Same day as Avatar 3, bold move. But I'm wait and see how Avatar 2's performs before I judge if its the right call or not.


PG movies have been able to coexist alongside PG-13 megablockbusters before. As recently as last December, Sing 2 was able to do pretty well despite releasing just a few days after Spider-Man: No Way Home.


And I remember Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 performed well alongside the first Avatar


Honestly I could see Sonic 3 being PG-13 mcu movies are and they’re all seen as family fun Shadow’s appearance imo requires a more serious and mature tone since his issues can’t be solved with a talk with sonic about their lives and friendship


“Serious and mature tone” Lmao it’s a Sonic movie, they’re kiddie jokes and Jim Carey hamming it up


Idk if you’ve played the games but they do get very serious and mature especially when Shadow plays a big role. The writers already said unlike Knuckles Shadow is gonna be tougher to be at through because of his trauma. Plus the games they’re choosing to loosely pull from this time are definitely more serious than the past games.


Shouting Maria as a planet blows up doesn’t make something serious, I’m a big fan of the sonic games up to Adventure 2 and they aren’t serious or mature. Shadow’s game has the highest PEGI rating but ironically is somehow less mature than the Adventures.


I agree that wouldn’t be super mature but idk why anyone would think yelling would equal maturity? Shadow actively wants to kill all of Humanity cause he hates them and thinks they deserve to die for what happened to him. How is that gonna be solved by sonic just throwing some sand at him and telling him to be friends with him. Again his issues are just a lot more difficult to deal with than Knuckles who once he had actual friends was fine The writers already said that Shadow won’t be as simple as Knuckles and Sonic can’t just help shadow by giving a speech about friendship


I haven’t played a Sonic game since Super Nintendo but it doesn’t matter. The studio will water down whatever lore they decide to use to fit into their kiddie movie franchise. There’s zero chance the third movie will be PG-13, that’s like saying Minions 3 is gonna be PG13 with a serious tone.


I’m not saying it will I’m saying I could see it being pg13. The writer’s literally said Shadow will be handled more seriously and isn’t something sonic can solve with some jokes and a speech. Also sonic was never on the SNES and since you haven’t played a single sonic game since the 90’s you don’t know what you’re talking about


> Also sonic was never on the SNES The fact that you know this offhand means we're not talking about the same thing here. This is r/boxoffice not r/sonicthehedgehog


I really hope they have the Shadow from Shadow the Hedgehog. And many references to that even though that’s post Heroes...and because this is Adventure 2 plot (I assume) Do you think we could get Rouge?


They did say they would be pulling from SA2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. Amy and Rouge are both pretty important to Shadow so I think it’s likely we get them. Plus after Sonic 3 they probably wanna do a shadow spin-off and since he would already have rouge they could bring in Omega and make it a team dark spin-off


What’s shadows deal?


Think Batman’s backstory about his parents being shot and forever being traumatized by that then swap the parents to a little girl who was Shadow’s only friend. There’s a lot more to it you can look up but that’s like the basic outline of his backstory. Since Shadow is extremely traumatized by it naturally Sonics attitude doesn’t really rub off on him like jt did for Knuckles cause his situation is honestly just way more serious than Knuckles who once he had friends he was cool.


Was the little girl's name Martha?


Lmao no but same letter her name was Maria


First three letters are the same, that's enough to get triggered lol


Save Martha! 😂


Really wouldn't compare him to batman considering shadows initial goal.


I mean sure Batman never wanted to destroy the world but like Shadow his view of the world and humanity was clouded by his trauma and when he was starting out he wasn’t doing good at all mentally and came off as a villain like the new movie showed


Eh, his view wasn't that bad starting out. Honestly shaodw is closer to frank castle in terms of goals and development.


James Cameron taken down by Sonic the Hedgehog. What a world it'll be.


First Pac-Man live action announcement and Sonic Movie 3 Release date on the same day!?


It’s a big day for video game movies!


First what????


It's the Ghostbusters sequel we never knew we wanted.


Sonic saves Christmas. That’s the plot.


Honestly, given who >!Shadow!< usually is, *it might very well be.*


That would be wild if they decided to make Sonic 3 take place at winter. The Chaos Control effects on snowfall would be pretty sweet.


Hopefully in San Francisco, too. >!City Escape in the worst blizzard the West has seen in decades?!< ***Yes fucking please.***


does this mean jim carrey is coming back or is he still backing out?


Depends on ~~how big the check is~~ "if the script is up to par or not," lol.


something of note that nobody is talking about... paramount have a smurfs animated movie dated for the same day and a animated transformers the same month. safe to say at least one is moving (update the smurfs has been moved to feb 2025)


Is Jim Carrey in it again? It's so weird my 5yo is going to know him first from these movies.


Ngl, the Sonic movies are Jim Carrey at his finest in a looooong time.


