My neighbors kid came to my budgies cage and pulled all her tail feathers, can it's tail grow back or should I kill that kid?

My neighbors kid came to my budgies cage and pulled all her tail feathers, can it's tail grow back or should I kill that kid?


Kill the kid... But it will grow back


Need an African grey in there to stand up to the kid Bird: "yeah yeah just reach in here and I'll give you JoJo powers, robux, and fortnight skins" Kid: *gasp* does it Bird: "FOOLISH MORTAL YOU HAVE FALLEN INTO MY TRAP" *CHOMP*


African grays have big chompers, mines 3 years old and doesnt like his back touched. Found that out the hard way after a quick bandaging!


You may want to look into WHY you shouldn’t be stroking your parrot on the back… you’re effectively blue balling that poor bird, their back is an erogenous zone. (Learned that the hard way when we also had a Hella angry bird and no idea why)


I know the birb's head is safe for scritches, but are there any other spots that can be touched without frustrating them?


Basically anywhere below the neck is a no no square.




Well an owl can do the job better.


Child is temporary. Budgie is forever




Second this


I was on day 21 of taming them, I don't think they will trust a human hand for next 1 year


Don’t worry. They will learn to love their owners and hate the neighbours kid. My birds love my moms hands who feeds them and they run from me. Think they will eventually be able to recognize the difference if not yet. You just gotta be patient


Not always. I had a cockatiel for only 2 months once and she had an accident where she got her beak stuck in a toy and ripped part of the lower half off in the midst of freaking out. She had to go to the vet 3 times and associated the whole incident with me and never fully trusted me again. She was so cuddly and lovey before that


There are definitely some outliers but can we agree that in general for the most part patience is key when dealing with birds in order to bond with them. In your case, how long have you had your cockatiel. I’ve had my lovebirds for bout 6 years now and I can say that I only truly got to them after my second year with them. Again, patience is key here. You need to let the bird decide when it’s ready for you, not the other way around. Your bird might not trust you now, but you can definitely try and change that with diligence and patience.


She passed away a couple years after the accident


That is unfortunate. I’m sorry for your loss 😢😔😔


Thank you. I was hoping to work with her more but didn’t get the chance. Poor thing


I know how it feels to lose one as well. It just hurts how fragile they are. This is 🎾. He was my first bird. Lost him bout a year ago https://imgur.com/a/V51sYM2


Condolences on your loss🙏. Wishing you peace when the pain of loss strikes.




Lesson learned. Never let a stranger handle your bird without constant supervision. Ouch.


They love being in my garden, so every day I put them in the small cage and keep them in my garden, I never knew this could happen with them


The kids came into your garden uninvited


They live upstairs in my home on rent


Do not put your birds in the garden anymore. Did you leave them unsupervised? How old are these stupid kids? I really hope they have been reprimanded for their actions. Even when I was 4 I knew to always be gentle with animals and never pull on fur or feathers. My parents would have never tolerated such behavior.


I remember being second grade and the school brought a budgie to school for a special occasion, a kid pulled off the tail out of it and his parents were called


I took my pet hermit crab to 2nd Show-and-Tell. It was very exciting! I taught all my classmates how to hold him so he doesnt pinch, and showed how he liked to crawl around on my hands. At somepoint a classmate got a hold of my crab without my knowledge, got himself pinched, and then dropped him on the hard tile floor. Devestating. Broke my heart. It shattered his shell, and I though he was going to die! My hermit crab survived, but had to move into a shell he wasnt quite big enough for yet. It was a lesson learned though. Dont trust 2nd graders with small pets, and look out for your things bc nobody else will.


Charge them double for the rent. Or a kid tax.


Kick them out


Allways supervise this time was a kid, but it can be a cat, falcon or a cocodrile(if you live in Australia)


Very much this, OP - a lot of animals can break into a bird's cage, or even just put their claws through the bars. I also tie the doors shut if I'm taking the cage outside, as well as zip-tie the upper part of the cage to the plastic bottom (drilling holes in the plastic).


I worry based on age of children if this would count as animal cruelty Hard yes on importance of adult supervision for everyone’s and birb safety.




