Not to mention being his third movie....


Yeah I was gonna say wasn’t this also his third movie in general?


Nope just became Jordan Peele’s third movie.




I'm betting his next movie will be his fourth movie.


Get the fuck out of here, please I can’t take this!


Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes




As writer/director yes


As director, yes. He has written 2 others. Keanu and Candyman being the 2 other. He did not direct either tho.


he didn't direct those... so he wasn't writer/director for them


As a salesperson/astronaut I have won a lot of awards. I, too, am one of those things


Who was the last Director to have their first three movies gross over a $100 Million.


Skeet Lopez


The only person I can think of is Shyamalan. He and Peele have a crazy amount of similarities. Both are horror directors with a pinahce for comedy. Monumental, award-winning breakout first film. Second film was difficult for some audiences but was still successful enough. Third film is a step up but goes a little kookier but retains a strong horror element; the cracks are starting to show a bit. By this model, Peele's fourth movie will mark a turning point in his career where people will doubt his talent. Fifth movie will be inexplicably bad. Seventh movie will be laugh-out-loud bad. Anything beyond that is all out bad and has to rely on little indie movie's until he finds his footing again on his eleventh film marking a return of quality.


Unbreakable came up short of 100m domestically.


Oh. Didn't realize I was looking at worldwide. Yep, $94.9M. Man, so close.


Peele having three $100M+ domestic grossers in a row is very impressive for a horror director.


especially considering theyre all original horror movies and not sequels or franchise stuff


In his case I think that’s helping


Most definitely. Franchise horror inspires the most dull storytelling in most [all] of the movies. It’s almost as if the directors have a catalogue that they need to find a way to incorporate all the “scary elements” from into the movie. Spooky child [alive or dead]: check Oblivious parents: check Pets are acting strange: check Jump scare with orchestral violin: check It’s lame and honestly a scary movie that actually inspires terror in the viewer is rare.


I liked the new Evil dead, but in general I agree with you. Directors tend to follow a formula and become thus predictable


He is the franchise lol


Pretty much the highest achievement a director can achieve is having his own name being a box office draw.


Yeah that’s the impressive part. Idk why people always mention this


It's the dumbest "own" ever. An artist being the one people follow (instead of IP) is the dream.


It’s just rare, I think that’s why people mention it. Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Quentin… it’s a small group of directors whose name are the draw rather than the cast, or franchise.


Yeah, its so weird to me. Great directors like Spielberg, Fincher, Snyder and Tarantino will get people into the seats based entirely on name alone. How is that any different than star wars, marvel or dceu?


I swear, some of y’all are not even in our solar system with your delusional Snyder-cult worship. Snyder couldn’t film the shoelaces of a third-tier director like Peyton Reed being tied without making it terrible. Also, addressing your point directly, audiences actually *avoid* the theater if they know the director is Snyder.


Snyder? How?


Because these directors don’t have to follow any rules except the ones they make, they can be original, daring and weird without the chains of being in a franchise. And also, how did you put Snyder in there? He has more bombs than successes, critically and commercially


>>>Great directors like Spielberg, Fincher, Snyder and Tarantino will get people into the seats based entirely on name alone LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 You and I (and the entire known world) know that Snyder is nowhere even close to being a *great director* let alone a director whose name alone gets butt in theaters. Delusion is a powerful substance 🤣🤣🤣


Ya he’s become a must see director for me.


Love his creativity and imagination. Something that is missing in todays films


If you value creativity and imagination then make sure you support it with your wallet. The industry is where it is because audiences are voting for spectacle and franchisees with their money.


Not even that, they are kind of artistic horror more than a horror movie in the classic sense.


He has called his movie “*social thrillers*” which I think is a) more apropos and b) reflects why his movies have reached beyond traditional horror audiences, which is reflected in going 3/3 on $100m or higher DOM.


I’ll admit I’m part of the “Won’t go out of my way to watch horror movies but absolutely makes sure to see a Jordan Peele film in theaters” crowd. As someone who loves to dig into themes and motifs in films, I’ve found his films always deliver and are worth the $$ while other horror films can be very paint by the numbers and unfulfilling unless I just want some dumb fun.


He’s doing what old-school directors like Alan Pakula, Sydney Lumet, and William Friedkin would do; create original socially conscious or relevant dramas and thrillers. They had no “style” to speak of; rather their technique and subject were the draw and focus. It wasn’t like Brian DePalma or Sam Peckinpah where there was a style that had to be harnessed to the vision. Lumet, Friedken and Peele’s style adapts to the story. You can’t point to a style on Lumet or Pakula, but rather a feel to their stories and how they engaged with their actors and subject matter. Peele has that all the whole channeling major John Carpenter vibes. The comparisons are nice but I truly believe he is a 1 of 1 and a singular voice and point of view.


