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“Trust the science!!” > ok, can i read the science? No🤡


Trust the $cience...


Trust the seance


That ficking clown face gets me everytime


From Reuters: “The FDA proposes releasing 500 pages per month on a rolling basis, noting that the branch that would handle the review has only 10 employees and is currently processing about 400 other FOIA requests.”


"omg there's only 10 employees on this board that we're in control of how many employees are on!"


And we can't hire anyone for 55 more years!


Well sure they could, but they're not the ones who can make a decision to assign extra money for that - that's up to congress


AND, Congress has no interest in that data being available to the public, now, or ever!


Yup and they use thier powers to pay pfizer for a vaccine that a lot of people didnt want/ask for, they have queued up sales for pfizer in the form of boosters, and left behind something like 500b dollars of military equipment to essentially a group of terrorists. Congress needs to be cleansed.


Congress - Brought to you by Pfizer


"I have no idea how we could scratch together enough cash to even hire ONE employee at this point, we spent it all on the vaccine!"


And there’s no vaccine mandate for themselves...


They can't. Not without additional congrssional funding.


My state has the "Colorado Open Records Act" which is very similar to the FOIA but there is a stipulation in there that if you make a significant request like this one, you could be billed for the cost of it. The way government works, you only get a finite budget every year, and I guarantee you they did not put in "emergency hirings for a vetting a vaccine during a pandemic" line item in that budget, so where exactly is the money coming from to pay all these new people to do this work? Colorado would make the plantiffs pay for the added expenses, is that a fair solution here as well? EDIT: The number of people who think Pfizer is responsible for releasing information and not the US Government when it comes to FOIA requests *in this sub* is astounding. I expected better from you.


No, when you've received blanket indemnification against any harm your product might cause, I believe it's incumbent on *you* to release all the data quickly so people can make an informed opinion. As I noted above, Pfizer could easily hire more people to deal with the requests, and they can easily afford it by *using the money they saved by not having to insure themselves against law suits for the problems caused.*


>I believe it's incumbent on you to release all the data quickly so people can make an informed opinion. Somewhat fair except for all the people's personal information that needs to be taken out first. Anyway you slice it, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to release internal company documents to the public without causing harm either to the company itself, which we can argue is immaterial in this case and I wouldn't disagree, or individuals involved who may be victims that require such protections depending on the case. Add in to this particular case that the vaccine itself was developed in Germany by German scientists at a German company call BioNTech and it's not nearly as cut and dry as "Give me the information I demand right now because I'm American and American law says so!"


How about because I'm a human you intend on forcing this upon


Come on now, how are we going to commit genocide against our own people if you keep insisting on seeing the research!?!?!?!?


Sorry, I don't accept a single word of what you wrote. "All the people's information" does NOT have to be taken out. All that needs to be removed is the ID link between, typically, a patient number and the patient's name. Do you think the reports read "John Adams, of 234 Anywhere rd, Anytown is a 55 year old male?" No, it's "patient AB123XYZ is a 55 yr old male". Any researcher trying to verify claims needs all the data about the case **EXCEPT** the patient's actual name, address, etc. I don't believe it takes anywhere near 55 years to redact that, unless, of course, *you don't want the information to go public*.


I'll grant you not every page of the 320,000 requested has someone's name or identifying information on it, but I am saying you have to check all 320,000 pages.


AND, we have AI that make it look like people are saying things they never said, with super computers that didn't exist even two years ago: we can process that amount of information in weeks!


How long does it take to read 1 page? Can someone read 1000 pages in 1 week? Hire 320 people for 1 week and job done


It's even easier than that. Large corporations that received huge amounts of email to their customer service have a computer scan then for keywords to plow through 100's of thousands of communication per day. Why can't they use AI with some humans rechecking?


Lmao yes im sure the fda hasnt had access to the windfall of government cash handed out to everyone in the past 2 years


Ope, guess it would be too much to ask for the company that has made billions in profit this year alone to hire a couple employees.