Kill the kid. But the budgies will be fine. My diego had her tail feathers ruined when I got her by some aggressive budgies in her old aviary. They grew back and are as majestic as ever. But the removal of feathers does hurt them a lot. Make sure the kid understands that.


How long it took to grow back tail?


We adopted a budgie who had lost her tail feathers due to stress the day before (got chased by a dog). I think it took a month or two for her to grow them back.


It took months. Their feathers grow back when they moult. If they don't, consult a vet


They will hopefully grow back more quickly than that, when a feather is plucked out it will start to grow back right away unless the follicle was damaged.


I'm going to be honest, I wasn't paying that much attention into how long it took for her feathers to grow back


Not long actually. Every time I notice one of my birds has no tail feathers it takes just as few days and BOOM tailfeathers. Don't know why some say it's a few months. Also there is a thing called "Schreckmauser" which means that a bird lets some feathers go when they're stressed through some sudden thing like a dumb kid grabbing it. My budgies even can fly without those feathers.


I once had to cut the tail feather of my budgie because they had like greace on them like greace that would kill him if he ate it and I could not wash it off of him, he was sour for a day then warmed up to me again, it took 4 months for the feathers to grow back but he is all good now flying in my room


My bird ( that flew away ;( sad ) didn't have a tail because we rescued her from crows and the crows pulled her tail. İt grew back in 3 months iirc




She just turned 4 years last month, I can't do something harsh with a girlthat small And the female budgie is an adult budgie, can an adult budgie molt??


All birds molt at least once a year to replace feathers damaged by the general wear-and-tear of living, and to get into their breeding plumage. Birds will also do an "emergency" replacement of flight feathers (wing or tail feathers) if they get ripped out. Our local wren lost its tail last year at the end of winter and was able to replace the feathers completely in about three weeks. The same thing happened to a migratory sparrow right before it was time for it to head back north. It was also able to regrow its tail feathers, and managed to do so in time to migrate. I don't 100% know about parrots, but they should be able to do similar, or at the very least grow them back next molt.


They molt too.


Adult budgies replace feathers constantly, but they still have a big molt about twice a year.


Unfortunately I can already see how this is going to play out: „my precious little darling deserves those feathers and you are out of line for telling her off. It’s just a dumb little animal. Go get new ones if you don’t like their looks anymore!“ A kid acting like that is probably used to their parents backing them up in situations like this. Otherwise they wouldn’t do this.


They just ignored to talk on this topic


Wait so you've talked to the parents and they are completely ignoring what their kid did?


They just expressed some condolences


Bhai, typical bhartiya padosi, unke bache galat kaam kar hi nahi sakte ...


Okay, then it’s down to pressing charges. And probably best to not put them out unsupervised anymore. Next time they might not be put back in the cage…


I don't think from tomorrow my budgies will go to their favorite place again, they love being in my garden , and I can't be in garden with them for hours


Please do not ever leave your birds outside unsupervised. They could get harmed by a predator or stupid people. Exactly this is why you should not do this. Either take the time to sit outside with them, or let them stay inside where they are safe. It's your responsibility as a bird owner to ensure their safety. It does not matter if they love the garden, if you can not ensure their safety in that area, do NOT leave them there, especially without supervision! And I have just read your response, that the parents kinda ignored it. Keep pushing them until they do something. Animal abuse like this should not be ignored. I would probably even confront the little shit personally. I hate it when parents do not care about their unruly children hurting an animal. This behavior would have been unacceptable to my parents.


Depends on what country you live in. Some don't have predators that would eat budgies Although the child is probably a predator


I don't necessarily mean wild natural predators. Could be a stray or neighborhood cat or dog


I would call the cops, the kids committed. Animal abuse and trespassing. The cops can issue them a trespass notice so they can be arrested on sight the next time they enter your property.


They live upstairs in my house on rent, there was no trespassing, but I am gonna do something about this


Pull the kids hair out to show what it feels like. Also, maybe evict the tenants?


Yeah, definitely have an age appropriate talk with the kid and a more serious conversation with the parents . 4 years olds are intelligent enough to be taught not to pull on feathers, that it is bad for the animals or touching someones pet without permission is not ok. My sibling and I were taught how to behave around pets even at such a young age. The parents just need to do their job.


