indeed. LAM and Reiko Nagasawa did [a fastastic job.](https://i.imgur.com/vaOrGEC.jpg) [](#wow)


Same about the conductors. When I read the show's description, I was sort of expecting the fights to be set to particular pieces of music, with the conductors, you know... conducting the Musicarts in the rhythm of the music. Seems like there's a lot they could do to make the fights more choreographically interesting.


They could do something like that later on to show the musicart evolving/getting better at what it does or when it fights stronger enemies. I will see how it goes I do like the story a little, but the visuals are nice.


Haven't seen this episode yet, but I feel that what would differentiate this show from a pretty show into a great show is how successfully it is able to invest it's audience into the central tragic relationship of Takt and Cosseto/ Destiny. Jury is still out in regards to that I guess.


I’d agree that tragic relationship is the key to the shows success, but it’s at a disadvantage now that Cosette is already gone. It’s much more difficult for the story to naturally develop her relationship to Takt any father (not impossible, just more difficult). so our connection to their relationship is mainly going to be supported by that one episode. Where this could really turn into a beautifully tragic story is if it successfully develops Takt’s relationship with Destiny and in the end there is a chance to bring Cosette back.


Very likely this will be one of those great animation and good characters(probably) with so so story. It is more about epicness and music.


Yeah I feel the same way. I'm predicting this will be this season's WEP. Good animation but mediocre story.


I feel like it's unfair to put this show even in the same league as WEP. That show may have had a terrible ending, but it had much stronger direction, substantive plot/themes, and took way more risks than this show is currently.


As long as they don't shit the bed like WEP with last episode, it will be extremely better then WEP. Fuck, i am still salty about it.


At least the writing hasn't show any really big red flags like WEP showed early on. I think that the ending will be "okay" .


WEP's story was amazing until it turned out they had no proper ending for it, Takt is definitely feeling weaker so far on the story front.


Wasn't too thrilled about this episode, the exposition wasn't massive yet felt somehow too "technical" (stone names, musicart "modes", really feels too much videogame-y), not too fond of it on anime around this episode length. But, the animation was great again so that was good to see.


To me ep 1 was showing off the show's strengths, music, and animation, ep 2 was the backstory, and this episode was meant to connect everything by giving exposition. I don't like the whole sitting around a table and giving exposition trope, but one in a while it is ok.


The world of takt is fit around a future gacha so the gaminess is unsurprising


Same. I'll probably stick around to watch it but I'm not overall sold on anything but the animation. I just don't understand the purpose of the Maestro's either - it seems like they are there to improve accuracy (?), similar to a real-life music conductor, there to guide?


Quite an infodump this episode. It's pretty hard to see Cosette become so robotic contrast with the previous episode :( Anyways, awesome sakuga at the beginning of the episode.


At least Destiny in ep 1 during the road trip is much more human than in ep3. She’s even accepted Cosette as her name.


Animation was crisp this episode.


You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.


Americans watching a perfectly good house getting blown away must have had a heart attack, considering the housing prices in today's market.


Eh, it would probably cost less to buy a ruined lot and rebuild than just buying it non-destroyed.


I'm surprised that attack didn't knock Takt unconscious considering how they just said she uses his lifeforce to fight.


And off I go to watch the scene from The Trip again where they are competing over their Michael Caine impression.


I don't know if this is intentional, but I find it interesting how Destiny seems to be the only Musicart whose name is said in Japanese (Unmei) while Titan's is said in English, and I'm assuming the rest will be too. A really subtle way of telling the viewers that Destiny isn't normal.


Titan was credited as Kyojin 巨人 too


I mean when they say their names in the episode. Titan is said as "Titan" while Destiny is said as "Unmei."


I think it's supposed to be Ti-tan, as a play on words. Will see when the rest of the Musicarts are presented I suppose.


Aren't the just Symphony subtitles? Destiny/Fate is Beethoven 5 and Titan is Mahler 1


>Damn it. How dare they disappear without screaming? Man, Takt was PISSED.


