I mean, whoever the source is, it can't get much more official than the actual producer, so... 🤷🏻‍♂️


A producer who is using future production rumors to sell an upcoming film. This remains all pretty standard stuff. I read this as THR saying "nothing has been officially agreed to" which isn't the same as "this isn't going to happen."


Still think a deal for another trilogy may have been worked out, they just aren’t ready to announce anything yet and Pascal spoke prematurely. I don’t think she just made up what she said


That Insider better be the Sony Studios president to counter Actual Producer of all the Sony Marvel Movies now. I mean it might be true that whatever she said is it in still planning phase but it true that it can become reality very quickly.


Actual producer doesn't control Holland or Feige........ she can hope for a trilogy with both of them but that doesn't mean she can get them. Especially with Holland seemingly not eager for more Spiderman films.


Relevant quote > Sony insiders note though the studio has a strong relationship with Holland and Feige and hopes to continue their collaboration, there are no official plans for a trilogy at this phase.


I just hope they (finally) buddy up with Deadpool. The comics are hilariously awesome. Tom Holland and Ryan Reynalds’ back and forth dialogue would be so incredible.


Amy Pascal, full of shit? No…


>> Venom & co are "adjuncts" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, -- Pascal's old comment you're indirectly referencing Rumors from this Spider-Man film retroactively confirm Pascal wasn't full of shit. She may just know that Sony has a lot of leverage if they're making successful Spider-Man films. This appears to be a statement of intent by Pascal and given the amount of money this could yield, I doubt this doesn't happen (even if the MCU isn't involved). Remember, Sony needs to release a new Spider-Man film within ~4-5 years of No Way Home regardless of whether or not they get Tom Holland back. Their contracts literally don't allow them to allow the character to lie dormant.


Should be 7 years no? Since they have released 3 movies within 5 years as per the leaked contract it is extended to 7 years? Or am I misremembering


I’ll trust you on this one. I skimmed the contract recently but only glanced at this section. I could be missing nuances


Pascal is a twit who doesn't even know the difference between "your" and "you're" judging by her e-mails.