I would pay money for this

I would pay money for this


What if they're turning but you want to go straight on?


IMO it would only sync if 1) you had activated your blinker and 2) there was a car ahead of you, otherwise normal behavior


I swear I have seen this befroe somewhere. And it still makes no sense.


Why sync at all then?


I think its for people OCD, it bugs a lot of people that a row of turning cars all have indicators blinking at different frequencies.


Oh to be one of those people and only have those sorts of problems!


Yeah its a non issue.






What would be the point of that?


Yeah, like any 2 lane road... It would be more of a hassle having to turn off the signal and people hate that just as much.


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I’m in LA so this feature probably wouldn’t work. Not only that but it would probably decrease the average angeleno’s turn signal usage since the vast majority don’t know how to use it. So those who do and turn this feature on, most likely won’t at all if the guy in the front is a derp.


Can somebody explain what the point of this would be? Is it cosmetic so they flash at the same time in a row? Is it so you don't have to turn on your turn signal? This is really confounding me.


Because it's cool. Durrrr


I think what they were maybe getting at is “being able to know if anyone in the lane is going to make a turn.” Not everyone is an aggressive driver but you should be using both lanes when you can to pass, or just not get needlessly stopped by riding someone in the passing lane and then if they start a turn you have no room to pass. So sometimes there is a 5 car line up in the left lane, and you can’t see the lead car has their turn signal on. If you could know they were turning, you wouldn’t just hang out in that lane waiting, you would go into the right lane to pass. The obvious problem is some of those cars might not be turning. OP just wishes you could see through the other cars, or they are tired of people who think “I don’t have to signal because a car in front of me did.”




This is a bad idea


[I think newer cars can sync up anyway. older ones can’t ever. ](https://youtu.be/2z5A-COlDPk)


I dunno. I would prefer people just learned how to drive properly.


Ya I pop such mini ideas in my sleeps. But I dont say I accept PayPal and venmo


but what if the car in front forgets to use their turn signals?


Sync to the car behind you, or some default rate?


What happens if your not actually turning then dude behind you tries passing on the right and so do you boom accident


This would only happen when your turn signal was actually on


What if you are heading for different way than the guy in front of you? Or if the guy in front is trolling and signaling somewhere you are not allowed to turn?