Instagram has largely replaced TikTok in India, and erased working-class creators

Instagram has largely replaced TikTok in India, and erased working-class creators


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There are other indian tiktok like apps though with all having 100 million+ downloads.


Good for them . I don't like either instagram or Tiktok. Both are bad for people mental health.


Reddit just as bad


Depend on which sub-reddits you are subscribed.


Not really, Reddit is way more toxic than any of the other platforms you mentioned because anything even slightly against the echo chamber here is either downvoted or removed.


Bro I'm subscribed here and niche subs like r/CRTgaming and r/GameboyMacro. Reddit isn't that toxic if you ignore any community with over a million subscribers.


Well political or News sub-reddits are infested but what you call " Tyrant Apologist " or " political Clerk :. Basically a clerk with the job to defend his autocratic overlord online and harass their critics . In the others , well it is lovely human nature in display.


The same goes for any other social network. It depends on who and what you follow. There can be useful and interesting content in any social network and I find the TikTok format (1 minute video) particularly suitable for finding information to be further explored outside the social network. It is certain then that there is trash everywhere but it is enough to know how to make a selection.


Tiktok and its clones are all bad.


"Working-class creators" are basically people playing scratch lotto tickets for a living, convincing themselves that $100 winning ticket a week will lead to the power ball jackpot.


>working-class creators. working-class cringe creators. FTFY


every guy on tiktok I know of moved over to instagram. Also the article has major flaws including associating Instagram with "the elites". >The Mahtos have found some success on Instagram, with Sanatan collecting around 482,000 followers and Savitri 137,000. 450k+ followers on insta is a no joke lmao.


You probably don't know people from rural area. They don't know how to use Instagram.


There's a tiktok alternative on Facebook too right? And reels gor integrated with Facebook too, Facebook is way more popular in rural areas than tiktok ever was.


It's not easy to gain views on Facebook as it was on tik tok.


I just want Indian Jokar back.