Boycott Apex, spread the word. We shouldn’t have to play on rented servers.

Boycott Apex, spread the word. We shouldn’t have to play on rented servers.


graphic design is my passion


literally saw this on my feed and said “dear god”


Is this 2007?


Passion design is my graphic




You spelled it wrong: Graphic Design Is My Passion


Yeaaah, gotta \[redundantly\] capitalize the first letter of EVERY single word!


\>We shouldn’t have to play on rented servers. Wait till you learn about every single online game ever


Yeah seriously, I'm sure the servers will be better when they strip them from a cloud computing company who specializes in servers and have a bunch of game devs try to hire systems engineers to build and host their own hardware... what could go wrong?


Reddit in a nutshell.


By the way. Lets boycott reddit, they are rented servers, my messages are laggggggiiing af.




Shouldn't have to play on shitty rented servers*


Wait til you hear about every single multiplayer game ever


Haha Haha true


Plenty of games have fantastic servers that work.


Right? This is legit the only game I play that has issues like this.


Then you aren't playing the games I play lol. They make me worship these servers


Then...why play them? Some of yalls rationalization of how bad their game is sometimes is ridiculous.


Because the servers aren't that bad they are unplayable, they are just bad.


If they didn’t rent the servers they’d be far worse


Original line: If you want people to join the cause first start making a good banner that's readable. Edited line: You should try making a more readable banner if you want more people to get on board with it and not get confused. Edit: Say what you want, if you read it with an aggresive tone, read it however you want, if I see a hardly readable poster or something I'll say it. I don't care. And if OP doesn't care how it looks, then this argument is over to begin with. Stop being butthurt and focus on this movement.


Fr this literally looks like a shitpost


I assumed it was, just read the comments.


It almost looks deep fried.


it clearly went for the antivax boycott aesthetic


Everyone: Complains on reddit about the servers Someone: Does something to try and organize the people to create actual change instead of just complaining. Everyone who hasn't done anything except complain: Your effort sucks and isn't going to work. \*continues to not do anything except complain\*


Not really, apex has a fanbase well into the millions, you'd be extremely lucky if this post caught any traction, it would be at max 20k people ( no hope of this happening ) that would boycott it, nothing would change. I highly doubt OP would boycott it til January anyways. This is just farming for likes, nothing more.


Except it says to boycott cosmetics, not the entire game.


You're right, the picture is so badly put together I had to stop reading half way through. The point still stands though, even if he got a everyone who likes this to do it, it would make no impact. People would just lose out on rare comestics.


i don't disagree with you there but who cares about how shit the post looks? like you said the point still stands. if just 1,000 heirloom purchasers don't buy the next heirloom, that's $160k. 10,000 would be $1.6m. that would probably get someone's attention. but everyone in this sub just wants to whine/complain and shit on the only post offering any type of solution (btw, this boycott requires nothing and actually saves you money if you actually buy shit).


Well said bigmac.


Don't forget the cheese 🧀


not to mention that all 'boycotting' will do is get people fired from the apex team and reduce wages.


Not a lot of thought goes into these posts 🤣


yep. very stupid. just think about the amount of franchises EA has canned because they got too much backlash or stopped generating enough revenue


I'm boycotting but not on purpose. I've become enamored with breath of the wild


Welcome to reddit lmao


I think that might just be welcome to our entire culture


Pay me then I’ll join.


*I can pay you in exposure.*


I can expose myself to pay you.


Yeah, can't believe 10 people gave their award to a post they couldn't even read 60% of


i cant believe people would shit on another for stepping up and actually doing something. imagine that. i'm about to give him his 13th


I'm not shitting on the idea, just on the font bruh


That's perfectly legible, jackass, and you know it. At least OP is TRYING to organize. All you've done as of this moment is shit on that. Wouldn't want you in my cause to begin with.


No, this looks like someone's anti-vax aunt made it for her Facebook friends. Calling it an eyesore would be a compliment.