Yet they could approve it in under 9 months... 🧐


It's almost as if these are 2 entirely different things. Of course there'll be more resources put towards checking a vaccine, than excessive FOIA requests, during a pandemic.


Fair. Although if purely judging by actions failure to disclose information that was the catalyst for global economic and societal upheaval and record profits would lend to the notion they have something to hide.


Pretty sure the people wouldn't mind paying a little extra in taxes to increase the size of the FOI department at the FDA, especially when their decisions have lifelong ramifications for everyone involved? OFC, if Bill Gates would just chip in, we wouldn't need a tax increase, he's sure got bundles to throw at the WHO? I highly doubt they have the resources to check anything properly, they're just relying on what their paymasters tell them!


So outsource the review to the FDA who have *supposedly* already reviewed all of the documents.


Or kick it over to some of the other 18,000 employees. That blows my mind they would have such few resources dedicated to these FOIA requests.


> That blows my mind they would have such few resources dedicated to these **FOIA** requests. F is for Freedom, and they probably aren't too keen about that part.


Speak with your congressperson




What about this blows your mind? Have you worked at a large company before? There might be one backup for a critical role. In your head we have a tax funded budget of administrative folks just sitting around making sure FOIA requests get processed faster? Why would they? They’re not competing for our business? What’s the incentive to overdraft?


> That blows my mind they would have such few resources dedicated to these FOIA requests. The people to blame are in Congress. They're the ones who determine funding.


>”That blows my mind they would have such few resources dedicated to these FOIA requests” You must not have been on this sub for very long then. If it blows your mind how little they care about the FOIA requests, then maybe you haven’t considered **why** they don’t care about FOIA requests. If they limit their capacity, then they can tell a judge: “oh we would *love* to comply, buuuttt we simply don’t have the capacity to respond in the way they want us to, so they will have to be patient. We can’t use our other workers because they don’t have the special training that we require.” And the judge will say “well you’ll just have to be patient.” I think it is only surprising any government agency cares so little about FOIA to those who don’t know how fucked up our government actually is.


LOL, I can't believe the conspiracy subreddit is asking for the FDA to vet the FDA's own process and think that's a trustworthy means to keep power in check.


What? Foia is about getting their records


Sorry, wrong initial response... I think it's funny the conspiracy subreddit has come full circle in thinking the FDA, the subject of many conspiracy theories, is going to do the right thing in this instance and leverage their power for the good of the people to release information that will prove the conspiracy theorists right all along in their damnation of the FDA.


I don't think you understand what's happening here....


Funny how they only have 10 people to review when they get billions a year lol


That's way too many employees being wasted on this FOIA crap. Assign this job to a different branch, one with one employee. I can't believe they haven't thought of this themselves.


Basically, the FOIA would have to shut down everything else, *only* work on this request to shave down that 55 year number. The plantiffs requested over 300,000 pages of documents, which at a rate of 500 pages per month leaves about 640 months or 53 years, hence the headline.


As someone who routinely submits FOIA requests professionally, I can tell you that over a certain volume, the requestor has to pay a fee for the production (I have spent tens of thousands over the years). Resources are not the issue, and the pharmaceutical companies position on FOIA is absurd and indicates malfeasance.


>the pharmaceutical companies position on FOIA is absurd and indicates malfeasance. On this I wholeheartedly agree. And I do think the initial 55 year reporting was a means to drum up the bill for this request if the plantiffs wanted expediency on it. But my issue right now is how backwards everyone here has the FOIA requests thinking it's up to Pfizer to hire people to work through the documentation to release the information to the public rather than it being up to the US Government who in turns punts the financial responsibility back to the plantiffs to have any kind of meaningful response time. Perhaps I should have said "the FOIA *as currently staffed/budgeted* would have to shut down..." to be more accurate.


