The Ezra Miller crime of the week!


At this rate Ezra is going to get convicted of murder in some random country, get sent to death row, and executed all before The Flash comes out


these The Flash speedrun world records are getting super weird now


Fantastic Beasts 4: The crimes of Ezra Miller


Fantastic Crimes and Where to Commit Them


This unironically would have been a better title for the movie itself


At least a stealing/theft/assault spell: Ezrada Millicus - then your stuff gets stolen and you get punched by a ghostly apparition of Ezra Miller.


Mainly Hawaii it seems.


Fantastic Beasts 5: The Gen Pop Beat Down


***Agent Cody Banks: Ezra’s Code***


Crimes of the Future should've been the Ezra Miller biopic tbh


WB - burglary?! that’s too far, we are delaying the flash release. we were pretty chill with the multiple assaults, underage grooming allegations and the weird sex cult you started but taking things is outrageous!


I'm surprised Zaslav doesn't have a team of men on him at all times.


too busy cancelling projects in which the mc isn’t white


Right?? Is anyone compiling a list of all the batshit crazy things he’s done? It feels like we get a new headline every three days with this guy.


Smokey and The Flash, “Prison-bound and down, loaded up and fkkin’, under-age like they say can’t be done…”


>On 05/01/2022 at approximately 1755 hours, the Vermont State Police was notified of a burglary complaint at a residence on County Road in the town of Stamford, Vermont. The initial findings indicated that several bottles of alcohol were taken from within the residence while the homeowners were not present. As a result of an investigation that included surveillance videos and statements, probable cause was found to charge Ezra M. Miller with the offense of felony burglary into an unoccupied dwelling. > >Cops located The Fantastic Beasts star on Aug. 7 at 11:23pm and issued a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court Bennington Criminal Division on Sept. 26, 2022 at 8:15 am for arraignment on the burglary charge. The Vermont State Police worked with the Bennington County State’s Attorney’s Office on the investigation.


I mean, if the sexual assault and cult stuff didn’t move WB, I doubt burglary would.


The good news is, WB PR team doesn't have to worry about Ezra on a press tour because he will probably be in jail.


Oscar’s Cheer Moment 2023: The Flash enters the prisonforce.


I have to imagine that they are probably discussing doing the same write off thing they did with Batgirl at this point. They only have a slim window to do that from what I understand and this may be the tipping point.


It depends if they really want to do this movie or not. There is a possibility that they'd chose to reshoot the entire movie if they think the script has potential.


honest question has there been a major blockbuster movie reshot with a new lead? I know there’s been films where they used old footage/CGI to replace actors who passed during production but this is die thing else entirely


Back To The Future comes to mind.


True but they only shot w/Stoltz for 6 weeks. The Flash took 7 months to film.


it is crazy to think how much that movie set a standard and even a bit of a precedent for using an actor’s likeness with/without permission


I can't think of any. Back to the Future's original lead was fired early during the filming, while Spacey in All the Money in the World wasn't the lead. But, I haven't heard of a movie being cancelled after being filmed either, before last week. So if WB could make such an unprecedented thing, who's to say that they won't do another one?


yeah, after last weeks debacle with Batgirl and Zazlav saying he likes Flash, I just don’t know what to think of the whole thing


What was the one that they had Tig Notaro replace someone?


Army of the dead? It was the zombies in Vegas heist movie. It was pretty hilarious to watch for all the tells that they were editing her into the scenes.


Army of the Dead. Tig replaced Chris D’Elia.


Pretty sure Solo scrapped a ton of the original cut because they changed directors.


I still can’t imagine what they shot was *that bad*. But I don’t blame them for not having directed any movies since


I don't think it would have been bad by any means considering Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a pretty good track record of releasing quality projects. The issue sounds like the movie they were going for just didn't vibe with what Disney or Kathleen Kennedy wanted for the franchise even though supposedly a lot of footage was already shot. Ron Howard was basically brought on last minute to redo most of the movie and the budget climbed to something like $275M.


