The Only Moral Abortion is my Abortion: https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/ A Defense of Abortion: https://spot.colorado.edu/~heathwoo/Phil160,Fall02/thomson.htm Home remedy: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/ui6nmd/medical_grade_misoprostol_powder_can_be_had_at https://workerorganizing.org/resources/organizing-guide/


I’m good for it, but it needs to be bigger than r/antiwork. Get the word out.


Cross posted on r/jobs hoping we get something going in LA mainly a place as we know it’s Monday @ 10am Edit: protest walkout, etc is happening but I’m in LA and we should protest somewhere that’s what im trying to communicate probably downtown as usual


Everywhere is of course important, but to hit where it hurts for the people it matters for would be in states that are going to restrict rights. Walking out in California and new York may hurt investments. Walking out across the heartland will hurt the constituents that actually can change the actions of government at state level.


We need a subreddit for this. It is catching steam.


\* mass walkout \[...\] across America.


Monday my friend. Lets do this!


As a currently unemployed person I'm doing my part 🙂


Okay let's do a strike. Do we have a main site with info on the strike and how to strike (for our newbies). Organization is important! Let's make this a call to action!




Kickass website, it even has dots on a map where events are.


Looks like the majority of the events actually happened today at 5pm. I can't find one near me (in the midwest) for the strike on Monday.


5calls.org -if you haven’t heard it it, this site makes it extremely easy and laid out to call the elected officials that can make a change. I called and it took 5 minutes to leave messages to tally the number of people that are against this decision. PLEASE make a call and tell everyone you know to as well.


This sub is hype but it’s all contained here. We need organization, clicks, a meme, signups. We have the weekend.


General strike on Monday


I’m doing it!


From user Turnophrase: GENERAL STRIKE!!!!! Edit: We go on Strike for our women and the workers of America GENERAL STRIKE!!!!! We go on General strike Monday. Use the weekend to organize and gather resources. You are directed to bring supplies on Monday to your local city hall. This ain't no game, this is old school hardcore general motherfucking strike. SCABS will be an endangered group. 5lbs beans 5lbs rice Bullion Bag o onions Cardboard and art supplies If u build it they will come GOD BLESS YOU ALL! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WE GO ON STRIKE 10AM MONDAY 6-27-2022 WE STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS BLAZING HOT!!!!!




>COME ARMED AND OPEN CARRY, I HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF BEING BEATEN OR KILLED BY POLICE Replying to this to highlight it. All non-brainwashed Americans should fully exercise their right to carry and openly if the state allows during these protests. Your counter protestors will be out in force, heavily armed, uniformed and paid for by your tax dollars - take no chances.


This open carry thing is EXACTLY what we need to see. Police are cowards when they see legal weapons on display. So, let them be cowards.


I vote fucking doing it


I’ve seen everyone posting about Monday! LETS DO THIS!


I’ll 100% walk out f this.


In today’s Roe v Wade opinion, **Justice Clarance Thomas has some fuckin’ nerve…** “In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court's substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergfell," Obergfell is the case that made same sex marriage a thing. **Clarance Thomas is a wacko.** Has he forgotten interracial marriage, was once outlawed too? His wife is white. What exactly is he suggesting? That states should have the freedom to outlaw it, if they want to? Because it was once outlawed a long time ago? What a nut job.


Usually people vote in their own interest. But at this point Americans are trying to discover just how far their own fist goes up their own ass. So him setting precedent against his own interests is nothing new when it comes to US.


I've met far too many americans who purposely vote against their best interest for the funzies.


I frequently vote against my own personal financial interests for better systems for all Americans.


STRIKE. I know it’s easier said than done but just fucking do it. We have to. A week of legitimate general striking would have them at their knees. We can fix abortion AND other things they’ve fucked up. We can turn this into something greater.


Also, once we organize and discover our power, we can use it again for other things they’re shitty about.


Congratulations, now all you have to do is see how to make baguette and welcome the french community :).


