>2.My siblings would be a bunch of stuck up brats > >6.All the hot girls would be my sister (well not all hot girls are Aphrodite but still) So you're saying that if you're not in the Aphrodite cabin, you can happily date a stuck up brat?


Not all of them are some are like piper and silena but the idea of all the hottest girls in camp by my sisters is🤮


Your dependence on getting pussy being the basis for your enjoyment of something is pretty pathetic.


A literal descendant of the goddess of beauty? I may be able to over look a few flaws 🤷🏽‍♂️


Zeus/Jupiter. I don’t need a godly statue of my farther looking down on me 24/7


And the loneliness that comes with being in that cabin is something else


And you'd think you wouldn't have to worry about that...eh give Zeus a decade or two and he'll fix that up. Then you can have a dozen siblings getting glared at by that statue all day.


You sleep behind the statue. Personally, I think there wouldn't be a safer place in the world.


I think that if I was born Child of X, I wouldn't have any issue with the Cabin I belong to. But since I'm me, I would have serious trouble hanging around with anyone else that Hypnos's kids. Morpheus/Hecate might be good too. Anyone else would be too noisy. If Athena is a calm place it might work out but the pressure would be annoying to deal with.


Wait I’m really confused bc I’ve been seeing this every where. Who is the god X?


Any god. Replace X with any example you want. X is commonly used as a unknown variable.


Generic god


The Ares cabin. Not just because I’m a twig and would probably get bullied, but because apparently there’s fucking LAND MINES scattered around the cabin. Imagine you get up to go to the toilets and then KABLOOIE you’re now in seven different locations scattered around the hearth




Hermes, even though the god has always been one of my favorites in mythology. Too many people in one spot and I’m super anal about having privacy/space. I’d only really thrive in a Cabin where I’m either completely alone (Big Three), or have just a handful of siblings at a time (Dionysus) so that at least occasionally I have the place to myself.


you are *wot*.


Hermes is my favourite god too


You're super *what*?


Can you elaborate on point 3?


Considering the ages typical to the camp, you’re bound to get one or two fresh high school aged kids bothering the heck out of Aphrodite kids. The good news is you can slap back with a sword and since people become close knit people figure things out faster I’d think. Bad news is it probably happens at least twice. I want to think better of the campers, but I also know the reality of groups of teens. I bet Aphrodite kids get it way worse out of camp than in.


I would hate to be in the Ares cabin (toxic masculinity), the Hermes and Aphrodite cabins (too crowded), the Apollo cabin (too noisy), Demeter (DIRT), or Hephaestus (GREASE). Poseidon, Hades, Athena, and Iris would be preferable for me.


Athena might be kinda high pressure. Iris seems like the chillest




If only we could all be children of the Big 3.


I‘d like Aphrodite but not Ares or Hermes


Definitely Hypnos cabin. I already procrastinate way too much. Now add the sweet, sweet lull of the Hypnos cabin. I’d never get anything done. Ever.


That is never a good mix lol


I'm just curious, what's your MBTI type?


INFP lol




hold up. sexual harrassment??


Right , like what ..


op means outside of camp, mostly. attractive teenagers tend to be at risk, although anyone can be sexually harrassed, of course.


I feel like a less obvious one would be Athena cabin. The constant pressure of perfectionism and to be the absolute best would no doubt take massive strain on people. You'd spend your whole life chasing a state of being that, realistically, just isn't obtainable.


And if you are too perfect...well Hubris. Mama don't like that. Because she's the best, even if you did manage to beat her in DDR that one time.


Hermes sounds like a fantastic place to go if you have no concept of ownership and you don't plan on leaving with the same things you arrived with.


pls dont say that. If you don't like the Aphrodite cabin, at least do some research (with all due respect) Piper and Silena had made it clear how the Aphrodite cabin really is like. Drew was the one who messed things up.


I could probably survive with a actual bed, so that means no Zeus or no Hera. (Yes, I am aware that Hera is certainly not creating spawn, but might as well be accurate). ​ Hermes Cabin is probably better now...though I will admit I don't think I'd want to risk being pranked. Though in the spirit of fanfics, let's look at reasons to avoid the cabins in general, starting from best God. Poseidon: The Horses will keep asking you to bunk with you and won't clean up after themselves. Demeter: Allergies will kill you and you will constantly be tripping on new vines. Ares: The Landmines will kill you and you will have to bench press Walruses to establish dominance. Athena: I don't think they have much personal space and it probably smells too much like coffee. Apollo: The Cabin's apparently pretty normal. You'll feel left out. Artemis: You will have random cravings for Squirrel meat. Being a guy would probably be kind of awkward. You will occasionally have dozens of extra roommates who may commit arson. Hepheastus: LOUD! Probably smells odd. High risk of being set on fire. What if you get stuck in a bunk? Aphrodite: You will have the camp gossips and jerks. You'll have to grapple with the desire for incest. Some of your roommates can mind control you. Hermes: Constant pranks, possible lack of space, and likelyhood of getting the weird stuff (Hey, um...I think this kid is a Son of Thor. What are we going to do?!) Dionysus: Constantly thirsty, and probably likely to be blamed for Mr. D being grumpy. Won't get away with nothin' Hades: Lack of light, constant goth jokes, and the green fire probably smells weird.