I will contend that I liked the final product and still can’t really pinpoint new footage and original footage. Still a shame that it had to go down that way though


Yeah I remember watching Solo for the first time expecting some Justice League situation where the Whedon cut was basically a Frankenstein of a movie where it felt like different parts were just slapped together. I was very happy with how Solo turned out and it is actually one of my favorite live action SW movies. Is it perfect? No. Was it necessary? Not at all since Han never felt like he needed an origin story. Was it fun? Absolutely.


you perfectly summed up my own feelings on the movie. It’s a miracle it wound up as well as it did, hey I may even watch it tonight


This is probably the closest comparison.


back to the future, Marty mcfly was originally going to be played by eric stoltz


The one with Spacey getting replaced with jack palance?


I almost referenced that but Plummer wasn’t the face of the whole movie like Miller is supposed to be for Flash. But I bet Ridley Scott had a field day doing those last minute reshoots, he loves going against filmmaking challenges, even to a fault


I think he got replaced by Stephen plummer


Maybe have flash running the whole time so he’s blurry and we don’t have see their face ever again?


Zaslov said they're moving full steam ahead on The Flash and the movie looks great


Now I can’t stop giggling at the image of Ezra doing the press tour from his jail cell


This is a very real scenario that they should be planning for. It is not unlikely that Ezra will be in jail for one reason or another at the time of the film’s release. What a mess.


Interviews would definitely try to get a reaction out of Ezra.


Flash is fast, flash is cool.


He’s the greased up deaf guy… It amazes me this dude is still not in prison lol 😂


YoU nEvEr GoNnA cAtCh Me!


To quote one James Eugene (Jim) Carrey: **”STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE!!”**


Jesus Christ, just deepfake Grant Gustin's face in


I hope they used the same guys that removed Cavill's moustache


A goliath beetle with Adobe After Effects and a week of watching Corridor Crew videos as training?


A Goliath beetle 😂


2012-2017 corridor digital...shit was so good. I'm sure they are still now but...meh


Omg this shit isn’t ending.


…It’s only just begun.


The reverse Flash always finds a way to come back, even when you think he's definitely gone


Does it ever end with this person?


Does it ever end with the reverse flash? The answer is no.lol


Wtf I thought he was supposed to be fast?


He’s committing crimes all over the world as fast possible what more do you want!


He’s on pace to commit a felony in every state in the country - what more can you ask for??


I remember I was in a long term rehab when beasts first came out. One of the women in the office asked a bunch of us “Want to come see this movie my nephew is in? He’s also supposed to be the flash.” What a sweet woman.


FFS, just recast the role already. He's cookoo for cocoa-puffs and he's not going to get better in the lime-light. The last thing he needs is fame. Just leave him be and hope he gets the help he needs.


They’d have to basically reshoot the entire film at this point. Scrapping saves them money


Fair enough. I didn't know how far along shooting was.


It's been in post-production since last year. So the whole thing has already been filmed :/


And apparently he plays *at least* two versions of the character, reshooting all of that would be a nightmare.


Yeah yeah WB and Flash and all that. But am I reading this right? He broke into a neighbors house to steal liquor? WTF? Isn’t this dude doing ok financially? Why the hell would he steal liquor from a neighbor like a teenager?




All good in Flash land!


Should’ve used Grant Gustin instead of this looney toon.


Pull this movie and give us Scoob Holiday Haunt instead


With this latest development, I'm not sure WB can continue to ignore it.


Are you challenging them?


They are really, really excited about the Flash movie now.


I’m just picturing that scene in Snow White where all the animals half-assedly clean up the house and sweep shit under the rug. But instead of animals, it’s PR workers and execs, and in place of Snow White, its Zazlav pointing fingers around laying people off


We're gonna put it in DOUBLE the IMAX screens now


If they’ve lasted this long without acknowledging it, they can make it to the release date.


which is?


Sometime between now and the next Olympics.


June 23, 2023


they're gonna promote this movie from jail i guess


WB executives probably: “have you seen the numbers those rappers get when they release music from jail? I for one see This as an absolute win”


They will. They really don’t have another choice, it cost way too much money and is testing too well.


Yeah. But it will flop and they will still lose


Why would it flop? It’ll be advertised as the next “big” DC movie promoting Keaton, Affleck and Supergirl along with cameos from other heroes. Most people don’t know who Ezra is and don’t know what he’s doing.


At this rate Keaton and affleck should be distancing themselves as far as possible from this fire


Ezra Miller's deranged criminal tour is memed on Twitter legitimately every single week now. People know.


Twitter doesn’t represent the general public or the tens of millions of average moviegoers who will make up the box office.