Let's break that down, shall we? 500 pages per month = 25 pages per working day. Ten people working on it? 2.5 pages per day per person. That sound acceptable to you? Pfizer's excuse is they have to process *other* requests as well, and they only allocate 500 pp/month to any request. Well, for this particular drug, they have received billions of dollars in funding, *AND* they have been given a blanket indemnity against any death or illness caused by the drug. That's plenty good reason why they should be hiring extra people, and doing this expeditiously.


This is all making the wrong assumption that they shut down their office and worked only on this one request. The 500 page a month estimate was under their current workload allocating what resources they could to it, so your math is correct but your initial conditions are flawed in maxing out what's available.


As I've noted, they've made so much money they can easily afford to *expand* the FOIA team. Is it written in stone that they can only have 10 people dedicated to this? Is there a limit to how many lawyers they can hire to defend themselves? Why is there a limit in one and not the other?


>As I've noted, they've made so much money they can easily afford to expand the FOIA team. ***Who*** has made so much money? Do you still think that a Freedom of Information Act Request that is made to the US Government falls on to a private company like Pfizer to pay for and fullfill? >Is it written in stone that they can only have 10 people dedicated to this? Yes. It's called the annual federal budget. They could ask for more money and hire more people *next* year, but it'd basically take an act of Congress to get some more people hired this year. Now to be fair to you, the plantiffs could pay the US Government (they might be billed anyway for such a request) extra in order to expedite the request, with the hiring of more temp staff falling on the plantiffs to pay for rather than Pfizer.


Why are we paying anyone to scan 2.3 pages per day? Sounds like the guy at the copy store could do a better job.


er, didn't Pfizer make over $2 billion from the vax? At $150,000 per pop, they could hire 50 people just to deal with this request, and get all the docs out in 2 years. 300k x 50 = $15 million. That still leaves them with $1.985 billion in profit. What's the problem?


Pfizer can't pay to hire workers for a government agency. Especially one that is supposed to be a regulatory agency for Pfizers business.


I don't think freedom of information act requests are fulfilled by Pfizer.


The amount of “why don’t they just do X it’s an easy solution” with the simple answer of “because that solution is based on a complete lack of understanding of what’s going on” in this thread is staggering.


108 days to review the data to approve. 55 years to release it to the public… makes sense




The problem is that they can’t question it because if they did, it would alter their sense of who they are. Their entire world is based around some make believe cafeteria table they think they’re part of, and they’re so scared to sit at another table, they simply ignore this type of shit. Self belief/social identity is everything/the only thing to these people.


Being vaccinated is seriously the identity of so many people. I tried out tinder for a couple weeks and half of the bio’s state vaccinated or only vaxxed swipe right.


Do people put unvaxxed only at all?




Well, yeah. The group reviewing the data and the group that has to do the necessary redactions (for personal medical information and industry trade secrets) aren't the same, don't have the same goals, and have entirely different sizes and workloads.


Okay well I'll get vaccinated once the data is fully released. They can take as many decades as they'd like.


Got em




Yeah exactly.


Be honest you aren’t going to read the data once it’s released anyway


That’s a load of horse shit. I understand that the Foia term is small and has loads of other requests...but these documents are digitized, they can 100% get through them faster than their planned release schedule


Well, yeah. *thick excuses incoming*


I need 55 years to decide whether I'm taking it.


this is the only response


Yeah the government said the same thing about the JFK files, and when their time was up, they reneged. [Biden delays the release of remaining J.F.K. assassination records, citing the pandemic](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/23/us/politics/jfk-assassination-pandemic.html)


There’s always a reason why jfk files are delayed. Same will be with this.


The reason is because the government killed him


No… never… the government? They are just looking out for our best interest.. /s if it wasn’t obvious.


You misspelled globalists.


Same thing


"It's the elites!" "No, it's the globalists!" "Actually it's the marxists" We all know who it really is, so stop beating around the bush and say it.


The killed him by accident when one of his secret servicemen shot him.


Yeah the reason is the people who planned it are still alive. Once the last one dies, the docs will be released.


