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Tiktok is a massive underground porn archive if you know what tags to search for. Same goes for instagram. No wonder why these platforms are targeted by peds a lot


And Reddit...


Reddit doesn't shy away from porn, it's littered with porn subreddits and it's not against their rules.. Pedo stuff though, that I am not sure about.


Lots of strange stuff if you dig deep enough. Not straight up CP but for sure some suspect things. Not to mention they’ve hired convicted pedos.


Reddit hires convicted pedophiles?


dude i got banned for 3 days for typing the dudes name in a comment during the blow up. reddit is a shit hole. mods are fucking pedos.


Gislane Maxwell was the largest reddit power user until her arrest. That should tell you something


Has this ever been confirmed?


If it's not confirmed then it's one hell of a coincidence. There's plenty of posts about it on this and other conspiracy subs. Username was maxwellhill or something like that.


who Aimee Challoner? [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aimee\_Challenor](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aimee_Challenor) fucking autoban me, i'll just reincarnate as pogtramp421


Good lord. what is that thing!


OMG the liberal democrats hired her AFTER knowing she was involved. Wow.


Yikes dude, thanks for sharing that information with me. Considering reddit is one of my favorites, I'll sleep well tonight knowing that people who fondle children are in charge.


The person they hired was an admin too


and a transexual one at that (i.e. mentally ill person). These are the people in control of reddit


Yeah, both directly and indirectly. Indirectly with the maxhill situation. Directly by the admin team hiring a pedo that also was a decendent of a British politician. As the other commenter said, reddit had automatic bans set up for people talking about that new admin. When a mod for a big britiah sub posted and got band for posting a link about the politician it was brought to the spotlife. Reddit main admins had to get involved and made a huge doublethink post about how "they had no idea and will totally do better in the future" and how they made the Autoban feature due to harassment she was receiving. The person in question was (a very active) mod for a bunch of teenage stuff, one including LGBT. Regardless of your opinion on teenage LGBT, I'm sure we all can agree they are super vulnerable. Edit: I forgot the best part, when they got called out on it they locked the post and iirc deleted and\or changed comments


Adding that the same admins who run the show and set the censorship filter to disallow entire domains that shed light on the very subject, also "attended" parties with Gislaine. Probably the other one too, but I'm not aware of their admitting to that one, only Gislaine.


Look up Aimee Challenor


They weren't a convicted pedophile at all. Their father was. (Just keeping the facts straight.)


Nah there’s subs where they meet to exchange info, then get on other apps to trade porn.


Bill gates was a vip cust of eipstein


Yeah every now and then when a post comes up asking about what strange and obscure subs people have recently found, I go ball deep through those comments. Once or twice shit my pants and set my phone on fire cause I feel like I just participated in some cruel CP shit just by clicking on a weird sub name.


Balls deep might be a mistake here haha


And Facebook and Twitter I've reported numerous major pedophile pages to the officials, including the RCMP (Canada). They told me they can't do anything because they don't know what country those kids are in. Ummm doesn't your job description include investigating crimes?!? They did nothing and I was banned from those social media sites. Those pedo pages were still there a year after I reported them. They're all in on it. The top dogs at any major investigation unit are fucking pedophile supporters or pedophiles themselves. It's truly disgusting.


These are probably honeypots. Still good to report them, but alphabet agencies sometimes use them to catch suspects.


It's even worse than that. All mainstream media bans you if you're anti-government or anti-authority, yet they allow child porn and bestiality. Mainstream media and mainstream social media are unbearable cancer.


Youtube too.


Was I the only dumbass that tried to click on the play button to watch the video?


No lol


I want to help but I also don’t want to look up that account on my personal devices.


I feel the same. I want to try and expose this but I don't want the account in my searches


The account in your searches doesn't mean anything and wouldn't be a crime to have. The only way you would possibly get in trouble with anyone for any reason would be that you have pornographic material of minors on your device log, and you would only get that by clicking on or downloading it. I've also heard that the authorities don't usually go after small time offenders due to the likelihood that it was clicked on unintentionally and unknowingly via a link that was shared. Those who send illegal content are more likely to be tracked and punished, and the authorities target distributors and producers more than the person who clicked on a link. Source: am a tomato.


