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Two years already! Man, time flys!


Right? I swear it feels like this happened less than a year ago


I still feel like it’s April, 2020


Well there is this thing called COVID.... *Which has been around for 1.5 years already...*


Unlike Epstein, it’s been hanging around for a long time.


That's knot funny.


Exactly, he couldn't have done it, he was still learning the ropes.


stop it stop it you’re killing me


No sir, you are committing suicide, just let it happen.


I'm afraid knot.


I mean I could see the gallows humor in it.


However [just like Epstein](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulCQmockbos), it is a complete hoax.


COVID started in January 2020. So it’s 1 year 8 months. * Remember Kobe died. And we had World War 3 with Iran because will killed that military official. Basically 2 years at this point.


So many memory holes. We should keep a running list of each event to combat the abuse amnesia. We’re collectively exhibiting all of the classic signs of narcissistic abuse syndrome. The traumatised brain will exhibit “abuse amnesia” where it buries events so that you can function day-to-day. The problem with this is you can’t see the forest for the trees, which makes it harder to realise you’re being abused. This is one of the many reasons people stay in abusive relationships for a long time - people that are being abused often don’t recognise that they’re being abused even when to someone looking from the outside that’s clearly and obviously what’s going on. At the societal scale it’s like mass amnesia episodes to shocking event, after shocking event, and we collectively get desensitised to it, which then enables the “abuse” to continue and will ramp up gradually bit by bit and we don’t even notice - like frogs in a pot. I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing that this pattern can be seen at all scales from interpersonal domestic abuse to entire nations collectively “forgetting” key events so they can never see a pattern emerge and make rational judgements and decisions from a clear set of data points. Anyway, we should keep a running chronological list is all I’m saying. Like a visual timeline Wikipedia that people can add to and edit - call it Memory Hole 🕳


Someone should create a Memory Hole post!


I member


I still remember the millennium being a thing! I often forget not to write 19xx on dates! And have to correct again sometimes! I feel old man


Same Welcome to....Jurassic Park


so......am i stepping on ur toe? or u stepping on mine? cos one of us needs to make the obligatory dinosaur sound after hearing the words "**welcome.... to... Jurassic Park!**!" which can only be replicated officially by one slamming his foot down on another's toes.... ​ E: [https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=omid+jalali+godzilla+sound&docid=607987663526773342&mid=81BECB0488DBFB0E54BA81BECB0488DBFB0E54BA&view=detail&FORM=VIRE](https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=omid+jalali+godzilla+sound&docid=607987663526773342&mid=81BECB0488DBFB0E54BA81BECB0488DBFB0E54BA&view=detail&FORM=VIRE)


Lol. Also saw this recently. Guess why I had it on my mind [Jurassic Park](https://youtu.be/-V9DWO943OU)


Woah.... OK u need to explain that cat girl gif to me... I've been seeing it on reddit a lot lately and have no idea what it's referencing or what the big deal is. I feel so lost lol The most recent one I saw was in comparison to ancient Greek gods vs ancient Turkish gods. Have no idea if that helps u explain it?


I honestly have no fucking clue lol. Too old to understand a lot of shit. Came up on my YouTube recommendations, not sure if I am better or worse now having seen it. Still made me laugh though, even if we are both out of the loop.


2020 is an enigma. It's simultaneously one of the most eventful and forgettable years. So forgettable that it doesn't even feel like it existed at all.


Well after all the stress he endured, he probably needed at least a year sipping Mojitos on a beach in Belize just to calm down.


And still nobody has been questioned properly about the rich and their global sex ring.


Time flies when the MSM wants you to forget the headline.