That's because the government killed him. Can't have that bad look getting out! "Don't worry, we'll release the JFK files about when we killed JFK at the same time we release the vaccine files about when we killed all of you."


thats a great comment


What a terribly unusable website.


Textbook definition of transparency /s


The FDA said the standard would be to release 500 pages per month on a rolling basis — 6,000 pages per year. Divide 329,000 by 6,000 and the result is 54.83 years. At that pace, the request wouldn't be fully answered until 2076. **”Courts do not waiver from the standard 500 page per month processing rate even when a FOIA request would take years to process,” the FDA said.**


How convenient.


That’s like 2076, most millennials and older generations would be dead by that time. LMAO this is hilarious.


Government, big pharma, big tech are the virus. Non-compliance is the only cure.


'Here's why this is a good thing.'


Fact checkers checked this fact and they approve


ill wait.


Me too




not-so-clever naysayer here: the part that makes sense is that redacting personal or sensitive data will take some time. This isn't "review the results of studies and make a decision" but "review every word written on every document and ensure not one single governmental department wishes something removed" So it's reasonable that it would take longer than the study itself. But 55 years? Come the fuck on.


The 55 years thing was come up with by figuring out how many days it would take to process the 300,000 pages requested, not them saying "come back in 55 years".


I'm really thankful that there are some of you guys here offering a different perspective. Ppl be like: headline fits my narrative, so I have zero interest in digging deeper, and if you are curious and skeptical, you are sheeple or a shill.


A few thousand dollars and some ai programming/flagging would have that done. Anyone who sorts and transmits data professionally can think of 12 ways to do this simply.


It would still require a human to verify all the redactions, if a computer redacted something that shouldn’t be redacted we’d be right back here on this sub yelling about what they are trying to hid and if the computer misses something someone’s personal medical information gets listed on the internet forever. 55 years seems excessive but if you think everything was organized and clean on a less then one year global rollout of a vaccine then you clearly don’t understand how humans work.


You are obviously not working with data professionally.


Yeah you can't use AI for something like this. A neural net classifier for personally identifiable information with an accuracy rate of 99.9% would be absolutely incredible, you'd probably win a Fields medal. But an error rate of 0.1% is far too high for this application. You'd be releasing (at least) hundreds of data points to the public that are sensitive. And because AI generally is opaque in it's functionality, it would be nigh impossible to predict exactly how, and in which cases, it would fail. That's also unacceptable for this application.


Eh, maybe. Much of it could be automated, but there's still going to be manual review by multiple departments and whatnot. Which will take a lot of time. And getting a government agency to implement such a tech would probably take years in itself.. I'd say the quicker approach would be to have a group of qualified, 3rd party researchers with clearance choose which parts are most important and have them vetted/released first. That would at least get the ball rolling now while they work on improving efficiency.


Yeah, because I trust AI to understand what's personal data and what isn't. AI is a very powerful tool, but it still isn't quite perfect so human review would still be necessary. Yes, humans also aren't perfect, but this weird thing happens when you check something twice with even non-perfect checks, you get a more accurate result. So perhaps they could speed it up quite substantially.


You’re arguing with people who don’t believe in sciences don’t get your hopes up for rational reasoning.


How is it irrational to want the data before getting the jab? Why is simply trusting big pharma the rational choice?


half the global population has taken with just about zero verifiable deaths or adverse reactions (every story of VAERS is anecdotal and unverified). Meanwhile, pretty much every person who’s gotten and suffered from covid has verifiable long term damage to their bodies. It’s not exactly rocket science. It’s not like antivaxxers have the capacity to even understand the science behind it so it’s not like they’d be reading the reports and data and using the information to form an intelligent response. So yeah I’ll trust the thousands of medical professionals across the globe who have spent billions of dollars on research than random people you follow on youtube.


You are underestimating the rates of adverse events and overestimating those suffering long COVID. You are also choosing to believe the scientists and medical professionals who agree with your bias, while not recognizing that there are many other qualified individuals who have raised concerns about the vaccines and the policies we have behind their administration. It’s certainly not rocket science, but it’s also not as black and white as you claim the decision to get vaxxed should be. And before you call me anti-vax, I got the shot.


