The beginning of the end for the Fox X-Men movies.


Made me laugh how they did such a good job setting the franchise up with a fresh start in DOFP only to quickly crash and burn the whole thing.


Sucks cause McAvoy and Fassbender were really great for the roles and had enough chemistry to convince me they were precursors to Patrick Stewart's Xavier and McKellens Magneto.


They played my two favorite mutants and did the originals justice. I really wish they could do another movie together.


I got this mixed up with “Days of Future Past” which was amazing. Yeah, this movie was ass.


And it's funny how both times they fucked up the franchise the same way: Putting Simon Kinberg to write a Dark Phoenix movie adaptation. (Xmen 3 and Xmen Dark Phoenix)


I mean, tbf, Kinberg wasn’t the problem on either movie. X-Men 3 went through multiple changes with the final script being a mishmash of various drafts with completely different plots, with Fox wanting to do everything in one. Dark Phoenix was written and entered pre-production as a two part film before Fox decided it should be one film meaning a new script had to be written quickly around the sets already built and actor availability.




It wouldn't have been a Part 1/Part 2 deal, though. The first movie would have been about an alien invasion (and Jean gets the Phoenix Force along the way). The second movie would have been Dark Phoenix. The really insane thing is that Kinberg had already started filming when Fox decided to cut the project from one movie to two movies. Maybe the two movies would've still turned out to be mediocre. We'll never really know. But there was absolutely no way to get a quality film out of what Fox did. Can you imagine if the Russos had started filming Infinity War/Endgame and Feige had abruptly said, "Actually, let's just make this one film."?


This was the death knell. Dark Phoenix was the final nail in the coffin.


I still can’t understand why they would throw 2 major villains side by side in 1 movie. Felt like an insult to their roles in the xmen universe.




>DOPF *X-Men: Days of Puture Fast*


You see? That’s how incoherent it is!


Yup, they stumbled with Last Stand and Origins then somehow picked themselves up only to stumble yet again. I don’t even think Apocalypse is THAT bad (mixed bag) but as a follow up to DOFP it’s really disheartening to watch.


Xmen 1 & 2 Then Last Stand and Origins Then First Class, DOFP, Deadpool Then Apocalypse Then Deadpool 2 and Logan Then Dark Phoenix and New Mutants I don't know of another movie franchise with such wild quality swings.


That’s partly why I still really dig the FoX-Men films overall. Lower lows but higher highs than other superhero franchises imo, you never know what you’re gonna get!


The DC films are really the modern day equivalent of this franchise.


Without the highs.


*Laughs in Batman and Joker*


It’s not a coincidence that the best DC movies are the ones that aren’t part of the shared universe.


I thought Shazam! was great


It tracks though. DC’s comic shared universe couldn’t hold a candle to Marvel’s either. The latter got a head start on world building.


I don't know, I'd say the MCU matches their highs. Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man trilogy, Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Ragnarok, Infinity War, Endgame, Multiverse of Madness are all on par with the Xmen's best. But I do have to say, because Fox and DC don't have cash cow shared universes, they can do somber stuff like Logan and The Batman or hyperviolent comedies like Deadpool and The Suicide Squad.


Disagree on MoM, that’s one of the more mediocre entries into the franchise. Agree with everything else though.


Don't forget about Wolverine. That movie was pretty solid.


I liked it. But it's had pretty middling reviews that didn't fit in with everything else. So I just left it out, lol.


> I don't know of another movie franchise with such wild quality swings. James Bond.


Damn good point.


Logan is the best superheroes movie ever. You cant convinve me otherwise. Ove watched it in black and white for the first time and I’ll never forget the feeling.


Apocalpyse is just boring mostly


That started with the 3rd X-men movie


That was a bump in the road. This was the one that derailed the goodwill the franchise earned back.


Fitting that the tagline is 'only the strong will survive', you know movie, I couldn't agree more.


I think the end really began back at X-men: Last Stand


Imagine if Fox never sold to Disney and this was a better movie.


How do we go from the suits in First Class to these black pieces of shit. ***HOW?***


Different directors.


"Would you prefer yellow spandex?" **YES**


The best part is that these perfectly fitting suits were just sitting in a secret military base in Canada. So either Striker has soldiers who are the exact dimensions of the young X-men; Striker 5000 IQ'd us all and had the suits made so the young X-Men could break free, wear them, and steal a jet; or This movie is actually complete shit.