A largescale general strike is one of the only daggers citizens have against the government. They rely on low wages to try to make this sort of thing unviable.


I see a lot of people saying Monday or just leaving work right now! Let’s do this!


Do it. Fuck yes. And men should join in solidarity. Let us show our rulers that THEY NEED US! NOT VICE VERSA.


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - MLK. This affects men as much as women and we all need to stand together. Solidarity!


Damn straight. My favorite MLK quote.


Gay man here, solidarity my ass, we're on the line next. I don't have to do it in solidarity to stil fucking participate, becuse we're all on teh god damn chopping block. Next after the gays is unwed sex and non-christians. Fuck all this.


Gay trans guy here - I get hit by abortion restrictions, marriage rights, and trans healthcare bans. I’ve got all my skin in this game.


>men should join in solidarity. It's their fight too, since they're the ones who will be either raising a child or paying child support if a woman can't get an abortion.


Also, like, giving a shit about other people. *We live in a society.*


Should be a mass walkout of men too. Many men agree that this is a fucking travesty.


Exactly. If anything I think conservatives WANT women to leave their jobs and not all women are going to be safe refusing to work. We need men to halt the economy with us.


I’ll be standing with you all. Fuck this shit.


Backed 100%, and I just had ten days off due to Covid. My wallet hurts, but not as much as my heart does.


This was my reaction. “Oh we sent women home??? Finally!” Should be a mass walkout of all genders, not just women, for the best effect.


But it's gonna hurt their bottom line, and they do care about money. They just don't want women to speak up or have an opinion.


I’m a man. This is disgusting. The “Supreme Court” shit it’s legitimacy right out the window.


I bring this up all the time, because I think it bears repeating: A FULL MAJORITY of the Supreme Court were nominated by presidents who were inaugurated despite losing the popular vote. ALL conservatives. This is obviously a new low, but the Supreme Court has been illegitimate for a looong time now.




So Monday then? I'm down. Let's boycott all unnecessary spending while we're at it. Let the corporations supporting these facists know that we will hit them where it hurts.


I’m not showing up Monday. I’m going to protest. It’s time to get serious.


Walk out and march carrying rifles. They wanna talk about rights, then show them we're gonna talk about rights. Edit: because this needs to be said... No one is promoting violence here. Apparently practicing your rights is violence to some of you now. Probably the same group of goobers who had no issues with Jan 6 or anytime cops violently broke up peaceful protests. Edit 2: Im also gonna leave this here. A government approved walk on your day off is not the solution. That's a steam release valve. Strike fear into their old rotting hearts.


Shit, if all the Liberals and minorities in this country started open carrying in the streets, you can be guaranteed that the Radical Right would be all over restricting access to guns. It’s happened before.


They should this is what the 2nd is for.


This is literally the reason for the 2nd amendment. The government is overstepping its bounds and should be changed.


I've always found it ridiculous that the people supporting 2A are the same people that for the most part supported the corrupt police forces in the wave of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.


Because they are usually the loudest. You would be very surprised how many of us quiet liberals and classical libertarians that support the 2A exist.




It will be like Bojack Horseman where the lawmakers finally passed gun laws because women were packing and protecting themselves.


That's sort of how California got started, gun control in response to the wrong people having guns. Mulford Act, Black Panthers, etc. It's worth knowing about.


"I can't believe this country hates women more than it loves guns"


A march on DC with thousands of women carrying AR-15's. Now THAT I would like to see. Because as it stands, if drastic change doesn't happen soon? We won't be living in the America we grew up in. Right now, I'd give anything to leave this country.


A women's march with a load of pink AK47s would be fucking dope.


Trade hats for AKs. I'll put in for that gofundme.


I'm buying a gun this week


Sex strike too. Stop fucking until your reproductive rights are respected.


Yep. I unironically think the fastest way to lose support for this would be for every girl on a dating app in a Red state to put in their bio that due to new abortion laws, they won’t be sleeping with anyone unless it’s in a committed relationship now


> they won’t be sleeping with anyone unless ***married***. No outs, make every tinder profile dark. Also delete any and all period tracking apps & calendars.


