Should I be worried about my syllabus as someone who has weak foundation in alegbra and geometry?

Should I be worried about my syllabus as someone who has weak foundation in alegbra and geometry?


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When you start off with limits you'll be using a lot of algebra to manipulate them. It's possible to brush up on what you need while you are going along the course, but it will require you putting in a lot more effort (at least at the beginning of class) to succeed. So not impossible, but just be prepared.


Thank you so much for your insight, how many hours would you suggest I set aside in a week to study?


There isn’t really a concrete answer for how much you should study. But I recommend doing as many practice problems as possible till you can solve the problems comfortably. If you get stumped by something ask a professor or someone who understands the material for direction on the how the problem is solved or why the answer is what it is. Algebra skills are very important for calculus but I didn’t have the best foundation when I entered calc 1 and I made it through just fine. You just have to put forth the effort and practice, practice, and practice. You got this dude


You absolutely need a good foundation in Algebra. Geometry you could probably get by. You just need to memorize a few formulas. I took calculus in HS and wasn't very good at algebra and ended up getting a D. I retook algebra and precalc in college and breezed through calculus. I bet you could learn algebra as the year goes on, but its going to take some hard work.


Algebra skills are essential here; you will suffer without them. Geometry helps, but is mostly optional. You'll need some formulas for some topics, but mostly you can look them up when you need them


You're going to have to buckle down on Algebra and Trigonometry. There is a tremendous amount of both of those in Calculus. You'll also need to know a lot of area, surface area, and volume formulas from Geometry.


Geometry honestly you don't need that much, but you 1000% need a solid base in algebra. Not like remembering theorems or anything, but just get really comfortable with dealing with the abstract idea of a variable because it's gonna be super important to learn any calculus.