Whenever I see anything remotely like this, my first instinct is to go find my cat and give her a hug.


That cat deserves a hugggg


Happy cake day!




I wish I could give my cat a hug. My cat considers huge as temporary confinement


Happy /r/Cakeday


I feel you m8.


Right there wif ya bruv


>*'Whenever I see anything remotely like this, my first instinct is to go find my cat and give her a hug...*' ---- human, why you crying ? Is it something that i done ? you hugging me, n telling me that i'm your 'favorite one'... n i may not be perfect, but there's some worse off than me we always try the best we can - don't want no sympathy so if you see a kitten who is 'different', in a way remember that it's all they've known! they're gonna be ok ^;} but as for me, i don't know What i'd do without you, fam... a human who takes care of me n Loves me as i am! ❤️


I hope you have a good day, Schnoodle! (Or night depending on timezone)


Awww - a fresh Schnoodle!


The freshest noodle I've ever had the pleasure of reading.


Wow, thanks for the poetry there! My wife and I really liked it!


Why is this making my eyes sweat ❤😭


The freshest schnoodle I ever did see 🥲


Piping hot just outta the oven Schnoodle! Bless you friend!!!


So fresh! Thank you


So fresh




I have a little black kitty. And I’m at work right now and it’s killing me that I can’t wake him up from his window nap and tackle him with a hug because of this video.


One of ours is next to me now demanding fusses! And fusses she shall have.


I see I’m not alone


Can I borrow your cat to give hugs? I don't have one.


I literally just went to go hug my cats after watching this




But where's his cape?! Oh that's right, no capes...


Feets don't fail me meow! Edit : popular demand


>feets don’t fail me meow You passed up a purrfect opportunity!


>>feets don’t fail *meow* FTFY


Not all of us live in the dank dark realm of cheesy puns.


How sad for you


I'll root on you. He'll make it happen I'm sure.


That the spirit! ❤️




Had a similar experience with our cat, he fell from the fourth floor 5 years ago. When he came home he couldn't get up and the vet told us that if he couldn't he would have to be put down. Also had a problem with pooping. It took him two weeks but he is now 19 and still going strong! He lost a bit of strength in his hind legs and his poops are a bit different, but he loves life just as much I hope your cat also recovers! Give her lots of hugs and love from a fellow redditor!




I don't know why, but I am very curious as to how exactly his poops are different than a normal cat's poops.


Probably something to do with loss of bowel muscle, so he can’t form ‘proper’ poops? Maybe they’re squishier than before now or more runny/loose. I’m not OP but that’s my assumption!


You're right, part of it was torn and couldn't be properly repaired. Vet said it could either sort of fix itself or it would tear and he could die. Luckily the first happened. He can't form 'proper' poops.


Thank god it was the first! Happy to hear he has made a good recovery, even if the poops aren’t quite the same lol. Please give him some neck/ear scratches from me!🤍


I hope your kitty gets well soon!


Hey. I’m really sorry about your kitty. That must have been terrifying for her and for you. I am hoping she makes a full recovery. I don’t know if this helps, but my dog also had to get his tail amputated when he was a senior citizen, due to having broken it. I hope it doesn’t come to this for your kitty but if it does, I just want to reassure you that your kitty will be just as happy afterwards and won’t miss his tail too much, he will just be confused. Tails are tools animals use for expression and body language and balance. But, it’s better to have a healthy pet :) Wishing you all the best!


Give it the better part of the week, but if push comes go shove, don't worry: your cat will screw up some jumps at first, but it will lead a happy, tailless life once she has readjusted. We adopted one of our cats who had lost his tail, and he's more agile and coordinated than our other cat who does have a tail! Plus, the way the tail stumps waggle is cute af.


I wonder, my cat is insured as an indoors only cat. If my cat fell from a window like this, would insurance likely cover the treatment or not?


How did she fall from the fourth floor?


how did she fall?




In english, the word is ledge. I'm so sorry for your kitty :c


Give it time, more than your vet says is sufficient. 6 days is nothing. Be patient. If the kitty fell from 4th floor, that only means someone was not careful... Human unfortunately... Well...now please give it time before you cut out his tail. Your kitty will be fine. Believe it ❤️




Im coming for the booty!