Clue is based out of Europe and has good data privacy! https://helloclue.com/articles/about-clue/patient-data-privacy-at-clue-a-statement-from-the-co-ceos


Not just woman. Men who support woman should be doing this too. So when are we?




Refer also to pages 30 - 32 of the opinion of the court. It explicitly and directly calls into question the following Rights and opens the door for them to be next on the chopping block. That is the right to: Marry a different race Marry in prison Obtain contraception Reside with relatives Make decisions about the education of one's child to not be sterilized without one's consent To, in certain circumstances, not be forced to undergo involuntary surgery, administration of drugs, or other similar procedures Engage in private, consensual, sexual acts Marry of the same sex


Fascists sound like huge Incels, that's what boggles my mind.


They are. They think everyone lives in the same hate filled world they're enforcing on the rest of us.


They always have been


loneliness and self pity are the path to authoritarianism for many right wingers nowadays


Only one good way to deal with fascists.


Woody Guthrie's guitar?


>Only one ~~good~~ feasible way to deal with fascists. FTFY


Yeah, this is the scary part. A LOT of laws hinged on Roe vs. Wade. They are all now in question.


Yeah through the right to privacy. The right to privacy was all but dead with the Patriot Act. It is now officially dead. GG righties.


Lawrence v Texas is if being in a gay **relationship** is legal or not


Reside with relatives? There has to be more to that one. I can't live with my family anymore?


Yeah I’m a bit confused on that one too? Could they overturn some law that says I can’t live with my parents?


[Very strange case.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore_v._City_of_East_Cleveland) Tl;dr there was a zoning ordinance that allowed only for a single family to live in the house. A grandmother and her grandchild weren’t considered to be a single family. SCOTUS ruled that the zoning ordinance was unconstitutional.


There are still ordianances that prevent unrelated people from living together. My college town had an antibrothel law that only allowed 3 or less woment to live together. I never understood how that was not repealed.


These kinds of ordinances are *generally held to be* unconstitutional. They sit on the books but are not *often* enforceable. Edit: added some clarifying words.


They're only unconstitutional until they decide they aren't.


Sadly, you're very correct (as this morning proved).


They want to force everyone to live in their own apartmnets or shacks to milk yet more money from you.


Y'all need to riot the fucking house down. Literally.


Let's just say it wasn't super smart for them to do this on a Friday. I'd expect a women's walkout on Monday at least.


Well they just loosened the gun laws, they might start regretting that


This is real fascism. Like, the actual definition of what fascism is. edit: I got the [definition of what fascism is](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Luu1Beb8ng) a bit wrong, but this is definitely still highly authoritarian.


And they’ll probably outlaw divorce as well, maybe even mandate relationship between parent and child, even if the parent was abusive.




I'd also like as many men as possible to walk out too. Not only will it make a stronger effect just having more people walk out, but hopefully it shows how we're all in this shit together. You know...the saying "they came for the artists, and I wasn't one so I didn't speak out...etc etc, then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me"


As a man I’m absolutely joining. This is a woman’s choice. The end.


Just a quick reminder for women living in the god forsaken states that will be doing away with abortion. If you’re registered with The Satanic Temple they made abortion a religious ritual therefore you cannot be denied an abortion due to religious freedom. This is a step 50 years back in the past and we need to make sure that for the future generation this can’t happen we can’t go 50 years more back they’re gonna have us end up wearing those handmaid tails dresses and we will literally be incubator slaves for men. - from fb friend comment


I think you're referring to "The Satanic Temple" not the church of Satan. Common misconception but it makes a huge difference.




Are we going to do this? WE MUST DO THIS. A general women's strike in the U.S. would bring the country to its knees.