Brian Singer came back




This was a giant disappointment. Given how good First Class and DOFP were, I legitimately thought Fox might one day successfully rival the MCU. I was wrong.


Their problem is that it was written as a stand alone movie, it wasn’t as a result of what happened in dofp and it had no real connections to other movies or storylines. On its own, it was an okay movie, as part of a series it failed horribly. Like it obviously didn’t happen in the original timeline so why didn’t dofp cause Apocalypse to surface?


Thays such a good way to put it. It wasn’t unwatchable, it just didn’t make any sense. DOFP is maybe my favorite superhero movie, so it was sad to see them go this direction


The three big problems are the storylines were generic, and they gave up on the three central characters’ arcs, and there were too many characters. There are millions of X-Men storylines in the comics, many of which are interesting, and lend themselves well to cinema. The OG Apocalypse story isn’t one of them. It’s just a story about a magical blue guy from the past using magic powers to take over the world. Fans love the character because the time travel element in AOA was good, but since they couldn’t use time travel (the last movie did that), they were left with a story that felt way too comic booky, and not interesting enough for the big screen. The second problem is that the writers just gave up on the arcs of Professor X, Magneto and Mystique, who were the most interesting parts of First Class and DOFP. Professor X in the first two prequels went from an underdeveloped wise, mysterious old mentor to an outcast who sees the good in humanity, and believes mutants who experience pain and trauma from their powers ought to be given the ability to take their anger and direct it towards the betterment of mankind. Magneto went from a survivor who’s experience in the Holocaust made him resentful towards humanity and committed to ensuring that mutants would never experience a similar tragedy that he felt, a man who felt he needed to become the monster who killed his mother just to achieve his goals, to just being a man in the woods who gave up his goals for some reason. Mystique went from a lost soul who didn’t know how to find any way of viewing her powers as a gift, who joined Magneto because he showed her mutants were a dominant race, to just being a superhero and the big hero of the series because Jennifer Lawrence had become a bigger star. Even Quicksilver, who, I’m not sure ever joined the X-Men in the comics (I know he was an antagonist to the team and an Avenger, but I’m not sure about a member). The character was over exploited because everyone loved the scene in DOFP, and because Marvel had been rivaling them with those characters. Also, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and Nightcrawler, all integral team members are introduced, and none of them are in the slightest bit interesting. All of these characters are interesting enough to receive their own spin off, but because they all had to be crammed into one movie, they’re all just kind of there. Also, Archangel, a founding member of the team, and Jubilee, popular from the old cartoon appear, but they do basically nothing. Plus, Havok and McTagert are back to connect to First Class more, but they don’t do anything interesting either. This film is basically an excuse to set up the classic the X-Men and appease hardcore purist fans who can’t stand a single character’s hair color being changed from the comic books, but it doesn’t even do that well.


I disagree. On its own it was also a bad movie.


I think it shouldn’t have been hard to do a stand alone X-Men film, there are plenty of great X-Men stories. The problem is Apocalypse should not have been the story they did. In my opinion, the only interesting comic story involving the character is Age of Apocalypse, which they couldn’t do because that involves time travel, and the DOFP was a time travel story already. I wish they had adapted some of the more grounded obscure stories from the comics which lended itself better to cinema or come up with an original story. After DOFP, they thought every uber popular X-Men story from the comics needed to be explored (Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix), they forgot that DOFP just lended itself well to the screen, while others felt too comic booky and not cinematic.


The only reason anyone will ever watch/tolerate this film is because it is a part of the series. As a standalone it is even worse








I remember quoting that almost everyday in school around the time the trailer dropped lol This made me nostalgic af now


This movie sucked.


Was this the one where some characters walk out of a theater complaining about unnecessary sequels and practically stare at the camera?


"The third movie is always the worst one" as they walk out of Return of the Jedi This was doubly humorous because X3 is the third one in the original cast of movies but also Apocalypse is the third one with the new cast. And both are trash.


It seemed to be a direct shot at The Last Stand, which was the third movie in the original X-Men run and had Singer replaced by Brett Ratner after he left to do Superman Returns. The main reason it didn’t land to me was because I thought this movie was substantially worse than the Last Stand.


