Ten years. LOL. Cat's thinking: "Don't get used to it. May 23, 2032. Mark the date."


You can literally read this on his face


One cat stand. Don't get weird.


!remindme 10 years


He looks like he's just there to kill you


Yes taking measurements of the casket. Or hole.


Or deciding which bit of you to eat first 😂


"mmm this feels plump and tender. Yes yes, this'll do quite nicely. See Jeanine, you should have started working out like I told you. You're just too delectable to ignore at this point"


He'll taste great with a nice Chianti (does Hannibal Lecter face)




Every time someone links a new cat sub, it feels like a part of me feels more complete.


How about r/catswithsocks?


Nah mate how have I gone 4 years without knowing of this. FeelsBadMan.


Holy shit, I made that sub 4 years ago??? Wow time flies.


Wait you made that sub? As in created it?![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|upvote)


If you look at the sub they're the only moderator


Yup! Several others as well, my first and favorite one being /r/OldManDog.


Was expecting Kitten Mittens. Very disappointed.




Me too! How many cats subs can there be????!!!!


I’ve treated cat subs like Pokémon, gotta catch them all.


My main is Mewoth and Mew... lol


I've become convinced reddit was 1/3 made for cats at this point And I'm here for it


Is your cat making too much noise?




"I vividly remember the day, long ago, that he had the vet remove my balls. He's forgotten...............But he won't forget today."


Where are my testicles, Summer?


Oh well done, sir!


He’s waiting for him to die so he can eat him.


That's how they prevent you from trying to initiate this activity yourself. Human have proven they will overstep boundaries every single time.


Looks to be a diluted r/torties which are almost always female. About 1/3000 are male.


Right like he barely tolerates him.






Nice! And now you can join r/cathostage 😁


Man that sub name confused the hell out of me. Cat ho stage? Cat host age? Catho stage? Then clicking it and immediately realizing I was making it way too complex and it's just cat hostage. 😂


I like cat ho stage. It's just a phase mom!


I've seen that happen when owners take too long to spay.


Mine were spayed at the appropriate times, they're just loner cats. I hear male cats tend to be more affectionate, and mine are both female. Plus the younger one was suspected to be from a feral litter.


Omg same I was like “the cat is a ho now cause it sits on your lap” 😹😹😹


I did this with the other top post. The insane receipt. It had charges for all these fancy drinks, then at the bottom a charge for UNMET MINIMUM. I read the un as oon. Oon Met Minimum? What the hell drink is that??? Read the comments… I also can make things too complicated sometimes. Lol Edited to add receipt. https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/uvq19v/an_insane_bar_tab_at_the_electric_daisy_carnival/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I’m so happy I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t figure this out 😂


I have enough cat subs on my account. Stop finding more that I need in my life.


'Tell anyone about this shit and I'll kill you' -That cat probably


Guess op is deceased


They haven't posted since they posted this thread... D.E.A.D. indeed.




This is exactly why I don’t tell my cats my Reddit username.


They already know...


He ceased to be. He's a stiff! Bereft of life. He is an ex-human.


I've heard that even the most antisocial cats can get cuddly if they sense something is wrong with their human. Maybe OP is dying and doesn't know it yet.


Same thing with when the kitty isn't feeling so great themselves. OP keep an eye on the little one.


We had a cat who was the same way, never sat on anyone's laps, but in her final week of life, she spent a lot of time on our laps. Crazy that they have the sense of knowing its coming.


They probably just feel like shit


Sometimes they also know they got old. Growing up we adopted a stray that was a little firecracker. She legitimately chased a fox off her territory and evicted some raccoons that tried living under the shed. She would fight off any cat that dared come into yer territory and ended up with cut up ears from all her fights. In her youth she barely tolerated being touched and you could only hold her for a few seconds before the claws came out. When she got old she became an indoor cat by choice. Once she got out and just sniffed the bushes for a bit but hung out by the door. She also became a huge cuddle bug and ALWAYS wanted to be petted and held. When I came over she could call out and come sit on my lap. She adored attention and purred loudly and often. I like to think that she was showing her appreciation for us caring for her after she realized she can’t care for herself anymore.


Exactly this. It's like when they start to get skittish when there's about to be a thunderstorm and neither you nor the weather radar even saw it coming. Am Floridian lol so those spring up seemingly randomly at times. Their sixth sense is like completely unreal


I was just thinking the same thing! Or someone is pregnant, lol


Tsundere cat


Such a gift when they finally do it. Mine is 7 and just started walking across my legs without playing "the human is lava".