We should all just stop working and bring this shit hole country to a stand still. Fuck this dystopian hellscape


If I recall correctly, there was a general women's strike in Iceland where pretty much every woman in the country stopped working. And not just working commercially, but they refused to cook and take care of the kids too. I don't remember exactly what their ask was but I believe that they got an answer pretty quick. It can be done. EDIT: Sure, it may not be everybody. But it could be a hell of a lot of people. It's funny, I just posted about the event because it seemed relevant, but now I'm finding myself feeling compelled to defend the idea against a zillion people saying "but it's not exactly the same here!" Yeah no shit. It can still be an inspiration. Either in the romantic or strategic sense.


In the 1970s, for equal pay.


The walk out the commentor above was talking about happened In 2018/19. I'm sure it happened in the 70s too. But the one in question was recent. It happened around the time of the Paris protest right before covid


Our buddies in Mexico legalized abortion, this isn’t about religious beliefs but about the abolitions of rights


Ain't modern day Mexico like the fucking mecca of Catholicism at that? My Mexican wife tells me every Mexican she knows is a devout catholic.


Mexico is very Catholic, yes. Big time, very much.


Abortion in the US is only such a wedge issue because notable piece of shit Jerry Falwell had a hand in making it the issue of choice for the religious right. Behind the Bastards has a two piece episode on him. Here's [part one](https://open.spotify.com/episode/6kOStRkQkLLosYoVLEKppy?si=2qQ6Xp8SSPOk8Wq2Ugn7lQ&utm_source=copy-link) and [part two.](https://open.spotify.com/episode/5UdXJ65jwiPJUNlxjvz0oA?si=0y1WoJokTaaoIXDEDfpNZw&utm_source=copy-link). [Here's an NPR article that highlights a bit of history about abortion opposition.](https://www.npr.org/2022/06/22/1106863232/evangelicals-didnt-always-play-such-a-big-role-in-the-fight-to-limit-abortion-ac)


Is he the Harry J Asslinger of the Abortion community? https://timeline.com/harry-anslinger-racist-war-on-drugs-prison-industrial-complex-fb5cbc281189?gi=29221b1f96c1 Jesus... imagine if America went into a War on Abortion... Maybe I shouldn't even think things like this out loud.


The only way people learn is pain. A walk out absolutely needs to happen. Edit: The only way corporate America and politicians learn is by pain. Losing money and lifestyle is painful.


The worst thing that you can do to a rich person, is to make them a poor person.


And the best thing you can do to a rich person is to eat them.




Come on baby, eat the rich. Bite down on the son of a bi*ch. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶


It worked during lockdown with all of the black lives matter protests. Hit certain industries hard af, not a lot of businesses can make it 2-3 weeks with staff shortages.


More like 2 or 3 days. Shit, a railroad strike would paralyzes before the end of the day.


Willing to walk out of my hotel job, if there is a national walk out.


I manage a staffing agency, I would 100% excuse absences and pay out as much pto possible to any woman or ally who walks out. We can do a lot in our own way.


I've been saying this all morning fuck the system and their corporate profits everyone should just walk out


Million woman March on DC?


Don't March on DC. March on whatever the fuck Missouri's state capital is. I guarantee they don't have the infrastructure to deal with it.


Lol Jefferson City, do it!


Get in boys were going to... Mississippi


Make it 10 million.


Fuck it I'll dip for my sister brethren


Stop working!! Call off! Quit! Money is power and they have it all - off of our backs!!! Without us, they are and have nothing. They need to be reminded: "We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. *Don't fuck with us!*"


I’m with y’all in spirit, but I work in abortion care so imma stay


How can we help? I'm in gastroenterology.


Thank you for your service. ❤️🙂


Not only is this an attack on women. It's an attack on the working class. They need more people born into poverty. Born into broken homes and born to be slaves to the system. No education, minimum wage and if you don't slave you steal, if you steal you end up in jail. Jail is a profit machine that exploits slave labor. The system is running out of bodies to replenish the failing ones.


