I'm a big junk wax guy who stepped away from collecting in the late 90s, for probably 20 years. Part of the appeal is nostalgia-tripping (I'm even collecting Garbage Pail Kids again), but a lot of it is that I find Robin Ventura and Mo Vaughn a hell of a lot more interesting than Ronald Acuna and Luis Robert. With a Mo Vaughn Pawtucket Red Sox minor league card, I know exactly what I have and what it represents, even if it's not worth much. I was there and saw him play, so those cards are a momento.


Agree 100%! Mo is my all time favorite player. I watched him in Pawtucket also, howdy neighbor!!


I don't live around there currently, but I grew up in EG and it kills me that the Sox moved out of Pawtucket. Dana Kiecker was another favorite from that era. Those ugly, overproduced ProCards PawSox cards are still some of my favorites, haha.


Another RI guy (Cranston, now SF, CA) here. I have a giant pile of Mike Greenwell I've been pulling off my buys.


I was sad to see them move from Pawtucket, but they did a great job with the new stadium and Worcester could use the boost. The day-of-game general admission tickets are still a steal and now you can roam the whole park and try out lots of viewing spots.


Loved seeing Mo and Phil Plantier raking in Pawtucket. So bummed that my kids won't have the same experiences.


I copied Plantier's sitting-on-the-john batting stance in Little League. He's still one of my PCs.


Nice! I remember my dad getting us his 1991 UD rookie cards for Christmas one year. He thought the investment was really going to pay off lol


So it's you who has been bidding against me... :-) Mo is my favorite player, too. Last year I pulled out my old collection (many of Mo's cards through 1994) and have been working to expanded it. I, too, watched him come up through Pawtucket - what a thrill that was for a teenager (I have about 10 years on you, I think).


I'm still working on my Mo PC to this day. I finally just got the Danbury Mint 24K gold card that I couldn't afford at the time, and a few Starting Lineup figures. And I got a pack of '92 Leaf in one of those Walgreens repacks not long ago, and pulled a Black Gold Vaughn. I felt like a kid again!


The thrill of the hunt! The Danbury Mint cards are cool - and now with Red Sox, Angels and Mets versions! If it wasn't for the TCDb website I likely wouldn't have known about all the variations and insert cards that exist, but it has been an invaluable resource. Do you use TCDb?


Oh yeah, but sometimes I'd rather not know about all the variations, haha. I took a long break from collecting when inserts got out of control in the late 90s/early 00s. But I'm slowly starting to track everything down, now.


I'm right there with you - ignorance is bliss sometimes. If you want to share your TCDb username I can compare the extras I have with your wantlist ...


I don't have an account, but I just use it to look things up. I probaby should start cataloging things since I do a lot of junk wax trading. I sort by player, so if I need to find something from a particular year or set? Forget it, haha.


Ha - it's hard to keep it organized. I really only collect Mo, and Red Sox in general, but have a soft spot for a few other players. Having my Mo collection organized on the site made a big difference - I'd go crazy otherwise trying to keep track. And it's kind of fun to compare your collection to others, and set up trades based on want lists, etc.


Haha yup, been buying a lot of Mo, Pedro, Ortiz, Nomar & Manny lately. Glad I got away from current players, these junk wax era guys busted open a can of nostalgia for me. I can't stop 😂. I am 35 btw


One card I didn't know existed until recently quickly became a favorite: 1998 Donruss Preferred Great X-pectations with Mo Vaughn on the front and David Ortiz on the back. Great expectations, indeed! https://www.tcdb.com/ViewCard.cfm/sid/11039/cid/1908961/1998-Donruss-Preferred---Great-X-Pectations-10-Mo-Vaughn-/-David-Ortiz


That's sick!! I'm going to keep an eye out


It's not junk if YOU value it. I started collecting with the 1987 Topps set. Nostalgia allows that to be my favorite set design (1989 Upper Deck being a very close second). Sure, there was a lot made, but it was available and easy for a kid to collect.


Exactly the same experience. 1987 Topps was my first collecting experience and over the years have purchased more boxes than I should have of everything late 80’s and early 90’s.


These and '87 Donruss are my picks; granted, the black border makes it hard to find a pristine one...


I started in 85 with Garbage Pail Kids and with 87 Topps for baseball. It was a great time for us to start because you can still rip pack from then and get gem mint cards. I love it.


Same here! Wild that so many of us started on that set. I got a huge box of commons for my 8th birthday and must have went through them 100 times. I still have that box.


Went to a show in Raleigh NC with my kid today. Only thing I came home with was a 1989 Topps Complete Set still sealed for $7. Sounds dumb but this is exactly what I was looking for. This was the first set I ever received as a kid and it was damaged some years ago. Means a lot to have one back in the fold.