Something interesting: They named dropped some areas with a lot of music history. I have a sneaking suspicion that they're gonna go with this road trip through these classic cities and meet musicarts that caters to that region's musical specialties. For example, they said they had to go south to Las Vegas. Aight, so we know there's gonna be a Rat Pack Wayne Newton variety. Then through New Orleans, which is gonna be a sick jazz musicart. Through the Appalachian Mountains leading to rock and roll, bluegrass and country. They could probably cover country in Texas. However, I can see where they're going with this. I really can't wait to see the spin that this anime has on these cities. This show is basically Jojo Stands with American Music. All for it.


I was kind of right in guessing that the D2 attack was planned from the start. From the general’s musicart overlooking the battle at the begging of the episode to Lenny realizing later in that the D2 attacks were too perfectly coordinated, everything is pointing to one of the conductors using the D2s to attack Takt.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq1t_a56ng8 In case any of you were curious what the Titan symphony was.


You even got the best recording! Lenny is almost definitely inspired by Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein was one of the premiere conductors of Mahler's symphonies, and he was also a great presenter and teacher of music. [A fantastic lecture from him] (https://youtu.be/8fHi36dvTdE)


Getting araara'ed by an ojii-san really something else


In this case it would at most be "oji-san". The second "i" would make him a grandpa instead of an uncle.


Apart from the things already said, titan's style is something I didn't see before. Usually twintails are mirrored on both sides, but she wears a front (or maybe side?) twintail combined with a back twintail. Interesting design choice, and I don't dislike it.


Her character design is really cool!


Will say it was nice to see some sweet shotgun action, feel like we don't get that all too often from anime. Teasing the possibility of Cosette coming back...feels like it's going to be an emotional final arc already.


Destiny Cosette is also cute based on the first episode alone. I definitely wouldn't be able to choose whether to revive OG Cosette and lose Destiny, or the other way around.


Quite a lot of infodump this time, but I think I kind of understand more about the Musicarts and Conductors now. I think it sheds a lot of light too on Episode 1's in medias res, including the reason why they are heading to the Symphonica in New York. Also, I had my reservations about the animation quality last episode, but it looks vastly improved this time, especially with the action scenes.


They really did that.. Cosette doesn't exist anymore.. there goes my dream of seeing wholesome and cute Cosette.


Destiny is a "first in the world" Musicart in multiple regards, so it's safe to say Lenny don't know shit about her and that Cosette can totally be the first in the world to regain her personality after being the vessel for a Musicart. *inhales copium*


Have faith. Cosette will be back. I refused otherwise.


Looks like Madhouse is doing the odd numbered eps


Lenny ara ara remind of akeno from highschool dxd.


RIP Cosette ;_; S-Surely the OP isn't lying and she'll come back at the end, right? On a more humorous note, if Destiny was born from Takt and Cosette playing music together, does that means she's their daughter?


So i guess that necklace Cosette was wearing that started glowing was made from the ore Lenny mentioned. And Titan, while also being a musicart, has a much more i guess human personality. I do hope there is some truth to Cosettes personality or atleast memories still being left but potentionally locked up somewhere inside


From what I can gather, the government gathered specific girls with musical background to be test subjects for the crystals that arrived before the black meteorite. They were probably required to wear a crystal and go under an experiment to have their soul synchronized with musical pieces to awaken the being inside the crystal to pilot their body and weaponize it. How cosette got her hands on one is unclear but for some reason it activated before it was supposed to and now the musicart doesn’t have a direct link to siphon their music from so Destiny fused with Takt’s arm which affected her emotions and ability to fight since her form is incomplete unlike Titan who fused with the musical piece tattooed on Lenny’s neck instead of a body part.


IIRC, her necklace was given to her by her mom.