Here come the booty


Still more productive then me in the morning!!!! Go buddy go 😎😎😎


You can do it little buddy!!! 🥰🥰🥰


Somehow “Single ladies” by Beyonce started playing in the back of my mind. S/he’s got moves! 🤍


On the *mewv*. There, fixed it for you.




That’s @brutiss__the_ch_cat on IG. She has cerebellar hypoplasia.


Poor cat


This baby needs lots of love


Such determination


Is that a worhty life for a cat? It can't lay down, eat or poo without help and it doesn't look like it's going to recover from this.


Not sure what the cat has, but it is moving all four of its legs. Maybe some nerve damage after an accident? But if there is still feeling in the legs, maybe it can heal up and get better.


> Not sure what the cat has Whoa there! You can’t just go on the internet and admit that you lack all the necessary information to make a snap judgment on something. Is this your first time on the internet? Seriously though thanks for bringing a little humility and nuance into the thread.


My dog was hit by a car and had brain damage when she was a puppy. She couldn’t even stand for months. We had to feed her liquid meal replacement with a syringe because she couldn’t use her mouth for a while. We would carry her outside use the bathroom or just sit outside with her. Eventually she was able to use the wheelchair. Then she was able to comfortably use two legs, then three! Now she walks with a small limp and gets tired easily but that bitch is FAST af if you play fetch with her. If it wasn’t for her stunted growth and slight limp you really wouldn’t know she was any different. Rehabilitation of an animal is no joke and but totally worth it. I also had a dog that broke his spine and he was unable to make it through rehab and we put him to sleep. It depends on the dogs will to live, injury itself, and the humans commitment.


Awww. Our kitten had an infection or something , not even vet was sure (he was originally a village cat we just fed during the winter so he probably caught something outside) and it damaged his neural system and poor guy couldn't even stand properly and I had to help him hold his head steady when he was drinking. Fast forward a few months, he's running and jumping around with this brother and only sometimes shakes his head ever so slightly. He'll probably make full recovery in a few months. Animals are fighters ♥


This is neurological, not trauma. This cat will not recover from his/her condition. Source: worked in Neurology in vet hospital. edit: was supposed to reply to the person you replied to, sorry.


I think it's a hard choice to do sometimes I think it's "better" for the pet to let doctors make him sleep. But as you said if the animal can recover I'll definetly try my best to help him.


I don't know if this cat can recover. Look at how disfigured front legs are. It can never be a normal cat I think Edit now that I have woken up a bit more I realize it's walking on its knuckles possibly.


I saw a video of a cat that went from totally dragging its rear legs to full recovery. Vets are amazing these days.


They are and I won't deny that! But some cases may never be able to make that kind of recovery. I'm not saying the cat doesn't deserve a chance at trying to live a life just trying to figure out what the odds are that this cat will ever be able to live a good life. We had a dog thats spinal cord started to go...Degenerative myelopathy I think. We cod get her surgery but the odds of it making any difference where slim and she'd never be half as active as she was. She was miserable and crying constantly because she couldn't do what she always did. It was heart breaking but we decided it was time for her to go


I think the difference between picking whether to fight fight like hell to save a critter and put them down gracefully is the amount of pain they're in. I've seen a lot of videos of critters who were put down because they were just in too much pain to keep going, but also critters who were in diapers and got wheelchairs because they were just so filled with life and love that it would've been a shame to put them down just because they're a bit different. I've had to put a cat down, and I knew it was time when she could no longer make it to the litter box or enjoy any of her favorite foods. She stopped running to the kitchen every time a can was opened, and that was the sign. I've also seen cats in diapers who drag their hind limbs everywhere, but they have a high quality of life despite that. Cats are incredibly tough and adaptable animals.


Sorry about your dog. Tough to know the situation here without more info. My heart needs to pretend that this cat will make a full recovery.


Thank you. It was a few years ago. And even if the cat doesn't make a full recovery I hope that it is happy.




Man, it is a lot of work to rehab an animal. It’s exhausting. But in the end it’s worth it.


My wife works in veterinary opthalmology. She always has to remind me that animals are not emotionally attached to their parts or vision and recover from and adapt to the change very, very quickly—shockingly so. Minus the initial pain, it's often harder for us than it is them.


In comparison... it might look like it doesn't. But for this cat it is the only life it will ever get. And, at least it seems to be determined to make the best of it.