Please, please do. I so desperately want you guys to win back your country and have the QOL and rights you deserve. But the ONLY thing that will accomplish this is an action such as this. Yet day by day by day goes by, with action after action like this taken by your govt, and nothing happens. If every single person stayed home from work for as long as they could afford to. For some, that may be a day or two. For others, a week or two. It would be enough to bring things to a stand still. And if each community helped support those with less, more could stay home longer.


Hell, if you could just get all teachers to walk about across the country you'd see people freak out. Schools are used as day cares, and if no teachers no kids in school. The other options are boycott brands that support this overturn and quit buying from them on a coordinated level, and quit voting for assholes who want to restrict rights or pack the courts to get shitty results like this one.


Little late in the year for the teacher one. Most schools are out for summer currently.


Inflation at 10%, gas prices insane, fresh out of a “””pandemic”””. Let’s make it easier for the people who are already suffering to suffer even more by forcing them to have more children. It’s only a matter of time before another insurrection and it’s just gonna get worse and worse.


Please tell me what I can do? I want to help. I’m tired of sitting on the fucking sidelines while our country goes to shit. I’m so tired of feeling fucking powerless, so please what can I do to help?


Monday, no one is going to work in protest! Let’s do this! Some people have already started!


GENERAL STRIKE!!!!! Edit: We go on Strike for our women and the workers of America We go on General strike Monday. Use the weekend to organize and gather resources. You are directed to bring supplies on Monday to your local city hall. This ain't no game, this is old school hardcore general motherfucking strike. We in this for the long haul. 5lbs beans 5lbs rice Bullion Bag o onions Cardboard and art supplies COME ARMED AND OPEN CARRY, I HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF BEING BEATEN OR KILLED BY POLICE If u build it they will come GOD BLESS YOU ALL! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WE GO ON STRIKE 10AM (BY YOUR TIME ZONE) MONDAY 6-27-2022 We strike for women's right to bodily autonomy free of government interference We strike for equal pay for women, by passage of a law requiring corporations to post employee name compensation and position right next to the OSHA poster. We strike for a living wage, federal minimum $20 We strike for federal rent control tied to a metric to be determined in the future WE STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS BLAZING HOT!!!!!


This monday lets fucking do it


Monday? Fuck ‘‘em all. Do it for the whole week.


Every day until bodily autonomy is restored.


Strikes don't end until demands are met


And today.


At least everyone calls in "sick." This shit has to stop!


Lets fucking go!


This needs to happen for any real change


Headed to the printers now and printing up fliers I am peppering my city this weekend


Starting immediately - any bills not necessary to my survival (rent, electric, etc.) are not getting paid. Everyone I own money to will receive a note (along with my unpaid bill) stating that “I will not be making any payments until my rights and bodily autonomy are restored.” A general strike on bill payments would rattle the banks, too.


This is what is needed. No more weekend warrior protests. There has to be an effect or nothing will happen. You cannot ask politely for human rights.


Men should be walking out over this too.


If you actually claim to be about freedom, now is the time to do so. People on the left need to start standing up for themselves. People on the right need to see who they should really be fighting. This is oppression of your freedoms. Your children's freedoms. This will affect your family. Your friends. Your neighbours and co-workers. I see so many gun loving nutjobs who "dont want their freedom taken" Well nows the time to do something about it! Rise up. Fight back. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Let actual freedom win.


Stop gendering this issue. Just fucking walk out collectively. Women and Men are together, don't let them divide us.


I would do this but I am manning the front desk at the library and so I will stay here to look up places where people can join in protests, and to provide information on what states are safe to travel to, and how to find someone to put you up. If you're in state that is full ban, call a librarian in a free state, we will absolutely support you and help you find the information you need.






Watch the other hand. They released this on a Friday. Something to distract us will happen this weekend. Watch the other hand.


100% More pressure means more change more quickly. Keep your hope alive.


No, this is it. This is the fucking worst case scenario. Rights are actively being stripped from us. The Supreme Court just ruled that you have _zero_ right to privacy, even to your own internal body itself, from government interference.


