Kuo: Apple delays under-display Touch ID for iPhone to 2023, foldable iPhone to 2024

Kuo: Apple delays under-display Touch ID for iPhone to 2023, foldable iPhone to 2024


Yeah right lmao


Next year: _Apple delays under-display Touch ID for iPhone to 2024, foldable iPhone to 2025_


I remember back in 2015 when the Apple Car was a 2021 product!


I remember when the Apple Watch was “never gonna happen”, according to many people’s response to Apple smart watch rumors.


In two years: *iPhone is discontinued for 2026 to make room for Apple Glasses.*


*for Apple eyephone


Oh, I heard that the Watch Series 7 will bring squared edges, won’t it? (Just a friendly reminder to be more critical to the leaks, at least about Apple devices)


It rumoured that Watch Series 8 will bring a wait of one year before Watch Series 9. Can anybody confirm?


Can confirm Source: Just trust me /s


They are by design unsubstantiated (until the expiry date). And even then have repeatedly been waved away as _"next year"_ or just an unreliable source. In reality these leakers need to get _just_ enough right to convince people they're legit and due to the length of release schedules can just make shit up throughout the year to sell clicks. By simple chance enough people trying this will result in some of those people being right. Whether due to good information or pure chance.


It’s coming in 2019! Wait, it’s coming in 2020! Oh wait…. Now it’s coming in 2021. Fuck, still not right? Well it’ll be here next year….. or maybe the next…. This is Nostradamus 101. Make enough predictions and some are bound to come right. Science shows we remember when people are right far more than when they’re wrong. Which is why folks give people credit for getting these predictions right and forget that the majority of the time they’re wrong. Stop believing these folks. They’re nearly always wrong. 😂


I swear I read the title and said the same thing then opened the thread to find the exact same reaction from you


They also aren't dropping the notch next year. They just made it smaller, so they'll keep this iteration around for another cycle or two so new phone owners don't get pissed off. Apple moves s-l-o-w-l-y.


People don’t realize that the notch is an apple visual cue. It’s like marketing because it’s recognizable, like the home button. Apple is in no hurry to remove it


But it’s receding. They might need to hurry up and get plugs before it all disappears.


I think it’s getting smaller because so much backlash and they are sticking with the decision while improving with the tech. I should state that this is my hypothesis not fact, but I think they could’ve just had a single row at the top of the device for the sensor suite but they didn’t and that makes little sense to me


I was making a male pattern baldness joke. But yeah, I totally agree with you.


Haha i totally missed it the first time. That’s pretty good actually


While there's certainly some truth to that, I refuse to believe that Apple would keep the notch on the next iPhone if they were magically given the ability to remove it while keeping the functionality it provides.


I agree completely and they like to make "bold brave" decisions like removing things, so im sure they will find a way to call attention to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is some new visual queue that makes an iPhone with no home button and no notch stand out in a crowd.


Yup. And this is exactly why I am perfectly fine with it being there!


seriously? you're okay with a notch that gets in the way of an all screen display because you want to become a human billboard for apple?


I mean, it’s not like if the notch wasn’t there, we’d get soooo much more screen space. I like to think of the phone screen ending at the base of the notch then and I have 2 “tabs” on left and right corner that tel time and other things.


I personally like the notch. I have never noticed it wheel watching videos or browsing social media. I have zero problems with it.


I’m not the guy you responded to, but just my personal taste, I like the notch too. I don’t really want a complete rectangular slab where every phone looks the same. Just my opinion.


You like the notch because it makes you feel good that it doesn't look like other phones? This is one of the most Apple comments I've seen in a while.


Not because it’s Apple. I like some of the distinctive quirks of other phones too. I like the new camera strip on the back of the newest Pixels (which is also controversial and hated by many). I’m just saying that I like unique design elements that distinguish phones from each other, and I don’t want the final form of smartphones to just be a black glass rectangle that all look the same.


Why I ordered my wife a flip 3 yesterday. And why I like my note 20 ultra with an enormous camera bump on the back and waterfall curved edge screen. Gotta have something new-looking to distinguish from all the black rectangles.


They wait for tech to be polished before implementing. Can’t really blame them. I upgrade on a 2 years cycle now because they hold their value and just get whatever comes out.


In display fingerprint scanners in new phones are highly polished already. They are fast, reliable, secure, and do not carry any compromises.