Brett "The Rat" Ratner


That was the next one


Thanks. These late ones all blend together. If you asked me five minutes ago I’d swear that I never saw Dark Phoenix.


Actually looking it up I might be wrong they all blend together


Yeah that scene was definitely in Apocalypse. They're taking a jab at third installments in particular and this is...well, the third installment. The joke flopped hard if you didn't like this movie.


Nope, that's in this one. They're talking about Star Wars specifically.


It applies to most stand alone trilogies. Only exceptions I can think of are Lord of the rings and star wars prequels. Happy to be proven wrong though


They predicted TROS!


I remember this being trash


Yip it was ass


Lmfao I remember Quicksilver having the best scenes in the film and then in the sequel they immediately sidelined him


Dark Phoenix is one of my least favorite movies of all time and that’s like 50% of why


Best scene in the franchise. If the Flash doesn’t get a scene like that, I’m gonna be disappointed.


What sequel?


Dark Phoenix


Didn't want to remember.


Straight booty. Days of Future past was really good.


This was good but apocalypse was treated like a regular street thug bad guy. It didn’t feel like he was a threat compared to the comics or cartoons.


Totally agree about Apocalypse. He needs to feel like Thanos.


I would've loved a two parter. Maybe start with Age of Apocalypse. Don't interact with him much directly. You just see the destruction he has brought and have to deal with the horsemen a la The Black Order. Maybe a fight where they're literally just trying to survive, not really trying to stop him. Fix the timeline at the end, but the incident causes him to awaken.


I really, really hope they do AoA in the MCU. Would be so juicy and fun.


Hopefully with a character design that does some justice to the original likeness too.


It was good but the title character that the movie revolves around wasnt good Soooooooo... WAS it good then?


The opening scene in ancient Egypt was great, but the rest of the movie was trash. What a waste of great talented actors like Oscar Isaac, Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy.


There was actually a surprising amount of gore/body horror in that scene. Like, an entirely disproportionate amount to what we've seen in the franchise. It set a tone and high bar that the rest of the movie just couldn't live up to. But that may be because of all of the BTS drama with the director.


Yeah. The movie starts fine (except for, again, the design of Apocalypse), but it quickly goes down hill after the opening scene. Should have been epic. Ended up as ass.


I unfortunately fell asleep during this movie


Not that unfortunate


Best part of the film was the rest you got.


This was terrible and the greenlit final installment managed to be even worse.


This movie literally took my hopes for a movie involving my favorite comic book villain and took a huge stankin dump all over it


Has there ever been a single movie that squandered so much rebuilt goodwill almost overnight like apocalypse This movie basically assured that the fox era x-men will always be second rate at the box office


Talk about a crash and burn. Those first two movies were soooo good. This was utter trash.


I was kinda shocked this was so bad considering how good I thought DoFP was.


Literally about the only thing in this movie worth rewatching was Quicksilver's rescue of the students, which rivaled his slo-mo scene in the previous movie and was a much better use of the character than *Avengers: Age of Ultron.* Otherwise, a pointless waste of time, unless you count the origin of Professor X's baldness, and has the most contrived set-up for a Hugh Jackman cameo imaginable.


Olivia Munn was fine as hell in the movie




This was the worst X-men movie for me. It poked fun at Last Stand but I'd rather watch Last Stand than this.


Apocalypse I remember having a good laugh at because it was so stupid. Last Stand I still loathe because I saw it in theatres when I was young after really enjoying X2, and it ***FUCKING SUCKED.*** Dark Phoenix I only saw recently, and honestly it's just a boring, *boring* film. At least with Apocalypse there was some fun to be had watching a mutant with literal wings get trapped in the X-Jet and die when it crashed.


Of the mainline X-Men films I agree. I pick Dark Phoenix above this.


I liked apocalypse . Tell me Angel with steel wings wasn’t bad ass. Dark phoenix was terrible and made no sense and earned worst X-men film for sure


I think Oscar Isaac feeling the front of a TV and hissing “learning” from under his Frankenstein prosthetics was low point for filmmaking however you measure it.


Lol that was a cop out for sure


I was jazzed to see Cyclops doing something and I enjoyed the final fight with the team working together. Steel wings is badass but I can barely remember anything angel did. To each their own, both are not my top picks for sure.