Unfortunately it's much more complex than this. Your account shows as having accessed the account. The police begin an investigation. By the time you're cleared, your employer, neighbours and family have already made their judgements


yeah really. just the "investigated for child porn" label is a death-sentence.


Unless you're going into politics.


You would have to be really stupid to get tripped up in an investigation. You're not getting in trouble for looking at someones profile. Yall paranoid. Just log out if you need to or use VPN/VM blahblah if you're that scared. I've already looked, and seems like most the accounts are already gone. Theres a bunch of random iluvCP variations, but I think some appear to be people are completely OOTL and it seems CP might mean something completely different.


You know.. thinking about it.. this is what they do.. they take subjects.. and make them taboo.. either by social morality, or by law morality.. and they hide in this things.. For example... Incest and child porn... Just thinkin about it.. makes u a bit sick... But these two things are things the elite do everyday.. they make the subject unbearable, so we don't look into it or spend time on this.. Can't explain it properly.. all I'm sayin, is that's funny how social engineering works..


Hey I understood everything you said. So you explained it just fine. And I agree.


People are afraid to look because they are afraid of legal prosecution.


This needs saying more. Just viewing the content may render you liable for prosecution.


Unlike the elite, we arent above the law. We look and try to bring it up the first thing they will do is say "well you looked it up" and bam! You are a sex offender. Meanwhile they are untouched molesting childern.


Can we stop calling them elites and start calling them deletes?


I prefer calling them parasites.


I know what you're saying but it's already bad to start with. It doesn't need any help being terrible, it just is.




yeah that makes zero sense


You should repost this this to r/RBI to see if they can help. This is exactly up their alley.


Yes! We are pretty good at hunting stuff down as a group.


Yeah! Like that time we caught the Boston Bomber... ^(We did it, Reddit!)


Yep. Second only to 4chan!


Man that's sick. Tictok protects them because 1) it's a china driven media source and they are out to destroy, divide and attempt to conquer America. And 2) a lot of those people think that "pedophilia is a sexual orientation." Which it is NOT. It is a perversion and children are hurt from the nasty shit. Hope people are locked away for this shit


When you find these things, FBI often recommends to report to them directly. DO NOT report directly to Twitter, TikTok, etc. because they can take things down and destroy evidence. It happened for how many years under Twitter? Instead, report to the FBI and have others do the same.


>When you find these things, FBI often recommends to report to them directly. No shit. The FBI was _running_ 50% of the dark web CP sites for a while.


I’m pretty naive apparently because I didn’t know this kind of stuff was allowed on TikTok. I’m so fed up with the world.


I’ve said before that CP is present on major social media platforms and it isn’t just hidden on the dark web but I was downvoted into oblivion. Just because one hasn’t come across it personally doesn’t mean it isn’t there and the absolute scum who are involved have their own means of connecting with each other (code words, symbols etc) and finding it. I’m fairly convinced that child abuse is used by powerful people to keep others in check. I am also absolutely done with this world.


/u/Redkiigh >I’ve said before that CP is present on major social media platforms and it isn’t just hidden on the dark web but I was downvoted into oblivion. Just because one hasn’t come across it personally doesn’t mean it isn’t there and the absolute scum who are involved have their own means of connecting with each other (code words, symbols etc) and finding it. > >I’m fairly convinced that child abuse is used by powerful people to keep others in check. I am also absolutely done with this world. An oldie but a goodie: http://blackbag.gawker.com/uh-did-we-finish-looking-into-those-1-700-pentagon-chi-1609060355


Yeah I once search a random string of letters and it came up with a bunch of YouTube videos that from the thumbnails looked very supicious. All were posted within hours which adds to the suspicion and makes sense that they keep having to reupload.


It's all big tech. Facebook and Instagram allow it too


Hey welcome to the optimistically naive club! Don't let naysayers stop you or get you down. They can't be bothered so neither should you is such a wetwipe line of thought and essentially how things like this have been allowed and continue to be allowed to happen. Contact a professional service that specifically deals with this and try ask for further advice, maybe a charity for abuse victims or something similar. Seems people like to come here to speculate, be outraged and complain, but rarely actually do anything about it. Good looking out and good luck.


At the very least at least I’m exposing it to my own followers. They are all just as shocked as I was. Sucks that nothing will be done though. We need a giant wood chipper.


