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finally a reboot we all asked for


Happy Cake Day!


thanks mate , didnt realize it until you mentioned it , thanks again


Cult classic! All 3 are cool


agreed. even if the 3rd isnt very good, its a cool spin on the idea. i have a weird guilty pleasure spot for hypercube because it just gets so ridiculous. if they keep this movie's budget low like the others, then i dont see any financial problems popping up.


2 is so bonkers it is fun, but the first is non-ironically good.


Another one on the list is killer tongue


Japan just rebooted this in 2021, Reboot that boot throwing reboot!


Ooh, this is some interesting news. The original Cube is one of my favorite movies, and the followups were... an acquired taste.


Must be weird for the Cube guys to watch the Saw franchise make a bajillion dollars


I was literally about to make that comparison, the originals both have a very similar vibe about them


Loved the first, and then it just got weird.


I just watched all three. Didn’t like the sequels much at all, but the original was solid low-budget filmmaking I wish I saw more of. I think if they keep the budget small this could have a great return.


They better not screw it up! Cube is amazing and I absolutely love it! Cube Zero is okay, well at least it’s better then Cube 2: Hypercube. Then again, they will probably just try making a pg13 rated movie cash grab. Instead of destroying a beloved cult movie, they should just do something original.


I'm not sure if you're serious. These all sound like titles to fake joke movies.


Haha yeah they kind of do! But they are real:) here’s an [article](https://fictionhorizon.com/cube-movies-watch-order/) about them (including the Japanese one)


It’s a Canadian film franchise.


Can you imagine a Gantz v Cube universe crossover?


Oh I remember that one. Loved it,


the first cube movie was fantastic and the others were not so bad too. however i wonder how a reboot will be. also there is a spanish movie which is also kind of cube like which is good as well. it is called the platform.


Platform is awesome and great comparison!


I have no problem with this. They could remake this every 30 years or so and I'd be just fine with that.


A big part of why I liked Cube was the same reason I like Clerks and El Mariachi and Reservoir Dogs. Creating an interesting story that didn't feel budget restricted in spite of having no budget. In the case of Clerks/Dogs/Cube having virtually all scenes in a single location/set. El Mariachi of course shot in a small town in Mexico when the dollar/peso exchange rate was more favorable with the cooperation of the town plus some inventive special effects. The concept of Cube isn't very interesting. It's a bit silly. And the only reason it doesn't feel that way is that you don't find out about what's going on until the end of Cube and there's plenty of action happening and we care about what's happening to the characters and we don't have much time to think about the reason it's happening. Which is why the sequels kinda didn't work. Because it's an OK end to a film but it's not really interesting enough to make films around it. And most people watching a reboot/make will already know the concept. So yeah. Not pumped.


What about that Japanese remake from a few months ago? Can we get a release for that too?


Orrrrrr orrrr make original films I know it is a foreign concept


I agree, why not a unique concept “inspired” by cube


I’m thinking Alex Garland would do a reboot justice.


There’s also that korean(?) cube movie coming out


i thought escape room was the stealth cube reboot? guess there is room for more than one puzzle maze horror.


so does the original writer in these movies not get a say? does he or she still get paid when they keep making sequels or reboots?


They may get a fee depending on their original contract. Traditionally it's considered good form to ask the original writer back, but Lionsgate has a reputation of not doing that so the writers not asked back refuse to work with Lionsgate on future projects.