This is glorious. I just took the quiz and it stuck me in Cabin 8 (Artemis) and I’m a guy, so random roommates ftw. Though if we’re being real, if Artemis had any sons they’d probably be with her in the hunt at all times


Or getting attacked by fictional vampires and teaming up with Irish criminal masterminds. They need a leash.


Leo isn't here anymore, dude. We MIGHT set your hair on fire with a blowtorch, but...


They are using blowtorches. Plenty of other ways to be set on fire other than Leo.


Exactly. As i said, we might use a blowtorch, or make a cool lil device to set the entire cabin aflame


Ares (I'm a pacifist) Hermes (too crowded) Zeus (I frigging hate him). I would probably be an Apollo child, because I like poetry and I can shoot an arrow, but Hades or Hecate call me maybe! Also practically no one lives on the Hades Cabin, so that's a plus. I would like Nyx or Thanatos too. (cool powers and they are hot).


Why do you hate Zeus, may I ask?


Oh, just mithology, and how he is portrayed in Lore Olympus. Heródoto (I don't know his name in english) wrote about him in his theology book and I really hated him since I had to read it when I took ancient greek in high school. Here in Percy Jackson is not that douchey, but he tried to kill Nico and Bianca just to protect himsef and was ready to smite Percy if he tried to fly in the first series, so I still hold that grudge. Also, every character that tries to hurt Nico or Hazel ends on my "must kill" list, because *I do not have a blatant favoritism for death's kids*. It's just a coincidence. But his children are good. They must be protected and loved and cared. I may hate the guy, but I won't lay a finger on Jason or Thalia. Or any other children of Zeus that do not harm my little death kids.


I was originally waiting the usual "bc he is a rap!st" response and was gonna reply "you know apollo isn't any better right" but you actually gave me good criticism and I understand all your points. Have a good day/night?


Oh, most of them are, so a modern interpretation of an old myth is not okay. Apollo is a shit character in Lore Olympus and mithology and I do hate him in that series, but here he is more... "chill"? I am not very okay with mithology Apollo but I can't be an Artemis child, she's a maiden. My favs were Hecate, Hades, Persephone, Hebe, Nyx and Hestia when I was into myths in High School. I would be a children of Persephone in a blink if she had children in the Percy Jackson series. She is so, so cool. Basically I said Apollo because I am a lit major and an archer, really. It just fits. But I would totally ditch him if being a child of Persephone was even a posibility. I want to be the daughter of the underworld queen. She is so, so cool in mithology, and she has no chill, but she's the only one who can convince Hades of something. Rick made her so dirty in the books, she is *the bringer of death*, the QUEEN OF HELL. You can't be more of a badass.


She probably can though, I really don't care what Rick says about them, she spends half a year at the surface, and she has been doing so for centuries. I really doubt she stayed forever faithful. "Canon" mythology doesn't count because in "canon mythology" Hades doesn't cheat on Persephone either but he does in PJO, so to me you're as good as a child of Persephone. I study Ancient Greek Belief, which is different from Greek Mythology, which is why I often get upset when people disrespect Zeus, and see him as just a horny petty brat who keeps cheating all the time, and has no actual power, which is all a reputation built around him by hollywood and western media in general. People often forget Zeus is an actual god who is actually worshipped by people in the world, and not just some fictional character who they can disrespect as much as they want. Ancient Greek Belief Zeus is amazing, and there isn't anything greater and cooler than a Child of Zeus, hence why I choose him.


Oh, I see where you come from. I did not know much about Ancient Greek Belief, even though I know some people still worship the ancient gods. I get why you chose him, and it makes perfect sense. The Percy Jackson's lore is a bit weird sometimes, I don't know why Rick made Hades of all gods cheat her wife? Persephone is probably the one cheating him, but she does not. I think he does not know what to do with a Persephone's child, so he never made one. I think Zeus should be represented like a temperamental god, not just the horny god everyone thinks he is. He is the king of the gods for a reason, and I want to see that in the series. Most gods are really weirdly portrayed in the riordanverse, Nyx was portrayed like some stupid titaness, Persephone is a Karen, Zeus is dumb and vindictive... I wish gods were portrayed differently, but their children give me life and hope. I just love most of the demigods. I wanna adopt them.


Me too! Either Apollo or Hephaestus


Hephaestus would be SOO cool too, but I'm more interested in jewelery. I saw the process and how to do some things with exquisite detail, i just want to play with the forge to do the most obnoxious things. Let me do intrincated thimgs without purpose other thsn aesthetic.


As a child of Hades I would hate to be in the Aphrodite cabin. Like most of the time I just slap on a black shirt some pants and I’m ready to go no makeup unless it’s a special occasion I would hate to always have to make myself beautiful all the time or else I’d get bullied by my Aphrodite siblings


Ares because Annabeth straight up says there are land mines in there (see the lost hero when they visit Clovis) Also the just seem like twats most of them you know? I would go for like the demeter cabin, they seem to be the most chill I'm general but also not afraid to beat the shit out of some one.


