One of these kids complained that their childhood was ruined

One of these kids complained that their childhood was ruined


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I mean, probably all of them


Yeah like, they all would if they were given the means to speak their mind.


"One of these kids has access to the internet."


“One of these kids was given an education instead of forced into manual labor to help support capitalism.”


One of these kids is in a position to take action and make change. OP, this post is ignorant.


5 of those kids if they were in a position of power, would be fighting against child labor and slavery.


I'd imagine reducing the rampant consumerism in the world that causes major pollution would also inadvertently reduce child labor.


There it is. That was a great point!


They have the means to speak their minds. What they need is for someone to actually hear them.


And then what will happen after that?


##How dare you!!!


I read it and heard it in my head exactly that way


The one who was given, did it to show the same point for all of them.


Lol right? What a dumb post.


Came here to say just that


It's actually heartbreaking, see people, exploit EXPLOITED CHILDERN, for their woke agenda, and by woke i mean, AWAKENED, RED PILLED, or whatever buzz word their uplink salesmen is husking that week. That one girl, has civil rights, workers rights, all the things y'all hate. So you love the other kids that do nothing but work and in your sick mind be grateful to have employment with the very companies that you so boldly defend and do foot work for. the very cabal of globalist you think your going to stop, is the cabal pulling the strings on your little fingers and on your tongue. Willy Wonka


For real, this meme or graphic or whatever is gross


Right wingers really hate Greta for some reason though


You should see all the unfiltered death and rape threats she gets from them. Beyond abhorrent.


Imagine sending rape threats to a teenager and still thinking you’re the good guy


It's because they need the petroleum jelly to survive and she's against petroleum.


Because she's female and intelligent.


and autistic they act like her opinion does not count cause shes autistic


I feel like whoever made the meme didn't ask all of them.


Pretty sure every child in that photo wants a better future. Prove me wrong. Edit: How the fuck Ops post received 2000 upvotes?






They literally hate her because she is standing up for something lol


They hate her because she's oppressing that mom and pop shop, ExxonMobil, who has never done anything wrong.


but they all look so happy


Where is the conspiracy here?


Lol wtf is this sub now




Had to change it to r/Republicanoutrageporn because character limits but a sub has been born ladies and gents




Someone debated me saying the conspiracy here is climate change even though this picture isn’t criticizing climate change lol. Because Greta is known for that so therefore it’s obvious(?) lol


Its the only sub where the members of the\_donald can post their garbage without getting banning and downvotes.


This sub is essentially another right-wing shit hole at this point.






And who?


Me, trust me blindly. I will do everything perfectly.


I pick this guy


Your opinion is objectively correct and anything to the contrary is conveniently false.


You had me at your


>trust me blindly. I will do everything perfectly. You just sound like my government.


Users are in charge of submitting material, why don't you submit and upvote better material then?


Never ending dog whistles, and " look how 'based' I am" posts with no nuance, or mystery, like gtfo to some political sub already, I don't give a fuck about Greta or hunter Biden or whatever outrage focus the mainstream conservative media has in their sights. I'm not here for politics, I'm here for sasquatchs and ufos


Totally! This is all I want! Maybe somebody has the time/energy to create r/realconspiracies ??


Apparently highstrangeness is good, and conspiracyNOPOL, but I haven't looked too deep into it. I'd rather the actual conspiracy sub was conspiracy, not QANON fever dreams and cutting room Tucker Carlson takes


This used to be sasquatchs and ufos? Damn. You are totally right, then. I thought this was a political sub


There was definitely political related shit, definitely government conspiracy, but not a firehose of right wing political talking points or dumbass Ben Garrison-level hot takes without any meat. It's all bone, and the bone is a fake too








Politics are fine as conspiracies but I have yet to see anything decent in the past few years




It’s turned into a right wing circle jerk now


It’s endless right wing talking points now


No there are plenty of good posts still. It's a HUGE sub which means there's gonna be a lot of garbage content. New information about missing 411 or UFOs comes out very seldom. This is mostly an online social club for people who are awake IMO.


It’s just boomers and right wing nuts posting senseless garbage. Like, the "meme“ itself doesn’t even make any sense.




There isn't one. It's just alt-right shilling ever since trump


Literally every other post is just right wing propaganda.