Most impressive.


I wonder how much of this is a direct result of the pandemic. Horror movies are generally a young teen -40 year movie going experience. The population least effected by the pandemic and in need of something to do. Also, since they are original and well made he is capturing the younger audiences who will go see his movies based on his name. With less original movies being made I feel Peele is doing a great job of taking over the market. I wonder if he will keep to horror or try to branch out soon. Either way good for him!


I mean the first two came out pre-pandemic.


Yeah but they were helped by the pandemic time-travelers


>I wonder how much of this is a direct result of the pandemic. Get Out - 2017 Us - 2019 I'm not sure exactly what you mean


Probably because the pandemic has given us all a bit of a unique perception of time. I know when the came out but the time seems both recent and far away. P. S. I’m not the person whose comment you’re replying to, just saying.


I don’t care if he does non-horror stuff (he’s talented and frankly shouldn’t be limited to one genre), but I hope he never fully abandons horror! So many directors use it as a stepping stone to bigger budgets/fame/whatever their passion project is, but I really respect the people who keep coming back to it even though they could make anything they want. I’m not in horror franchises at all so I don’t want to miss out on original screenplays!


Stanley Kubrick making The Shining at the height of his career when he could make pretty much any snooty Oscar-bait project he wanted is forever the coolest thing any director’s ever done.


If Tarantino has actually made that Star Trek movie after a movie nominated for Best Picture, that would’ve been peak chaos.


I can’t believe we missed the opportunity for minute long shots of Klingon feet.


It’s a shame Stephen King loathed his adaptation, but I like it so too bad for you, King! Haha


I don’t think Kubrick ever made anything with the Oscars in mind. He just did whatever interested him.


I've never really watched horror movies but I'm willing to go see Nope in theaters. His movies have a different appeal than a low budget shocker for sure.


If you enjoyed Nope then there are hundreds of horror movies you would enjoy. Don't judge the entire genre based on one preconceived notion of "low budget shocker". That is not what horror is


Yeah, I always get sad when I venture out of my usual circles and see comments like this being dismissive of horror based on stereotypes.


Wait...James A. Janisse? If it's really you...HUGE fan! Been subscribed for years. Thank you for being such a great, positive influence in the horror community


I saw like one third of it and walked out. Wasn't the only one--dozens followed me. A fire alarm went off in the theater. 0/10 do not watch this movie at AMC Newport on the Levee.


Had me at first haha


the power went out while i was watching the Joker movie. it kinda freaked me out considering all the mass shooting hysteria that was surrounding that movie 😅 i went outside the theatre room and saw that the power was out in the whole building. felt relived lol


Lmao absolutely terrifying. What time in the movie?


Oh man I don't remember the exact point. I wanna say maybe sometime during the first half of the movie. I don't recall anything creepy happening in the story when the power went out. Was still a mini panic attack 😂 I was the only one in the theatre who walked out to see what was going on. So idk if that's shitty scary movie survival skills? The person who dies because they went to go see what was going on.


I think the best answer is emergency exit, but if you didnt take one yeah walking out seems hella risky


When I was in college we were watching The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in a film class and right after the beginning with the radio talking about the solar flares or whatever the power in the building went out and then the fire alarm went off. Scared the crap out of us.


Crazy. My theater was evacuated because and active shooter was suspected in mall.


It was just an electrical issue. They actually reseated us and it happened again


Oh man those can get annoying


I knew what a horrible person I am when it tuned out to be a false alarm.


Just go to the theatre in milford off the highway, probably cheaper anyway🤷🏻‍♂️


That's really impressive and extremely rare.


Big W for Peele especially since they’re all original R rated thriller/horror movies. Love to see that man succeed! 😁


It was a fun movie. I really liked the acting.


The monster is a very interesting concept to Jupiter aliens honestly. I loved the movie and concepts to it.


Nope was great! I know reviews were mixed but I really enjoyed it. One of those movies you need to watch again to catch all the details. I think this one will be looked at more favorably as time goes on.


My favorite of his so far Idk, it was just so cinematic Def a theater experience


It’s my favorite too! I know a lot of people still prefer Get Out but not me- I LOVE movies that have ambiguity and don’t spell out every single answer to every single question (don’t HAVE to have it in all movies). Peele has a lot of faith in his audience and I really appreciate that. Plus good lord was that cinematography gorgeous. SO glad I saw it in theaters!