Naive fool. You haven't watched **X-Men: Dark Phoenix**.


Here's what I remember from the comics in the mid nineties and I can't believe they didn't use it : \- Xavier had a son with multiple personality disorder. Each personality had a different power. They all merged into one called Legion. \- Legion found a way to go back in time and kill Magneto as he was the the cause of many problems. Xavier sacrificed himself to save Magneto. This shattered the time continuum and because Xavier wasn't around to form the XMen and ushered in the Age of Apocalypse (which the comics were named). Not the week of Apocalypse like this movie. Do they even know the meaning of an age? \- Beast and Cyclops were evil. Logan and Jean ended up together. Cyclops blasted off Logan's hand right as he took one of his eyes. \- Gambit had his own spinoff comic called Gambit and the Externals. \- Magneto founded the XMen both in honor of Xavier's memory and by realising his path would lead to disastrous events but it was too late. Sabertooth was a member of it, Jean & Logan were part of a different group. \- Magneto and Rogue ended up together. He found a way to get around her ability and Quicksilver was one of their kids. \- One of the best lines ever, was when a henchman of Apocalypse ask him "My lord, what's wrong with your face?" and he simply responded "Nothing. I'm smiling." Doesn't that sound a hundred times more interesting? Such good source material, millions of dollars, and they blew it.


>- Xavier had a son with multiple personality disorder. Each personality had a different power. They all merged into one called Legion. Legion already was in development at the time so that's why they didn't use him. And for a good reason, the series is some of the best live action X-Men content out there


There's a live action series now?


And there are 3 great seasons of it


It was never stated it was gonna be 'Age of Apocalypse' though, even the title is just 'X-men: Apocalypse'


Technically correct but the source material they drew from had the story written for them, a much better story at that.


> Cyclops blasted off Logan's hand right as he took one of his eyes. Lmao absolutely no way this ever happening on film


Saw this a month after release, in a somewhat decent weekday crowd, hungover after my Senior prom. It's long, but I think it gets too much hate. Action is pretty good


I similarly thought it was ok. It works for me as an ending for a prequel trilogy.


I really enjoyed this movie and never actually understood the hate it gets. I think the ending was quite bad but that doesn’t necessarily dismiss the entire film. Scenes like Magneto controlling the metal of earth’s core were amazing as well as Apocalypse reshaping the entire egypt.


This is my fave x men movie


Honestly same, I just had a really good time with it.




This movie copied Morbius


I'll take 2 Morb combos, with a side of Time.


I enjoyed this movie as well and thought Oscar Issac did a great job as Apocalypse.


hopefully we see a much better showing for Apocalypse in the future


As a 90s kid I’ve always been a huge Xmen fan, the movies could’ve been so much better.


I like how pheonix is in the very left corner where you can hardly see her even though she carried everyone in the end


It was an ok movie. Apocalypse himself was disappointing but overall it was enjoyable unlike the dumpster fire that was Dark Phoenix.


It's too bad this movie completely blew... Days of Future Past is amazing. Too bad it only went downhill. Phoenix saga was boring af.


This was the first X-Men film I saw in theaters. I was disappointed.


This is a great, underrated comic book movie and I will die on that hill


This was the beginning of the end for shitty Fox x-men movies. The setup with DOFP was magnificent and then they fucked it up with the last two installments. Smh


i actually enjoyed this movie watched it twice in theatre. i didnt think it was that bad. apocalypse was strong af and was decent vialln only thing i didnt like was how in the jean grey saves day out of nowwhere the action scene were pretty decent.


Out of the entire X-Men franchise they only made like what? 5 good movies?


X1 X2 First Class The Wolverine Days of Future Past Logan Deadpool Deadpool 2


Debatable. If you’re watching X1 in the year 2022 with no nostalgia goggles (like me) then you’ll find a serviceable but ok film, certainly not one of the greatest comic book films to have come this past millennium, like it’s always hyped up to be. I could watch Spider-Man 1 , Iron Man 1 and Batman Begins all over and over again but X1? I’ll pass And the Deadpool movies stop getting funny after you watch it more than 2 times, there’s just no arguing that. It’s good for a good chuckle the first few times but after that you’ll see these movies for what they really are, style over substance


The list you're replying to is "good movie" and you're saying it's not "one of the greatest comic book films to have come this past millennium." Feels like there's a pretty gargantuan gap between those two that lots of films can comfortably fall into.