The ones in the S10 and S20 line could be fooled by a screen protecter…


2 years cycle? That would be really hard for me to justify. I am currently on a 6 year upgrade cycle and even then I have trouble justifying a new purchase. My iPad Air will be 8 years old in a few weeks and I still use it daily for hours. I thought about buying the latest iPad Pro with Mini LED, but then I realized that I mainly use it for YouTube, Apollo and Safari and that the user experience doesn’t differ drastically.


In display fingerprint scanners are pretty damn polished


Why couldn’t they just do a power button touch id in the meantime FFS


They want you to buy a case for your iPhone. Most cases cover the power buttons.


All iPhone 13 models require new cases anyway, so thry (and all 3rd party case makers) could just make a case that doesn’t cover the power button, just like the silent/ring switch is uncovered.


...The cases are designed to reflect the phone, not the other way round


you can leave it exposed? or if its a water case it can have film/plastic that works with touchid just like past home button models (6-SE2)


A foldable iPhone is not coming in 2024. It took them this long to get 120 Hz, and it’s only in their pro models…


Like Cadillac where the lower cost chevy products get those Caddy features several years later. This buys Apple time to figure out what features come next. And allow multi-year cycles to roll through before the next one, like 5 years of crappy keyboards.


They were waiting for LTPO and it had to work on their OLED. It had been explained many times over the years, only the clickbait youtubers kept saying 120hz was coming every year just because “everyone else already did it”, while ignoring or being unaware of the fact those rivals were only doing 120hz without actually caring much about battery life.


Exactly. LTPO OLED at the scale Apple sells just didn’t exist until recently. I mean, Android phones with high refresh rate LTPO OLEDs only started to come out recently too, and none sell at the scale Apple needs


Apple is never going to release one as long as the only option is scratchable with a nail... Imagine the #scratchgate scandal lol.


Dave2D mentioned that 120hz display on android wasn’t great because they lagged. He wonders how Apple will be different


It wasn’t the display that lagged necessarily but the implementation of a refresh rate that adjusts based on material present. So in content that would constantly jump it would ‘lag’. The 120hz mode itself does not lag at 120hz.


2023 9to5Mac : “this year Apple has focused on an improved camera” Plus: Apple removes the charging cable from the iPhone box to save the environment. 2024: 9to5Mac:”this year Apple has focused on an improved camera” Plus: Apple removes the charging port from its phones to save the environment. Special chargers with C1 chip can be bought separately for $60 2025:: 9to5Mac : “this year Apple has focused on an improved camera” Plus: always on display for the iPhone 2026:: 9to5Mac:“this year Apple has focused on an improved camera” Plus: Apple removes the notch for a hole punch display.


At this point, I only care about when they gonna implement usb-C. Stuffs like foldable phone are like asking Apple to reinvent the house or plane.


The answer is that they probably won’t. Every year that goes by without switching to USB-C is another year that it becomes harder to do so.


Maybe they're going into it slowly by switching a device at a time so when they finally switch the iPhone most of their costumers already have USB-C cables? I mean, those devices switched to USB-C in the following years: * MacBook - 2015 * MacBook Pro - 2016 * iMacs - 2017 * iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini - 2018 * Mac Pro - 2019 * iPad Air - 2020 * iPad Mini - 2021 Maybe I missed some stuff, but that's what I remember. Also, magsafe would ease the transition, because customers wouldn't have to replace those if a new iPhone have USB-C port instead of lightning.


For those of you in the "who cares about the port" camp, a few things (that were also new to me) -USB-C is significantly faster than lightning, even apple touts this for the iPad mini -For some reason, apple gates some external device connectivity features to USB-C. -One cable for everything would be nice -Device-to-device transfers/quick setup with a single cable instead of having to buy a $39 camera adapter. Great for rapidly moving your stuff to your new iPhone (which I'm sure many of you will be doing soon). -Support for faster charging via USB PD standards.


It’s quite pathetic to see the overreaching that people will go to on this sub to defend Apple for keeping the lightning port. It literally offers so many disadvantages and is inferior to USB-C. Watch when Apple finally replaces lightning with USB-C and these same sheep will be “oh wow smart move Apple, good idea!”