Ares, a minefield isn't the best thing to have in front of your house. Though I can't remember if that's canon or if I just made it up. also, my siblings would be so violent


It's canon. Mentioned in at least two books. Fanon would be stuff like 'benchpressing Walruses for dominance' and 'having a secret pet cat named Killer'


You know, I was actually thinking of answering Ares cabin since they'd all be bullies but looking back a couple of them are half descent once you get to know them and they'd be pretty interesting sparring partners. I mean it would be far from being my first choice and honestly my high school self would be pretty miserable there but my current self I guess it wouldn't be all that bad. Aphrodite I'd like somewhat less since I can't help but feel it would be kinda boring but at least most people are nice and under the right management it could be liveble. I'd say Nemesis would be the worse since they'd all be punitive self righteous jerks


Hermes cabin seems like a fun time but idk


Honestly, Hypnos. I wouldn't be able to get anything done with my cabin wanting me to sleep all the time.


hermes cabin i guess its self explanatory


Yep, Aphrodite for me too. I dunno but I kind of think they'd be like the 'popular groups' at high school or something, or they'd peer pressure me into caring about clothes and whatnot and that's just not me. Or perhaps I'd be expected to fall in love with someone, and really, I wouldn't want that unless I really did. Another cabin would probably be the Athena cabin. Hey, I'm a child of Athena and I think I'd get along well with them, but I would seriously feel embarrassed every time someone would do something better than me, especially in something I'm proud of. And the Athena kids seem waaaaay better than pretty much anyone. I prefer the Apollo cabin. Music and poetry? Yes. Perhaps a bit annoying, but maybe not as annoying as me to my friends when I'm talking music and poetry myself.


Either Athena, Persephone, or Poseidon. I resonate with those gods the most. Athena intelligence, Persephone flowers and nature, and Poseidon the ocean and sea life.


Ares, definitely. I'd be able to fit in, physically speaking, because I'm a martial artist but I hate fighting (unless it's self defense or defending someone else) and I'm a pacifist. I only fight when it's necessary. I also like to read and draw and play the piano so I'd definitely not fit in there. Also Ares boys are probably the epitome of toxic masculinity. Huge yikes. Other than that, Aphrodite. I don't care about love that much or about looking pretty so it wouldn't be for me.


The Hades cabin, every cabin has a redeemable factor but the Hades one has little to none. First of all it doesn't have any windows, that's both incredibly unhealthy and straight up depressing. Also there's a shrine with bones... whose bones are they?


Aphrodite and Ares


Aphrodite because most of her children are shallow and Nike because most of her children are competitive. I wish there was a child of her Roman counterpart, Victoria, that actually had a storyline about hard work and sacrifice to achieve victory.


Apollo because I could never wake up with the sun, I’ll take anything as long as I can stay in bed till 11


Heck, I think in ToA, Apollo actually complained about being the sun god and being expected to wake up before sunrise.


Hecate would be a cool cabin to be in I think. Plus magic.


Sexual harrasment when did that happen? Also I wouldnt want to be in Ares cabin


The Aphrodite children are literally born to be irresistible messed up people would get some messed up ideas🙄🙄🙄


What? I think you just hate aphrodite


Ares--just, of all the godly parents, he seems the most dickish. Also, It's not super obvious to me what his kids' powers are, aside from "Fite gud." But that could honestly be because of interest in the subject as much as natural talent. Also, everyone in his cabin seems impossibly difficult to get along with. I like clarisse, but I wouldn't want to live with her and fifteen people like her.


Hermes. Which is a shame because I actually would fit so well in it, I identify with Hermes a lot and he's my favourite god from greek mythology. But I have two valid reasons. 1—The fact that literally every unwanted child is in the Hermes cabin ruined it for people I think, otherwise I think many people would want to go there. 2—If Hermes is my dad I can't f with him. And I want to.


Zeus so I don’t get stared at by a statue of my dad Hades because apparently the beds are coffins and I’m afraid of the dark Apollo because I have sensitive ears and get nauseous from seeing blood Ares because land mines around cabin Aphrodite because it apparently smells like thick perfume in it and my nose is sensitive Hermes so my stuff doesn’t get stolen as much Hypnos because I can’t sleep so it’s just a cabin full of beds to me Hephaestus because of sensitive ears Demeter because of ants in the grass floor and roof


ares, toxic masculinity and i'm not all that into ares's domains. like, battlelust and war? no, thanks. any of the big three, too much of a spotlight and it seems lonely also, charm speaking seems more useful in modern day life than water manipulation. i mean, most mortals won't even be able to see the water manipulation. what's the use? hydrokinesis doesn't get you good connections or a good job ​ edit: "people would underestimate me" then says "my siblings would be a bunch of stuck up brats" and that their powers are lame eradicating harmful stereotypes begins with you, comrade


Maybe Athena because of the pressure? Like I'm good in school and all but I'd hate the added pressure. And I love being around people but I feel like living in the Hermes cabin would be too much because of how crowded it is