It does when Ezra's making news headlines this frequently. Actual news shows and sites are reporting on this shit, there's no hiding it anymore, and it's fucking appalling to suggest it in the first place. The world wouldn't shut up about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, what makes you think Ezra Miller committing crimes all over the country is going to just be conveniently ignored for an entire year more?


The Amber Heard situation was only major because she was tied to Johnny Depp (a huge public figure). The general audience don’t even know when a Flash movie is coming out, let alone who the main star is and every single thing he’s doing. Nor will that be enough for them to actively boycott the film/not watch it.


Maybe if this was an older skewing movie like Elvis or Green Book, but the target demo for this definitely knows lmao


So you're perfectly okay with what Ezra Miller is doing?


Are you an asshole or an idiot? Only an asshole would derail a conversation with a comment like that, and only an idiot would believe it. Those are the only two options.


Nope but it’s not gonna stop me from watching the Flash. What a shitty actor does in his free time is not really my business, nor does it erase the hard work of thousands of crew and cast who also worked on it.


Voluntarily giving your money to see a movie with this criminal starring in it front and center sounds like you're okay with it to me. Also, if supporting the crew who worked hard on the movie is your goal, why are you okay with WB throwing away the hard work of the cast and crew of Batgirl, then?


Considering Ezra hasn’t been convicted of anything, he’s not a criminal yet. And I was never interested in Batgirl, nor am I choosing to watch Flash because people worked hard on it. I’m watching Flash because it sounds good to me and is bringing Keaton/Batfleck. I’m just not gonna boycott it because one person involved is a shithead irl. If I made those kinds of judgments, I could never watch a Hollywood production ever, most crews have bad apples in them.


wtf most people don't know who ezra is? do you live in a cave? he's trending number one and hitting the front page on twitter and reddit every five days and no, they're not some small websites with a niche communitiy. Literally every entertainment newspaper section in the nation, and aboard, is now making a weekly article on ezra. How can it possily be more publicized? If this is "most people don't know" event, what is your scale? Covid is obscure, 9/11 is niche, and some people are aware that Kennedy died?


The vast majority of average moviegoers (not people who frequent online film circles) aren’t keeping up to date on what’s going on with Ezra Miller lol


he is on NEWSPAPERS not movie forums. He is number one worldwide on twitter, not a movie forums. He's been on articles and celebrity gossip colums on the front page of msn almost weekly this summer: the only person who is not aware of what is happening with ezra, even vaguely, is a person with no internet connection, who does not read any celebrity news and doesn't have twitter, facebook, or a reddit account: good luck finding that.


I dunno, they threw 90 million under the toilet already. What's another 300 at that point really?


I hope you’re joking lol


Yeah, I suppose canceling both movies might be a bit much... so cancel the Flash movie and bring Batgirl back to the release calendar. That would bring only good PR, something WB desperately needs now.


I think you're projecting how much you care for Batgirl too much. It's a direct-to-streaming big-budget movie so its conception didn't really make sense in the first place. On top of that people didn't really care much for it. In contrast, while not a proven box office draw, The Flash is at least a household name and was always made for theatrical release. Like if people enjoy it, the controversy might not impact it as much.


That’s certainly not happening, Zaslav and WB brass don’t believe in Batgirl and don’t want the future it set up for DC. They believe in Flash’s quality and can’t use it for a 300M tax write-down, that was a one-time thing that’s gone now with Batgirl’s cancellation.


Well, then bye-bye WB. Zaslov's making a spree of terrible decisions even faster than this sub thinks Chapek is for Disney, haha. At this point, I hope someone manages to leak Batgirl online so people can enjoy it and WB gets zero money from it.


Lol Zaslav has done nothing but good things imo: - Brought Alan Horn out of retirement to advise him on DC, who also oversaw a lot of Kevin Feige’s work - Canned the bad reboot ideas with Batgirl/Supergirl/Old Batman and is bringing Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman back - Is creating a 10 year plan for DC and made it into a standalone studio And I just don’t see how Batgirl ever leaks or gets released. Zaslav certainly wouldn’t have allowed the filmmakers to take any footage and WB brass is on the same page of not letting the movie hurt their brand. Couldn’t see how that’s possible


Lol, he's destroying their streaming service which is their main source of income, he's burnt off good will of anyone willing to work with him by canceling a movie outright, he's tanking their stock, giving nothing but bad PR, tainting the image of the company, and worst of all, BEING COMPLETELY SILENT WHEN A STAR OF THEIR MAJOR MOTION PICTURE IS COMMITTING CONSTANT CRIMES WITH NO INTENTION OF STOPPING. Canceling Batgirl proves that he's willing to throw away millions of dollars into the garbage. If even after proving that he then leaves The Flash intact after all this... he's not just making financial mistakes, but moral ones. Shame on you for rooting for this.