At least now I know there is hope! My granddaughter's cat is not affectionate at all. She will tolerate some pets now and then. She even gets excited to see me in the morning. She starts to run over to me then slows down, stretches, and walks to the right. Such a troll!


My void is 7 and just the other night she went under the covers and curled up under my armpit for the first time. I almost died, it took everything to not get too excited and scare her off.


Awwww 💜💓💜That’s so sweet! I can’t wait for my cats to do this to me. They were feral but they’ve come such a long way. One of them wont even let me pick her up but she comes to me at night meowing for me to pet her. I can’t wait for the day that she cuddles up to me. That’s like, my dream.






In my experience cats only get cuddlier as they age. My childhood cat was an aloof grump until he was about 11-12 and then became the biggest love sponge on the planet. Same with our girl cat. She used to leave our laps in a huff if you so much as breathed wrong, now she’ll stick to us like glue and refuses to budge.


My ex had an older cat who was definitely very affectionate. The very first night I slept over at her place, her cat, who had only seen me a couple times, laid on my chest and purred both of us to sleep. I miss that cat, she was a sweet old lady.


I'm kind of terrified, my 3 year old is already so damn cuddly, I can't imagine what more would look like.


My cat was about 8 when he mellowed and became affectionate!


Omg you described my cat perfectly.


Awh lol. You and your granddaughter and her pet kitty cat all sound like a loveable hoot! 💜


My feral rescue was completely antisocial for 8 years. Then one day she climbed up onto the sofa and sat down on my lap like it was no big deal. I couldn’t believe it. Even after that it was always a ‘I’ll come to you when I want, don’t come to me’ kind of relationship, but she slept on my feet every night for the next 11 years.


Our late elderly cat used to do this, from the get go when I moved in with my gf she would lay on my back at night or on my pillow and fall asleep with me, she was my gf's cat but she dumped her to be with me instead lol. She passed 2 years ago now, and the stray we took in around the same time now does the same thing when he never used to and I almost cried when he did, it's special when they get comfortable enough to do that with you.


I had that happen too. The first time it happened I didn't move for about two hours (except for minor scratches)... told my boss I got stuck as a witness in a traffic accident on the way to work


This makes me so excited! My cat who was feral runs away from me all the time. I just want to pick her up and cuddle her soooo badly. I hope someday soon she’ll cuddle up next to me or sit on my lap.


I have one like this too. I buy her lots of toys and give her the good foods and treats. She now slowly walks by me instead of running and she follows me around like she likes me so I guess that’s progress? Four years and she is happy as hell but just does not wanna be touched. When we pet our other cat she looks at him like he is crazy.


I've had to ignore my non affectionate cat for 2 weeks in order to get attention from her. Now she's the one who paws me awake demanding pets." Why?! I'm still sleeping." "Pet me now or die." "Yes madam."


Same here. I've got one that's 7 and just In the last year she's all of a sudden wanted attention and wants to play. Her unofficial name for all those years was Grumpy Cat because if you even looked at her she would start grouching. I swear she's been abducted by aliens and switched out.🤣


Mine is 6 and will not cuddle or even sit close to us. He looks like he wants to but doesn't want to give us the satisfaction. He's most unimpressed that my 10 month kitten is all about snuggles and usually sits by my side. The looks of reproach are hilarious.


I’m no cat expert just had a few over thirty years but I’ve been fortunate with social cats. I think partially because I adopted from shelters that weren’t kittens so they grew up around cats and humans. Other part is I’m overly affectionate with them from a young age and I think they tend to return that because they know you are the human who gives da pets and love.


yes! we used to have a cat that just kind of existed around us. he was probably about that age when he finally decided he trusted me enough to cuddle up next to me. to his final days, he HATED to be held, but cuddled when he needed too


My cat has always done the opposite! It feels like she deliberately steps on my legs with each of her feet when she walks across my legs.


> Mine is 7 and just started walking across my legs without playing "the human is lava". Mine is doing the: everything is lava *except* my human.... Nice, but I'm thirsty sometimes...


One of mine is only 3 but was super cuddly as a kitten and then just quit. Last week I woke up to a loaf staring into my soul like an inch away from my face. While I'd like to think it was love, I now assume it's because someone recently started a new diet and isn't fed at 4am when I wake up anymore. So on weekends when I sleep in I keep finding her, waiting. Lol.