Oh man I'm totally on board...it was so good it is absolutely my favorite of his work so far (and that is high praise) honestly I loved how much it felt like it was almost his take on an early Spielberg movie (it's clear close encounters was a big influence). Honestly if not for the fact that EEAAO came out this year it would easily be my favorite movie of the year so far.


Did I black out and post this?? EEAAO was probably my favorite movie going experience to date, followed by Top Gun: Maverick and Nope. After two years of minimal theater going I’ve been like 11 times this year and I think the only movie I didn’t love was The Northman… but it still was worth seeing. Feel so spoiled this year!


You guys keep saying mixed, where are the mixed scores? It currently stands at. 7.5 on Imbd and 4.0 on Letterboxd. And we know it did well with critics, so where is the mixed reception coming from?


The reviews were definitely better than mixed, but I agree. I'm sure all of his first three movies will be looked back on very positively.


Reviews weren’t mixed. Going off of Rotten Tomatoes I believe it’s sitting in the low 80’s. I think due to the fact that Get Out was in the high 90’s and Us was in the low 90’s, some people are over exaggerating the fact that Nope is in the low 80’s. Also just a case of the vocal minority. Those who love this movie love it, but those who hated this movie made sure to let everyone know they hated it.


I watched it the other day and enjoyed it, but I couldn’t tell you what the fuck was going on half the time. I haven’t seen get out (I know it’s good I’ll get to it okay lol), but I did watch US opening weekend with a lot of my friends and I think overall I enjoyed this movie better. I remember really liking the first half of US a lot, but then just being really really confused by the second half. Still a great theater experience though.


Go see the movie a 2nd time. My second viewing of Nope was even better than the first, because I was actually able to understand what was happening in every scene. My first watch was great for the mystery and I wouldn't take that back, but man it's so fun when you know everything going in too


I like "Us". I just have to pretend the bizarre Hands Across America and government clone part of the story doesn't exist. Without that nonsensical stuff, it's a great movie IMO.


The hands across America part helps make the story though. The government part goes nowhere true but It reminded me of some twilight zone episodes where some red herring or possible explanation was brought up but never really explained further. It gets you thinking and that can lead to creepier ideas which Is one of the best parts of horror movies


But… those parts of the film… are the point? They’re the point about the commentary on class.


I get that they were symbols or metaphors for all kinds of societal issues, but they don't make sense in the actual movie. It's a movie about how the government secretly clones every human and those tethered clones live in unsecured "tunnels", without any explanation as to why or how that's possible, and at the end the tethered get out and kill people and form a Hands Across America. I'm not going to pretend I could make a better movie, but I would have enjoyed it more if the symbolism came from a more coherent plot. Nope, for example, does a better job of being a self contained movie that has a message in there if you *choose* to think about it. In Us, it's like you're getting beat over the head with the message because the movie doesn't make a lot of sense standing alone.


You are confusing bad world building (which it was) with unnecessary plot details. Minor to major spoilers past this point— The hands across america thing is like… part of the central thesis. The cloning as a direct parallel to how every human being’s “comfortable living” in some way relies on a lower, exploited class is also part of the central thesis. The “nonsensical stuff” is the message. If you wanted it better executed, say that, but saying it’s a great film besides those parts demonstrates a lack of understanding of the film as a whole. It’s like complaining about batman being a billionaire and saying they should take that part out just because they didn’t explain specifically how his family acquired that wealth.


They got it from Wayne Corp


Man it makes me sad you watched Us and still didn’t understand it. Parasite has a strikingly similar use of symbolism (people living under those with more than them) and I don’t see it as nonsensical. The hands across America is a contrast and also historically a failure - there were breaks in the chain and it’s timing coincides with a widening gap between rich and poor in the US. I loved Us and thought using that event from 1986 was a nice touch.


No, i get that there is a message. It's just that it delivered it as too art house for my liking.


Yeah I remember seeing a whole rant from Jake Paul of all people calling it the worst movie he’s ever seen. I couldn’t care less about Jake, but it was super random. Edit: Logan Paul not Jake.


Actually I think it was Logan, which is ironic given his past in relation to the movie 😂


Yeah I think you’re right. I knew it was one of them. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I can guess that part of his last you’re referencing 😅.


The only reviews that were mixed are IMDB scores, which are the same “woke” shit. I think nobody really cares about those scores anymore. Example: Prey.