It can always get worse, having hope for something better being possible is rare and has to be held onto. Right now, hope is our mass resistance. Koramatsu v United States of America still holds as valid law. It can certainly get worse if government doesn't become very afraid of the average person.


Why only women? Everyone needs to walk out. Even school kids (hell, they'll be safer not being in school anyway). If even a relatively small percentage of the people in the US who supports Roe v. Wade walks out it will have devastating effects. And you can bet your behinds ole' John Oliver will make a video about it - or several.


As a man, I will walk out in support for women.


im 1/2 way out the fucking door already


No one should work until Roe v. Wade is returned


Monday! That’s what I’ve seeen, everyone is walking out Monday!


Just tossing out there that in the healthcare industry, roughly 75% of jobs are filled by Women. And healthcare is suffering from significant hiring problems and finance issues already. It'd be a shame if there was a walk out wink* wink*


As a brother to 3 sisters, a husband, and a father of 2 girls, I feel it is my duty to walkout as well.


🌈The supreme court is an unelected council of elders and this court specifically lacks legitimacy as most of its justices were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote🌈


we need to take a cue from iceland's women and shut down the whole country by striking https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34602822.amp




Killdozer when?


Put up billboards with severe fetal deformaties plastered on them. Force them to see what they were fighting for to be born Project videos of 10 year old girls giving birth. Force them to see who they are forcing to give birth. Force them to see infant abuse pictures THEY NEED TO SEE IT SO LETS FORCE THEM TOO




How do people find out where these guys live? Jean Schmidt here in Ohio supports the overturning. I’d like to let her know some things through a megaphone possibly


Absolutely. When leaders intentionally screw you over, remove you from decision making amd dictate your lives based on their whims, it is necessary to show them that they put themselves on the line to do it.


Where have peaceful protests gotten us? here.....


Protests were always meant as a threat, a show of force. It's time to follow through


I think that certain devices from France should be constructed in the streets and politicians escorted to them en masse.


"Arts and Crafts" at my place...7pm work?


Yep. Striking only hurts maybe your manager at most. But you saw what happened when someone showed up outside of Kavanaugh's house once. *Immediate* reaction. *That's* what they're afraid of.


Stop having sex with conservatives.


I mean, for real... especially given the push to outlaw contraception. Conservatives are trying to set up a world where every single time you have sex is Russian roulette for being saddled with a kid. \[Don't\] Fuck'em!


Peaceful actions don’t get anything done anymore. Start executing the corrupt politicians.


The rich forget that unions were the compromise to us going to the rich people houses and burning it down with them inside.


we all should


We fucking should. There are currently 3.4 MILLION more women than men in the United States why are we letting them do this? We hold up entire economy's. See how quickly these industries fall when we all walk out.


Pro-Life = Pro-Rape


I'm hoping for widespread mass riots by the end of the day. Get off your asses and take back your lives.


The USA had failed as a country






I left work this morning after I found out. No fucking way I can work today and process this shit at the same time


Mass walk out and sex strike. Also stop fucking conservatives. Seriously, just don't fuck them.


I'm not a woman, but I would join in solidarity. This affects everyone as well.


Everyone walk out and call in Pregnant


This has got to be the final straw of this fucking culture war. Most people in this country want to live and let live and a small minority wants the rest of us to live by their beliefs. We absolutely have to do something and not just be sitting ducks as we watch our rights get stripped away.


I never in my life thought I'd see the US in such a state of disaster


Republican women - now you have an easier time to find out if your husband is cheating on you. Keep an eye out for airplane tickets.


Im a husband and father or 2 and I will 100% participate in a general strike if my fellow Americans can organize a serious one.


Don't wait for there to be "enough people doing it" or we're all going to settle into the bystander effect. Do it, so people can see you doing it and do it themselves.


My company just emailed out saying it will cover their employees travel and health care cost for those who live in States that will make abortion illegal. Ridiculous this is happening. Everyone should have access and availability to healthcare procedures no matter where they live in this Country.