What what a beautiful cat! My cat is nine and has been more affectionate as she ages. She got in my lap the other day, even if it was only for a few moments.


My cat is also nine and i have noticed she's being around me more lately. She usually never lays on top me or beg cuddles etc and now she being aggressively demanding attention from me, at one point i tought i'm dying and that's the reason she acts that way lol


Haha yeah I totally expected a lot of comments being either "maybe you are sick OP" or "the cat is dying". Glad there's not too much.


Nah OP has stage 9 diabetes and pregnant. Cats know best 🥸


My very shy cat was probably around ten or so when she started getting more and more affectionate. Then she lived nine. more. years. All cuddy ones so no one was complaining. Cats personalities just seem to sometimes change in later life.


I’ve also noticed this with my cat. She’s 4 now but she takes a very very long time to warm up to people. She has been so much more affectionate and outgoing for the past year or so. She also has a bigger brother who gets jealous and bullies her sometimes so I think part of her standoffish-ness was due to that.


"This is wonderful. I am determined to remain displeased."


10 years is a very long time....


A perfect example of patience paying off


8 more years to go for me and my feral kitty


Took mine 8 years. She probably made the same face


Took my female cat 13 years. The first time she hopped up on my lap I was utterly shocked.


I had one that didn’t like to be picked up. The first time I picked her up she gashed my stomach with her back claws. I went to quick pick up and put down mode, slightly extending the time I held her so she learned it wasn’t going to last and wasn’t threatening. I did that a couple times a day and left her alone otherwise. She got over her fears pretty quickly. Each pet is different, you need to adapt your strategies to what they can tolerate and push forward gently. The outdoor feral cat has only deemed me worthy of feeding her 4 years later (she is fixed tho, someone tnr’d her).


My cat started doing that as he got older. He died at 21 years old. I started putting him on my chest when I would lay down and he would sleep there. one day he waited for me to do that, then he passed.


That’s incredibly sweet, I’m sorry for your loss


Holy shit this is bitter sweet. Pets are the best thing we have.


Thanks for sharing that man, it hit like a truck. So bitter sweet, I’m really glad you had those precious moments with your bud! It means a lot when they trust you so much.


OP please reply so we know you're alive


Yes! OP, you ok??!!


Cats change a lot when they become seniors. Same thing happened with a cat of mine when I was a kid he never liked attention or wanted to be with people he got to about ten and started loving pets and would sit on laps.


I got to pet my late cat's belly around 15 y.o lol. She also took to sitting between us on the couch, we'd joke she was becoming a real cat at last. (Or it was old age dementia)


This explains my cat. The humane society told me she was a little grouchy and had temperament issues, but she has only gotten calmer and more snuggly in the last 4 years I've had her. She turns 18 this year!


He doesn’t look happy with himself for caving to the comfort 🤣 So cute, he obviously loves you whether he wants to admit it or not. ❤️


He plays a long game.


They say cats can sense something wrong with you health wise and come to comfort. Get yourself checked out!


Or there could be something wrong with the cat. When my cat first got sick she would come lay by me and look at me in this really intense way, like she wanted to tell me something but couldn’t. I thought it was really cute at the time but in retrospect I think she was trying to tell me she needed help.


100% this. Cats are *intensely* habitual. If this beautiful lil baby *just* started sitting on OP's lap after **ten years**, a vet visit is certainly in order. Same advice goes for anybody reading this... if your kitty starts doing things that are uncharacteristic or out of the ordinary, a trip to the vet is a good idea.


Mine peed in my bed. I got the message instantly! Luckily he just had some UTI cause I changed his water bowl recently and he didn’t like it.


it's good you caught it! apparently urinary problems can be really bad for cats since they consume so little water


Lmao and if nothing's wrong the poor cat is like "I graced you with my presence and a *vet visit* is how you repay me?!"


better safe than sorry 😂 give them a lickable/paste treat and they won't even remember haha


Totally. I had my cat for 16 years and she’d almost always lay next to me at night. Then the last six months or so she stopped doing that, and at first I thought “huh, she’s getting older and maybe she’s just done with that.” But I believe now that was one of the tells she was getting sick.