Then make it better Edit: keep downvoting me, just proves yall are lazy


What part of your brain makes you think that someone who criticizes something is responsible for taking on the intended motion of what is being criticized? Bitch, I got a full time job. I’m not spending my time boycotting a multi-billion dollar gaming company who doesn’t give a rat fuck if I’m upset. I agree Respawn/ EA are royally fucking up. I agree their behavior is pretty shitty after milking the community for way too much money. Doesn’t mean I’m going to spend a grand on photoshop to make a better campaign banner.


Call it whatever you want dude, I am not going to say "this looks great" when it's not, if people can read it good for them. Is the cause ok? Well, servers have always been complete shit, so I am on board with it, is it a really hard to read image? Yes as well. If OP doesn't care, then they don't care if it's readable or not.


At least make the banner readable Jesus.. And yeah buying own servers all over the world is pointless overhead. Renting severs is the way to go


Work in IT Infra. Absolutely renting is the way to go. Renting from a trash can company or having no standards for uptime/optimization is not the way to go. Its either the applications running on the farm suck balls or the hardware/virtual platforms need a serious tuning.


My theory is they're being really stingy with the resources they've got. They've said in the past that the only reason they're not implementing 60hz tickrates is because of how much more CPU usage it is on the server. They may have to half the amount of of hosts running on each server to accommodate this which means renting more servers to make up for it. I bet right now they've crammed as many hosts as possible onto each server to the point where it's resources are maxing out. They probably *think* they've got it perfectly configured where each server is being utilised properly, but have left in no overhead to account for peaks in player counts every time a big update comes out. But in their mind: "why waste money renting additional capacity when the spike in players will die back down after a few weeks?".


Eh. They said the tick rate is tied to CPI and bandwidth issues combined with full map updates. Bumping up the tick rate had an insane jump in bandwidth used (for everyone) for minor improvements. There’s a well written article explaining the nuts and bolts of it but yeah, cpu not so much the issue, full map updates are.




Or a little bit of everything 😬




If you with to offer Respawn your consultancy skills, we can vouch for you.




I actually laughed hard at this one




I would take u seriously if you actually made a good looking post. Not whatever this is


lol, a 3 month boycott... good luck with that.


Yeah, 3 month boycott is already a blue moon shooting star chance of happening, but 3 months of not spending money? The people who spend the money to make Respawn raise their brow aren't going to stop, especially with Wattson's heirloom coming out next, you already know every Wattson main is going to go froth mouthed to get it


A weekend alot of people could get behind. 3 month is absurd


Even the people who have awarded this post are gonna be back in a week or the weekend lol


I understand it’s hard to read but the bottom states. Continue playing & having fun just dont buy coins.


Nope I refuse to play until the servers get fixed! ...or at least until I get home from my trip next week.


Yeah three months without possible their favorite game is probably gonna feel like a long time


They said to not buy cosmetics


I didn’t read it fully because I almost got stroke so i missed that. Well whatever it just a game


Ah yes, every word is capitalized. I gotta take this seriously!


I can tell a 14 year old made this


And looks like even 14 year old knows that this is unacceptable.


It's worth noting that boycotts don't usually work, not that I wouldn't support boycotts to products it's just that eventually people just come back. Especially with a game like Apex where stuff is updated a lot.


I can’t tell if this is a joke because of how bad it looks or an actual serious post


My eyes......


So keep doing what I’ve already been doing? You got it


Yeah since the new update, I don't know what happened to the game optimization, but I literally can't play anymore, let alone stream it like I used to


9700 and 2070 and I get more stutters now than I did on release.


You’ve done it! Your 3 month boycott has fixed it! Very nice!


I mean, basically.


The servers are better than this graphic design


Another certified reddit moment that will inadvertently cause the servers to run smoother on that day


Hosting your own servers is not feasible, especially with a playerbase as big as Apex. What a ridiculous statement. Why not use already available infrastructure by Google, Amazon and Microsoft that are easily scaled by Multiplay? "Better servers" won't help anyway if the netcode that runs on them is the issue. Respawn has already elaborated on all the issues and explained exactly why they won't make any big changes in their blog about servers, netcode and stability. I may not agree, but it is what it is. The only thing that will ever change something is people stopping to spend money on the game.