Can't disagree. I didn't pay much attention the first three or four times my kid watched these, but by the seventh or eighth watch, they'd grown on me, primarily because of Jim. He's totally committed and looks like he's having fun. Not just cashing a paycheck, which is nice to see.


Releasing Sonic 3 on the exact same day as Avatar 3 is *extremely* risky, tbh. Obviously we don’t know how Avatar 2 will do at the box office until December, but if that ends up being a massive hit like the first movie… Yeah, this will be extremely concerning for Sonic 3’s performance in theaters.


It's counter-programming. Kids movies have shown to do well in December compared to a big blockbuster, look at the two Jumanji movies vs Star Wars 8 and 9 or Sing 2 vs NWH.


The movie also will have good leg since it releasing around Christmas.


It'll have good legs, Sonic runs regularly.


Hey as long as those legs aren’t muscular the movie will be fine


And then look at Alvin and The Chipmunks vs Force Awakens.


i mean there's also alvin and the chipmunks vs avatar


Agreed, although I'd expect Sonic to move forward or back a week so it isn't opening on the exact same day, just like Shazam did.


Jumanji is not really a kids movie.


Alvin and the Chipmunks and Sherlock Holmes opened again Avatar in 2009, and both were big hits. It's possible for them to coexist.


This may see like a bold move, but it's actually a pretty safe one. If Avatar 2 performs well (high $1Bs-$2Bs), they can just push it forward or back to avoid Avatar 3. But if Avatar 2 underperforms ($900M- low $1Bs), they can keep it there and benefit off of the Christmas crowds.


Rest in peace, Avatar 3


Please bring in Rouge the Bat!


probably a given. and that robot guy that usually rolls with shadow and rouge (forgot his name)


E-123 Omega?


I take that supplement




Unironically the best Sonic character, love Omega so much. Especially in the comics


Amy Rose too, please!


God I hope they do. Need to see those giant bat tattas on the big screen before I die...


And to think that had they stuck with their original design this would not have been possible. Probably should make a note of this.


I think it’ll move back a week to Wednesday (Christmas Day) so that way it can enjoy a nice five day weekend.


I think it’ll either move back to Christmas Day, or be pushed up to December 13 (so it can be #1 and have a larger opening weekend, while still enjoying the holiday legs)


Pushed up, I think. Pushing it back to Christmas Day removes some potentially lucrative weekdays where some schools are starting to get off for vacation, and as you said, opening earlier gives it the #1 spot (never hurts to have that) and a little extra runway time without Avatar 3 competing yet.


Better watch out Avatar


Do people really think Avatar 3 will be the only film shown in cinemas December of 2024?


Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 were able to dominate the weekend. The concern is that releasing the same day would prevent Sonic the Hedgehog 3 from topping the box office and possibly being crushed by Avatar 3.


Who cares about one weekend though when they can ride the holiday break instead. Much more important when this is a family film.


I think Sonic the Hedgehog 3 should go the Jumanji: The Next Level route and release the film a week earlier.


Yeah, that'd make more sense. Still gets the Christmas legs, but now Jim Cameron won't be able to murder it. (And I imagine that's what they'll do if *Way of Water* blows up.)


Uh oh, which means a blue hedgehog is faceing against the blue aliens from Pandorra. I would hope a one week delay should happen (by releasing on December 25 during Christmas day) like Shazam Fury of the Gods did, when it was originally going to release in December 16 but was delayed a week later on December 21 to avoid compettion with Avatar 2.


Not that I've watched any of these films, but I thought Jim Carrey retired from acting?


They’ll be using Shadow as the antagonist. If they do him right, he is BEYOND compelling as a character. Jim Carrey as Eggman isn’t needed as of now. I need to see Shadow and Maria don’t Justice on the big screen. Their story was tragic and can really be something special if they do it right.


Yea but Shadow is almost definitely gonna pull a Knuckles and switch sides by the end of the movie, so they’ll need another big bad (maybe Chaos?)


Given that the arc is in Space, I figure they’ll do a retelling of the final boss from Sonic Adventure 2. Eggman can come back for the fourth movie for a final run of sorts.


Presumably with Metal by his side, the two now ready to *conquer all of time...*


Eh I could see Shadow pulling a Shadow and >!totally dying at the end you guys trust me!<


Question - why do studios release movies in the same window as other popular movies. Like as others have noted, this is releasing against Avatar. That's going to pull some numbers away, surely?


They'll just wait and see how Avatar 2 performs. If it performs very well, they will move the date. If Avatar 2 underperforms, they will keep it there since less people would be interested in Avatar 3 and might default for Sonic Christmas week.


If Avatar 2 does extremely well this winter and breaks box office records like the first movie… Probably? The only counter argument to this is that kids movies releasing the same day as major box office blockbusters (especially during the holiday season) still tend to do really good in the long run, so I can see Sonic 3 and Avatar 3 going neck and neck at each other’s runs at the box office unless the hype for Avatar 3 goes beyond everyone’s expectations.