Op is having a bad day. Nothing to see here


No conspiracy, just a maga-bot half assing propaganda


Everything liberal is a conspiracy apparently


I swear I thought this was /r/selfawarewolves


I'm afraid we're out of conspiracy. Can we interest you in some incoherent conservative propaganda instead?


This is /r/conservative for people who are off their meds


I'm more than positive, the others would all complain too, if someone actually asked them...instead of just using their pictures to justify a total lack of commitment to doing anything about climate change. The conspiracy isn't whether or not climate change is real...it's why the fuck are so many people *still* convinced that it isn't? You are being lied to...and you are, in turn, lying to everyone else. For what? So that the oil industry can keep chugging along, indefinitely...driving us all towards a cliff? Posts like this are created by oil industry shills, working overtime to keep the sheep ignorant and compliant, while they march to slaughter.


They are convinced about their science that proves climate change is "natural", but they can't deny the reality is we are destroying and polluting our planet like never before in the name of capitalism. I think this is where the argument should lead to. What has more impact, some stats about temperatures changing or a picture of a dead seal strangled by fishing line with a belly full of plastic.


Even if it is "natural" (which isn't true but I like to entertain the thought) the rising temperature and melting of icecaps would leave us fucked just the same as if it was manmade, and we should then invest in technologies that make the planet cooler yes? Never got a good answer for this, they either breakdown into "we can take whatever we want and it will be okay cause humans already lived for thousands of years" or "The globalists are making the planet hotter with alien tech" or something along those lines


OP spreading oil industry propaganda for free. They've really infected your mind.


OP probably getting paid to do it, actually. Reddit is full of paid shills now.




r/conspiracy is a psyop


Reddit as a whole has gone to shit, same as Facebook soon Instagram and tiktok.






To be fair, most plausible conspiracies are pretty depressing... But I think if I could choose any fun rabbit hole with conspiracies that are interesting, out there, and have some documentation, I would go with Nazi anti-gravitics research. Maybe I'll come back in a few days with a write up.


As long as it’s not another Twitter post or something someone’s uncle posted on Facebook a million times already then I’m interested!


The hard truth is that the overwhelming majority of real criminal conspiracies are boring white collar crimes that impact us in ways we can barely understand but still effected by. It's typically just tax havens, college scandals, insider trading, and ect. Corporate maleficence isn't a few massive huge grand horrendously evil schemes. It's thousands of seemingly minor acts of greed all the way from the top down that impact everyone else. Most major businesses don't bother doing anything extremely sinister. Largely for the same reason most millionaires don't commit armed robbery. These are people who already won at life, they don't need to risk everything or worry about blowback just to add to a pile of money they aren't even able to spend all of. Most unethical business practices are lobbied to legality or utilize loopholes that circumvent regulations or cripple competition.


It sure isn't the kid with the cool gun


Smh lol


Did she say "and these immigrant war torn country kids did not"? Part of their lives and childhoods being stolen is ALSO due to climate change/energy consumption, no? And THIS IS NOT A CONFUCKINGSPIRACY.


Nopp she even menitond how she was one of the lucky ones in the situation, You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I'm one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!"


The others would say the same if anybody listened. She's not wrong.


WHAT THE FUCK IS THE CONSPIRACY? Someone come get their angry conservative uncle


this post sucks


All the top comments are about how much this post sucks and yet it has 1500+ net upvotes?


There's the real conspiracy.


Vote bots and brigading is all the right wingers have.


Even without bots. I think its just the right wingers.


Who upvotes this shit


Chuds and rightoids.


Remember when we found out the Russians were actively making divisive posts and comments on social media and used bots for upvotes and visibility, especially before elections? That's still happening, and this sub fell for it all hard


Probably mostly bots at this point.


The The_Donald/4chan losers have had a series of vote bots on the new queue since 2015. Then they organize on 4chan or discord to really shove the shit to the top.


Mods are literally removing comments calling the op out


I don't really like Greta but this post really is shit lol. Absolute Facebook tier garbage. Usually I defend posts where people are asking "Where's the conspiracy" but this post is so garbage I just can't, lol.


Not a conspiracy.


I'm sure the others might have similar complaints (probably against war and not climate change) if given such a big platform by mainstream media.


"Lol, that little girl wants to live on an inhabitable planet and not a fiery hell-hole, what a bitch"


Right?? This sub has went to shit. It's just the hideout for The Donald degens Every one of the kids in this photo would demand better if they had the opportunity to do so. Blowing off climate issues just because a well-off kid spoke up is asinine.