Every time my cat sits on me I think, “this must be it, cat knows I’m dying” lol


My cat get more affectionate when I’m pregnant, maybe time to take a test?


My youngest cat absolutely despises cuddles but he has been super affectionate the past couple of weeks, even my BF has noticed it. I’m about to break into a nervous sweat LOL


Same here! My grumpy old man cat only wants to cuddle with me when I’m pregnant! I have pictures of him perched on my giant belly for each of my kids


*"don't get too excited, i'm meeting the new members of my family, not cuddling"*




Yep, came here to say this. Yeah, sometimes cats can get cuddly after a long interval (my dad's cat randomly started cuddling 6 years after they rescued her), but any time your cat's behavior changes without explanation, it's worth getting them checked out!


The otheer way around too. My childhood cat did this the day before he went into the forest to die.


This. Mine started doing this two weeks before his passing.


Disgruntled comforting. 😀


I came here to say this. If he keeps coming, please get checked out. Our cat would only be in my lap when I was pregnant, and when he startet sleeping on my husband he found out he had cancer.


Honestly, my first though was that the cat should get checked out.


My dad's cat became much more affectionate when she got older, think it was just because she was old and not in the best health anymore. When she was young she didn't want to sit on your lap, she wanted to play and fight! But she didn't feel like that anymore, wasn't sick from anything in particular, just really old. Probably wanted comfort more than excitement.


They also say that cats get colder and/or friendlier with age. But let's jump to terminal illness


Tonight, your lap. Tomorrow..the world..


I've had my cat for 10+ years and he still howls if I pick him up and has never sat on my lap but the second I lie down he's right there to sleep in the crook of my arm. Stupid bastage.


Hey ass hole, my food has been less than full for more than 10 mins... full it up please!


“Look at me hooman, this is my spot now”


Have you had a change in your life? Another cat maybe? Old Temudgin was never a lap cat but since I have Erda and Miri, who are super social and will spend the entire day in my lap... He's started to do it too. And he looks pissed all the while. He's only doing it so that the girls won't.


Human: get on my lap please please please Cat (finally on lap): Thanks, I hate it


I would take him to the vet. A sudden change in behavior could be triggered by a health issue and I would want to be sure he’s ok.


This is exactly what I was thinking. I maybe wouldn't go straight to the vet after 1 lap sitting session, but I'd be paying a lot closer attention to her behavior for the next few weeks.


This. A few years ago my 8 year old cat came and cuddled by arm, which was atypical, but I didm't think much of it and thought it was really sweet. A day or two later it died from an undiscocered genetic disorder on the way to the vet after we've realized something was wrong.


This. My cat started cuddling with me after years of being standoffish. I thought he was just being sweet or was just cold, but it turned out that he needed surgery for urinary crystals. 2 surgeries and $4000 later, he’s still with us, and still not a cuddler. Gotta watch those kitties, especially when there’s a behavior change.


I would be more inclined to believe that the owner should go to the Dr. Animals can sense things


What exactly is a doctor going to do if you turn up and say you feel perfectly fine but your cat started sitting in your lap?


First thing is to send you for blood tests. Normally thats done first to find any issues. Then from there scans of some sort if something is found. Scopes from either end again if something came up on the blood tests.


Most importantly, they can sense their OWN pain and discomfort.


“I did not agree to photographs, human….”


Congratulations friend!


Oh, hell…typical tri-colored cat with an attitude. I am not surprised…takes them awhile to allow your presence in their lives!


The stray kitty that adopted us 2 years ago and went and got attacked so we'd have to pay for eyeball removal surgery and bring him in the house forever crawled 1/2 way up on my chest last night for 40 whole seconds!!! Progress!!!


Resting kitty face.


All of my standoffish cats started being friendly not long before they died. My last one hid in the basement her whole life but towards the end would come up from the basement and greet me when I came down to the first floor. She would have long conversations with me. She’d come when I called her. She even wanted me to put my thumb in her ear to give her ears hard scritches. Maybe it is like how old people become religious as they get older. I think it is either their way of saying goodbye or asking for help. I still miss her terribly.


Your cat is majestic & beautiful! I am really surprised though, my cat is a coon and he’s so very affectionate and fits the description of the temperament for that breed. But yeah your cat looks about ready to deploy murder mittens, haha!


Looking very angry that he did it anyway.


So happy for you! Kinda made my eyes sting. Cats displaying trust and love always gets me! And you clearly deserve it!