> USB-C is significantly faster than lightning, even apple touts this for the iPad mini Lightning supports USB 3 speeds on some devices, just like USB-C.


Unfortunately not iPhones. They still utilize usb 2.0


Almost nobody uses data transfer by cable though. This will only get lower over time with improved wireless standards. Almost nobody connects their iPhone to external devices. One cable for everything would be nice, but most iPhone users this one cable already is an iPhone. Most people don’t have multiple devices that they carry with them all them time. Device to device transfer is used by a very small amount of people and is only used once a year at most so not important. Faster charging can also be done over lightning for what apple supports now. The benefits of keeping lightning: - use all cables you’ve bought in the last 9 years - use all accessories you’ve bought in the last 9 years


"Almost nobody" does this, almost nobody does that... You know what almost nobody does? Shoot professional video scenes with their phones, yet that's 90% of what they advertise about the new line of Pro phones. Almost *everyone* who owns a device from another manufacturer or even an iPad or Mac from Apple is using USB-C, so that's reason enough to make the switch. >The benefits of keeping lightning: - use all cables you’ve bought in the last 9 years - use all accessories you’ve bought in the last 9 years Besides the fact that Apple is already forcing iPad users to make the switch, not everyone has owned exclusively iPhones for a decade. New users switching from other platforms or even getting a phone for the first time are having to buy new charging blocks and cables rather than reuse cables they already have for non-Apple devices. It goes both ways.


100% agree I wanted to come back on iOS but these things make me hesitate, lightning should'nt be on a $1000+ device in 2021, let alone the notch and no under display touch ID or at least on the power button like the iPad mini ffs. If it wasn't for iOS and the ecosystem I would stay on android.


>Almost nobody connects their iPhone to external devices. I can confirm, and I'm one of the people who does. I've never, even once, seen another person do so.


And you're a minority even on this sub, I would say, and this sub is already a tiny minority of iOS users.




> Almost nobody uses data transfer by cable though. Anyone silly enough to shoot ProRes on a phone will. That 480Mbps USB 2 connection is going to be a painful bottleneck. > One cable for everything would be nice, but most iPhone users this one cable already is an iPhone. Most people don’t have multiple devices that they carry with them all them time. Trust me, coming from a physical keyboard wielding *Blackberry* with USB-C and going to an iPhone the Lightning cable this *is* a pain point. Thinking anything else is just denial. My MBP, Switch, headphones, hotspot, camera, hard drives, power bank, everything portable that I *sometimes* carry has USB-C. Except the iPhone. It's *the* device that I need a specific cable for. Looking at the it the other way (people always have a Lightning cable) is just backwards. Everything else can use one charging brick and one charging cable. Except iPhone. > Device to device transfer is used by a very small amount of people and is only used once a year at most so not important. There are some users who do a lot more data transfer. > Faster charging can also be done over lightning for what apple supports now. As Lightning is USB 2 based 2.4 amps is he max the cable can carry. On the 9v profile Apple is using that gets to 20w, and at that it's an odd mix of USB-PD with USB 2 data. With 3a available from all USB-C cables 60w would be the limitation of the cable. The biggest phones could benefit from 30w of charging. More than that is just wear on the battery. > The benefits of keeping lightning The benefits of keeping Lightning are stagnation based. The world has a new standard, and everything with Lightning is proprietary e-waste. *Everything* else has moved on. iPad is moving on. Basic bluetooth devices like wireless headphones have moved on. Cars have USB-C ports standard. Updated hotels have USB-C ports. It's environmentally irresponsible to keep putting proprietary ports on devices when they should be cross-compatible with the rest of the world.


> Almost nobody uses data transfer by cable though. Anyone who records in ProRes 4K will want to.


All the points above are null to me because all my devices are in usb-c. Only this frickin iPhone is the one left without.


> One cable for everything would be nice, but most iPhone users this one cable already is an iPhone. Most people don’t have multiple devices that they carry with them all them time. There's no way this is true. Even Apple's own lineup has begun to abandon lightning. If you have a modern iPad you have USB C. If you have a MacBook you have USB C. If you have any modern headphones from any reputable brands that aren't Apple they're USB-C. If you have a portable gaming console (Nintendo Switch, soon enough Steam Deck), that's USB C. This is straight-up untrue.


