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Not really though. We don’t know what the man looked like. And this looks like an article which is trying to proof something else. On the other hand claiming that the entire classical world was filled with white people is also wrong.


What is wrong is the american definition of race and the obsession with the subject. We dont know how he looked, but we do know that Carthage was founded by Phoenicians of Tyre. Which were not sub saharan black.


Not sub Saharan but not white either. ;D And he was adopted as well. So who knows. Without a description from the time we will never know. I’m also pretty sure the classical world didn’t give a shit about skin color or race.


No, they just cared about your nationality and culture.


Very true. I mean, black people where commonplace enough to appear in Shakespearean plays. I mean straight up black/middle eastern people were all over Europe.


You should inderstand that to Shakespere black meant dark and moors/turk/black was often subbed in for any moslems as the term moslem wasn't in use. It doesn't take something being comonplace to appear in a book. Writers are often drawn to the novel and less common. Shakespeare often performed before visiting dignitaries not all who would have been light skinned and performed for darker skinned dignitaries just the year prior to Othello. You're better off saying non-white than black as black is used in a more restrictive way now than it was then.


afaik, carthage had been founded 700bc by phoenician settlers from tyre, which is in the current lebanon. i'd be really astounded if in those 450 years between founding and hannibal the north african populace didn't mix in somehow. no idea if the local populace at that time was black or not. I doubt that at that time, racism was as rampant as it is now. I mean, the greeks called all nongreeks βάρβαρος bárbaros, (stutterers) but that was more concerning the level of culture in the foreign people's homelands (in the greek people's eyes), but I haven't heard of the greeks or anyone considering any people less because of the colour of their skin. they enslaved each other regardless of their home. Also, why does it matter? ..So I googled "Chenu Bechola", and this was the result: "History has it that the Carthaginian civilization in present-day Tunisia was founded sometimes around 3422(African era), -814 by the primordial Blacks of the Middle East (Phoenicians), who were then governed by QueenDido-Elissar..." Yeah. "primordial blacks of the middle east" - as a non-historian, I, of course, have no idea if there is such a thing as "primordial blacks of the middle east", but I have never heard of this before. I have, however, a friend who told me she saw angels and energy spirals and that she is a reborn mythical figure, and I read the stuff she wanted to publish a book about. There are similarities here. Until I read about a person named "Chenu Bechola Barca" in a reputable source, I will not take anything about this person I read about in reddit for anything more than the ravings of a deranged mind, and Hannibal may have been striped pink for all I care.


The comments on the article have some cool facts debunking this, not that is really necessary


If I remember correctly he was said to have blue eyes.


There are no surviving descriptions or depictions of him as far as I remember.


Bull shit.


Or maybe it was Alaxander the great. It probably was…


Nice try.


So I went and looked it up and it was Alexander after all. Some say he had blue eyes and some that he had heterochromia - one ble eye and one dark.


Looks an awful lot like Lenny Henry in that picture


I mean...he probably *was* black. He was from North Africa; the Carthaginians were, at the very least, *very* brown. But his name sure as fuck wasn't Cheeto Beach Barca. No *idea* where that came from. It's dumb to use him as an example of black empowerment, too, because A) Carthaginians owned slaves just like the Romans did, and B) Carthage was technically a Phoenician colony that had broken away and become a world power over 400 years, kind of like the USA. They were descendants of imperialist colonisers; not great role models.


He most likely was brown, like a middle eastern. I have no idea where they got that name.


FWIW, the inage is from the "Great Kings of Africa" ad campaign by a beer company in the 70s and 80s. Their goal was to sell more beer.


Even if he was black (and he probably wasn't), do they really want to walk that road? Brag about black guy conquering white people? Because in response white people can throw dozens of white leaders who conquered Africa...


Truly horrible take.


Dude, it's not a competition...


Of course it isn't XD It is fake news made to make "certain people" feel "empowered", but if it actually was competition, it wouldn't even be a competition, so that "empowerment" gets shattered like a glass ;)


Someone's never heard of Shaka Zulu


Behold, it's the rabid anti-woke warrior, here to save us all from the evil SJWs.