I'm just gonna say it: the photos of Epstein's profile (nose, ear whorls) on the gurney simply don't line up with multiple photos of him in real life. The ear whorls don't change over time, and there's a high chance that wasn't him on the stretcher. He was an intel asset, so it stands to reason they faked his death, offered the public zero proof, hastily did an intel mediated "death", and placed him under the care of a protection program. It's common knowledge that prostitution has been used as an intelligence gathering asset since antiquity, and this guy was clearly a part of an intel operation hence they would keep him protected in their care. Edit: there are several images which you'll have to compare and contrast for yourselves (screenshot, look side by side). They individual on the stretcher has whorls and a profile clearly different than recent photos of Epstein himself: https://www.snopes.com/news/2019/08/13/jeffrey-epstein-body-doubles/ https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/05/jeffrey-epstein-netflix-docuseries-filthy-rich https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/07/a-forced-trump-kiss-how-nbc-got-the-trump-epstein-video.html https://www.wqad.com/mobile/article/news/local/drone/8-in-the-air/jeffrey-epstein-signed-a-will-2-days-before-his-death/526-06547ccd-e61e-4e49-9d7e-dcde208d701a Snopes gives an explanation which is easily debunked in this case, since recent videos/photos of him show the face of a man different than that of the one on the stretcher.


I think there's a chance that Epstein's suicide was faked and he was put in the Witness Protection Program.




Link for the ear whorl/side profile comparison photos?


Also they were giving the body oxygen on the gurney on the way out, why y’all said he hung himself and died right?


You know that we are waiting that link for the photos right?


There is this video if that helps. The nose and ears defintely look different. https://youtu.be/h4GSHR8NgTs


Yeah that's crazy.


TBH this clusterfuck of pandemic kind of created a psychological time warp. I remember a friend saying that for him there was no more Monday, Tuesday, etc, just "Coviday".


I used to say “Blursday.”


I’m going to the gym now and plotting my rise for tomorrow.


This. They think we are getting weaker and more scared. Motherfucker *we're getting stronger by the minute*


I was just about to say the same lol damn


It's almost like a highly virulent manufactured coronavirus variant was intentionally released nearly simultaneously as his slaying in order to distract the masses from pursuing this gigantic lead into a global pedophile ring.


Yes but also why would they stick people at home in front of their laptops to speculate about it? Wouldn’t they want to keep people distracted at work all day? I guess there’s an argument that the virus seemed way more significant but also I’m sure a lot of people went exploring the rabbit hole as a result as well, simply out of boredom and curiosity. The MSM wasn’t going to cover it anyway there would have been some other distraction that required their immediate collective attention 24/7.


How long has it been since /u/maxwellhill logged into their account?


Holy fuck that cunt had a lot of karma


it's probably what happens when you have your own bot farm for 15 years. the longer I'm here the easier it is to see that reddit is a psyop that evolves everyday


Big time. It is not a representation of real life. If you came on here without being in the world you would think Republicans are the most evil motherfuckers on the planet and that 100% of the population wants vaccines, masks, and lockdowns. And also that everyone is a virgin or LGBTQ or racist as fuck against black people


This comment was very cathartic. Thank you.






Funny enough, it’s working. Americans assume there’s [500%](https://lifewayresearch.com/2019/07/08/americans-vastly-overestimate-lgbt-population/) more GSM folk than the real figures.


How much of the street can you see from your computer chair?




I will never forget this. The coincidence is too weird. One of the oldest, and most karma accounts on Reddit as a whole.


There's still people, or paid shills, who still say it's not her account. Time and all the coincidences are saying it is her account.


This is still so weird. One of the biggest (and oldest) active accounts on Reddit goes dead silent the day she’s taken in.


Account #6. She funded Reddit working w Aaron, who got caught stealing from MIT, where Epstein had a branch of his blackmailing biz.


Are there any other Reddit accounts connected to famous/notorious people? Quite interesting to see their posts.




Damn, it's been 2 years?


I am struggling with this realisation myself. Where is my life going? These are prime years of my life, slipping by. And there's no end in sight, either.