He didn’t destroy the streaming service at all (getting merged into Discovery), cancelled one shitty reboot movie that the old regime greenlit and at this point, doesn’t have any say in what an actor does off-set. Just like WB never publicly condemned Amber Heard after she was convicted of defamation. That’s not their place or obligation to say something. Ezra Miller is 110% done with the Flash after this movie, that’s for sure.


Him not going along with streaming might make up some of the bad will that was made when WB released the 2021 slate direct to HBO Max.


I really hope it is leaks, too, but I'm not sure the result will be what you think.


WB has 10 months to make a move about the film and Ezra Miller. Maybe they hope he’ll get his shit together. Not sure how many more options they have with something that’s technically out of their control.


They will continue, and they will release it because their new DCEU universe depends on it being released. They may have to consider reshoots


>With this latest development, I'm not sure WB can continue to ignore it. WB: You underestimate my power.


they are


This is the Emergency Broadcast System with a mandatory evacuation order for your location. Ezra Miller has been spotted in your area. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Take the following protective actions and leave immediately; Gather all family members. 2. Gather all pets. 3. Gather only essential items. 4. Be sure to bring essential medications with you. 5. Turn off all appliances and lights in your home 6. Lock your home. For more information, please tune to local radio and television stations.


> **Having weathered previous Miller scandals so far, the David Zaslav run Warner Bros. Discovery has so far maintained that The Flash is still on the track for a June 23, 2023 theatrical release. However, this latest turn of events in the Green Mountain state could cause them to take a whole new lane.** Deadline has reached out to Warner Bros. for a response to today’s charges and will update accordingly. The studio has been attempting to intercede with Miller over the past few months as incident after incident have occurred, sources tell us. Whether or not those efforts have bore fruition is TBD. Yet, **if Miller has anything resembling a standard Hollywood studio agreement, it would follow that there is a morals clause somewhere in his contract — which could come into play at some point now.** Your move, Mr. Zaslav. Do or do not. There is no try.


It would be a interesting test of the the current social landscape if they played it completely cool, never said anything, ignored any news about Ezra between now and then, and just released the movie with a standard ad campaign. Would be a interesting experiment to see if social controversy is actually powerful enough to influence the success of a big tentpole blockbuster. I can't think of any studio/movie playing that game of chicken in the past.


can you imagine the nightmare that will be the press tour?


The real Batman would have found Miller by now


That's true, could they just skip it and do it all in house with hired interviewers? Stick it up on Youtube/Reddit/Twitter themselves.


There will be no press tour....if this is released in theaters.




Journalists will ask the other actors about ezra: that's all they'll talk and ask about: it will be a nightmare.


Try alternative ways of promotion and press tour I guess? I'm sure one or two would ask the question but in the age of social media and youtube, there are ways to get your material promoted while skirting the mainstream media.


it’s like he’s daring them at this point


Bro think he joker 💀💀


Imagine if the trial is at the same date as the flash premiere


Sounds like he is becoming a flash in the pan


Can we all just not go see it to make it a WB flop please?


I think he could burn down a building full of puppies and WB would be like "meh"


It looks like the new 10 years plan won't survive this month at this rate


How is he not in prison already? Was he even charged with the multiple assaults?


The dude is doing this out of spite now!


Jesus Christ why does he need to steal anything? I know he's not tom holland levels of rich but he's paid at 6-7 figures per movie at least right. Edit oh, he stole alcohol.... yeah that's a low point and WB wants to pretend this isn't happening right?