Don't kill the kid, but don't let the kid near your birds. They will grow back. Be gentle around your birds and offer them some treats and fun toys. They will come back around with time.


No no you can kill em


Birds have a panic response to getting their tail pulled, and they will drop their tail feathers. A predator response, per se. The tail will grow back and should start almost straight away, so increase calcium and protein to help the feather production. Maybe get a bigger cage even if it's just for outside time, so kids can't reach their feathers... also electrify the cage so they get shocked.


I was gone for searching a bigger cage for my birds when this happened, I will definitely have a bigger cage by this weekend, only if I would had got a bigger cage yesterday this would not have happened Edit - I had already ordered a good quality seed mix and calcium for my bids 2 days back, it hasn't arrived yet


Remember when getting a larger to cage, to make sure the bars are close enough together. Especially if you are gonna have them outside -- even With you -- if bars are spaced to wide, budgies can get (1) thru bars and fly away or (2) can get stuck Trying to get thru bars. (2) Is a risk inside or out -- but if outside, there may be more risk of something causing a budgie to Panic and try to wedge itself thru bars. (When I first got my budgies, this occurred. Luckily it was inside my house, and I was right there to rescue my little budgie, who had wedged his little head& shoulders between the 1/2-inch spaced corner bars, in a panic.)


Don't stress, they will be fine!


Thank you


Np, they are fine birds!


> also electrify the cage so they get shocked. Fucking don't do this, that's how you shock your own birds to death.


Dude I wasn't serious


It will, but it takes a LONG time. Still use the child as a football >:)


Like some other commenters said, when a bird is caught by a predator it can release its tail feathers to get away. When I was taming my first budgie he got away from me and I accidentally grabbed his tail and several feathers just came out instantly, I wasn't even pulling on them. So hopefully she didn't have too much pain. His tail feathers did grow back, I believe a feather has to be torn out several times before the follicle dies. None the less, that kid deserved punishment for treating an animal like a toy.


It's tough to blame a kid that young for their actions but I would rain down holy goddamn fire on the parents.


I blame whoever left the birds and the 4 year old kid unsupervised. This could have easily been prevented.


When i was a child i did this to our budgie 😭 i don't remember it but i feel guilty to this day. I'm pretty sure my sister would've strangled me if my parents let her and I probably got my ass whooped real good But surprisingly it didnt hurt our relationship with our bird at all. He still loved all of us, even me, afterwards.


Please monitor your birds to ensure they don’t suffer further at the hands of kids or animals


Birds naturally shed their feathers (called “molting”) as the feathers age and wear. While feather plucking (usually by the bird, not the human, lol) can cause permanent feather loss, this is usually only after repeated plucking. Depending on the feathers, it can take anywhere from 2-6 months for them to regrow. For tail feathers I would think closer to 6 months. I wouldn’t worry about it but I WOULD make sure that whenever someone is near your birds you are able to directly supervise their interactions.The biggest concern with forcibly plucking feathers is having a quill break and leaving an open wound the bird can bleed out from. Children and birds don’t tend to mix, I have found, unless it’s a cockatoo for some reason


I will be very happy if feathers come back, and I will be definitely have a bigger cage by this weekend, and this new cage will be locked when kept outdoor


Remember you need to keep predators, two legged, four legged, winged and slithering, away. Never, ever leave them alone outside. Please evict these epic failures of humanity. They are either stupid or bad and you do not want or need Animal abusers around. I call them Animal abusers because they had not one bit of remorse for their child’s cruelty.


Please only put the cage outdoors when you are there to watch it. A lock won't help if a stray animal comes and knocks the cage around or manages to scratch the birds through the bars.


Whoa that’s awful, can’t believe the parents would be so passive about it. I hope your budgies aren’t scared for life. I had one who got sick and had to be given medicine twice a day for a week when she was young, she’s never trusted me since.


The tail feathers will probably grow back. Ask the vet if you should bring your bird in and if they say yes, tell the parents, they are liable for the vet bill. Why was the kid allowed near the cage? Thank goodness they did not open the cage door. Kill the parents, they raised the little brat. Tell the kid they are never, ever allowed in your yard, home etc. I am glad there was no further harm done to your birds.