Wouldn't Apple love to sell us adapters for $29? Just make the leap! #courage


I suspect if they make anything foldable, it will be an iPad. But given how resistant they seem to be to any major hardware design changes I don't see them prioritizing that kind of relatively useless change when compared to investing in an all new form factor like glasses.


You know how many times I have wanted to fold up my phone or iPad? Never, it’s never happened. I don’t see the appeal.


I am literally waiting for only type c. Whole house on type c. MacBook, iPad, car chargers, Android phones, everything. I am not getting a freaking new connector and carry it everywhere with me.


I really doubt it’s ever coming to the iPhone. They’re clearly going for a portless future with MagSafe, so I think they’ll just stick it out with lightning until they jump the gun.


I'm not looking forward to having to carry an induction charging pad around to charge my phone. Maybe their goal is to get us to buy MagSafe battery cases.


I know some people who think apple will skip type-c on the iPhone all together and just go port-less. Most people don’t transfer data between their iPhones and computers nowadays anyway, with cloud services being as convenient and popular as they are. If they can get faster charging out of MagSafe, I could see them going that rout.


Apple car play, most cars don’t have wireless CarPlay


i have this crazy thought that they will do this, and simultaneously release a USB cable with a Wifi6 receiver on the end that hooks up just as easily as airpods to your phone, enabling both carplay, and fast data transfers to pc/mac. which might be cool simply because it would enable pseudo "wireless" carplay.


There’s at least one company that makes something like that to enable wireless CarPlay on older cars. It was like $120 when I was looking into it.


I don’t quite agree. I think the implementation of ProRes recording on the 13 Pro indicates that Apple is expecting people to be offloading large amounts of data from their phones in the future, at least Pro users. And the implementation of the USB-C port in the new Mini shows a trend in that direction for their newer designs. IMO, the future will more likely be that the standard iPhones will either keep the lightning port or go portless as you suggest, but I think the pro models are destined to implement USB-C at some point in the near future, likely in the next big redesign (like the X was over the 7). I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened next year.


I’d be super disappointed if that’s the case. I’m not dying for USB-C. But if Apple went port less, I’d definitely go all in the iPhone 13’s generation. (Which might happen anyway because of the crazy good deals AT&T is offering for trading in an iPhone XS Max.) That’s just one more dongle that I’d be use constantly.


Do people actually want foldable phones? It seems like the curved tv gimmick more than anything imo


Ok serious question about USB C. Is this connector reliable? Almost everything type C that I use the connection feels loose and flimsy. I love the lightening port because it snaps into place and feels solid.


> Almost everything type C that I use the connection feels loose and flimsy. Weird, everything I’ve used with USB-C has been notably firm.


That’s good to know. Maybe it is just the hardware that I have that isn’t super tight.


Lightening rubs into the slot… type-c satisfyingly clicks into the slot.


Why under display? If anything, they could add a power button Touch ID like the iPads right now but I’m guessing cost is the main reason not to.


They seem to want to keep the impression that the power button touch ID is a “mid-range” feature, not a “premium, top-end” one, so to speak. Though I personally would absolutely love it if they incorporated it in the iphone now alongside the face ID. And it’d seem like a more straightforward, and instant solution to many problems, since they could do it now when people still wear mask and do need the touch ID more, rather than wait till years later for the tech that they have yet to perfect…


Face ID is hands down better than Touch ID for one thing, and that’s opening secure apps like banking apps (or even Reddit). So much faster and better not having to reach my thumb over every time I want to open a secure app.


Well, until you’re in a place you can’t remove your mask and you need to type in your passcode… which was part of that guy’s point.


How do you secure apps


Some apps have the option to use the phone’s biometrics to login, such as Apollo.


It's up to app developers. I don't know about the US but for instance where I live you open your bank app with Touch ID or Face ID


They should make, like, a super secure lock option where if you want to use the Touch ID sensor, you’d have to use Face ID and Touch ID together to unlock the phone. Otherwise, I agree, they won’t want Touch ID alone on the high end phones because it’s not as secure as Face ID.


Why a foldable phone? How popular is that, really?


Lol this comment is going to age so poorly. Flashback to 2011 and the OG Note: "Why a giant 5.2" screen? How popular is that, really?"


Fr, I refuse to buy a phone with a screen that can scratch by a fingernail.


