Is Savvi actually LuLaRoe 2.0?

Is Savvi actually LuLaRoe 2.0?


Honey and Lace started by LLR's Stidham's sister, according to doc they're estranged. Rebranded to Piphany in 2019, same year LLR sued them and it settled/went to mediation. Piphany is now Savvi but read some conflicting things whether it's underneath Savvi or has become the Savvi everyday line. The same reads noted that Ingram's involvement (founder of HL, sister to Madame LLR) with Savvi is unclear.


100%. They go to fitness events that tend to have more women (like yoga, Pilates, etc) and try to recruit people there. Can’t buy anything unless it’s through a distributor and always have some BS about lifting up other women. They claim it’s lululemon without the lululemon price point…I was so annoyed because I went to an outdoor F45 charity event early on in the pandemic and they did their pitch onstage near the end where it would have been awkward to leave because the charity hadn’t spoken yet. Also they went around giving fake compliments to people before. It is NOT CHEAP to sign up either, I can’t remember how much but it was in the thousands.


We have a friend that pushes this shit. Lululemon without the Lululemon prices lmfao 🤣🤣🤣. Totally Lulu prices according to my wife and the quality is complete shit comparatively.


According to 5 seconds of Googling, the clothes look even uglier than Lularoe -- I say this because at least Lularoe does one print per piece and sticks to what they know -- but the prices aren't cheap. I'm looking at their Sonoma dress and its $47 for an ugly floral print Amazon dress with two random black diamonds (rhombuses) on the side.


Ah shit. I came here to check the MLM status because a former coworker posted about selling Savvi. Now I’m just waiting for the Facebook message from her… 🙄


https://beastpreneur.com/savvi-review/ It doesn’t look like they own it.


Thank you! So, not LuLaRoe 2.0 after all.


I don’t think the current owners, Jenn Ashby and Ken Porter are related to the LulaRoe fam. They bought the company when it was Piphany (which is when it was under the LLR umbrella). However, details are a bit hard to come by about ownership, so…..


Dianne Deanne's sister started it under a different name. I believe she's out and its different ownership. But yeah different bull same shit.


Zyia is going to be the next company to have an Amazon video like Lularoe. My friends are all zyia reps and they sound the same as the Lularoe chicks from he video. “Join my team” “ financial freedom” “get paid to wear leggings” and they all don’t believe it’s a MLM.


The logo is… (sideways) pyramids. Again.


It’s a Zyia copycat owned by the estranged sister. Can’t compare to Lululemon.


Zyia is also an mlm and not that good at all. Sadly I’ve tried both to “support” a friend and the quality in both brands suck


Zyia is definitely an mlm. Savvi copied their model to a T. And I agree. The quality vs price of both is terrible. Gotta feed those uplines!


LuLa Roe not lululemon. Different company structures entirely.


Yes. Lululemon is activewear. LulaRoe is junk leggings, terrible prints and frump all over. I know the difference.


>frump That is the best description of LuLaRoe ever


I’m sorry, I think you’re missing something, I think you meant to reply to someone, because there’s nothing about Lululemon in this post. Another commenter mentioned it though.


I think they are talking about how savvi compares themselves to lululemon. Which is no where near lulu. I have a few savvi pieces and they are falling apart after 2 uses. 🤦🏻‍♀️


It took me a bit to realize you weren't talking about [Savvi Formalwear](https://savviformalwear.com/) where people rent tuxes and gowns and stuff.