Kill the kid idc if it grows back or not which it should that kid is terrible and mean kick his ass if I saw someone do that to my baby I kick their ass so hard nasa or Google won’t find them


Kill the kid, make it look like an accident 😈


please kill the kid. wtf I did some really questionable things but even kid me wouldn't have done that. that's messed up i'm sorry it just is to me.


I’d file charges against that kid for animal abuse!!!! Some might see that as “an extreme and unnecessary action”, but if their fucking parents wont take charge in teaching and parenting their kids, then unfortunately, the system has to, otherwise they will NEVER LEARN!!!! Those feathers *MIGHT* grow back, and they might not, depending on the physical trauma caused.... Either way that child hurt and caused damage to your birds and their parents are responsible for the aftermath, even if that means medical bills and seeking special bird/trauma training as a result. Go no contact, and CHARGE THEM!!! Your bird deserves sooooo much better than that...


I am just waiting for her parents to come back home from work


Update us later please


They ignored to talk on this


They live in your home on rent. They harmed your animals. If the parents refuse to listen, I’d look for new people to rent my home to.


100% this


Fuck em up


This. I would not let them get away with this. That's animal cruelty they need to know this is not ok


I agree


How is this kid still alive???


I know its a kid but uhh, you can kill him


That kid better have been punished.


Definitely kill the kid


Rip all the kid's hair out 😅


def the latter🤣


*snorts birth control*


I think you should consider evicting the family if the child abused your pet and the parents were indifferent about it. This is serious and the child could put your pets at further risk if she doesn’t know how to behave kindly with animals and her parents aren’t willing to teach her or enforce any boundaries with her.


The feathers tail feathers will grow back. However, you shouldn't let that kid near your budgies until he learns how to behave around them.


Get a lock to go on that new garden cage. A padlock. Keep the key on your person.


i would be so fucking mad you have no idea


Well either way that kid needs to be reprimanded


Kill him.


Poor baby ☹️ yes the tail will grow back but it will take several months. The budgie may not be able to fly too well without the tail but it should manage. Just not long flights. The kid however would never be allowed in my house again. Ever.


Yes to both. Damned kid.


Maybe you could get a large dog crate and put their small cage inside of it?




please tell their parents about it and ask for veterinary fees/payments, they deserve full credibility for not disciplining their children


That kid deserved a smack! If a 4 year old cannot determine an animal is a sentient being, then god help them (and their parents).


You should tell the kid to not touch the birds and you should notify the parents to supervise their child. Don’t sweat it about the feathers, they grow back.


They grow back but please keep the birds away from the kid. The budgies don’t deserve that.


They will grow back but still kill the kid


Wow. I have no words. Serial killer in the making. Maybe this is overkill but if it were me I would honestly look into maybe giving social services an anonymous call. Either someone is trying to break that kid through physical/sexual abuse and the kid is lashing out, or they have a mental problem regarding empathy that needs to be evaluated by professionals ASAP. I understand your anger. If someone did that to one of my birdies I honestly don’t know what I would do. Poor little sweetheart.


Seriously, don't ignore that incident. Press charges against this child who abused your budgie. This is unacceptable!


That's just 4 year old girl, she has not even started her school bcoz of covid, I can't do something to her


Then make her parents pay for it. I definitely wouldn't just let it go


I'll definitely do something about it, but abusing that small girl would not be a good idea


A four year old knows better! I’d be so pissed. From now on, I wouldn’t let her around the birds at all because the little shit can’t be trusted!


I agree, my 4 yr old is great with our 2 budgies and even my 2 yr old nephew respects the birds. There should be no reason this 4 yr old kid pulled out the birds tail feathers!


Never said something about abusing her haha


Yeah, but at the moment I saw my birds I was angry enough to kill that kid 😆


I think everyone gets you, i would've definitely scolded the fuck out of her


Press charges, dont be shy


Tell her parents to do their damn job at raising a kid.


I hope your bird isn’t too upset. I wouldn’t worry about the feathers, as if you do it right you can pluck each one off your bird, and they’ll grow back. I hope you can at least speak to the parents about this incident.