Having a foldable phone sounds cool, but I'm concerned about of the longevity of a product with a foldable display and a hinge under the stress of being in my jeans pocket. Imagine unfolding your phone to get a larger display for FaceTime or watching a video.


I think it’s pretty safe to conclude that Apple will have solved such an issue if they were to release a foldable device.


More space for screen, less space used in the pocket. The only thing that needs to be worked on is durability.


I just saw one for the first time last Sunday and while it was cool the screen looked like shit, right in the middle, where the fold goes. Hard pass until they figure out how to make it better.


I owned a fold 2 and have a fold 3. The crease disappears when looking directly at the screen. But yes on off angles it is very noticeable. Overall I love having a pocket iPad mini.


9to5 is such a rag these days.


Kuo is the most accurate analyst in Apple’s corporate history. How does reporting his guidance make them a rag?


His iPhone 13 predictions were wayyy off. Given that they were in the thick of manufacturing, and the fact that the 13 is basically just the 12, it really calls into question what he knows.


What do you mean? The only thing was satellite communication.


LEO (like you said) AirPods 3 iPhone 4 form factor for Apple Watch


Only 1 of those is iPhone 13. I’m gonna give a pass considering Bloomberg reported the same and we are in a global pandemic. He’s historically extremely accurate.


Kuo is literally spitting out more bullshit than Prosser at this point


Under display Touch ID isn’t happening


I hope you're wrong, because I've been holding off on upgrading my phone just for that.


How is under display TouchID not ready until 2023 when other companies have been doing this **SUCCESSFULLY** since 2018 or 2019??


probably not up to apple’s standards. Apple’s Touch ID has been known to surpass all the competitions and no one came close, just like their Face ID that can’t be tricked with 3D masks, and their taptic engine and the mac trackpad that are both hands down the best out there by far. They tend to want things that are more than merely passable


Like not creating an iPad calculator app because it is “not up to their standards”?


Or a weather app. I hate tapping the weather widget on iPad and being brought to an ad filled weather site. I don’t believe that you can’t get a weather app to function beautifully on a large display.


I get this but I wonder how much better their version will be. I’ve used several under-screen fingerprint sensors from recent generation devices and they’ve all been responsive so curious to see what they add.


FaceID got beat with a 3D mask four years ago: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/hackers-trick-apple-iphone-x-face-id-3d-mask-security


* The researchers concede, however, that their technique would require a detailed measurement or digital scan of a the face of the target iPhone's owner. *


Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know this one. Still the point stands as apple tends to demand higher than just passable quality. If the current under display fingerprint sensor isn’t as good as their old touch ID, i do not think they’d want it to ruin the legacy and impression


Under screen touch id have been extremely good for 2 years now. Apple is lethargic to new technology except their processors Not everything needs to hide behind this imaginary _high standards_ line Sometimes you are just too comfortable with your current flow, that is all


Sometimes it's also whether a supplier can manufacture enough parts for their needs or not. If the yields aren't there then they kick the can down the road.


Possible. Doesn't take 3 years to sort it out. 1 or 2 years is understandable. Anyway


> Not everything needs to hide behind this imaginary high standards line Have you considered that it might not be imaginary though? That article is about a mask created with an extremely detailed 3D scan of someone’s face. So technically it’s possible, but in practical terms it’s not useful. Apple’s FaceID is still better than the competitors... Hell, some are still just using visual camera and no depth measurements. FaceID is secure enough for pay, competitors are not. TouchID was way better than competing fingerprint phones at the time and continues to be better than anything else I’ve used. Yes apple can be slow, but they do legitimately refuse to implement new features like this unless they can get them perfect.


These are just excuses to justify things. And some of your info is straight up false. It's like you only see all the good things about apple and never touch the other side. Apple touch ID was nothing out over special.


What the fuck? TouchID *was* special when it came out, it was so much better than what competitors were doing, and it was literally the first *capacitive* fingerprint scanner in a phone — competitors were using *optical* scanners which were not as accurate, secure, or reliable.


It was pretty special when it first launched. Samsungs s5 fingerprint implementation was horribile (had to swipe the button, hardly worked either) and it was pretty fast at the time


Well the commentor isn't talking about first gen stuff. He clearly said " apple touch id has been known to surpass competitors and no one came close" clearly implying it's better from all since past to present. Well it certainly far from truth. If you go back to 2014 we clearly see which one was better implemented at that time. S5 had a pill shaped home button (needed swipes) while iphone had circular. And It clearly changed after years.