Feline nature is malleable, just like human nature. If the cat can develop a consistent routine for itself, then it can be satisfied and fulfilled in a loving home.


I'm always torn when I see stuff like this. On one hand I'm overjoyed this cat has a chance at a better life. On the other, there are plenty of able bodied cats in shelters in need of a home and facing euthanasia. I don't value one life over the other, I just see that one requires significant resources and one does not. In a perfect world I'd save all the animals, however this is not the case.


Someone wanted to help this cat and had the resources to do so. Someone else wants to adopt a shelter cat and has the resources to do so. I don’t see a distinction. In both cases someone is aware of an animal in need and is willing and able to help (with benefits for both cats and humans for sure!). Why put one in front of the other?


Because this cat suffers from this condition. The only thing the shelter cat is suffering from is not being adopted. This cat could be in constant discomfort or worse in pain because of this condition. This is the same for people. Just because you can't cope with the loss of a lovedone or a pet doesn't mean you can let them suffer or live in discomfort. I personally feel the choice of wanting to live is up to the person or pet but its hard to know when a pet doesn't want to continue suffering, best example of behavior of not wanting to live is refusing to eat anything. But this cat is actively walking around and most likely wants to keep living.


What I see: an animal, that wants to live, is eating. That's so with human eighter. When human or animal don't want to eat anymore, then they don't want to live anymore. So help them fight.


So anyone who has a kid who isn’t able-bodied should get rid of them and instead opt for adoption? You sound ridiculous.


Thats not what i said. I said its up to the person or animal that isn't able bodied if they want to continue to live with the disability and it shouldn't be up to parents/owners.


How is the animal going to tell you if it wants to live? I have a completely blind cat who was scheduled for euthanasia and he lives a completely normal life. Anyone who tells me I should have chosen a “normal” cat over saving my cats life is a horrible person tbh.


>I don't value one life over the other, I just... Yes you do, otherwise you wouldn't be so judgmental about a cat getting the help it needs. Yes, there's always going to be another cat that needs a home, so maybe just be happy one more cat got one instead of trying to justify the fucked up idea certain cats don't deserve it.


This is not the case (I think) but this issue of "prioritized resources to save lives" has a name, which is triage. There is a big problem in society to understand triage, although it is necessary since we will probably never reach a world where it is possible to save everyone. Now forgetting the triage, if a person has the resources to save an animal (for example) that has chances of recovery, it does not make sense to say that this will affect other animals not being saved, only under specific conditions does this make sense. The resource problem is overexploitation of raw materials consequently affecting the industry and due to the lack of workers in derived areas, it is not because of a person trying to help a cat.


We don't need triage for every little thing. It can be necessary for certain situations, but saying one cat doesn't deserve the care it gets because another, unrelated cat is in a rescue is absurd.


I totally agree with you. I spoke of triage because I remembered seeing this subject. As I said, it is not because of saving this cat that any other cat will not have treatment.


So if someone daughter gets cancer, it is better, to let her die without medicine and adopt instead a healthy girl from the 3rd world???


...and this is what I meant by "There is a big problem in society to understand triage"


Hey whoa, cool your jets. I come from a family that has taken in and loved many street cats and pound dogs. Our current cat would be dead had we not taken her in. I love animals and I am happy to see this cat leading a better life.


I gotta ask, why are you "torn" seeing a post like this, then? What does this cat being cared for have anything to do with any other cat being in a shelter?


Where did they say anything about any cats not deserving care? The whole reason they feel torn is because not every cat that deserves care gets it.


It's a tough moral choice. The cat looks like it still has the will to move around, though. I haven't ever had a cat put down if it still clearly wanted to get up and move more, whether it could or couldn't. You can just tell when they've had enough and want to go. I adopted a little grey cat from a shelter once that I knew was sickly, but he was a real fighter. I had to feed him with a syringe, and he would just lie on his side exhausted a lot of the time, but he kept trying to get up and walk. Eventually, he'd clearly given up. He stopped trying to walk and just lay there, wouldn't take food or anything. I gave it a couple of days but he wasn't getting better. It was pretty clear he just wanted to die, so I had to have him put down. RIP Harry :(


Damn, ya’ll on this thread are making a whole lot of assumptions off a 9 second video.


That goes both ways though.