You’re gonna die bruv, we all are, who cares where life is going, do what you like to do and vibe


Great memes along the way though


no doubt about it g


Egg shaped.🥚


How can we confirm he's really dead at all at this point


It was a body double, as confirmed by the entirely different physical characteristics of his nose and ear whorls on the body versus **multiple** photographs of him. The guy is still alive (most likely), just hidden away somewhere.


it would be easier to use a body double. shit, even dictators have them


Exactly my thoughts.


They clearly used a double. https://imgur.com/k33l7DM


> They clearly used a double. https://imgur.com/k33l7DM Heh! I wonder, might Jeffrey have attended Obama's birthday shindig -- showing off his plastic surgery work to all his "close friends"?


I dont even think he's dead to begin with


Has it really been 2 years already


Time flies when you're being whipped back and forth by the health department.


i really doubt he's dead. people like that do not leave themselves vulnerable to such a basic attack. i'm guessing body swap.


What a day for a cake day.


hes not dead either. he's living in tel aviv. wake up people.


Tel Aviv is way too busy of a place to keep him. He's more likely to be in a private island owned Leon Black and Lex Wexner. Those guys have create your own island money.


That's far too mainstream for him to be kept secret long. He's probably underneath the ice of Antarctica with the Nazis and lizard people.


My friends uncle who works at Nintendo confirmed Epstein is most likely clapping Annunaki cheeks somewhere on Nibiru


Well if he works at Nintendo that's hard to both argue against and not take at face value. Well played sir.


Heard he visited a vineyard recently.




I literally can’t tell if this is satire or not. I’m going with… not.




>Those who accepted the compensation offers were required to sign broad releases foreclosing their ability to bring any further claims against the Epstein estate or any of his former companies or employees, including those alleged to have conspired with Epstein. In at least three instances, women who filed lawsuits against Epstein's alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, were required to drop their civil claims against her as a condition of receiving compensation from the program, according to court records.




Saw it on /r/conspiracy so it has to be true


And the mainstream media said he killed himself. With paper sheets. Something doesn’t add up there.


He’s not even dead






Keep an eye on those prison guard’s bank accounts and the accounts of their close friends and family. Something has to turn up sooner or later. They didn’t take that nap for free.


They were actually off their post, the nap story allowed them to walk


It’s over https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/epstein-victims-program-shutting-down-dollar121m-paid-to-abuse-survivors/ar-AAN6Cok


It’s funny how everyone just forgot about Maxwell


Isn't she still in court? Feels strange, like she getting a deal or something


Still waiting for a photo of her in custody…




Oh he’s still around


He is still alive


This creep still alive, probably on an island surrounded by a concubine of underage, trafficked girls. I do not think he died.


ss: jeff epstein didn't kill himself. he was murdered by the higher ups who didn't want their secrets known


He was a billionaire. He faked his own death and now lives on a private island somewhere.


yeah i even wonder if the Epstein-didnt-kill-himself meme was pushed so hard as it subconciously reinforces that he is still dead


I agree, "they" gave us two choices: \- He killed himself \- He didn't killed himself The truth is, when the guards are sleeping, the director has been changed... the best solution is to exfiltrate him. Epstein is not dead. The FBI is not investigating but shredding hard drives and burning pictures.


What about the third option of paying the guards to look away while he killed himself?


Nice try FBI




Not today, CIA


How would the person paying be sure that he'd kill himself? Thats was ridiculous. This is the big problem nowadays cover stories don't include logic. I know they do it on purpose for the whole hiddeninplainsight bulshit. Epstein calls A Buddy says hey bro I really want to kill myself but you know these guards won't let me I think you can pay the guards to look away while I do the deed. Cuz I'm really really itching to kill myself and I don't think I could pull it off with these guards lol.... " come on man"


Id be inclined to accept that except that just means that theres now another bigger conspiracy with even more loose ends or ways for it to fuck up. If the goal was to protect themselves, the simplest one would also be the "cleanest".