When i criticize apple stuff here i get called a hater, but when i praise them for the good things they did and people are telling me i only see good things about them. And which ones in particular are false, aside from the 3D mask one? Also apple’s touch ID is highly praised for its accuracy among competitions, so are the trackpad and taptic engine. By your logic, maybe you’re just hating things for reason, I presume?


> Apple’s Touch ID has been known to surpass all the competitions and no one came close According to whom?


That was true in like 2014 but companies have come a long way since then regarding fingerprint sensor. Samsung was behind OnePlus on their first under-display fingerprint release but now they've achieved as much as you could ask for. Same goes for Face ID. Samsung tried it with their Iris Scanner in 2017 and that was horrible experience compared Face ID released also in the same year. They eventually ditched Iris Scanner and went with face recognition which has massively improved since then. It's very identical to Face ID in 2021.


I have an S10 for work and the in screen fingerprint sensor is awful. Same with the Face ID. I went to using them stupid swipe code 90%+ of the time. It’s not exactly “successful “


In theory it’s because Apple wants something better than the current solutions. But I think there’s a point at which Apple starts to appear like they are falling behind to the general public.


new to apple, huh?


Mr reliable is back!


Please stop


These “leakers” are never right anyways


Hate is a strong word but I hate faceid


Oh look. Another year of Touch ID coming back. When will people let this die.


I still think Touch ID is superior. 18 months of wearing a mask has cemented this.


I believe the thing will Apple is they aren't going to compromise one feature to accommodate another. For example, some other devices that have under the screen selfie cameras are cool and the tech is evolving, but under the screen selfie cameras effect the display panel above it. It looks like crap where the camera is under the screen TBH. Perhaps under the screen fingerprint sensors are yet up to Apples quality yet in one shape or another. Or they simply have no desire to bring TouchID back. They could have accommodated TouchID in the power button for years now but they clearly don't care to. Apple knows they can't create a mass adoption for a new feature if they continue to give alternative options. They've always played this way.


Totally agree. I used to really like Face ID and now I wish I still had my iPhone 8 for the Touch ID.


120hz was first (heavily) rumored on the 11. Absent on the 12, despite iOS14 beta leaks having a "disable smooth motion" option, and finally showed up on the 13.


Most people knew it wouldn’t come for 11, and it was most heavily rumored for the 12. But during 2020 the lack of 120hz LTPO large scale manufacturing immediately confirmed that it wasn’t happening


Never, we miss touchID


Never. Touch ID > Face ID. I’d take Touch ID over 120hz.


I will happily continue using my SE as long as it has a major feature that I love (my fingerprint sensor) that just doesn't exist in new iphones. Having to key in your passcode whenever you're in public and wearing a mask is really annoying. And for what it's worth, I'm very happy with my Garmin watch that lasts for days nagivating with GPS when I go hiking, so I'm not going to buy an Apple Watch just to avoid passcode entry while masked.


The under display fingerprint sensor of my 2019 Xiaomi works just fine.


Does it work better than Apple’s Face ID? Because if not, you have your answer as to why Apple hasn’t done this yet.


Being able to let you in is not the issue. Being able to let you in reliably while keeping every single other person on the planet out, is the actual issue.


Yeah, Apple isn't going to do foldable phones until this [doesn't happen anymore](https://imgur.com/tBhFG0y).


Eh, it starts again. Another year of rumor mills and notes from "analysts" on what the new device will have. Right now you can make shit up and people will report on it because the 13 JUST launched, hell, it's technically not even available yet.


I don’t think Apple will ever launch Foldable iPhones. That will kill their iPad market.


Apple has *always* been absolutely fine with killing their own products. Better them than someone else, after all. Why do you think the iPod is dead?




If they can foldables to have a similar price to a normal smartphone with similar speeds, I’d just buy one for the satisfaction of closing it.


People used to make fun of the Galaxy Notes for being so huge saying that nobody would ever want such a large phone and now the majority of phones are huge.


People also made fun of 3D video becoming a thing, and rightly so. Sometimes a gimmick is just a gimmick. I can’t really see the advantage of a foldable phone; I’d rather have a stronger design than something with moving parts that can break or wear down over time.