Am I though? I don’t know what bias you think I have other than trusting science over random people on internet. Can you direct me to some truly qualified immunologists and microbiologists who say the vaccine is deadly and unsafe?


Not every doctor is qualified to have an opinion on immunology and vaccine effectiveness. I've seen people reference a doctor giving her negative opinion on the vaccine. Turns out she is an eye doctor.


Completely fair. But not all doctors who are currently “going against the grain” on this issue are unqualified. Just because some of them are, does not mean it invalidates the voices of the qualified. You also have to consider that there are major social and occupational consequences when taking such a stance on vaccine safety, mandates, ivermectin and so forth.




That’s 2 pages per minute if they work 40hrs a week with no breaks. If you’re “reading” a page in 30 seconds looking for sensitive information and marking it for redaction I can’t imagine it would be very accurate.


They are probably afraid of inconsequential errors getting out that people get hung up on. For ex myocarditis risk is very uncommon and overall better than risk of getting Covid but people are getting hung up on it. Sort of a trust me to interpret the data for you situation. I don’t know if you remember the vioxx situation with manipulated tables sent to NEJM - I don’t think anyone would manipulate a table for this it’s too high profile - but we don’t live in a “trust us” society and need oversight of the fda with public release of data


I believe I understand your point, but if you think myocarditis is an "inconsequential error" then you're just ludicrously off base here. ​ For starters, this just came to light recently:(https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl\_1.10712#) Vaccines should be safe. Not just mostly safe, not safer than covid safe, but so safe that when it's administered on a global scale you can count adverse events resulting in death on one hand. Maybe two. Maybe. Take the cutter incident: considered one of the worst medical blunders in history due to a contaminated batch of Polio vaccine. It killed 11 kids and paralyzed almost 200 more across 200,000 given doses I believe (.000055% fatality rate). They immediately halted all vaccinations from all producers (even though only one producer was affected) until the cause was identified, and when vaccination started again there were no further deaths or serious reactions, the vaccine had >97% effect in reducing infection rates and 0 people died from Polio after vaccination. The rest is history, along with Polio. This is how it should be done. According to VAERS (Or UK YellowCard) data, the mRNA shots all together seem to have a severe adverse reaction rate that's even higher than the \*contaminated\* polio vaccine (.0021% fatality rate, not even including severe AEs), yet it's being mandated and if you dare suggest there are issues, you are branded a Trump-loving, grandma hating heretic who hates science(?) and snorts horse dewormer. So with those numbers being the previous benchmark for "worst medical disaster in history", and the numbers we are seeing in the real world suggesting our current situation dramatically exceeds that, why the fuck is today's response "Meh, it's not as bad as getting covid tho"!?! Does nobody else realize how fucking bonkers it is to say "Don't worry, our mandatory, experimental technology injection is statistically \*less likely\* to severely fuck you up than the disease it's trying to protect you from"? The very reason you yourself are making this claim is because it's being parroted about by mainstream sources like it's a good thing. I'm not slamming you here, you're supposed to buy into it, that's the point, but have you ever wondered why the mRNA shots are NEVER compared to the safety profiles of known vaccines, but instead compared to catching Covid itself? It's because if they did compare them in an "Apples to Apples" fashion, the result would be utterly disastrous. Can you imagine if they'd hand-waved away the problems from the contaminated batch of Polio vaccine because Polio has a way higher chance of killing/paralyzing you than the vaccine does anyway? ​ It's fucking insanity. Honestly. And now there's a bunch of garbage politics in the way of the real data, which will surely be butchered beyond recognition by the time it ever sees the public, if ever. And people are fine with this as they smile and say "trust the science".