When you are too grumpy and old to bother being passive aggressive with your humon


He is literally saving face by keeping that look. Dude has a reputation to maintain.


“I saw another cat do this the other day. They looked like they were enjoying themselves so I thought I’d give it a try. I hate you the least so don’t make me regret trying this with you, there will be no second chances.”


Nice cat. What are those shoes ?


He seriously loves you! 😼


Ah, the long game. Well done, you won!


You know you are legally bound to not not moving now, so perhaps you would like to join r/cathostage.


That cat looks like your lap was the last resort lol


12 hours later, you haven’t moved, right?


Kitty: "Don't get excited. I'm doing this just the once for you, okay"


This cat is like i tolerate you human.


Same thing happened with my elderly cat! I don’t know how old your cat is but I personally like to think that when they get older they stop caring as much about what others think or something like that.


"Fine. I will sit on your lap. But I refuse to like it."


I've noticed this can happen as a cat ages. They seek out the shared body heat and then realize laps aren't too bad after all. Congrats! I suspect this will slowly happen more often. I had a cat that went from strictly foot of the bed affection to a daily lap cat in his senior years.


If looks could kill!


That face tho! 🤣🤣


"I'm doing this thing but I am not one bit happy about it" LOL


Congratulations! Isn't amazing when they finally do that? Mine went from always hiding to sleeping over my head on my pillow or sleeping on me and I love it. She is now my constant companion and bathroom guard. It took years of our lives slowly her life to make her comfortable evough for this this change in her. May you and your kitty continue to bond. Much happiness to you!


he looks thrilled, really


His face says "Don't expect this to be a regular event."


This is nice, but I’ll never admit it. - kitty thoughts


I’ve found training mine with treats helps condition her to be more “social”. Since I started having her come stand on my lap and get pets in exchange for her favorite cat treats I’ve seen an uptick in desire for pets outside of that time and even an occasional lap sit for 5 minutes


Is it wrong to assume the cat is an arse based on its face?


Breaking barriers indeed!!! 👏🏼😺 Our cat has been almost anti-social for the 13 years we’ve had her, but, as she’s gotten older these past few years, she has loosened up quite a bit and is now much more relaxed and happy around others, lays on us more, and she also lets us pet her more as well. Major barriers being broken! 😺


He looks disappointed in your lap. He would not recommend.


That cat is plotting murder.


Murder most foul ..


My moms cat liked me but never chose to snuggle with me except for the night I broke my leg. He stayed up all night perched on the cast purring. I miss that boy.


Mine are 2 and 1 and neither are lap cats. The older one is very slowly getting more affectionate. All I ever wanted was a lap cat, and I have two asshole dictators that I love dearly instead :')


Do you have a fleece blanket? Whenever I sit down I drape one over my lap and my cats can't resist it. Even my grumpy old boy just has to feel that fabric on his paws.


You put hand warmers in your pocket didn't you?


That face 😂


I have a cat that waited about 10 years to lay on my lap too. Now at 12 he is the most affectionate cat. He doesn’t lay on top of me much still but lays right beside me for pets daily now. They really mellow as they age.


I had one who liked to sit near me. When she wasn't paying attention she'd accidently lean into me. If I went away for a weekend she'd sit "next to my head" on my recliner, while making sure to not touch me.


That gives me hope for our 6 year old cat who is the same way. But she's very sweet in all other ways.


It's out of pity and he's not happy about it either, so you better enjoy it.


Awww! Cherish every second :)


I find that as cats age they get more affectionate. Such a sweet picture!


Yay! Mine finally started walking under my legs while I’m sitting in a chair after 9 years :’D


He's marking you as his property...or possibly his next meal. Be careful.


You may be sick, have a fever and be warmer than usual.


Raging lol


She doesn't look like a fuzzy girl to mess with.


They mellow with age. 10 years seems to be a point where you really notice. My scaredy cat is/has turned 10 and for the first time ever, he came into the guest bathroom (the one I mostly use) where all the other cats like to come. And he's like to get pets more often. He also has more safe places around the house where he won't run away from me. Some of it is age, but I think some if it is the young cats I adopted two years ago. One loves pets and Domino is "copying" Caesar. Congrats and I hope it keeps getting better!


Your lap… got laid


"Fine. I'll sit on the lap. But I won't enjoy it, not one little bit. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."


Cat lost a bet