Given the right care, this cat could have a great life. So yes is the answer.


I agree. If you’ve got the time and money to care for a cat like this, go for it. I don’t and I don’t think there’s much quality of life there. When a pet can’t get around on its own, that’s my signal it’s time to make a hard decision.


Time or money doesn't even come in to it imo. This cat will be living in stress 24/7, reliant on humans to care for it in every single way, without ever being able to communicate its needs or wants. At that point, you're keeping an animal around for you, not for them.


How can someone tell, if the life of someone ist without quality? If there is a will to life, it's quality enough. And the will you see in appetite, interest, curiosity.


You should know your pets. that’s how you tell.


My dog has been losing her back leg mobility for the past few years (she is 16). I now have to carry her up and down the stairs and hold her while she goes to the bathroom. Some days are extremely difficult- especially seeing old footage of how much she has changed over the years. One thing is still very much the same though, and that is her bright and lively spirit. I am extremely grateful for the time I have gotten with her, even in this newer, more challenging season of life. She is my best friend and has been for all of these years. I can’t imagine her spending this time with anyone else.


It is, the cat can move with assistance from this gadget and I’m sure it can eat and drink if the bowls are at that height, it still purrs when loved and whilst it might not do what others cat do, this is the normal for this cat and is as happy, cats don’t suffer from the guilt that we suffer from looking at others, and thinking I’m never gonna scratch a pole on my own, or chase a bird, they are happy to be around, so should you bro.


Animals can recover, just like people. Do you think we should euthanize people after they have a stroke?


With complete sincerity, it greatly depends on how bad the stroke is and the person’s wishes. My grandpa couldn’t do anything for himself after his stroke. Combine that with dementia and he really was no longer a person. He couldn’t do or remember anything. I know if I was ever like that I would want to be euthanized, my dad made it a point to tell us he never wants to be like that either and would also like to be euthanized.


Yeah, there is a huge range in strokes. And you'll sometimes have micro strokes after an initial stroke.


Depends on if the person who had a stroke wants to keep on living.


I know the question i am replying to is supposed to be rhetorical, but I think it should Depend on when it happens; 20 years of age good chance of recovery no not necessary, 60ish and iffy chance of recovery there choice, 80 to 90 again their choice, but at that point dose the cost out wheight the benefit and I am not talking monetary cost, I am taking quality of life. Again this just my opinion and I know many will dissagree and that's fine life should be preserved. I just don't think at all costs is the only stance we should take. Pardon in advance if I step on some proverbial toes. Tldr:yes but only if there is a good reason for it. Edited spelling




That's the life it's been given. All we can do is try to make it better. If you're trying to imply that it would be better to euthanize it, you're in the wrong sub, friend.


Well, if the cat isn't in pain or under stress, I agree. But if they are, then keeping them alive isn't morally right.


Over simplification in my opinion. While the cat may not recover fully, in situations like this its very possible for recovery to reach a point where the animal can live comfortably. My view is if someone is willing to spend the resources, and the animal has a strong will to push through the pain and stress it would be an absolute shame to take that chance of a happy life away from it.






I think the person is more trying to make a comparison between the cat and someone who is in a great deal of pain and REQUESTS euthanasia. Obviously the cat can’t actually tell anyone if they’d prefer euthanasia so it’s unfortunately something humans need to guess based on their behavior. Still controversial but not exactly eugenics.


>Like... is eugenics seriously getting upvoted, in this sub of all places? lol Reddit has been an especially weird place, lately.


Yeah I just feel bad for it, it has to be in pain or discomfort right? Very sad but not sure a contraption to get around with a shit ton of effort is better or not for the animal


Not necessarily. If it's cerebellar hypoplasia it's just a defect that affects their motor skills but it is not painful. There are lots of fur babies with cerebellar hypoplasia living amazing lives with their humans. This cat deserves a chance at life yall.


>cerebellar hypoplasia It is. There's an IG for the cat.


Is that a worthy life for a *human*?


Well, i think it can be inspiration for disabled humains. Looking at this cat doing the best he can with his physical abilities and help from other.




Kitty is stomping the runway.


I want to hug and kiss this good kitty 💖🥺


I just wanna hug that sweet kitty!!


Were rooting for you! ❤❤


You can see the excitement in those eyes!


Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh u go girl....