I didnt like this episode as much as the previous two, but the animation was on point. Cossettes definitely not coming back. Anna is in denial. What lives inside her is basically a parasitic spirit.


rip cosette man we only knew her one episode but i’m going to miss her bubbly personality 😔 also the animation during fights is so crisp but i feel bad for those poor MAPPA workers’ schedules


Mappa thankfully didnt work on this episode, its was just madhouse, but i imagine the schedule is still pretty rough for both sides.


i guess they’re alternating episodes it seems like? feel bad for madhouse workers too, they’re probably overworked as well. as much as i want CSM to come out soon it’ll probably come summer 2022 at the earliest bc of this mappa schedule


It won't be on summer, we are luck if it's even in 2022, and mappa schedule has nothing to do with it, they can release a series in 8 months if they want


CSM will probably not come out anytime soon, and I believe it just started production, so the earliest will have it is 2022 fall (if we’re lucky) but I heard some people say we might get it early 2023 or mid 2023. I don’t really care when CSM comes out as long as the employees are doing good and we get high production, than I can wait.


Yes, 2023 is more likely to be honest, especially if they don't want to release as a split cour


A more action-y episode. Some background but not all - could do with a bit of explanations about exactly what the conductor do it not just as the "battery". I didn't really see Takt acting like he's aiming for Destiny's shots. Have to say though, despite the ara ara, I feel uneasy about Lenny; there's something he's not letting on, and so far the choice of words and behaviour can fit both a knowledgeable mentor or a hidden antagonist equally well. Coupled with the vibe we got from the Symphonica personnel visiting the festival (and leaving) before the D2 attack, makes one wonder. Hopefully Cosette / Destiny being "naturally occurring" is a hidden plot point how she can have a chance of being back to Cosette unlike normal "trained Musicarts" - my guess is that Cosette's identity was actually already the Musicart in some way so she didn't need to change - bit she needed to "learn". Also, Titan's fighting seemed far too different than Destiny's - Destiny fights like a supernatural being, beam weapon, super speed and strength; Titan is more like Matrix, mid range gunfights with basically no hand to hand. Coupled with the brief explanation why Musicart can fight D2 (because of the opposing ore), sort of makes one questions how exactly does that work.


Damn, the gang is taking a road trip to Vegas? Can't be a proper Vegas trip without hitting up the slot machines at least once.


Also, a quickie wedding perfomed by an Elvis impersonator. Can't get more Vegas than that.


Takt: "Destiny, you are killing me!" Destiny: *Bottas meme*


That action scene before the opening was just phenomenal, the soundtrack was pretty hype too. Was that person we saw on the roof the one controlling the D2’s? Or was it the suspicious military men from last weeks episode? Lenny was also quite sus especially when he started talking to himself, I fear for the gang when they arrive at Symphonica, just a feeling …


After knowing this backstory, it's kinda sad seeing the original cossette just gone. Though they are going to the office/lab, hopefully there's a way cossette and destiny can be 1 person, or just destiny being more closer to takt and anna than what it is now. Anna said her sister works there, and her parents live there. And when cossette died, the necklace she wore made it all happened. And notice that Anna wasn't wearing any necklace. I think it's all a setup from the sis or parents, cause lenny said musicart must go through a process, but i think that necklace gave her power to skip the process. Maybe the necklace was made to have cossette"s body to continue living whereas the real cossete is dead, replacing her with a musicart. Though, it would then be weird why Anna doesn't wear one if it's all a setup. I'm curious to see about this. And kinda weird that takt or Anna never mentioned about the necklace, last epi both of them clearly saw what happened. Maybe takt has forgotten, but what about anna tho? Seems weird now that the necklace is being forgotten. Lenny keeps on worrying or planning something I'm not sure, i still don't trust him. He clearly knows something about destiny. Interesting tho when he said destiny is maybe using takt"s life force to battle. So far my guess is destiny lived a past life and her former maestro died due to this. I think lenny mentioned about the maestro 10 years ago, it could be him, considering lenny seems worried about it.


"Cossete can go back to being Cossete" Don't do that, Don't give me hope


If Destiny is supposed to be Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, I can only assume that Titan is supposed to be Mahler's Symphony No. 1.