One of these kids has a platform to say that, do the rest? What kinda argument is this


Its a bad faith argument probably made by one of those "I am very smart" 14 years olds.


Right? Like I'm sure if you took those other kids and gave them a microphone, they'd also gladly point out how international corporations have fucked them over. Sure, they objectively, unequivocally have it way worse than Greta Thunberg ever would, but she has the platform, and they do not.


A shitty one


And what is the conspiracy?


Pretty sure all of those kids complained their childhood was stolen.


Who is more a cry baby? That annoying girl which is a teenager or an adult who can't deal with a teenage girls opinion?


“How dare you”


"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I'm one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!" Greta is so fucking based.


not a conspiracy. fuck all you cheeto-loving fucks for fucking up this sub even more with your fucking meme spam.






How low do you have to stoop to compare the relative sufferings of children? OP should immediately get admitted to a mental health institution.


Kinda crazy how all those other kids had thier life ruined by rampant capitalism.


> One of these kids complained that all of their childhoods were stolen.


Is there a conspiracy here? No just another lame tweet? Yikes.


I guess poor Greta isn't allowed to have an opinion because she's not dirt poor and doesn't live in a country where child labor laws are lax (if existent at all). ​ Looking through OP's post history and yep. Exactly as I expected.


We all know the storied non-stop love affair between right wing conspiracy theorists in the developed world and the super poor in the developing world. I mean, when *isn’t* the former trying to help the latter?


Wait, so none of us should be allowed to have opinions either, right? Even the poster of this meme. OP just self-owned themselves.


Man Greta really lives in your heads rent free and she didn’t even do anything besides yell about climate change.


Exploitation comes in many forms.


This post is soooooo embarrassing. If you shared this you should bury your head in the sand.


The prolife freespeech folks hate it when you use your freespech to speak on prolife. They are so triggered by this child.


I’m pretty sure they all did. Corporate Greed, Failed Capitalism, and the American Christianity that promotes them, are pretty vile and evil.


Soo?? are you advocating for children being exploited?? cause sure all these kids would say the same if even the opportunity


Just because someone has it worse, doesn’t invalidate another’s struggle. If it were that way, then no one would be validated for having a bad life. This ain’t it chief. Think, not even a little, just at least think.


People on this sub reddit talk about protecting the children, stopping p3dos and all that. Then post and upvote every thing making fun of this kid. You guys are bullying this poor kid because a difference in opinion


Climate change isn't really an opinion though. Either you understand it and the threat if poses, or you don't.


how dare you


I think she was speaking for them.. as they probably have no voice


She's literally fighting for them.... How many kids of developing nations have been fucked over or will be by climate change or taken advantage of by corporations and their shareholders. Greta has the privilege to have a voice and a global platform and is using it effectively to voice an important message against the establishment. Her concerns are valid and so are the other kids. Someone having it worst doesn't negate another experience. Honestly if a lot of you believed what you claimed you would probably support her. Instead you all can't get over your own hypocrisy. Shes fighting against one of the largest agendas of the elite but sure believe the propaganda.....


"If you really cared about the other children and the world you'd protest their working conditions." Greta protests that. "NOOOOO little girl is spoiled! Fuck her for trying to change anything!"


Yep. Fuck the boomers posting bullshit like this post. They need to all be turned into compost as soon as possible.


A bit intense for me, but I like the enthusiasm.


Great reply


But the dems have claimed her so us Republicans have to hate her. I thought everyone knew that.


Well said


Low effort garbage meme


Low effort posts get all the upvotes on this sub. It's lame.


She complained "out", meaning she was advocating for the kids in the rest of the photo. Some of you are so toxic and frankly stupid. The propaganda has you hard.


If Greta makes you upset, you probably have a mental disability.


Garbage Facebook style click bait trash post.


The point this proves is that there will always be someone who says you shouldn’t ask for conditions to be better because there’s someone who has it worse than you. By these standards the criteria to be a hero excludes everyone


I thought memes weren’t allowed on this sub.


Where have you been?


Get this fucking facebook garbage meme shit out of here. She was literally a blatant distraction and here most of you people are, on a conspiracy sub, eating bullshit and thinking you're being profound.


She also said she was a lucky child too. Sell crazy conservative rhetoric somewhere else.