Yeah, but if if *Avatar 2* pulls an *Aliens*/*T2*, they'll move it with no questions asked. Never bet against Jim Cameron, right? Plus, it'd just be smarter to get away from Da Mouse.


but again, on the other side Sherlock Holmes and Alvin & the Chipmunks both were hits even though they opened against Avatar.


Yup: whole family meets up for Christmas, and hits the theaters, the adults go watch Avatar 3 and send the kids, nieces and nephews to see Sonic.


No one does that


The idea is everyone’s gonna see avatar but it’s holiday weekend or Christmas and you wanna see a movie with your kid avatars sold out let’s go see sonic then I also think the movies are completely different target audiences won’t affect much


Even more easy: it's Christmas. You wanna see Avatar, but feel your kids are to young for it. There are no babysitters available. So you drop the kids into Sonic and go yourself into Avatar


I'm still pretty amazed that a film that was looking like it was going to be a disaster, gets pushed off to redo the character design, gets released with just enough buffer before covid hits to become a success, and now is going to have two sequels out before the five year mark. If the date was pushed off to March, it would have likely been dumped to streaming and quickly forgotten.


Same day as Avatar 3. Intriguing.


You lose James Cameron.


Well that’s a long ass time from the second film. I know it's just two years, but I was expecting a summer 2024 release. At least a release date is confirmed, but I don’t like the idea of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 releasing the same day as Avatar 3.


We’re also getting a Knuckles show on Paramount+ in the interim


Farther off than I expected since the other two were in the first half of their release years. But then again - the first film was delayed out of its original November release by the character redesign, and who knows how the pandemic impacted the sequel's production and release date. Perhaps Q4 has always been their desired window I suppose this also makes sense given the live action Knuckles spinoff series headed to Paramount+ before the third film is out. If the production quality is even similar to that of the films, it'll take some time to put together, and possibly occupy the writers and director who have worked on both films so far


Between this and Avatar 3, I know which one I’ll be lining up to watch first. (It’s the one with Shadow the Hedgehog)


Shadow the Hedgehog in Avatar 3 confirmed. /s


Don't tempt me with a good time


Paramount already has a Smurfs film slated


Smurfs was moved to February 14, 2025.


Thanks for letting me know


Is anyone else in the camp where they doubt Avatar 3 will even release that day? Cameron has been moving back the sequels date for years and yet supposedly the 3rd one will be only two years after the 2nds release.


He filmed 2 and 3 together so I wouldn’t bet on a delay. Filming wrapped December 2020 so it’s in post production. Avatar 4/5 are supposedly written and waiting to see how 2 does before filming.


Jim returning?


IF this is well this can actually reach 300m domestic with them christmas legs


Avatar The Seed Bearer $172-174 Million OW $864-868 Million DOM Sonic The Hedgehog 3 $87-89 Million OW $322-324 Million DOM (Christmas and New Years/Winter Break are gonna help This film a lot)


I was disappointed Knuckles wasn't Ugandan


Can’t imagine this sticking. Same day as Avatar 3 is just too risky. I still think April 4th, 2025 would be a perfect spot


Mind blown, I was hoping Sonic 3 to be out during the summer months of 2024 (i.e., May or June), that way, they'll get enough time for it to release in theaters and then put it out on DVD in time for the holiday season. Although I see it as risky, but... my expectations may be high, for now at least... if this movie bombs, then prove me wrong.


That’s great to hear! Was there a 2?




And it... was... ***amazing!*** Not great cinema, but *definitely* one of my personal favorites this year.


*Alright!* Cannot ***wait*** to see how they do >!Shadow!< right. >!Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson, or Sharlto Copley pls.!<


Still Jim Carrey?


They have to bring Amy in this one.


Awesome! I really like the second movie.




Sonic 2 > sonic 1 movie. How crazy would it be if the 3rd was better than the first two? I was shocked how much I enjoyed the 2nd sonic movie. Looking forward to the 3rd!


Either Sonic 3 believes it can co-exist with Avatar 3, or Avatar 3 isn't getting released 2024. I know Cameron originally wanted Avatar 2 and 3 to be released 1 year apart, so we could be looking at Avatar 3 for December 2023.


The 3rd was the best game.


Calling it now. If Amy is in this, she will be voiced by either Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, or Millie Bobby Brown.


Is Jim Carrey in it ? I i thought he retired from making movies


Sure Avatar 3 is gonna be some stiff competition, but for me personally only one of these movies is gonna have Idris Elba and Shadow the Hedgehog


Remember when this sub wildly over predicted sonic 2 lmfao


$400M WW and just under $200M domestic isn't wildly off from what people were saying.