Wait. So Destiny's case is a special case of being a Musicart, huh? And they hope (well Anna most especially) hopes that Cosette returns after they reach New York. We will see if that's the case. And what's with this Boston conductor? Another plot point to be resolved. Edit: Another potential plot point is when Lenny said Takt is "good food" like what does it even mean? I dunno but I find Takt's reaction about Cosette's loss to be underwhelming? Or maybe that's just his character?


>And what's with this Boston conductor? Takt father, he died in the Boston incident 10 years ago


Takt has been shown to always be reserved and closely-guarded. The fact that he is so intent on going to New York says enough


Can't stop reading Cosette as cassette.


She's a Cart which is slang for a magnetic tape cartridge. So it's probably not accidental.


Rifle propulsion ayyyyo


I love Lenny and Titan already. Especially Titan’s shotgun


Now we see the true origin of Cosette’s sugary snack addiction!


RIP Takt House🙏


I'd like to think Cosette will gain more in the way of emotions as time goes on perhaps as "Destiny" she will become aware of her old self before she became a Musicart, I think it could be neat, I'd like to see more of cheerful happy Cosette


Lenny actually softened his voice while responding to Takt raising his voice after Lenny's explanation of musicarts. Level-headed guy that Lenny, being able to deescalate a couple of situations in this episode to keep everyone calm. So you're saying there's a chance to see Cosette again?


Cosette could learn some aim practice from titan dayum she was on point.


If Musicarts are all born from music, I think Titan may have been born from [the Doom soundtrack](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSsfjHCFosw) based on her skills with that shotgun. Awesome episode this week. We got the introduction of Lenny and Titan as new companions, a cool fight scene with Destiny and Titan in action, and a big reveal that Destiny is far different from the other Musicarts... she's a "naturally born" Musicart, which unfortunately comes with some unfavorable side effects like not being in Musicart mode 24/7 and needing to use some of her Conductor's life force (AKA Takt's arm) to sustain her fighting power. My hopes that the old Cosette can come back have been dampened a bit by the whole "she's a totally different being" explanation that Lenny gave, but I'm not totally giving up hope for that.


Three episodes in what do we got ? - music : top tier - animation : god like - story : meh... It seems a bit cliche... I mean Cosette will probably get her memories back/ get back to her old self on the last arc /episodes since she is *special* I'm liking the new duo... But I'm not a huge fan of takt... which is a problem since he is the MC ... I'll still watch it. Anyway... Why is it D2 ? Was there a D1 before ? Will we get a D3 ???


So what exactly is Maestro supposed to do? Just give orders? But Musicarts can clearly do what they want. The only reason why Takt's energy is being used is because Destiny is an irregular Musicart. Can Cosette even be brought back at this point? And why is classical music not playing anymore during the battles? Wasn't that the entire point of them fighting using music?


I called it last week. Rip Cosette


I guess Cosette is gone for now, they have to raise an entirely different girl. Poor Takt's house tho lol


god fucking dammit cosette come back


This anime is also giving me Darling in the Franxx vibes too 💀 with the partner devouring thing


Cosette's battle form seems so much flashier than Titan's. Like Cosette gets to use a laser blaster sword while Titan uses a toy shotgun? I get that Cosette is special but I feel like she just makes Titan look boring and frumpy by comparison. I wish they had a more similar aesthetic.


[The women and the children too!](https://i.imgur.com/Ml8d0mg.jpeg) [C clef as a giant neck tattoo. Nice touch](https://i.imgur.com/ZVG6wm3.jpeg) ["You may know me from my famous 'face' (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "](https://i.imgur.com/zR4LnAk.jpeg) [Oops, sorry about that, **Penselvania**](https://i.imgur.com/PXzFDoe.jpeg) [Wotta sourball](https://i.imgur.com/rBDAh4k.jpeg) [](#pout)


I am trying to calibrate my radar. Lenny is coming across as gay, right?