How can we boycott a free game? You're the one to blame if you pay for cosmetics. Yeah they are overpriced but also are not needed


I don't think they will care if a couple hundred people boycott


1. Holy fuck how do you read this 2. I’ve seen multiple boycotts start and fail for not only this game but MANY others 3. 2022!?!?


At this point i rather join in since shits unplayable


Bro this shit is about to make me leave the subreddit, this is cringe as hell


Apex consumers rather complain on a subreddit than actually do something that might make EA improve their servers. Like a boycott or they will just scrap the game and move on. EA and respawn could care less.


> EA and respawn could care less. ***couldn't*** care less. It's not just for the sake of being pedantic, it has a completely different meaning.


>EA improve their servers. ...Except EA has nothing to do with it, and Respawn choose to outsource their servers.


Breaking news: redditor learns that all game companies and publishers rent servers.


TLDR …are the severs back up yet?


That's... not a boycott. If you really want to boycott, STOP PLAYING ALLTOGETHER.


If Titanfall is of any indication this isn’t gonna work out


What a shitty image lol


this reads like my uncle jerry's anti vax facebook post


Good luck 😂


Imma keep playin, game is pretty good on pc lol


You obviously don’t know how servers or anything is maintained when it comes to this issue. Boycotting apex will do nothing unless you want to kill the game. Why would EA put money into a game if nobody is playing it cause a boycott? Lmao what a post


Lmao wait till you hear about every game in the world




Lmao this sub is just pathetic


So much hate for a game there gonna go back for


Lol u wasted time making that thinking it will do something. Good luck trying to reach all apex players with this silly banner lmao


What the hell is this graphic its fucking painful to read. Rented servers are fine, its the quality and lack of testing the updates is the issue.


Splitgate servers are better than apex servers and it’s literally in beta and run by three people.


I feel by reading this I may be entitled to some compensation.


He should give you a heirloom


This hurt my eyes 👀 they burning 🔥


Lmao bye


I've seen hundreds of "boycott x game" posts and a grand total of 0 actual boycotts. But its always hilarious to see people try.


>continue playing >boycott Pick one man. Also as long as streamers are there bringing in kids and new impressionable people they will make bank. Apex is hot right now and despite what anyone does it’ll stay that way until a new competitor drops.


LMFAO wtf is this


Man, the only way you gonna stop ppl from spending money is the server being down lmao. I know ppl who insta bought the heirloom when game wasn't even playable. So u know, good luck


Is there a earnings report for how much apex makes? Or respawn? I don't know how much Apex generates, I would assume a healthy amount. I'm more curious how much Apex generates as opposed to how much EA generates with all its IPs.


Bingo. This is why the "2 billion dollar company1!!111!!!" argument means jack shit. EA makes billions off of Madden alone every year while changing nothing but the roster, they do not need Apex.


Sad that the community can't put two and two together. Hate to see it but thus seems more like a blame evil ea than even consider the developer. Or to at least question who makes these decisions.


thus has got to be a meme


The servers are only bad cause of the sheer amount of people returning for the event. I played 7pm the servers were bad but when I played 2 hours later they were fine. The servers cannot handle so many people because there is a limit and there's no point investing millions on server upgrades if the problem is just the player base increasing by 10 times for a week or two.


If I had to rank the issues in this game: 1) Prevalence of cheating (especially strike packs) 2) EOMM / Terrible solo matchmaking experience 3) No rewards for level 500 users (i.e. packs) 4) Broken audio 5) Punishing users with good internet connections 6) 3 stacks mixed with solo queue players 7) Server instability 8) Predatory pricing schemes 9) Degrading quality of battle pass and lack of events 10) Bugs, bugs, bugs


>5) Punishing users with good internet connections What do you mean?


