It’s almost as if studios save their blockbuster hits for summer and Christmas… hasn’t this been the industry model for a while?


Yeah Late Aug-Early Oct and Jan- early March is usually pretty quiet historically. It's definitely had some exceptions in recent years though


I feel like October area is decent for them as well


October and horror movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a big time to be a thriller flick.


I'm a sucker for a good Halloween season movie. Halloween kills last year wasn't the best, but it was a super fun theater movie


I agree 💯 I think it has been the weakest summer season for 🎥 movies... Just my opinion


I feel like this was an especially dry summer this year tho




Counterpoint… Now hear me out… Yes.


I mean … it’s the dregs of August. This isn’t blockbuster season nor has it ever been.


Never understood why no one releases in august. Suicide Squad 2016 cleaned up as an august release but it feels like no one ever tried it again.


The new Suicide Squad tried it but it didn’t do so hot. Hitman’s Bodyguard did pretty well.


The studios have definitely done theatres dirty over the August and September slates.


I mean Bullet Train just dropped 4 days ago


And it's an insanely fun popcorn movie!


Just saw Bullet Train and Vengeance on the same day - they were both phenomenal, and felt like big summer movies.


Oooh I wanna do that. Haven’t seen either of them yet. Which would be better first you think?


I did a fairly early matinee, Bullet Train at 12:45pm, was done by about 3:10, and had Vengeance at 3:45. I’d recommend that order. I was at an AMC with a MacGuffins so it was enough time to grab a beer at the bar, check in on my phone and use the restroom for a few minutes, and then pick up some curly fries before taking them and the remaining beer into the second one.


Vengeance will be out of theaters quicker


"**BREAKING NEWS:** Dog days of summer still dog days of summer; *Bullet Train* and *NOPE* expected to overperform. More at 11."


Nope been dropping like a rock. BT"s Sunday to Monday drop wasn't pretty.


Really? Aww, I loved both of them... :/


Nope still gonna clear 100 million easily in U.S., so it’s still a success


Nope going make 50 million less than US in the U.S. but cost 48 million more to make


Time for that one employee in a 25 screen mult-plex to be the ticket-taker, work the refreshment counter, and run the projection booths.


I was using AMC A-List, and after looking over the upcoming releases, just canceled it. I also don’t know if anyone else is dealing with this problem, but the upkeep of theaters have gone down the toilet where I am. All I see when I go are over-worked 16-20 year olds who don’t care, with nary any management in sight. Broken soda fountains, syrup ratios either too little or too much, broken seats/recliners that aren’t being fixed, filthy floors everywhere. Theater owners are wondering why attendance is still low and I never see this factor brought up.


In agreement about the quality of theaters recently. I have went to theaters in the past that were very clean and service was great to be greeted by a few random teens all being overworked and no assistance from a mgr it appears. It’s like they have been abandoned to the Karen’s


I also thought of cancelling it but even at $25 a month, every 4 tickets you reserve as a member through fandango app I get $5 back so basically I get $15 a month in fandango credits to use off friends tickets and I do use them to bring friends of $5 Tuesday for free so it’s like paying $10 a month for up to 12 movies including IMAX or 3D ones. Even if I only want to see 2 or 3 movies a whole month it makes it worth it (and yes I sometimes do reserve a ticket just to get the fandango credit as well, no point reservation going to waste)


How does this work? Your using the amc a list on fandango app?


Fandango app. It HAS to be the fandango app which links to your amc A List so whenever you checkout for a ticket it recognizes your an amc a list member and your ticket is free BUT at same time it credits you as getting a ticket on fandango and every 4 tickets got on Fandango gets you a $5 code which can be used for either $5 off a movie ticket on fandango (including discount tuesdays), $5 off a movie rental on fandango (which makes most rentals free basically) or $5 off a digital purchase so you can get Sonic 2 to own digitally for example for $5 instead of buying it for $10


Thanks for explaining it me, really helped me out. I'm trying book a ticket through fandango for tomorrow but it not showing all theaters close to me. Just one of them but for today it's showing all of them. Does it update showtimes and locations at a certain time or something? Thanks again.


Not every theatre is covered through fandango but it seems every AMC is or should be. So whichever amc is nearest you should pop up. I don’t know what other areas are like by I’m in NY by NYC (though not in NYC) and every AMC and REGAL around shows up on Fandango


I just did the same thing. I really enjoy using A-List and will probably get it back sometime next year. But the upcoming slate of films really doesn’t interest me much outside of a few films.


There’s bodies, bodies bodies, the invitation, woman king, Pearl, puss n boots, don’t worry darling, plus a jaws rerelease, et rerelease, and the Spider-Man extended cut if u care for that. And that’s before October


The A24 fan club sent me a code for a free ticket to Bodies Bodies Bodies and I could not be more excited. I feel like the “off seasons” are the time for weird indies to thrive and that’s very much my lane


I’m November especially and into December we’ll get plenty of more since it’s awards season. Maybe even some in October


None of those movies appeal to me. Don't worry darling looks interesting but I had friends that worked on it and said Olivia Wilde sucks, so I'm not that interested in it.


This is everywhere now. Bare minimum everywhere


Agree 100%. My local theater has had light up signs for years. They broke when I went went to see Doctor Strange MoM back in May, still haven’t been fixed. Just have little laminated paper taped over them.


August is pretty dead. Bullet Train was the only thing I was interested in. September doesn’t have anything big, but as a horror fan I’m looking forward to it: Barbarian, Don’t Worry Darling, Pearl, Smile, and, as a Kevin Smith fan, Clerks III.


I expect Beast and Smile to open/perform decently enough, but the next proper ‘blockbuster’ (or movie with 100 million capability) is Halloween Ends all the way in October.


If people just go to see blockbusters the theatrical business will die. I'm actually looking forward to September. Women king, don't worry darling should both be solid films. Whether ppl will actually go see them is another conversation.


I don’t just go for blockbusters. Honestly I enjoy the non blockbusters more than the blockbusters as I have gotten in to my 30’s. I’m really looking forward to beast august 19th and that’s the weekend that bodies bodies bodies will finally be in my area.


Last one was Thor, next up is Black Adam (lol)


Give RRR on Netflix a chance. It’s crazy and over the top and all the things you expect from a blockbuster. Pretty decent story too. At one point, a guy throws a tiger at another guy. This movie knows what it is. (It’s only mostly in English)


Got to love that speed ramping


> RRR on Netflix dude, i had to google what shortcut it stands for and found out its the name of the movie haha


Avatar 2.


Put Top Gun back in imax you cowards!!!


Your request has been \*GRANTED\*...


Emptiest summer in a long long time...


What if (crazy idea) we all keep going to the theatres and watch non-IP movies this summer and show studio that we'll still keep going to movies even if they don't have Doctor Strange, R2-D2 or Sonic the Hedgehog in them.


Do theaters use AC anymore? They don’t where I live….


Where do you live?


I’m getting to the point where I would rather just watch it on streaming rather than in a theater.


COVID happened.


How do you ‘brace’ for a slowdown. Dumb.


There are on Netflix and Disney +


Hey cinematogrissers… YA BLOGBUSSA!


I've been going to the movies every week or two this year, and I realize now after watching Bullet Train that there's nothing I really wanna see in theaters for a few months. It is a pretty dry season tbh


Liger comes out this month. Gonna be huge.


I actually can't wait to see bodies bodies bodies and fall.