Yeah they can quote "stealing my childhood" and "how dare you all day!" all day long, but they always forget to the lines in the same paragraph right where *she agrees with them that she has it good in comparison* Guess that doesn't fit into the narrative.


I get a kick out of the fact that an autistic girl managed to seemingly enrage most conservatives on the planet.


Conservative political beliefs run on so many logical fallacies that they can't defend their positions anymore. This results in them resorting to literally sending death-threats to children just to repair their fragile egos slightly. Conservatives will do anything to keep their tongue firmly planted against that boot.


100% true. We need more cooperation between the left if we want to take away their power over the world.


Such a fucking stupid post 😂 So the other kids are happy with their childhood huh?


Low quality shitpost meme.


Well because she’s actually in a situation where she’s able to have a voice.


Thanks for remainding me why I unjoined this sub.


This place is going down hill. How is this a conspiracy? This place went from people questioning the status quo to a conservative haven where people post dumb as fuck memes that have nothing to do with conspiracy theories.


Is this a post defending child slave labor. I am truly asking because it does seem to be at least saying stop complaining it could be worse. Because those pictures show it is worse.


Oh no! She might take your oil job away from you. Then what are you going to do ? Your only skill is sucking the oil from corporations' pipes.


What happened to this sub… let’s post conspiracies


This sub is so fucking stupid now


Cool conspiracy bro


You tried to be profound but you missed the mark by a light year


Wow the OP traveled all over the world asking each of those kids if their childhood was ruined? Legend.


This sub needs mods that do something. These posts suck and op should get banned for such a low effort post.


And you dumb fucks cry about your freedoms being taken away because your job is asking you to take a vaccine. How about you compare yourself to someone from one of these fucked countries?


I'm sure if you asked any of the children in this picture they'd probably say that there childhood was taken, and much more.


The meme is dead wrong. One of this children had the possibility to demand an answer to why her future is being stolen. The others have had everything stolen from the beginning.


Good conspiracy. Wait, no, this place is an alt right shithole. Nevermind.


This is probably one of the worst posts I have seen, not just on this sub. Congrats OP


Late to the party but this post sucks and OP sucks too


Her childhood was stolen by the billionaires who forced her to be famous, imagine being in the spotlight your whole life, I’d compare it to a living hell


Or you could say her childhood was stolen by the politicial, and corporational, constant and ignorant, neglection of climate change, leaving no one but an autistic teenage girl to speak up.


The thought of even having a social media presence makes me want to vomit, let alone the whole world watching you lol


I guess you might say, she's one of the lucky ones. Which is also what Greta said. OP's post is a strawman.


bad post is bad


This is an asinine post Because others have it worse, one isn't allowed to complain?!?


Bad post


Pretty sure the others aren’t too keen on theirs


"One of these kids was able to complain online instead of where I can continue to ignore them " Shut up.


Can't be re/submitted enough.


The one on the boat right?


so in this photo you picked a really small part of her speach. "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I'm one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you! Greta does mention how she is one of the lucky ones and how others are suffering. She is fully awere of what these other poeple are going trough. And i dont think it was a complaint i think it was just something to add power to her speach. So this picture is really just nitpicking to hate on a CHILD who is just trying to make the world better incase you are intresting in the whole speach https://www.npr.org/2019/09/23/763452863/transcript-greta-thunbergs-speech-at-the-u-n-climate-action-summit?t=1623875918976


Who is that white kid on the bottom right corner on a yacht? Why is everyone getting political? I am soo bloody lost here.


How in the flying FUCK is this a conspiracy!!!


Totally unfair. She stands up for the voiceless. More than most fortunates do. How dare you.


I'm no Greta fan but this says exactly jack shit


Why do you hillbillies hate somebody that cares about the environment, so much?


Greta Thunberg can suck my exhaust pipe. And i can say that because i am younger than her lmao.


And? These things have literally no relation to one another, and it's entirely possible for TWO issues to be simaltaneously important - one being climate change, the other being wars... Seriously - what the fuck is your point? If you have one, shill.


The real conspiracy is how this has this many upvotes


You realize the wars these kids are fighting in are caused by the effects of climate change, be it the scarcity of water, or the extraction of natural resources. If you agree with this post, that means you recognize the lives of these other children are bad due to their environment, an environment created by the west and capitalism. Connect the dots


One of these 9 had a platform the other 8 suffered in silence.