There's nothing wrong with comparing the effect of the vaccines with the disease. The whole point of the vaccines, is to get a better outcome, than if you catch the virus when unvaccinated. And we _are_ comparing the various covid vaccines with each other. Both in terms of efficacy and adverse reactions. Don't know why you think we aren't? Lastly, VAERS has been thoroughly contaminated, by bad faith reports by anti-vaxxers. There's even claims of someone turning green like the Hulk in there. Without a thorough scientific analysis of the VAERS reports, the numbers mean nothing. They should certainly be examined, but not taken at face value, like you seem to do.


Wholesale, you are right. There is extraordinary merit to the results and effects of covid vs the vaccine, but not when it's presented alongside "You didn't complain about taking the polio/mumps/XYZ vaccine, why this one?". The point of a vaccine used to be to introduce immunity to a population. That definition has changed significantly shortly after the introduction of mRNA "vaccines". By no account do the mRNA shots count as a vaccine as we traditionally understand them. Under emergency use, which we are still under btw, a minimum of 50% efficacy for infection resistance must be maintained. There are many reports showing efficacy far below that (49-16%) in as little as 4 months and certainly by 6 months. The fact that it still reduces mortality at this point (\~82%) is obviously a plus, but it greatly erodes the case for things like "VaxPasses" (which is what really got my hackles up, even though I am vaccinated), where the dirty unvaxxed are forbidden from participating in society for their negligibly increased risk of contagion, regardless of what other measures or factors are in place. ​ I'm entirely aware we are comparing the covid vaccines to one another, and it was perhaps my mistake using "apples to apples" there. I said comparing the rates of adverse effects between say, the Moderna mRNA shot to those of the Polio or Mumps, etc vaccines. Comparison between covid vaccines has obviously happened also, and significant issues have been found and printed publicly with all but Pfizer at this point. The first batch of AZ and J&J were enthusiastically handed out to an eager public only to be pulled for various reasons (like clotting) all while people obnoxiously calling out these side effects (clot-shot) were lamblasted as anti-science. "Antivaxxers" call out mRNA shots for causing cardiovascular or other issues, get censored and outcast for spreading more misinformation, and oh look, half a dozen European countries restrict or advise against Moderna for 30-and-unders because of cardiovascular concerns. There just seems to be an obvious pattern here. VAERS is certainly not a definitive resource. For starters, it's been shown that as few as 1% of vaccine related adverse events are reported to VAERS. ([https://digital.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/docs/publication/r18hs017045-lazarus-final-report-2011.pdf#:\~:text=Adverse%20events%20from%20drugs%20and,and%20Drug%20Administration%20(FDA)](https://digital.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/docs/publication/r18hs017045-lazarus-final-report-2011.pdf#:~:text=Adverse%20events%20from%20drugs%20and,and%20Drug%20Administration%20(FDA))) This is an older study, but since they cite lack of time as the primary reason they don't get filled out, I somehow doubt the situation has improved in a pandemic with a worker shortage. Further supporting this are anecdotal claims from healthcare workers that VAERS reporting is underperformed and even dissuaded in various ways, but we'll not put too much stock into those. So yes, I believe VAERS presents figures that are significantly compromised. There are countless cases created from nothing, countless cases that will never be reported, and countless cases that are entirely credible. But for every 1 report of "turning green" you will find dozens more of cardiac or neurological complaints and it is disingenuous to ignore both the volume and consistency of these claims, many of which are indeed posted by healthcare workers themselves. Soccer players are collapsing on the field at >4x their normal rate, and you entirely ignored the abstract I posted. I'm not saying VAERS numbers are gospel, I'm saying they're yet another piece of information that points to the same conclusion of these vaccines having a startling rate of serious adverse reactions that nobody seems to want to talk about because we all want the vaccines to be good and for this bullshit to end.


There won't be anyone to protest in that long. We need to get them to disclose everything right now? Is there anyway someone powerful can sue them into providing disclosure?


Full of parasites the jab is. Looks like they structured it like the companies top brass.


Forced to take something while being denied access to the safety data. In what sane society is this considered acceptable?


