Cincinnati gay community

Cincinnati gay community


Well I hope congratulations is the right term here. I hope everyone in your family is accepting. Not gay myself, but there’s a book store downtown Cincy called the pink pyramid. They might have some info on local gathering spots. Also, if you don’t mind a bit of a drive I just took a recent vacation to Indianapolis and the entire city is very LGBTQ+ friendly and accommodating. Hope that helps and good luck on your journey!


Pink Pyramid closed 5 years ago sadly


I know that Mixwells(not a gay bar but has a gay demographic) in Northside allows you to dance, etc. and they do not ask for an ID unless you are buying an alcoholic drink, which is a good comrpromise. Good Judys is hit or miss when it comes to checking for id's at the door but its usually a if you buy a drink type thing. The rest of the bars, esp downtown and in otr are much stricter when it comes to iding. Main Event is kinda meh to me as its the stereotypical gay bar and I wasnt able to talk with anyone really. Congrats on coming out! Im 22 and some gay friends would be nice as a gay guy lol. I go to school in northern ohio but Im from Cincinnati.


It's hard to intentionally hit that community in the wild without being 21, but Northside is overall accepting. Main event can be a little trashy (no offense if that is your spot). E-19 is a new spot that is a little more buttoned up. I recommend being yourself at a coffee shop, diner, or restaurant. If you are looking for work, work a restaurant within the city limits and you should find a community willing to accept you (if you have work ethic). Best of luck!


Hey! Im gay too! Im 23 and im also looking for gay friends :)


Dm me your snap :)


Hey friend! I’m almost 26 and also looking for gay friends! I came out about a year ago. Feel free to DM! Also, I appreciate you asking this as I’ve been looking for gay community in Cincinnati. I’m curious to know of any groups, sports leagues, etc that are LGBTQ specific or have lots of gay people that happen to partake in such activities.


I’m looking for gay friends as well!


Hey I’m gay! It’s not a bar but the best queer scene in the city to me is going to the Denton Affair’s Rocky Horror Show. Everyone is off the walls, it’s so much fun and very easy to talk to people before and after the show