You don't see how having a tablet and a phone in a single device is an advantage? Really? If anything tablets are a gimmick, too big to replace a phone and too limited to replace a laptop (except for the Surface Pro because it runs an actual desktop OS). Foldables are finally fixing this problem by making the tablet fold into your pocket and having that outer screen to use as a regular phone


You're wrong, though. Eventually there will exist a trifold phone that occupies the same volume as the phone you have now, can be used folded up, and then unfolds to an 8x5" screen. The technology will advance, as will batteries, and the materials science involved in making a hard, flexible display cover. The only reason you'd think they make no sense is if you can't imagine the future where these advancements have been made.


I went back to a flip phone (circa 2010 one) for the last couple weeks just for fun and While the phone is much smaller it's thickness makes it a bigger Hussle to carry around than my old 11 pro max lol. Thickness mather!


these sources are so annoying lol "apple delays" how many people know that while u were using a 5S, apple was working on Iphone X how many people know the phone coming out in 2022 is already done, finished, no design changes? do you think they know the phone coming out in 2023 is done as well? cant believe people still think apple is designing your phone within a year or two of its release lol.


You make it sound like the design of the next iPhone is 100% finished and just sitting on Tim Cook's desk. What do you think happens from today up until the assumed launch next September?




why do you hope it's just a fad? once the issues with the tech are ironed out, it could become the new standard. having a larger screen is super helpful for productivity. people mocked Samsung for the Galaxy Note phones because of how large they were, but look at the size of the iPhone lineup now.


Introducing iPocket, it's an iPhone _and_ an iPad! Starting at $3000


As long as a non-foldable, standard ratio model is still offered, I guess I won’t care if they make other models. As to why I care, moving parts break, no matter how high quality the product initially is. That’s one reason the mechanical home button was dropped. And I keep my phones for 5 years or more, so longevity is a concern for me.


I completely understand the Samsung fold. Its a phone that can be turned into a tablet. That makes sense. I just don't see the point in the Samsung Z flip. It seems like a lot of negatives for the slight benefit of it taking up less room in your pocket.


It's just a fun phone. Makes the act of using the phone much more purposeful as well since you have to physically flip the screen open first. It's also a great nostalgia trip - brings me back to the days when things were simpler :)


I used both a Flip and a Fold recently, in an electronics store, and liked the Flip a whole lot more. Maybe it's nostalgia. I used to have a flip phone and loved it.


It's cool


Nah, im good without a $2k+ foldable IPhone


$2k? It's an iPhone _and_ an iPad! So you're actually saving money by getting one instead of both! ^^/s Starting at $3,000 :P


You should work for apple marketing team


> once the issues with the tech are ironed out The issues will never be ironed out because physics. People have just learned to live with them.


>The issues will never be ironed out because physics. People have just learned to live with them. High dpi displays, bendable displays, transparent displays, displays with cameras underneath, etc were all pipe dreams 20 years ago because of 'physics'. I presume the issues you're referring to relates to the durability of folding displays? We're still very early in the game and there are people out there that are much more clever than you or me.


Which issues are you referring to? Samsung has done a pretty great job at fixing its issues with the Z2 and Z3.


You know, you could just not buy it instead of hoping that people who do actually want it, can't...


Until it becomes the only option. Samsung *only* offered phones with that stupid curved glass for years. I don’t want folds, I don’t want curves, i don’t want any of this other stupid expensive crap, I just want a regular flat phone. Period. That’s it.


This has to be the most ignorant thread I’ve seen here in a while. If you don’t understand the appeal of foldables then you need to open your minds more. And yes Touch ID is coming to the screen. It will work alongside Face ID.


Foldable phone just means screen crack in <2 years. No thanks.


Most people crack their phone in <2 years anyway.


Do you really crack every phone? I haven’t cracked my screen in nearly 10 years.


Okay, question to the pro-touch ID crowd. Why? Okay masks, that's a valid reason. Until it's not. A year from now I doubt we will be wearing masks, especially in 2023 lmao. If anyone has used faceid, you already know just how more convenient it is than touch id.