How tf did pfizer CREATE the data in such a short time? And it takes this long just to "release"?


It's going to take 55 years to go over the data which they got from 6 months of testing


Lol, remember when they needed 70 years for the JFK file and they STILL didn't release it. what a joke


How is this like jfk files? They plan to release 500 pages per month, it's not as if they're saying they'll release it at 55 years, but if you divide total files by 6000, it comes around 55 years.


I guess the question is if there's going to be any useful information


It's kinda obvious why it'd take 55 years, we'd all probably be dead by then. They are rubbing it in your face of how big pharmas can


actually the people responsible for imposing this on us will be dead, therefore there is noone to hold accountable.


Dead or too old to do anything about it


Any who will care will be dead probably in 55 years anyway, you can see their logic


So 3 months to review and approve the drug but 55 years to let the public see the data. Makes sense.


They understand perfectly well what they're pushing, the problem is they know the data will contradict what the media is say and make even more people skeptical of getting the vaccine. No other good reason to not be transparent


They do this sort of stuff when they want to ensure that the statute of limitations has passed and nobody can sue for damages down the road. The government did the same thing back in the 50s and 60s when they illegally adopted off the children of Native American tribes in order to claim the land once the remaining ones died off. Records sealed for 50 years minimum.


So everyone tied to the vaccine creation will be dead.


Honestly, people should start pushing this ASAP.


What's on them last 500 pages gotta be wild


One would think if the goal was to get everyone vaccinated you’d start by getting all the vaccine data out ASAP to show that there aren’t any long-term complications for those that are on the fence…


Showing the data would increase vaccine uptake. So either they are hiding something or they dont actually want us to have the vaccine because they want unvaccinated people so they can divide us even further


SS: everyone has a right to know what’s going in their bodies before the jook is administered—informed consent. Whatever happen to those codes?


Money happened :(


Totalitarianism happened


OK, I'll consider taking it when the data has been released and I am fully informed.




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Yeah. In order to be fully informed, you need to read all the pages, not wait for the results of an investigation.




This is more of a logistics nightmare that makes a snappy headline than anything conspiratorial. >the plaintiffs are seeking a huge amount of vaccine-related material – about 329,000 pages. >[But the FDA can’t simply turn the documents over wholesale. The records must be reviewed to redact “confidential business and trade secret information of Pfizer or BioNTech and personal privacy information of patients who participated in clinical trials,”](https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/wait-what-fda-wants-55-years-process-foia-request-over-vaccine-data-2021-11-18/) Basically, the entire FOIA department would have to shut down all other FOIA requests, focus soley on this one request, comb through 300,000+ pages of information to make sure people's personal medical information is not in there and *then* release it to the public. >To meet the plaintiffs’ proposed FOIA deadline, [March 3rd 2022] the FDA would have to process a daunting 80,000 pages a month.




I’ll be buried by then, please leave a note on my ⚰️


What bullshit. People wake up


Scared 😱


They release classified military documents faster than this.


"we have reviewed the data sufficiently enough for you to take the experimental drug but not enough for you to review the data" ummmm oh okay great.


Because over time you won’t care about this and will have probably moved on from this.


55 years at the current rate of exponential information/reality growth is practically centuries. What a farce.


It shouldn't take more than 55 hours to make a phoney report.


So people either be dead or blame it on age. Trust the $cience


Follow the science. - - In 2078.


It's like tragic-comedy listing to the Vaxoids on this thread try to defend the 55 years. Do they even wonder how they got from laughing at pharmaceutical companies and their atrocious side effects on almost every drug back pre-2020, to defending them on an drug with even worse side effects which may or may not be intentional...probably the latter. I mean they got fooled into it, but rather than accept that, they go all in and would literally shoot round-up in their veins if it was labeled "safe and effective", and then go on to defend these modern day Jim Jones as if they were all gods.


Almost like jfk files


They are requesting over 300k papers what do you expect


This is how they get away with everything. The truth always comes out, but only decades later when no one remembers what happened.