Did Ezra just like forget he was becoming a movie star? Lol dude acting like a trailer park boy


Please just scrap it. I already didn't like Ezra as the flash but over the last couple months I've come to not like Ezra as a person.


what sucks is liked them in a few things including the 4 hour cut. But Miller’s crimes and troubles are far more important than any box office earnings. They’re going to remain a horrible danger until they are arrested and tried


The silver lining in all this for me as a comic fan is that if the Flash movie actually does get cancelled maybe WBD will finally just start totally fresh on DC properties. Start fresh with new stand alone Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman flicks and spin a DC universe out of that foundation. Would I be sad to see some of the actors go...well no not really, Affleck and Cavill aren't involved any more anyways, Ezra is obviously out, Gadot has shown she just doesn't really have the depth to play Wonder Woman in the prime of her grace, and as much as I think there was some version of a Momoa Aquaman that could have been great, the dude-bro version of the character that Snyder created and James Wan ran with was a disappointment to me.


You cancelled the wrong movie, WB.


Burglary? Aren't they paying you boy?


My favorite super hero, of course, played by a jackass that is going to ruin his movie. My day is ruined.


Jesus can they cut this nutball loose and recast already.


Why the fuck is this still releasing? I cannot even look at this flash without thinking: “That fucking asshole Ezra Miller is on screen”


It’s like he’s deliberately trying to ruin his career. Probably is, actually


Will zaslav finally address Ezra or keep being quiet?


At this point I can’t even watch the movie because this guy is a scum bag.


How’d they make their way to Vermont


That's a lot of commitment just to steal liquor.


Speed Force.


theyve been in vermont, its where their weird cult farm is based out of. stamford vt if my memory serves me right. the story about the children being on a farm with guns took place there, its wild shit.


Weird cult whatnow


They run very quickly


Allegations against Ezra Miller are coming so fast that it’s hard to keep up.


I would just throw it on HBOMAX tomorrow


Seems like every other week he is racking up another felony. How is he not in jail yet?


Why is this tool even famous? His 15 minutes are up.


Up next on *what the fuck is Ezra Miller up to now?* 😂


Bruh DROP THIS SHIT HEAD?!?!?? What is the point of keeping this fool around? Nobody respects his character portrayal and his acting is flat /uninspired posh shite


Reset the clock.


What does Miller have to do to get the Flash movie shelved? My guess is rotisserie cooking a baby and eating it with fava beans and a nice chianti.


Have any of his endless list of crimes affected the Flash releases? I don't see why this one would be any different


With all the cost cutting WB is doing right now, how they’ve not cut their losses with this shit show is mind boggling to me. Imagine getting laid off and knowing some psycho criminal has the full backing of the studio must be a slap in the face.


The Flash movie costs 200 million plus 100 million in marketing. The movie is too expensive to throw in the can.


Get your point but at some time the horrendous PR has get close to cutting your losses. This guy is accused of grooming. Nothing like openly promoting an accused sex offender.


“Will this impact The Flash release?” Nope. This is just another Monday for WB


It was me Barry


Why haven’t they just fired this dickwad


This is a public meltdown for the ages, yeeesh wtf is wrong with this person.


Just reshoot it with Grant


How is this clown not in jail yet? Like what am I missing here?


Release on Max possible?


There is so universe in which Ezra is in this next flash movie


If anything, I’d expect them to use flashpoint to recast him at the end considering the end of that story is about altering the timeline and whatnot. Perfect opportunity


Too much money involved.


And yet they said they’re still planning to release it.


How in the fuck is he still employed but Johnny Depp got dropped like a bad habit??? The fuck is WB doin over there!!!!


It’s because Ezra is gender fluid and if the liberals go after him, they lose their own cancellation immunity. Johnny Depp is a privileged white male who was accused of a #metoo situation and that grants automatic cancellation.


They should throw it out asap before Miller does more shit imo. The only way.


Reverse Flash


Can they even release this movie anymore!?


Why should everyone else have their hard work withheld because this asshole isn’t locked up?


THEY CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT Edit: i misgendered them, sorry for my ignorance


I think it's going to take him killing someone for them to do something.


lol they are going to have to scrap a $200 million movie b/c of this asshole.


I wish they’d just release the flash now so we don’t have to keep hearing about Miller. Get it over and done with


Opening weekend, which does worse? Morbius or this movie? Vote now!


They’re gonna end up canning this movie


Unhinged shit, Ezra needs to be reined in by literally *anyone* at this point.


Are WB waiting for them to kill someone before the studio cancels this movie?


This is becoming all too much. Someone get them help.


Florida them


Let’s hope they finally just scrap the movie or re film with another actor


What haven’t they done


What if all this is just advertising for The Flash? /s


Then they need to hire a new PR person