I love you key key ❤️


Reminds me of some sort of dungeon boss that is making entrance


Does this cat wear a diaper, can he/she go to the bathroom on his/her own, or do they need help by their human? Just curious! This baby is precious!


Reminds me of my old cat


This is the first time I have seen a cat with one of these and it almost brought a tear to the eye


Yay! This makes me so happy 😊


Fancy footwork


Still fast as fuck boi


Omg 😭😭😭 run little kitty run


Oh lawd he approaching


This little baby is precious.


She needs some little ballet shoesies.


These kind of videos always warm my heart so much




He/she be shmovin! When I see stuff like this I think of my dog blue, miss that boi :') best dog I've ever met. He was so sweet.


What a brave lil champion! You got this, little buddy!! Look at you go!🥰🥰🥰


My heart is full of pride


The Stanky Leg is so 2008, but you go, kitty!


Is the Void in temporary training wheels or is that the Voids new legs?


Bless that kitty


How does the cat go to the bathroom?


such blue eyes


Tip toe'in along


Do me a favor and pet this kitty for me.


What a little baby!!! Must kiss & pet!!!


This is just sad. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you’re keeping the cat alive for you, or for them.


Does he have a disease to need this ?


Couldn't tell you for sure but injury is more likely. The way he/she walks on the knuckles instead of foot pads is a sign of nerve damage.


Lil bb pushin through!


How’s it going to lick itself?


It's owners will have to clean it.


Sounds like a terrible life for the cat. A human could maybe learn to live this way, but not a cat. I once saw a picture on here of a cat with all its legs removed. Just sitting in its own piss. Couldn't move. Couldn't clean itself. For some reason all the comments on here were still cheering the owners and the cat on for being so brave. I wish you guys would accept when it's time to move on and accept that at some point there's nothing more that can be done, and the animal is just suffering keeping it like this. No way in hell this cat is enjoying this. This is anything but aww to me.


This could be early recovery, you have no idea what's going on here. Rehabilitation and severity of injury are the real determining factors for if the cat will live a decent life. You aren't a vet so shut up.


Looks like it’s back legs are still moving, so they can likely still move around and clean themselves but this is helping it walk with a little more stability so it can explore a little faster. It could have some like cerebellar hypoplasia which doesn’t hurt at all but makes walking a little harder.


cat: \* goes through a tulip garden\* mystirius boom box: starts playing tiptoe throught the tulips by tiny tim


That cat do be goin 7 fps tho


Friendly Shock rc incoming


The Little Kitty That Could. Bless him/her :D


This hits me right in the feels


That's sad, did it have a stroke or something?


Looks like he spent 8 of his lifes already, but the last one is holding on strong.






Was about to make the same comment. It may not be "suffering" but why put a clearly impaired animal through extended torture just to prove that we can. Look he loves it. He's so happy....... It doesn't have a choice. You strapped it into wheels and exploited it on the internet for fake points. It's ok to let go


Before assuming this cat is in pain, everyone needs to check out cerebellar hypoplasia. It is a defect that affects motor skills but the animal is not in any pain. Many of them need little vehicles like this to get around more easily but they can live happy and fulfilled lives.


Let's see it climb a tree. Because cats are happy and fulfilled being cats. Not half an rc car


Cats don't have to climb trees to be happy. Yeah it can't live a normal cat life, but it can still live a happy and fulfilled life with his humans who clearly care and love him.


Your idea of a happy and fulfilling life is different then the cats perspective.


Yall really want to put down this cat huh?


With all due respect, coming from someone who has taken care of someone with life altering disabilities... Someone who can't walk, talk, or eat on their own, you have no idea what you're talking about until you're in that position and have to deal with it. I absolutely don't see your point of view because I've seen the other side of it. This cat isn't happy, isn't going to get better, and isn't going to lead a happy life with this chair. The cat doesn't understand what's going on and will never understand. You're projecting your human emotions on an animal when it's time to let go. It's cruel for the animal.


For god sakes, just put animals like this to sleep. You are only being selfish when you do this. This is not how they are meant to live.




Animatronics have come a long way.


bruh wtf


So cute.


Where there is a will, there is a way.


That's just sad, a crime agains nature, just put it to sleep


Im sorry but i dont think he knows in which direction he wants to go


I'm hearing Jaws music right now!