Wish for a more open dual-class

Wish for a more open dual-class

  • By - Varil


I think you should be able to dual from any class to any class assuming you meet stat requirements. Unfortunately BG is hardcoded to not allow a lot of them, I believe this is due to 2e rules for the most part, but I can’t be 100% on all the minutiae


I agree. Which is why I would love a nwn leveling system. On each level up, you just pick whatever class you want.


This is one of the saddest things for me about BG since in PnP you could dual to any class. So no Wizard/Druid unless you create a mod for it by turning a cleric kit into a druid like kit.


Wizard Druid would be insane. Elemental prince and the full on planetar. Crushing the world.


No, in pen and paper you can only have dual combinations which are valid multi combinations.


False, you only need to be A. Human B. Have the prime requisite stat.


Damn, I can't find it in my old paper copy nor the revised PDF of the PHB, so I was likely wrong. My apologies.


There is a mod floating around on the Beamdog forums to do various Druid multiclasses.


Kensai->avenger anyone? Not actually sure that has much synergy. . .


The engine doesn't properly support two kits. There are mods that kinda sorta simulate it.


I'd love to try a swashbuckler druid.. dual scimitars and ironskins


I guess you could make a Cleric kit that's basically a druid, and then use that.


Yes, other people wish for this. That's why they did away with class-restricted dual classing in d&d 3e and have left it a relic of the past ever since.


Dunno. I don't fully disagree but I think limitations give clases and suchlike some flavour. When everything can be anything they feel very generic


Why stop there? I have lamented in the past the racial class restrictions being largely arbitrary. 5e DND has definitely spoiled us unfortunately. But we still have a very fun albeit quirky game here. Just not the *infinite freedom* of newer editions. Can't have everything.


You can install the tweaks anthology mod and choose the option to allow any race and any class to dual class, though you can still only dual into a class and not into a specific kit.