I have a great idea for the next Jordan Peele movie. WOKE. A riveting look into the life of a midwestern American male, who after years of being forced to observe other people cultures, and respect their way of life, decides to simply, shut the fuck up and keep going about his. THIS SUMMER.


RT audience score is below 70% and Metacritic is in the 7s. It's not just IMDB.


It took some time for all the threads to come together…but when it did, it was really good!


I'd say it's another sloppy script very well executed, where the parts that work are extremely effective and it's certainly novel. I hope he has another extremely good script in him.




I think it might be his best script honestly. Everything feels incredibly tight in how little information you get about the monster and how much you learn about the characters through action and reaction. It reminded of a poor man's Jaws, and considering that is a top 10 movie ever for me, that is a big compliment for me.


I’m surprised. I went with two other friends. We all liked his previous movies. None of us enjoyed Nope. I gave it a 5/10 when we left.


Care to share why you didn’t enjoy it? Can definitely see why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but curious about any specific reasons (too vague? pacing issues? felt the trailer gave everything away?)


Sure thing. I actually went in without seeing trailers. It’s my favorite way to enjoy movies as I like the experience too as fresh as possible. There was a lot to the movie I didn’t like, but I think pacing is the biggest one. The ending felt like it dragged and dragged and dragged. Especially when they were about to “kill” it. I didn’t jive with the characters that much either. They felt flat. The only one I felt that worked for was the main character. He was a simple man who wanted to live out his simple life. I thought his sister was a bit overbearing. The super special camera man was just kinda weird. Etc. And there were plot points that I never felt were necessary. I’m certainly glad others enjoyed it, though


He might go full on 90's James Cameron


Stepping into the shoes of James Cameron is a daunting task for any filmmaker. Hope so and wish him luck if he does.


I'm looking forward to his 3D opus, *Representational Icon*.


Me, Computer.


I'm looking forward to *Yup.*


That or M Night Shamalan. Or he could even become his own thing. Lots of different trajectories for this director


Oh yeah haha, that's a good one.


James Cameron wishes his movies had characters as engaging as any of Jordan Peele's protagonists


no he doesnt .


To say such a thing with that avatar image too is just...


It’s almost like people enjoy novel, creative ideas in their films.


*takes a look at yearly box office top 10 for the 2010s and 2020s* Could have fooled me


I thought it was pretty good. I saw it in theaters and in imax. I recommend seeing it imax if possible.


Congrats, gonna make it my bday present in four days


Happy Predated Birthday!


Thank you! 😁


That’s only three more than I have. Really not that impressive.


Saw this in theaters with my brother, it was an enjoyable movie but the ending just wasn’t quite satisfying enough.


Did Universal kick in their "direct to streaming" clause when the movie just barely missed the $50m opening weekend haul?


That's something somebody on Twitter made up.


Oh good


I've only been to the theaters twice during the pandemic (Nope and Spider-Man) and I watched the film mostly because of Peele's "brand" of originality and Twilight Zone-esque screenplay. I can't wait for his future films


It is very good


It was interesting and original, not his best movie, but it was a pretty good watch




Ari Aster and Robert Eggers too.


Garland too


Garland is on my hit list after Men lol. I adore Annihilation and really like his work in writing and Ex Machina, but Men was just a bizarre mess imo.


Do Daniels count, or are they co-auters?


Definitely agree, and I would add Julia Ducournau (Raw, Titane) as well


This is why ppl hate peele fans lol


If you’re comparing jordan peele to Chris Nolan and Denis villenueve you have completely lost your mind. And I say this as a fan of peele






Villeneuve made his first movie in 1996


And it sounds like you just didn’t like tenet. Dunkirk was a masterpiece


Nolan released his first film in the 90s, I would say he's one generation back.


Taika just became the new Shyamalan


I swear people are so dramatic lmfao He made a formula movie for Marvel and people act like he made The Last Airbender…


Lol no he didn't. Let's wait for him to make stinker after stinker before saying stuff like that.


After Next Goal wins comes out people are gonna act like they never said a bad word about him lol


Taika biggest success are not original stories and came in the MCU and stuff like Jojo rabbit and Hunt for the wilderpeople didn’t made enough money to compare him to shyamalan or Peele.


I’d argue Taika is a perfect example of the director who makes a big budget movie so he can go back and afford his next indie. Except he happens to like making both






I’d say there’s a few guys above Peele


Not at all dude. Us was bad and Nope was a very fun but uneven movie. Yorgos Lanthimos is this generation’s best auteur. The Lobster, Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dogtooth, and The Favourite are all refined and original masterpieces. I’m also very excited for whatever Julia Ducournau does next I can see her taking the crown with a couple more movies under her belt.


