Coast guard says 106 containers, not 40, fell off cargo ship near Victoria

Coast guard says 106 containers, not 40, fell off cargo ship near Victoria


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This is really bad. Partially submerged containers are extremely dangerous to shipping and they can float around the ocean in currents for many many years. A boat that hits one may very well sink. I hope that the Navy or Coast Guard can track these down and recover or sink them, and whoever is responsible for them falling off should ultimately foot the bill. These are extremely hazardous to shipping, not to mention the environmental impact of the apparently hazardous cargo contained within some of them.


Would definitely not want to be in the middle of a pacific crossing when one of these containers rips your rudder or keel off at 3 AM. The stuff of nightmares. r/submechanophobia


That's what took out Robert Redford's boat in [All is Lost](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzFj5BJs4y8).


Robert Redford not having an epirb, functioning signaling devices, nor a fucking clue about how to do anything aboard a boat is what took his boat out. This movie angers me.




It's not so much the running into it, which unless he had some sort of forward-looking sonar thing (which most boats very much don't have), he probably couldn't have prevented as a solo sailor. It's more the entire response afterwards that pisses me off. Now, I haven't watched this movie in a while, so I may be misremembering some details, but he didn't have an emergency position indicating radio beacon (epirb), which automatically sends out a distress signal which can be picked up from anywhere on earth if the unit is triggered. This is very very standard for any off-shore sailing vessel. Hell, you can get a personal-sized one to tape to your lifejacket, or just if you go hiking in the woods, for like $100. Absolutely no excuse to not have one. I think another major plot point is that his radio gets ruined by salt water. This is patently absurd. While the hard-wired VHFs are probably not going to be waterproof, you should definitely have a hand-held backup which is waterproof. You can hook it into the boat's mast-top antenna if you need more range. There's no reason why water ---on a boat--- water. on. a. boat. should be a concern for your signalling capability. There's a scene with him getting passed by tanker ships which don't see him. If he had his waterproof handheld radio, which every boat should have, he could have very easily raised them on 16 and asked for help. It is an incredibly serious crime for boats not to aid in a distress call. They would have stopped for him. He also falls overboard like ten times. The moron should be jacked in with a very short line. No excuse. The movie wants us to feel sorry for a woefully unprepared sailor in one of the most dangerous waterways, who just keeps making mistake after mistake.


> motion picture about a specialized situation portrays that situation inaccurately Asa molecular biologist who has weathered many a film featuring painfully inaccurate biology, all I can say is "look at my shocked face".


I work in an Anthropology field, but I have a history background and can relate to the frustration of seeing inaccurate historical portrayals in film. Yet that is a central tenet to film, or more broadly to threatre or literary entertainment in general. Conflict. A character is one way in the beginning, then they are met with some dramatic conflict that alters their path, and the story unfolds as a result of that conflict and changes them in some way that the audience is meant to resonate with or drawn some form of rhetorical information from. Since the dawn of our civilization we have gathered around camp fires and listened to someone weave a story about a mythical hero lost on a journey finding their way to salvation or touching glory. Add ~15000 years and now that camp fire is now a tavern, or an old theatre hall, or an IMAX cinema, we're still going through the motions of sitting down to learn something about the human experience, but the methods and motions for carrying out the act itself has changed. Films would be incredibly boring and less fulfilling to wider audiences if they made a movie about incredibly accurate historical events, because most days in most people's lives are incredibly monotonous events. Would you be entertained by a film that consisted of mostly scenes of someone sleeping, waking up and going to the bathroom, walking to work, working 8 hours, walking home, flicking a light switch on and off for a few hours and then going to sleep, only to repeat the cycle over again for weeks or months or years on end? I mean without a montage scene, like all the gritty details and wasted moments in life, all the simplicities of trivial moments. A far more entertaining story cuts all that waste out, exaggerates the dramatic parts, adds in extra suspense, maybe a love interest, maybe a villain. And then when we find really successful stories they become archetypes for later stories, when you're watching Star Wars you're really watching a condensation and amalgamation of literally every literary epic in western civilization going back to antiquity all wrapped into one easy to understand commodity. When you watch Aliens or Dances with Wolves or 50 First Dates these are stories that reverberate all the same as the movies based on non-fictional events, because they all play along to the same tempo and fit the same form as something we've heard before, a certain comfort in the knowing that echoes back to a story our ancestors heard while sitting around a camp fire listening to tales about love or adventure or sorrow. My favourite film genre is Westerns, because of the historical undertones. But not a single one is ever truly historically accurate. They're all some romanticized Arthurian fable re-envisioned as adventure tales on the peripheries of society, the genre itself started as live threatre vaudeville plays being written literally during the westward expansion across America, as a way for frontier folk to retell the Shakespearean stories they remember listening to as kids and applying them to their real lives. Because film and motion picture show up on the scene right as the west was closing in the late-19th century, the new technology of film cameras and cinema art was there to capture that period of American history, Edison and other early film makers literally show up on a train and start filming parts of the American west that until recently had only reached the metropolitan centers via newspaper articles and personal accounts. Now this new medium is available where people can store a moment in time in a visual format and replay it for other people, and when film makers were looking for scripts or stories to capture on film, westerns were literally one of the very first genres available to them. Literally the first action film ever made was a western. They had actual cowboys and real life heros from American society they could cast, but they weren't making true to life stories, they were over-dramaticizing the stories so audiences would be entertained. Every single decade since the 1890s, westerns have been made that contain the same tropes and hallmarks of those first vaudeville plays that are exemplary of the genre itself, but also changed to reflect a changing contemporaneous American society. Classical westerns in the 1950s represent 1950s American conservatism and values, 1970s westerns were revisitionist and hyper-critical of American imperialism and iconicism, 2000s westerns were deconstructive of American industry and institutions, etc etc. These films aren't meant to be detailed and highly accurate documentaries about what it's like to live in the 1890s, nor are they supposed to be a 100% accurate portrayal of what it's like to work in a lab or to sail across the Pacific at night. Most people on that boat would have made it without an issue, or they would have radioed for help and the story would be over instantly. There's no tension, there's no evolution of the character because of their own faults and ability to comfort the ramifications of their choices/actions.


