Same happened to me. I contacted EA help and asked about it and they basically said it's a bug they're trying to fix and if you keep going up the masteries, it might unlock the skipped attachments. I did that and it didn't work, but worth a try, I guess.


I'm in the same situation! It doesn't tell me how many kills I need to unlock and I think I'm reaching 500 now? Probably a bug which suchs because I started using the 880 specifically for the laser sight :(


I got the laser sight on mine


Did you get it before update 4.0 or after? Also do you know how many kills it took or if there is a challenge to get it?


It does sound like you should of unlocked it by now but I have experienced similar behavior with other weapon unlocks. For what ever reason the number of kills to unlock does no line up with mastery level to unlock for some attachments. Kills some more you should get it soon. There's also a delay to unlocks sometimes. So it's one of the two if not both reasons.


Same issue for me on Xbox one x. Have 75 kills and still can’t unlock the laser or other shells you are supposed to get at 30. Frustrating using this weapon already as the damage is so random. Not going to use it until it’s fixed.