I love junk wax, first rule is collect what you like and 90 Topps and Donruss hold a special place in my heart. Currently working on a 90 Donruss set and loving it.


I used to buy 2 packs of 90 Donruss at the gas station everyday on my way to school. About 35 cents a pack if I remember.


Absolutely. Glad i finally embraced what i like rather than what the market says i should like


I'm with you. I do collect newer cards but mostly of older players and designs. I still love finding a Canseco, Clemens, Sosa, Maddux. And I still open 80s and 90s wax when I find them in the wild.


Man this hobby is supposed to be fun! I’m with you all the way.


I just got back into collecting last year and i definitely love some of the new stuff and the young players. I never stopped following baseball and my mariners are finally about to be good so its like being a kid all over again, BUT..... I still love 90s junk wax! My first purchase getting back into the hobby was 1989 upper deck box that i always wanted as a kid (not ripping it now but i would have as a kid lol) and I got another griffey rookie to go with the one my dad got me for my 12th birthday. Ive had so much fun sorting through my old cards and the sets my mom and dad put together with me late into the night in the living room when i was little kid. Im definitely gonna be buying a few boxes of 99 upper deck series 2 and some mid 90s collectors choice to finish some of my sets. Theyre not worth more than 10 bucks but i just get a kick out of pulling griffeys and the guys i grew up watching. Im being super nostalgic but man thats what collecting is all about! So have fun man enjoy the the 80s and 90s wax!


Just went through my dad's basement and found my childhood card collection. I was a kid collector from about 86-91. So Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck, Leaf, and Score from those years, with a few years of football cards. I just learned about the junk wax era and realized my collection is mostly $10-$100 cards if I pay to get them graded and they get 9 or 10. So worthless, monetarily. I've spent the last two weeks going through about 15k cards, organizing them, and remembering why I thought they were going to valuable. And its been a great trip, even bought a 1990 Upper Deck dealer pack just to rip. Got a few fun cards out of it. Yeah I get that the Griffey's, McGuire's, Maddux's, ... etc are exciting to get. But the Sabo's and Plantier rookies. I have 5 Chris Sabo rookies and I remember thinking as kid "wow score this guy is going to be great". Now, I can't even remember who he was. I have 6 Hensley Meulens, that seem to still be worth something, but who was this kid? I don't get the wax era valuations. These flash in the pan rookie card are still selling for mediocre money, but my 10 Sammy Sosa rookies are valued the same as kids you can't remember. Luckily I found a 1991 pro set Bill Belichick which if it gets a 10 is the most valuable card from my childhood. Which again makes no sense. Anyway to agree with the OP these cards are great and fun if you have a connection to it. I've had a lot of fun reconnecting with mine.


This is why my favorite rip is Archives. I like the nostalgia of the classic big names from my childhood with the modern twist of variations and parallels.


Tried to get a box yesterday but the LCS was out. I was pissed haha


My local big box stores (Walmart and Meijer) have both had blasters in-stock. Had a fun time blowing through some Christmas gift cards


I love junk wax also. I’ve been buying the rarer wax era stuff these day. Tiffany’s and desert shield cards are so awesome bc I never thought I’d be able to own them as a kid. Ken GRIFFEY jr is who I seek. Have almost all of his high end cards now graded 9 or better. Glad there are more guys like me out there these day. Love the nostalgia in these junk cards


There arebmore of us than you think. I just bought 86 Topps Traded sealed set, 86 Donruss The Rookies sealed set, and a SGC 8 Clemens last night.


How cool man! I’ve been back at it for a bit but still gravitate toward the cards I had back in the day. I’ve got my guys now but the inserts from when I was a kid stand out all too well




I have 80 Donruss and 92 Fleer in binders so I feel this. I will buy new cards but the rush of pulling something old you had as a kid or couldn't afford back then but can now is what's all about for me.


I have a boom/bust cycle, where I find lots of peopme selling unsearched piles for cheap ---> I buy, sort, pick what I want out ---> repeat until room is unwieldy to walk in ---> post excess on Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist as "(X)k cards for cheap". I've been having fun, and probably have a few thousand HOF and semi-notable rookies and standout cards, none of which would likely grade above a 7 (except for some 2021 Topps I bought on a whim, and some 1987 Topps I broke from a vending pack). Keep doing what you're doing!


Love this post. Collect what you enjoy. Kinda why I think breakers do as much to hurt the hobby as they do to help it. Everyone ends up chasing the exact same cards because they're more valuable financially, which is lame. Find what you like and collect it👍