- logging into your phone in bed when you have sleepy/half-pillowed face - checking your phone discreetly in meetings - checking your phone when it's facing straight upwards on your desk and you don't want to pick it up (such as when you're wirelessly charging on non-angled pads) I mean, obviously there are tradeoffs in both directions -- touchid sucks when you're wearing gloves, or when your hands are super super dried out or super wet... but those situations are also situations that hurt the usefulness of my touchscreen, so I don't care about them as much. It's more of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type situation, if I'm being honest. TouchID fits into a lot of workflows in my life really nicely. It's super convenient and I really love it. FaceID, being less deliberate since it happens automatically, seems more frustrating to me when it fails because I'm just standing around, looking at my phone, wondering what's happening. I've tried it and didn't like it as much. If it doesn't provide a huge benefit... why would I switch to it? Phones cost a lot of money and I use mine for a long time. I don't want to deal with huge compromises if I'm shelling out that much, especially when I'm *downgrading* from something that I prefer.


that’s your experience but it’s not mine. Face ID fails for me about 10% of the time. That 10% is annoying compared to Touch ID which I don’t remember ever failing. And I find it’s more likely that I have to adjust my phone to be in the right spot for Face ID more often than Touch ID. So I don’t find it to be more convenient. Now I have a friend who didn’t like Touch ID because his fingerprints were very weak. So everyone’s experience can be different.


I have the opposite experience. Touch ID fails consistently. I have on my iPad as more often than not just put the password in. Is even more infuriating when it keeps failings but doesn’t show the code input when I press the home button, because wants to scan the fingerprint.


TouchID doesn’t even work if your hands are wet, which rules it out for when your cooking, exercising, in the rain, etc. can’t say the same about faceID


FaceID doesn't work when you want to open your phone discreetly, or when your face is covered either by a mask or by a pillow, or when your phone is on your desk. Also about wet hands, you can just wipe your single finger on literally anything and open your phone. That argument has more merit in workshops where people are wearing heavy-duty gloves.


I wouldn’t be so sure about not wearing masks a year from now. It greatly depends on how the pandemic goes. Mask mandates will likely come and go as needed when and where outbreaks occur in the future. Until we reach a form of herd immunity, we can expect them to be a thing. And given how many people are still refusing vaccines, that could take a while.


Plus many iPhones users are located in parts of the world where masks aren't new at all.


There are medical jobs where people wear masks all the time


Do we seriously expect apple to add all that “new” features into their new phones in one year? They’re gonna run out of ideas. They want our money, they will add things slowly. They might just switch to usb-c next year, and then add touch-id the year after…


How about adding a fingerprint scanner in the power button just like the iPad?


I think it's pretty rich how people are knocking foldables and the "ugly" crease when the notch has been around for years despite being something Jobs never would've let fly. I had friends tell me the notch wasn't a big deal, I finally had to upgrade from the 5S and low and behold they were right. I barely even notice the notch now but it's also not exactly a plus either. Apple literally has all the resources in the world to make Face ID more discrete. The Samsung Flip is definitely a step in the right direction and innovative. The crease is noticeable if you really look for it otherwise it's not going to be a dealbreaker for people open to foldables and to think that the Flip 3 is going to be the peak is crazy. I for one look forward to not having a large phone dig into my hip every time I walk up a normal flight of stairs!


I like Samsung but foldable phones are not even necessary


Why not? I think it’s pretty cool that we could have a tablet that is the size of a phone to start when sitting on a train or sitting at a coffee shop. I much prefer to read on a tablet and I wish one device could be both. It’s freaking cool.


fuck a foldable phone. movable parts fail and folding phones mean garbage crease and soft ass plastic screens that scratch at a level 2


Can't wait for Apple to have "invented foldable phones".


I love how all the apple fanboys in this thread are bashing foldable phones, but once Apple releases one of their own you just know those same fanboys will be like, "OMG, I never knew I needed a foldable phone! Day one pre-order!".


No, they are bashing the longevity of today’s folding phones.


If all this is true, everything seems to have been delayed a lot. Now this is not one of the things linked to suppliers, but their own internal development, Is it just the pandemic or are they losing lots talents to rivals?


Honest question: what’s so cool about foldable phones? What’s wrong with the current format?


An iPad mini in your pocket with no bezels.


The current phones are too big. I would have gotten the mini, but it is not available in the pro model. I can tell you how much is too big too: my phone should fit in my pocket, not stick out of it.


The current screen sizes are way too small.