Isreaeli here. Read the hebrew translation. It's good for the most part but it's very dificult to translate jokes and especially puns or plays on words so they're often confusing or just not funny. My favorite thing they did was how they handeled the "dam/damn" joke. Obviously that didn't work in hebrew so they came up with something else. Zoe instead reads from a sign about how the dam is made from concrete that is reinforced with steel. In hebrew there's a term that for that "בטון מזוין" (pronounced "beton mezoyan"). Beton means concrete and mezoyan means "armed". It's a very fancy, high brow term that most teens wouldn't know. But there's a much more widly known meaning to mezoyan which is... "fucked". So the gang goes around saying everything is made of "fucked concrete" and Zoe doesn't understand what there laughing about because it's a slang word.


That’s actually even better than the dam and damn version lmao


Can absolutely confirm that


It was very shocking wasn't it? Seeing the word מזוין in a children's book


I know!! I was very confused and shocked


Thats more hilarious then the dam joke. I really hope they keep that in Hebrew version of the show.


I dought it. we don't really dub things it's just subbed and watching and reading two diffrent jokes can be distracting. Most likely the subtitles will juat explain the dam joke


Dam it I thought they would just dub it over but I guess there would have to be an extra scene with the sign too oh well lol


You're really american aren't you?


I'm Canadian and 🍃🍃 also just dumb


This is an example of why I identify as a child of Dionysus and not Athena anymore lol


אללה ישראליםםם


I’m Turkish and I actually read the books in both languages. It’s pretty well translated but some of the jokes and the wits were lost in translation. And they feel so different when you read it in English I cant describe it but I think a bilingual person would understand what I’m trying to say


As an Italian I can confirm




I am German and I've read the books in German and English. The translation is really good. Obviously some puns are really hard to translate, but they managed quite well.


I would say that Most translations into German are very good. I can't remember an Bad official translation


True, most are pretty good, but a lot of them struggle to translate puns and jokes in a way that keeps the spirit of the pun. That was done very well in this translation in my opinion (dam -> ver"dammt" for example)


Hey, french guy here. I've read the books both in french and english. The translation is pretty good. Two examples of funny translations come in my mind: \- when they arrive in Daedalus's place in the labyrinth, Percy said that there is a blueberry muffin half-eaten in english. In French, it's a croissant. \- the joke in Titan's curse about the Dam Hoover: in French it's translated as a joke to know if the dam is open (open is french is "ouvert" which exactly sounds like Hoover)


Or the Stoll brothers who become "les frères Alatir" since "un vol à la tire" is a type of theft


I'm French and I've never got the joke until know, this is genius


You're right, how did i forget that 🤣


Not something funny and just a fortunate effect of translation 1 on 1 rather then clever move by whoever was in charge of it but something else i love The French translation of to reap when taken litteraly means "to use a scythe on" wich really reinforces the dread of Kronos's scythe with the "the hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap" line


Some parts of Magnus Chase regarding Alex' gender have been translated rather... weird in the German version. Since the German language doesn't distinct between sex and gender, the word genderfluid has been translated literally as "Mein soziales Geschlecht ist fließend" ("My gender is fluid") even though genderfluid is almost always used untranslated in the German language too. When Magnus asks Alex whether she uses they/them pronouns, it was translated as "Benutzt du die Pronomen *sie* in der Mehrzahl" ("Do you use the plural form of *sie*?")- both "they" and "she" can be translated as "sie", but I haven't seen anyone used the literal German translation of "they" to describe themselves, probably because those pronouns are similar to the female pronouns. There are actually pronouns like xier oder sier that could've fitted the scene better though. I think this thing could be blamed on the translator not doing proper research before translating the book though...


Czech. The translation is fine, some things, however, are lost in translation - dam jokes for example. Also they had a troubles with naming HoA, other than that nothing wrong, really.


Wait why?


Sometimes, simple words were translated formally this especially stuck out to me while reading tlt. The dam joke made no sense neither did "I'm a leo, you're a Percy" I think Nico says "I had a crush on Percy,that's the secret" in hoh right? He doesn't say that in my copy he only says "Percy, that's the secret" I honestly didn't understand he liked Percy(although that could have been because I didn't know about LGBT+ ppl when I was 10 y/o) until I joined the fandom and read the English versions. I don't think Alex being genderfluid was that obvious either? My memory's a bit fuzzy though. He/She/It are all the same word in Turkish and it's not gendered at all so gender isn't really understandable you know? I misunderstood some characters' genders bc of that sometimes.


Hungarian here, it's pretty good, except two translated names. They translated Jason to "Jászon" because that's the modern Hungarian version of Iason. They translated Black Jack to Fekete Péter which doesn't mean the same exactly but it's the phrase for that, and then x books later they left it Black Jack. Annoying a bit, but not something I hate


I forgot to mention in my comment, but in portuguese they translate Jason to "Jasão", Riptide to "Maré Viva", and Backbiter to "Perversa". The most annoying thing is that they left Jason as Jason in the back of my copy of TLH which is very weird


In Spanish it's pretty good!!!


Someone said before me, but in Hungarian, they translated Jason to Jászon, which is a hungarian name and it's so annoyig (especally when they say his full name - Jászon Grace pls how does it look like) And they translated Black Jack to Fekete Péter (Péter is also a hungarian name and I think it's match) They handled great the Stolls brothers, because they made it Ellelop (ellop means stole and I like that too) The dam joke weren't as funny. There is a part in the start of House of Hades, when someone attack the Argo 2 (maybe wind gods? I don't remember) The converstatiom start with Leo and end up with Nico. In original, it was "What do you think, these mats came from woods?" Then Nico "Techinally, mats are from woods" or something like that, but in Hungarian, it was "What do you think, when do I buy these mast? From Tesco? (It's a hungarian store) And then Nico ask "What is a Tesco?" Because he was born a century years ago so he don't know what is that, I found it funny.


I'm portuguese. The translation is mostly fine but most of the jokes get lost in translation (even though you can still make them just fine with slight changes in vocabulary) and the languages they use can get a bit awkward sometimes. I only read the books in English now since I can get them earlier and they don't have the problems I stated earlier Edit: Oh and there's that whole part of TBM that didn't make any sense


When I was younger, I always read the books in Swedish, which was a decent translation, but jokes like ”dam” obviously didn’t translate Nowadays, I prefer reading books in their original language if I can


I'm italian, the translation is good, but some things are lost, unfortunately one of them is the dam joke (at least that i remember)


I'm Danish and the translated was really good. They handled the puns and such really well