I also think there’s more to the Deadpool movies than just the comedy. The character relationships and the action, for example The cinematography in the first one especially


I would say six probably. X-Men, X2, The Wolverine, Logan, First Class, and Days of Future Past. Also, I would argue that external factors largely damaged/killed Origins (writer's strike) and Dark Phoenix (Disney acquisition). So it's really only this and The Last Stand that had everything going for them and still managed to completely fuck it up.


People keep saying the Disney acquisition had an effect on Dark Phoenix, but that's not the case: Filming on Dark Phoenix was completed October 14th, 2017. Talks between Disney and Fox didn't begin until November 2017. The acquisition may have impacted the film's release, but the quality of the film was entirely due to the dysfunctional executives in charge of the X-Men franchise at Fox who made the decision to cut Dark Phoenix from two films to one film AFTER filming had already started (and months before the acquisition was even a remote possibility).


Except when Disney saw how similar the Dark Phoenix script was to Captain Marvel, they asked for additional rewrites while filming was underway to differentiate the films more, which is why a lot of Jessica Chastain's stuff in the first two acts of the film was cut/changed and the whole final set piece is just very weird and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


That's not the case. Just weird fan speculation.


Within the opening scene where the pyramid collapsed I just thought “I’m not gonna like this movie” and I didn’t. It’s so bad.


Bad movie is bad movie


Seems like a low domestic for one of the best in the series. Edit: yes, you read that right. I loved it.


Every single Fox X-men movie was trash. Can’t wait to see how Marvel does them.


100% agree.


This and first class suck balls


Schnider and sweinabauer?


This movie was so horrible. Best part, when quicksilver beat up apocalypse, the rest was trash.


Jean Grey’s torso lookin absolutely twisted


The pacing in this film felt like a sprint race with tar poured onto the track at random intervals. Add in the fact that apocalypse was an incredibly boring villain and it was a mess. I actually preferred dark phoenix nut I did go into that with incredibly low expectations


so bland and bad i dont even remember it


I really liked the premise of Apocalypse... but execution has always been trash for Xmen. They can't get the casting right. Script weak af too. Shame cause Galactus could have been their Thanos...


I can't believe it made that much money. Then they "blessed" us with that Dark Phoenix horror show.


its morbin' time


Still can’t believe the X-Men fought Ivan Ooze


And the franchise wasn't strong enough, so died a slow and painful death


It was crap tho


I don't know why I thought it was going to be good. But it hurt my soul to see this.


I really liked this one.


It had a few good moments :(


Such a terrible, terrible film.


What makes this movie so bad ?


I thought it was alright. The focused too much on Scott and Jean imo. I liked their apocalypse, Oscar Isaac did a damn good job with him, but he didn’t get enough screen time and show off enough imo. Tbh they used apocalypse way too damn early.


I thought the franchise would've eventually had their 1B+ movie, especially after Days of Future Past made 750M worldwide. I'm guessing if Apocalypse or Dark Phoenix had been well received (and perhaps adding a bit of nostalgia or alternate versions played by different actors like No Way Home), that could've been the case.


This was shitty which is had because it did had a lot of potential, the final gross should have been proof that there was no need for a sequel


I genuinely enjoyed this movie. Not mad.


One of my biggest film disappointments. I was so excited for Apocalypse at the end of Days of Future Past and I got this mess


Great film, such a nice surprise


This film is full of squandered possibilities, which is a sad sight to see. If Apocalypse had simply murdered Raven when he had her by the throat, the scene would have been truly magnificent. Munn also had a poor performance in this film. This film is a shambles. It has some amusing moments, but they aren't enough to compensate for the negative aspects. The story of Magneto and his family is the most redeeming aspect of the film. That entire sequence was the most accurate representation of Magneto I've ever seen (on the big screen).


Age of Ivan Ooze.


I kind of like Apocalypse but I know it’s a very flawed film.


Is the the movie with the slow motion kitchen scene? If so, it was the only good thing to come out of it.


idk who the ppl in the x men are but the guy in the middle looks like he wants to play drawful with me


Good work '47


that is agent 47