It’s ridiculous that someone can tell me what to do with my body. My choice is being taken away!!


2077 ,,What the fuck we're they thinking''


easy. because the "govt" is using money it STOLE from companies to "pay" companies for every "vaxxed" person they induce to get injected.


Hahahha let’s hope 47 isn’t a dem


It’s really gotten easy to explain to my relatives why I’m a skeptic of almost everything.


THIS because everyone involved now that can't be held liable, will be dead in 2076. Their mathematicians did the math.


they dump millions of pages of paper at the FDA's door step. Most of the papers are useless administration records or other un-related notes. On page 38,232 paragraph 3 sentence 2 you'll have some relevant piece of data that explains table 423 on page 89,090. This is an age-old stalling technique. Also, didn't one of these companies (Pfizer or Moderna) say they came up with the mrna formula in 2 hours? In what world does that translate to a ton of pages of data?


Wonder how the shills of reddit are going to defend this.


It needs 55 years for the same reason they waited so long to release anything from the JFK assassination, because everyone of note who caused this will be dead by then.


Did they start to release JFK documents right away, 500 pages a week? No. So this is nothing like the JFK documents at all. I don't know why you would choose that comparison, other than to misinform?


The JFK assassination is like the ultimate conspiracy theory. This sub has gone to the extreme in its political leaning. Covid opinions are an easy way to show you're on the team. Easy upvotes.


That's all this sub is now. Reactionaries doing exactly what was intended for them. Its kindve ironic, but mostly disappointing.


Get your booster.


Blame the patent laws lol. You think only Pfizer can hide its research data for half the century? This has been the norm since the WWII


Okay get a black marker or exclude those two pages. This isn't about what's in it (although that is also important) people have a right to know the results. "Safe and effective" is not evidence.


if it is said enough times by the "right" people in the media, obviously it is. Hence the coerced "vaccinations" occuring all over the world. (well minus extremely poor countries like Africa).


Patent laws have nothing to do with the issue. Where did you get that idea?


Where did you take the idea its about anything else?


OK, you just pulled it out of your ass. Thanks for confirming.


If OP posted the actual article, not just a tweet with no link, we could all read that it's because the agency has 10 people and over 400 FoI requests to fulfill. This sub is trash.


This is a hot button issue and we're still technically in the middle of the pandemic, surely they could move this closer to the front of the line. Or yano, 55 years.


Funny that you consider that at an acceptable answer to the 55 years bit.


I guess you shills work in high gear over this.


Somebody start a petition.


lol at 55 years. We were used as Guinea pigs. Most of us will be dead by then or the general population won’t even care or remember what covid was. This whole thing was planned and was a scam to make money.


$cience experiment on the public, not only are they being guinea pigged they get to pay for it too.


> $cience experiment on the public, not only are they being guinea pigged they get to pay for it too. * *"World as Laboratory"* = **2019** english-extended * .. ( *"Torture Experiment"* = **2019** english-extended ) * .. .. ( *"War against You"* = **2019** english-extended ) https://old.reddit.com/r/Gematria/comments/o5mw8n/torture_experiment/ https://old.reddit.com/r/GeometersOfHistory/comments/phovme/war_on_humanity_war_against_you/


The amount of people coming in here and making excuses for pfizer while they bank record profits is amazing.


This is NO DIFFERENT then arms dealers and weapons companies rushing to make deals in the middle East, post 9/11. This is just greed. It's really as simple as that imo.


Because this post is made up. Plenty of data from the Pfizer vaccine trials is available. Not that any goobers here have the knowledge to understand that data…


Bc we’d all be dead if they didn’t, you can’t have long term studies on a vaccine that was created a yes ago. Now if you don’t want to take it, it continues this death cycle & you’ll most likely won’t survive either. So stupid.


Pfifty pfive years, pFDA Its Pfizer pfiles keeps locked away Freedom of Information Access Can't be applied to toxic vaxxes