Yeah lmao


Why tf is rewards for level 500 players more important than ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS? Otherwise this is spot on.


11. The community 12. The community 13. The fucking community


wait until you see dead by daylight


this whole situation is reminding me of the "boycott" that r/dbd tried a few months ago, im sure this boycott will be equally effective lmao


The third biggest issue is lack of free cosmetics? Really?


Bruh nobody's gonna do this lol. Even if you got all of Reddit to boycott Apex, that's only like 10% of the player base. They don't give a crap


Is this a joke?


Holy hell this is a bad graphic. And boycotting a thing for a few weeks would be more effective. Boycotting for months is just "quitting" and coming back later.


I don't think you know what a boycott is


Work for a server leasing company and can tell you 100% this is the way to go as far as maintenance and support for these servers. We’re way more equipped to diagnose and solve problems, replace failed hardware, and upgrade performance and capacity because that’s what we do all day everyday. End-users typically don’t have the staff to maintain or markets to source the failed equipment. They typically rely on eBay and they end up sourcing damaged or counterfeit equipment which results in longer downtime’s and higher costs. Edit: My suggestion to Respawn pony up and upgrade your systems/support with more current products and higher SLAs for faster response times. Or get quotes from a better provider.


This boycott will go about as well as the readability of this post.


i’m okay the server problems will go away and i enjoy the game despite it so :)


Get out of here with your positivity man! I'll see you on the dropship lol


I'm all for a strike, to try and make EA/Respawn upgrade our servers, and I applaud your good intentions...but, maybe a flash strike would garner more participation ? Maybe what we need is to just stop playing the game altogether for a day or two or whatever ? We'd need the support of streamers and pros too for it to get anywhere I think.


Goodbye. Look forward to not seeing you online at all for 3 months.


lol, i just made a comment about shitty cosmetic prices on another post and got downvoted af. We need to get as many people as we can for this boycott. No more of EA's shit.


Boycotts always worked so well.


Hit diamond in season 8 and gave up the game right after due to the trash servers. I would come back only if the servers were seriously upgraded.


Probably easier to gather a following by boycotting paying for skins. Game is still fun, and high server capacity will cause the kinds of issues that prompt the need for better servers


i would but i like the game, brb my match is starting


You like the current state the game is in?


hell no lol


Sorry you couldn't play for an hour on a free to play game


Free to play game with in game purchases. That logic only work if it’s truly free, yet it’s not. Respawn & EA make a big profit (almost 2b revenue to date).


but it is truly free, all the in-game purchases are optional and add nothing to your actual game experience. this isn't destiny 2 where you have to own certain content to get the best guns


You don't have to buy anything to play it. I get that maybe you want some return on investment if you buy skins or whatever, but at the end of the day you're just buying the skins.


Jeez sorry that a company needs to make money and people have worthless cosmetics that you don't have


LOL Respawn Entertainment doesn't make or host the servers. Multiplay from Unity codes, manages, and hosts the servers. It's like getting mad at uber that the roads sucks. Unity is one of the major game engine companies in the industry. They're up there with unreal, id.


i’m going to play Apex now


Holy shit. The servers suck balls but everyone is acting like their grandma died. You can survive without apex for a couple days. It will be ok.


No one on this sub is going to do this.


Lol definitely not. Like we all know the servers are fucked. Why keep posting about it none stop?


Because everyone feels their individual voice needs to be heard. We get it, you've played for 10,000+ hours, have spent thousands on this game and its mostly unplayable for 72 hrs. All the posts are the same with minor alterations. If you don't want to play the game in its current state, don't load it up.


So cringe


Chill haha


We doin this?






Yes please boycott maybe the servers becomes more stable with less traffic.


How about if everyone stops spending cash on a free game instead. Playing the game without spending money would effect them more than not playing at all


that's exactly what it says


Going to have to disagree with this movement. If we don't play then all the nice hamsters that run their servers will be slaughtered in the millions due to their perceived obsolescence. I don't play Apex for fun, I play to keep those hamsters alive.