The movie was gorgeous and I enjoyed Keke Palmer, but it’s my least favorite of his so far. I love Get Out, it’s so clean and tight. Us is very fun. Nope didn’t work for me. I might have to see it again.


Once it was shown that the VIEWER was an all devouring and hungry beast...I was checked out. Like...fuck you. I paid for your shit. If you want to tell me how hard and abused you've been by entertainment industry and those of us eating up content, then eat all the dicks and maybe at least make it more subtle. Plus...why THE FUCK did an electric motorcycle just lock brakes and fling someone when the engine gets shut off" Why did a non highly pressurized balloon blow the alien up...who was also basically a loose sheet balloon. Why would anybody play a prank like that on a rancher and not expect to be shot? This movie failed on too many levels to have the "cleverness" be worthwhile.


Not that serious my guy


It's not, I agree. But some of the comments in here are saying the director is the best shit going and better than the best. Why don't you go let them know it isn't that serious, my guy?


> Plus...why THE FUCK did an electric motorcycle just lock brakes and fling someone when the engine gets shut off" this is one of my only two gripes about it. The second being Angel being a awful crpyto miner and not even a good one.


The viewer isn't just you, though, it's the concept. It's not even an original concept. Turning the finger to us was just a nice nod, and it also plays on the interaction between creator, filmer, and audience that happens at several points throughout the movie. It also gave a moment to flip the perspective a bit as at that point all the characters were there to view but it ended up being reversed. If we take it at face value that he's pointing at us then...that doesn't change the fact that he's dealt with shit as a creator and had to deal with arsehole entitled viewers as well as had to deal with the all pervasive eye of the public trying to suck up any and all things about him. Electric motorcycle suddenly stopping was for sure hella dumb. Non-pressurised except that it was a massive balloon that the creature then pit under big pressure, and then the creature itself was never shown to be particularly resilient. It relies on sneak attacks and surprise for the most part, it doesn't have to be armored. Why would anyone play a prank like that? Mostly because they're neighbours. The kids know him, they know his family, he's been on their site several times. They most likely know he doesn't have or use guns, or is too timid to fight back normally, as shown by his inability to even speak up when people were making his horse restless. I get that the film wasn't perfect, but most of your points are pretty unimportant points that don't really detract from the movie. Other than the bike. That was dumb.


Haven’t seen it yet but my friends have been raving about how good it is(they’re a huge fan of the directors works) and they have a pretty good taste in movies so I’m excited to see it!


He’s becoming a big draw.


Each of his movies has done worse, financially, than the one before it. He went from making 260m on a 4m budget to making 250m on a 20m budget to making 100m on a 70m budget. At this pace, his next movie will cost 300m and make 50m.


But the foreign box office isn’t in for Nope yet. So it could still make 200 million or more worldwide.


And the fact that Jordan Peele has brought in 100 million+ dollars domestically for 3 original Horror movies, is still amazing.


He's the closest to a new Hitchcock we're likely to get. People know they are in for a scary good time when they go see a Jordan Peele movie. His name-- and his name ALONE-- puts butts in seats. I stress "alone" because these are entirely his own original creations-- no remakes, adaptations, "based on," nothing. Christopher Nolan is the only other director who can claim that right now.




I haven’t watched nope yet and I enjoyed his other two movies, but comparing him with Hitchcock is a bit over the top.


I’m probably an unpopular opinion here but I’m really not a fan of his movies. I’ve seen Us, Get Out, and now on the fence about seeing this one. I wanted to like them because I LOVE K&P but I just didn’t care for them. I’m happy that he is doing so well, though. He seems like a really cool, down to earth dude.


I'd say if you didn't like those two you should probably skip this one. I loved Get Out, I thought Us was a good ride with a story that held up to so little scrutiny it was distracting.


I appreciate that. I’m sure I’ll give it a try at some point.


Us is fantastic as a metaphor, but the world collapses on itself when the symbolism becomes literal. I still think there’s a lot to love in it and I admire the ambition of it; honestly I think it just needed more polishing.


That's my issue with it. Its a very entertaining movie, but it has too much of a grip on its commentary to really land as a full story. The performances, direction and set pieces were excellent, but the whole reveals towards the end were a little flat and bizarre.


Lol downvotes for having a different, yet still respectful, opinion. Gotta love Reddit. Y’all are so offended by everything.