Bigger problem is I was taming them, and idk why this pair was most difficult to tame, I don't think they will even trust a human hand now


Both? Both. Both is good On a more serious note, it's the parents that need to be punished as it their goblin they need to teach manners to.


That cage is small 🐸


I was gone for purchasing bigger cage when this all happened


My borb loves to tease my dog - who HATES her! LOL Well, the bird wasn't quick enough one day and the dog stomped on her tail - and pulled out all her tail feathers! I was horrified. She flew a bit wonky for a couple of months while they grew back in. But they came back. She did need some quiet time for a while because it did traumatize her and she was a bit down. But the good news is the lesson was def learned! The bird gives the dog LOTS of space now! LOL


Don't leave your birds outside unsupervised. Ever. And don't leave your bird unsupervised INSIDE with kids, either.


They will grow back rather quickly, and yes, kill that kid.


Both of the above.


After dealing with some very inconsiderate and rude neighbors in my building who continually do things to jeapordize my own well being as well as the health and well being of my birds every day in a million little ways (being loud and obnoxious all day and night, smoking, using toxic laundry detergent and bleach in unventilated areas, spraying chemicals, the list goes on and on,) I have come to the conclusion that I can’t control anyone except myself. And that includes my friends and loved ones who KNOW that my birds are my entire life and that I would never speak to them again if anything happened to them. They do inconsiderate and thoughtless things all the time, such as leaving doors wide open or wearing strong perfume around my birds, and then they act like I’M being rude to get upset and to remind them not to do these things. Like, hello, if you didn’t continue to do these things after I advised you not to then I wouldn’t have to remind you again, and the fact that they blow it off or act like I’m rude to remind them certainly doesn’t bode well for how they would treat my birds if I left them alone with them. And I certainly cannot count on any kind of authority figures that be to watch over us all and be just in these situations. Nobody will care as much about your sweet little birds as you do. Nobody. So my advice to you in this situation is to never ever ever leave your birds unsuspervised with these children around again. And now that you’ve had this experience you are very well aware of what you’re dealing with, so the next time it happens it’s on you if they harm them. They’ve already shown that they don’t care and can’t be trusted. So you think that you’ve explained to them how much this means to you and how important it is that they don’t touch your birds again? Guess what, you haven’t. In fact you let them get away with it and you put the birds back in the line of danger, letting them know that this is acceptable behavior. So this will happen again but worse. This is my experience with people like this. Mark my words.


KILL THE CHILD, but you don't have to worry about the feathers not growing again, it will take a while but it will grow


They will grow back, but kill the kid. Also please get a better cage for these guys :(


They shall groweth back, but killeth the peat. Eke prithee receiveth a better cage f'r these guys :( *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


What in the fuck


Kill the kids and get a higher perch for the outdoor cage. Tail feathers will generally grow back as long as the skin was not damaged too badly. Trust will take a little while and never for the runts so you need to keep them away from your babies.


Take the parents to small claims court. Get Judge Judy after the kid and parent.


Well now. I'm not gonna talk about Judy; in fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, we're gonna keep her out of it! --- - [reference](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V0UhtA_mJE&t=365) ^(I am a bot.)




Slaughter him, make the demon spawn suffer


I think this should be on r/legal advice. The feathers will eventually grow back during a molting period, however it is a possibility that your bird will be slightly more uncomfortable during this period than other birds(with tail feathers). Another thing to keep an eye out for are those nasty blood feathers. Cockatielcottage.com has great info about this. And finally, yes, kill the kid. (I would classify this as animal abuse)


Hans, get de flammenwerfer.


How old was that kid? Torturing animals was the psycho killers favorite pastime!


4 y/o girl


What a little bastard. The kid, not budgie.


Other than what others are saying about that awful kid, please check out this YouTube channel for budgie care. Your cage looks to be too small and their perches should never be dowel perches (the kind I see in the picture you posted). They need a large cage to hang out in, large enough to fly from one branch to another. They also need natural wood branches of varying size to keep their feet healthy. Dowel perches cause sores and can lead to infection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2Z7ITmJ0QA&t=371s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNBALAF3U5E


I was gone for purchasing a bigger cage for my birds when this all happened , before I came back home (and saw my birds like thi)I had already ordered a bigger cage from amazon




I think the animal abuse and lack of remorse for their own child’s action is grounds for eviction. Who’s to say it won’t happen again? Why should you have to change your routine for your birds on behalf of abusive tenants? You’re right that you cannot take corrective action against a child - they don’t know better- but the parents should. If it were me, I would say they can pay the vet bill for the birds evaluation after the abuse or they can GTFO. Sorry this happened, OP :(


i thought this said “or should I kill that bird” at first and I was ready to throw hands. still ready to throw hands with that kid tho.