Thank God some else is thinking of the hamsters


Nah I’m good thanks, I’ll deal with buggy ass servers, just like I have for so long. I have legit nothing else to do right now because I’ve injured myself so can’t go skating :/


Me who doesn’t even play anymore due to lack of anything to play on:it’s free real estate


This will be controversial, but I’ve very, VERY rarely had issues with the apex servers. 0 in the last two months, and I play at least 3 hours per week.


This is just farming for likes, we both know OP not gonna boycott that long, even if this post got any traction the max amount of people you'd get to do it is like 10k people out of a fanbase that has millions 🤦‍♂️🤣 atleast he got his likes


Make a new banner like Jesus Christ I can't read it.


i agree but im addicted so sorry, i wont wont give them money either tho


The entitlement people have over a free game is wild.


genuinely the worst opinion people have on this subreddit is thinking apex is a free game so it cant be criticized. stfu.


Some of us have invested in this game, as we want it to survive.


That’s your decision.


you didnt pay jack squat for this game , so go cry to your mommy ...and no i dont care how much money you spent on skins, you dont need that to play nor were you forced to buy them


So let me explain something to you because this comment right here is ignorance at its finest. EA and Respawn need to make money on Apex Legends. Why? Because in order to keep the ball moving on updates, new content, etc, they rely on earning money. Apex Legends has made over $1 billion dollars. That is their business model. A F2P game that allows players to play their game for free so they can do what? Buy skins, buy battlepasses, buy heirlooms, etc. You’re correct, people don’t need to buy skins nor are they forced to buy them but they want to. Why do they want to? Because they enjoy it. You don’t need to play any game or need to do anything in life. But why do you do it? Because you want to. And EA/Respawn want you to keep buying their in game cosmetics, battlepass,heirlooms, etc because they want to milk that business model as much as they can because that equals more earnings which equates to more profits each quarter. So when you say things like “go cry to your mommy”, you sound like an entitled little kid. There are people who enjoy playing the game who don’t spend money on the game who want to have a good experience playing it without having to deal with all the server bs. And to the people who have invested their own money into the game to support the game as well as because they enjoy it and want those items, they are even more frustrated because they are investing money into something that they aren’t able to enjoy due to the constant server issues. Let’s keep in mind that server issues have been a problem in Apex since Day 1. This is nothing new. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that you probably don’t want to play a game that has bad servers, especially a game that you personally enjoy regardless if it’s a free game or a paid game. A multi billion dollar company should invest into better servers because it creates a better gameplay experience for their player base. That’s the moral of the story.


It's also a free to play so you are not entitled to anything OP.


Twice today i’ve been stuck on the loading screen after a game and i’ve had to restart the game. Today i had an octane get disconnected while we were fighting the last team. I was down, teammate was down, he was about to finish picking me up when he disconnected, i cried.


Chill, it's literally a free to play game


Cry some more. You’re not being a hero posting this FYI.


Besides everything else wrong with this post, a true boycott would probably just leave them to abandon the game, not fix it. ​ Which maybe means we'd actually get TF3




Ah yes I support this but unfortunately my addiction is too strong


Lol Nah


I will join you by not playing Apex at all... that shouldn't be that hard because when I do want to play I can't find a match or get lagged out... most common is not having any teammates because they lagged out


F2P gamers: “I see this as a win”


The game is free. So sick of this entitlement generation.


How is it fucking entitlement to expect a MULTIPLAYER GAME to run efficiently? What’s the fucking point of a game, free or not, that doesn’t fucking work??


It’s literally free. Play another game


Oh I see, you have nothing to support your argument so you’re just going to be a pain in the ass instead.


Bitching about servers on a free game. Hmm.


Just because it's a free game doesn't give it an excuse for shitty servers, They're selling recolours of skins for apex tokens and we all remember the travesty that was the iron crown event. Plus valorant has better servers and for seperate regions too, ans it's a free game


“How about no Scott”




im already doing that, and wont be paying attention to apex at all once bf and halo drop.