He was already living on a private island somewhere!


Fuck that island. Let’s all go there and find out. Someone’s gonna have to spot me for the ticket tho. I’m good for it.


LMFAOO bro I was thinking the same thing


Let’s go to pizza island!


Imagine whay he's doing on that island; and nobody ous looking for him because he's "dead".


He isn't dead, he was exfiltrated so he didn't trigger his "life insurance".






Dude’s got a lizard dick (egg shaped, kinda like Limestein). Can’t we discuss that?


Did you give him a massage or something?


*or something






How involved do you guys think Trump was with Epstein? Did he ever visit his pedo island for an extended period of time?


Many people are saying Mar-a-lago was a grooming ground of sorts. It’s a whole thing that would take too long to explain


The guy running the government, who appointed Barr who was in charge of the DOJ who oversaw the prison he was in. Barr, the guy who even visited Epstein in jail, Barr, the guy whose father gave Epstein a job teaching kids with no credentials Trump, the guy accused of raping a 13 year old with Epstein. Who partied with him and said he loved young girls. Probably totally a coincidence


What’s going on with Ghislaine?!


Promoted to First Lady.


There’s 1 in 100 posts I agree with in r/conspiracy these days. This is one of those.


Oddly enough, on that very same day, I also did not hang myself


Lol lucky you😁


They all signed NDAs and contracts to not charge him. It’s over https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/epstein-victims-program-shutting-down-dollar121m-paid-to-abuse-survivors/ar-AAN6Cok


The scamdemic did a good job at sweeping this under the rug lol


Nothing says "I'm a narcissist" like wearing a quarter-zip with your initials on it


You literally just made me lol


It's been two years? Time does not hang itself.


Imagine all the shit he had knowledge of. Fuckin hell




Yea him and his dumbass face


I think it is hilarious how **ZERO** of these Epstein posts on /r/conspiracy mention that his death was predicted on this subreddit before any place online. The account (Bk1182) that said "Hanged in cell" has been suspended. This should be a fun read for those of you out of the loop: https://np.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/ca5nzl/prediction_jeffrey_epstein_will_mysteriously_die/


Hillary lost the election because she's a woman. The Elites are the most misogynistic people on the planet. All elections are rigged. They stole it for Biden because Trump doesn't play well with others. No way will they let Hyena Harris take over. No way. Watch J Edgar Hoover II, Pete Buttjudge. They're grooming him to slither in to replace her. He's a poster boy for the deep state, a total phony they could control like they did Obama. And he's gay so he's untouchable. Harris is already being pigeonholed and isolated and made useless. Petey Boy is getting lots of press with this economy busting spending bill he's championing.


Bill gates sent that little animated paper clip helper guy from Microsoft word to murder him in the cell.


also This is not Epstien or Bordaine. Its Tony Rodham. Ears and other features match beyond doubt. [https://imgur.com/a/PmUi2sa](https://imgur.com/a/PmUi2sa).


Taken by drone AFTER supposed suicide. Also, he's not the one with the money. https://imgur.com/a/E8jnFVX


We at least they got to the bottom of it


Imagine if a Russian sex trafficker was found to have been best buddies with Putin, and Putin visited his island 23 times. The US media would go into a never ending frenzy. But for some reason when Clinton (and Trump) does it, its okay. Its all hush hush and swept under the carpet. The US media bias is sickening.


Damn! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. How long has maxwell been in prison? A year now?


I dare you to watch *Roadrunner* and persist in this absurdity. He had all the signs. And the world crushes the people who bring light into it, it doesn't need the help of the Power Elite or the State. > “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.” ― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


Nothing will come of it. Love how none of the pedos and imbibers of sex trafficked victims have faced any justice at all.


The other rich man, McAfee, also did not kill him self


People push this meme without realising what they're saying or doing. Rephrased it's epstein is still alive.