I feel like you just said that in order to complain about getting downvoted.


No, I thought my post was respectful enough to not be downvoted. I wanted to see if others felt the same way.


There’s no surer way for me to downvote someone than for someone to complain about being downvoted.


In a sense, this is how Alfred Hitchcock was viewed. Fan base for a unique style for filmmaking, but not for everyone. So I appreciate the films for what they are, Nope was interesting (maybe even cerebral). But I'm not head over heels for his films.


For me it fell into the Gremlins school of “ Don’t try to think too logically about the creature and it’s rules or the whole thing falls apart “.


Ya. Or don’t ask why they didn’t attempt to call the authorities to save the screaming people. Helicopters over motorcycles.


I just hope Peele will be willing to expand his scope and go outside the horror subgenre that he essentially invented. I'd love to see him do a serious drama or even a comedy. I just fear that if he continues to release polarizing films (Us and Nope both had polarizing reactions), he may be mirroring Shymalan's career path. Which isn't the worst thing in the world, Peele just has such an immense talent, I would hate if he boxes himself in so early in his directorial career.


He did co-produce that film with Spike Lee, which was a drama.


All three of Peele's films are better than anything Shyamalan has ever put out, save for maybe Sixth Sense being a little better than Us. I don't really think their career paths are comparable


I think the path of Get Out-Us-Nope parallels the path of Sixth Sense-Unbreakable-Signs where there feels to be an downward trajectory of audience reaction with an upward trajectory of the director's hubris.


To me Nope is his best film, so the trajectory is not the same at all


Signs isn't even a good movie, so Peele is already doing better on this third feature than M. Night was


I saw it last night…it was ok. Like he is obviously talented and a good story-teller. The movie just fell flat for me. Characters were likeable and the story had a lot of potential…just ended up with a meh feeling.


Same went to watch it with my wife and we both just looked at each other after thinking “ummm… ok?” Not bad not good. Somewhere smack in the middle


I saw it. Did I miss something? >!How did the inflated cowboy character fly? Those are filled with air the same way as the Wacky Inflatable tube men, with an air pump, not helium. It would just roll away, not fly. Why did it explode? Nothing in the last third made sense to me.!< Thanks for the downvotes without explaining why the movie did that thing I'm confused about.


It seems that specific one was kept filled with helium so when she unhooked it it flew away! I was also a bit disappointed but if i had to go back i would probably still watch it because of how unique it is


It's just so unbelievable. It costs $3 dollars a day to [fill a character with air via a pump](https://backyardsidekick.com/bounce-house-electricity-usage-a-complete-guide), but [$500k to fill it with helium](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/thanksgiving-day-2019-parade-float-costs/). He would be spending millions on helium each year.


Why did the electric motorcycle act like it his a wall instead of just slowing down? Movie was filled with dumb things.


^ This is what happens when a generation thinks CinemaSins is film criticism lmao


Balloon floated but wasnt hydrogen. Creature filtered skin and organs but not blood. What generation do you think I'm from? From one that asks for consistency? The TMZ guy was so out of place and forced. The director suicide was trite and pointless. So was the focus of him taking medication for all of one scene. There is plenty to criticize my guy.


The entire movie sucked


Big nope from me on nope.


It was total dog shit.


Can someone explain why it’s left all my local theaters? Yet they are carrying several older releases? Is this thing going to digital quick?


Probably because the drop-off on the movie has been extremely aggressive. Despite the movie opening with basically no competition, legs have been remarkable weak, with 60%+ drops each week. It didn’t race over 100m, it desperately crawled over the finish line.


I might not be in the "OMG THEYRE AMAZING MOVIES" crowd but there's one reason I go to see them. I know they won't be bad, they may not be my favorite or some great horror movie but I at least enjoy it and they're worth watching, plus other recent horror has been very disappointing. Might not be what others want but I'd love to see his take on a more gruesome horror or established slasher franchise, I think with his comedy background he could reboot nightmare on elm Street and give it personality.


It really is impressive how strong his directorial debut was and how his name alone sells tickets. The audience trust of quality is almost Tarantino level after 2 movies.


He deserves it


I liked the first half, didn't really care at all for the second half which was supposed to be the most suspenseful part. I just absolutely hated the way they treated the alien thing, it was so stupid and at the end of the day I really didn't care for any of the characters and there was just no suspense that i was obsessed with in get out and us. I was just kind of confused and then waiting for it to be over already.


Great, he deserves it


Can't say I'm surprised. That shit was lit.