Kill the kid


God I hate children.


The tail feathers will grow back it just takes some time


They will maybe grow back maybe but this was defenatly really painful for the little guy If the roots went out with the feathers then there is a possibility that the tail will not grow back



Now you have a nice duck!


the tail feathers grow back in three weeks after being pulled.


Yes and...yes


The feathers will come back within a month or less my budgie lost his tail feathers once from getting stuck in a toy took him about a month to grow his tail back.. And for that kid I would of yelled at the little brat kid needs to learn respect towards animals


Definitely tell the neighbor


Should at least grow back after a big molt. Maybe two. Don't worry about it and just keep being patient.


My cousin grabbed my parakeet by his tail and carried him all the way downstairs to show me. His tail feathers obviously fell out and after I was alone, I honestly cried because my bird was so scared and wouldn't trust in people after that incident.


Feathers pulled out will immediately start growing back. It's feathers that are broken that will take several months because the bird will take the remainder of the feather out and then it will start to grow and that's only when it's thier natural moulting time. Just wanted to correct that from other comments. My guess is the tail was sticking out of the cage bars and she must have grabbed and startled the bird. The bird would have dropped it as a response. Budgies are smart enough to know who caused this and might be afraid of the hand a bit but I think as long as you are gentle with them, they should be okay. If the birds are out again, I would just keep an eye on the child around the cage, and teach them it is "look, no touch". Accidents happen, it's how you learn . Good luck with training!


You might need to ask Darth Vader to borrow the YounglingSlayer3000.


Same thing happened to me. My brother (17) came into my room and let my budgies out to scare his girlfriend, when I came back, my budgies window was open, their cage was open and they were sat on my curtain rack, both looking horrified. I looked at my youngest budgie to see he had no tail fathers, and that they could have flown away if they wanted to.


kill the kid.. they ywill grow back doe


I would’ve yelled and shoved that kid. Idc how old you are, don’t be stupid.


I'll invite you to funeral


For sure kill that kid but it should grow back I have 8 budgie's so I there's a chance it will grow back


Kill The Kid, Sorry I Hate Children little Twat doesn't Understand Animals. Poor lil Guy Hopefully He's Okay!!!!


It's not just he, that kid pulled out both his and her tail


Oh god even worse I only noticed the one budgie, Have U said something to Thier parents the little shits.


They aren't home yet from work


This just makes me sad :(


Yep, get the authorities involved for animal abuse. No way these kids get off easy for abusing an animal so casually. They need consequences


Yes to both: the tail will grow back, but kill that cruel kid anyways


yes and yes


Both. Poor birdy. Just try to be patient with her and make sure she’s getting her complete diet and extra love


Wow, why not use it as an opportunity to educate the 4 yr old on how to be gentle with animals. So you can prevent this from happening in the future.


so you rent the place and the parents ignored to talk to you about it? kick them out no question and maybe even take it to the court for animal abuse


Probably kill that kid but it will grow back :)


kill kid


I say go to the neighbour's but DONT kill the kid. Just pull out his hair in clumps till the little shit is bald and if parents protest do them too. How do the parents not punish that child. Future serial killer in the making ffs.


This made me so mad omg, wth is wrong with this kid?!


Kill the kid. Regardless,little bastard should have his ass whooped for every feather.


Wut? That kid would be deceased if it were my bird 😤


That kid is stupid, Small kids in general are stupid XD, Poor budgie what the frik did that kid think that pull must be hard I am not an expert but I think you should check for blood I am its not likely but check it in case.. That kid is dumb... I am angry on that stupid lil kid... It should probably grow back... XD


That child's parent needs to teach them pet manners, ooof! I hope your budge is doing okay!


torture them with no hesitate, best wishes to your budgies<3