Container ship won't sink from a can. But BC ferries, ya it will


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Better learn how to scuba dive.


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Remember, folks, this is our 'world class ocean response' at work. Imagine this was full of oil. Bunch of clowns, smoke, and mirrors.


Oh no, not my overpriced garbage from China!!


If the stuff you buy from China is overpriced, you really, really did it wrong.


They ship crap to you from halfway around the world, for free. It certainly is overpriced at whatever they are asking for it.


I buy stuff from China all the time. Free shipping hasn't been a regular thing for a couple of years now. When I can buy something for 1/3 the price I'd get it for in Canada because I'm cutting out the middlemen, for you to say it's overpriced is laughable. Me> Buy it from RONA, pay $18 and it comes in a cardboard box with a sticker that says 'Made in China'. Buy it from China and pay $5 + $2 shipping and it comes in a clear plastic bag. You> Stuff from China is overpriced! You need to do better. It's literally 2nd grade math.


Riiiight. I go on Amazon right now and look up......a replacement carb overhaul kit for a 2 yr. old lawn mower..."free shipping, sourced from China". Whether I get it in the next 6 to 12 months is another story right now. The carb? A piece of crap that has died for a second time. My old B&S mower? Nearing 30 years old and hasn't needed anything other than oil changes and a blade sharpening. Game. Set. Match.


The free shipping is built into the price.


[The Chinese government subsidizes the shipping costs...](https://np.reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur/comments/49ihv5/how_do_china_sellers_offer_free_shipping_when_an/) [Here's an article](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/storyline/wp/2014/09/12/the-postal-service-is-losing-millions-a-year-to-help-you-buy-cheap-stuff-from-china/) mentioned in that thread from 2014 that explains what is going on by the Washington Post. Things change but the real issue is that its cheap crap coming here at next to no cost for the buyer, destroying local businesses.


alot of the items I get from ali will have two prices from different sellers. $1 for item with $9 shipping or $10 with free shipping


I don't doubt that more things are getting charged out now. China can only keep up the facade for so long. Their model has an end date, set by when they can't keep paying for this out of cheap labour and materials.


Why build 1 when you can build 2 for less than twice the price. One of the reasons a lot of products from China are dirt cheap is because someone else already paid for them. If you are making 100k stainless water bottles, random Chinese company will quote you, they make them. What you don't know is the quoted amount was enough materials to make twice as many, so you get your 100k bottles with your logo, they get another 100k they can brand as whatever and sell. They can even continue to produce them at cost of materials with no additional overhead if tooling being returned wasn't part of your contract. So the quality difference between the 2 products is non-existent, the only difference is warranty, logo and perhaps some cosmetic changes. I've seen so many products that are rebrands, because most of the cost is design and setting up manufacturing.


You express yourself like a distracted 8 year old. Try writing like you mean to be understood. And don't be the Chad who declares himself the winner because you managed to string together 3 barely intelligible sentences. You need to do better.


You need to switch to insults when your arguments don't work. >Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


You still haven't supported your bungled claim that Chinese goods are overpriced.


Junk is junk. If you like paying more for junk than junk is worth, you go right ahead and tell yourself that. Personally, I don't like having to keep replacing junk with yet more junk when the original I had 30 years older works great, still. You've given up on the insults then?


Look at that dipshit's profile. Nothing but them starting arguments and then getting pissy when people argue back. Insults everywhere.


You still haven't supported your claim that goods from China are overpriced.


So you support genocide and sympathizes with terrorists?


No. I support buying from the source instead of buying the same goods after they've passed through a bunch of additional hands and more than doubled in price.


This may have been true in 1980, but I'll bet most of your overpriced toys and tools have Chinese components.


Yes, Chinese components that were bought inexpensively and added to something that was then marked up. That doesn't make the Chinese components overpriced. It makes the item they were put into overpriced.


I was commenting on "you're doing it wrong". You've lost the point. We're buying from China whether we like it or not, price is barely an indicator.


You're splitting hairs.


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I guess someone needs a refresher course in counting / math.


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I wonder how those saying tanker ships are _dangerous_ will spin this one off. All the Chinese plastic crap, made from oil, that they buy at Walmart was loaded into those containers and then stacked like blocks of lego on the ship. The containers then fell into the water and broke apart like legos and are now everywhere. If a tanker ship encounters a bit of wind the oil doesn’t just spill everywhere. But this seems far more hazardous to me as these containers could sink more ships killing people or causing even more shit to end up in the ocean.


Ban ships, it's the only way to be sure. Nobody needs a high capacity assault boat.


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