Yet you can clearly see how many is left


On one side


Well how many sides do you need to see into it really? Every other side would show the same amount


I mean, the bottle will say how many capsules are in it?


That's not what etiquette means


Most other languages use the word "etiquette" (or a variant) for the word "Label". OP is most likely not from north America, English can be confusing.


It does in German so I’ve just learned


It's also like this in Russian (Этикетка = Etiquetka)


In Czech too, etiketa


You do realize a container can have empty space right? Do you also realize that for most pills there has to be a bunch of documentation about it on the container itself?


I think you mean “label” not “etiquette”


etiqutte is label in a lot of languages including turkish


we call a label "Etikett" in german.


Lucky the title is written in German then.


Oh neat. I was wondering where the translation was coming from.


Why do so many people in this subreddit get upset when the container doesn't match their *expectation* of the content amount? Why do they act literally like toddlers who believe that something spread over a larger area/volume or split in multiple pieces has to somehow be "more" than the same thing presented in a smaller space or in fewer pieces? Why can't they understand that what they are paying for is the amount of the product *contained* in the box, *regardless* of how big the box is or how much air it contains? Can't they read the price by weight/piece? Can't they read the label? Can they read at all? We'll never know...


That's why I never understood ppl being mad at bags of chips...


Exactly. And for all of those people who complain about not knowing how much a certain weight or volume will be, pay attention and learn it. It is part of being a good shopper.


Probably because the sub is asshole design and producing excessive packaging in order to mislead the consumer regarding the amount of the product could easily be considered an asshole design. I'm not implying that you shouldn't check the details, but most people see the large packet is cheaper and grab that one without thinking. Judging by the amount of post of this type, I would say that this asshole design works very well.


This has NOTHING to do with misleading the customer. The are tens of reasons why a packaging may appear "too big" for its content: logistics (e.g. 3rd parties producing the packaging only in certain sizes), protection (e.g. crisps), air being trapped and being released once the product sets (e.g. powders), preservation (e.g. higher pressure means air will eventually leak from the inside-out, and not from the outside-in). None of this is asshole design, it's just people being idiots and not realising that if reality doesn't systematically align to their unrealistic and uninformed expectations, it's not reality that's wrong.


Ah, I understand now. Not everyone is as smart as you. Got it.


Not being an idiot doesn't imply or require being smart, there is an healthy and wide middle ground between the two. Just don't be an idiot, and think about how things work: the world isn't out there to get and trick you. It's quite simple really, so you can keep your condescension to yourself.


Thanks for the info.




Or they're using the same bottle for dozens of different products that come in different sizes. It's far cheaper to have a single style cover as much product as possible than to pay for a dozen different sizes, all the storage space, and the waste should one of those custom bottles not be needed any more


Vitamins are by itself usually already asshole-design. The vast majority just have nothing but inferior synthetic "vitamins" in them that won't even get properly absorbed....plus you even run the risk of constantly oversupplying some of these shoddy vitamins that will then just clog up your body. There are people that have legit straight up died from using these for prolonged times or suffered from things like calcination. Any self respecting dietitian or doctor will usually tell you to stay the frick away. Vitamin pills are designed to do one thing: Burn money....this company is simply better at it than others.


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good bot


I'm just wondering why there are two different types of pills in the bottle? And it is sealed...


is that Jar specified by \-weight? \- amount? OR BY: \- VOLUME?


the weight is gave up it. this whining about the false packaging is annoying as f. there are often reasons why it is like this.


Gave you an award yourwelcome


Can not for to do.....why to be only up not quite dpwn


One Lesson we learned today:Look always how much is in the product