Or Epstein was a Mosad agent who gathered too much blackmail evidence on the ruling elite and when he was compromised paid with his life. Trump, Windsor and Clinton were good mates with this pedo.


He didn't die. They killed a lookalike.


this was 2 years ago? Fuck me wow. Covid really screwed up my perception of time


Jeff was friends with both Donald trump and bill Clinton and yet conservatives and liberals can’t seem to agree with this fact.


remember when the world almost unraveled the worlds largest pedophile ring then suddenly the worlds least deadly virus changed everything hahaha


Really I thought it was just last year


Is it just me, or does he look like he could be Val Kilmer's evil twin?


Def did not kill himself.


Rip rest in piss


Fuck Epstein and his people


But did he poop his pants?🧐


Shit gonna get real soon with Jizzlaine, if she makes it.


And this is the first and only time the US government has used to the media to spread lies. Ever. Pinky swear.


2 YEARS! This didn't happen a year ago? Wtf.


Damn has he not been killed by himself for that long?


Wonder what kind of activity happens on his island. What happened to that island?


This is like, the only thing everyone can agree on. You crazy hateful pieces of shit even agree that Epstein was killed


Are they still investigating or still just waiting for us to forget?


He's gone but let's see how long his GF lasts in prison. Whatever happens with her, one thing's for sure. None of the big shots will be outed publicly or go to jail.


Yea, he is probably in Israel raping girls from Eastern Europe


Time flies when you're in a dystopia


Na dude totally didn't hang himself


Plastic surgery, name change, a different hideaway especially with masks you wouldn’t know it was him if he was in front of you.


Never forget


It's been two years already???


the man truly deserved death ...just not immediately


Why is this subreddit defending him, wasn't he a bad guy (rapist etc)? ELI5 Edit: typo


Dead Mans Switch Plot twist: Epstein had a tiny transmitter implanted in his body that sent a signal as long as his heart continued beating. Should the signal disappear for a month, somewhere in Wuhan, China a glass vial of a novel sars-covid virus is broken by a miniature hammer......


I dont know him, who is this


Seen a video where they said there was a slight crack in the back of his jaw, like it was forced. Even by hanging yourself, you couldn’t get a crack


no suicide - he was murdered by maybe not directly the guards but by some prisoner given assess to his cell. there are just too many inconsistencies in the "official" story which smells so much like "coverup" - but we will never actually know "the truth". & personally i think rudi arranged it.


Saw him driving around Taos last weekend. Dark blue late 90s f150 with big ray charles sun glasses on.


If you search up his name on YouTube you’ll find nothing but News station videos. They censored all the independent yotubers who made videos of him


That the problem with threatening the rich and powerful, they will hang you for it.


Of course he didn't. Trump and Barr made the problem go away, for both their sakes.


Don't worry most people already forgot because, ya know, scamdemic...


He's living in Trump Tower with his boy Donald


People will believe this guy didn’t suicide but somehow 4 Capitol police all suiciding within two months is totally believable. No, the “people were being mean to us” defense does not make any sense. 1) they’re cops, 2) cops have been inundated with hateful messages from all over for the past year (or more?)


Realizing it has been this long is frightening.


Yeah, I don’t like it


And Trump surrounded himself with Epstein’s lawyers and advisors, Wished Maxwell well, hosted parties with Epstein and Maxwell on multiple occasions, girls were recruited at Mar-a-lago, Trump paid off pornstars and prostitutes, etc. Then a Trump cult formed that portrayed Trump as a crusader against pedophiles?...yep... I hope these scumbags are brought to justice.


He just showed up at obama’s birthday bash so obviously fucking not.


You mean Geoffrey Eplstien?


He’s not dead. 🤫 Fake death will be revealed at the end of the month.


The real conspiracy is that COVID was created to distract the public from the fact that Epstein didn’t kill himself. They needed a worldwide issue to cover up the pedophile ring that is being run by high ranking members of the government.