"We're gonna need a bigger wood chipper.."


i know how youre feeling, i got banned from worldnews earlier for 'misinformation' after commenting how i'd doorstepped a local hospital and had them admit they routinely intentionally cover up instances of birth trauma/medical negligence for fear of legal/financial repercussions [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTUsFm0BAu8&ab\_channel=SeventiesRock](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTUsFm0BAu8&ab_channel=SeventiesRock) so i'm going back out with recording equipment next time


They used to be called Musica.ly and attracted a load of pedos because the app was full of kids dancing to music. At least the rebranding worked at covering it up.


Yep I remember back in 2019 all Tiktok/musicly was was a place for pedos to watch little girls dance. It's in the app's roots and they run deep.


It goes a lot deeper. Twitter is a cesspool of it and if you say something you get banned instead of the predators.


This happened to me!! Almost this exact thing!! My Twitter account was suspended for calling out Paeds. They asked me to delete offending tweets calling out Paeds, I deleted account instead. After I called @jack a paed lover too😃😃😃


I really should have a Tweeter account.


Most likely because of the SabrinaPrater625 situation they want to avoid


Same. At least you’re trying. My advice is to just get off of tiktok and focus on your own child. Believe that good will win in the end. That’s all I can hope for now a days. This is a shitty world we’re living in. I don’t want to accept this is how it just is but what can we really do. Look at Maxwell and all the other elite pedos, they control literally all of it. It’s depressing af.


i kinda feel like all the NEWS NOISE the past week has been to divert attention trial of maxwell starts today


It’s not just on tiktok though, any big social media has this content


Lame advice. Imagine being a victim and hoping for someone to help but the answers you'd get night be "sorry I wanna help you but I'm too lazy to send a message and report this situation" "I don't wanna click on that even though there's nothing incriminatory on me doing that in order to REPORT and probably save a few lives" or you can insert your own lame excuse for being a coward. Hope it never happens to any of your beloved ones. Cause if it was on you, it sounds you'd not do anything to help them.


“Believe that good will win at the end”. How? By magic? If everyone turns a blind eye to the situation how are you supposed to see good ‘at the end? Apathy in front of injustice is a shitty friend in a world of cold hearts


Might be a honeypot


I really really hope this is what it is.


Don't give up! There was a pedo trafficking ring on Youtube. BebotsOnly, he was eventually arrested for rape and human trafficking. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1012588/man-nabbed-for-child-trafficking-in-laguna


Many of us don’t want to click on the link. Perhaps we could all just send the link to your original video to https://www.usa.gov/report-crime and the like, in our own countries? I’m in Australia and I will send it to https://www.esafety.gov.au/report/illegal-harmful-content UPDATE TO OTHERS. The links are NOT to the CP content 👍🏼 I have made a report in Australia. I was an EASY process 👍🏼👌


If you tell the Australian authorities that the account owners are unvaxxed they'll probably follow up and throw them in jail within the hour... just a hunch


The entirety of tiktok is a pedo ring. The whole network needs taken down completely. Every time I see a new trend it’s of teenagers in some way shape of form showing off their tits and ass and it’s so obviously stupid. One was young girls in their pyjamas with messy hair then suddenly they all done up in sexy lingerie twerking. Like wtf


The whole app is littered with sexual content, I reckon 60% of the videos I see are in some way sexual. It needs to be removed. The amount of borderline child porn I've seen on there is absolutely disgusting, and this is marketed to kids..




Report it to the FBI. There's a page u fill out on their site. They'll check it out for sure. It may well be a "honeypot" as someone mentioned.


Do you know what a "honeypot" is? Sometimes, certain perpetrators are allowed to run amok in the hopes of catching other or bigger fish. Informants can be used this way. This isn't to say your instincts aren't correct, or your motives unjust. It's just a reminder that there are all sorts of agendas at play. IMO, targeting children and/or minors for sexual exploitation or abuse in any way can never be justified, ever.


I reported a story from another subreddit about a 14 year old giving his 11 year old brother a blowjob. “No violations found”.


That is f'd up!


I reported a guy writing about his "younger sister" and how he...does things with her. The way he verymuch described her personality and how she looks, childlike. Like...very young. But no. Reddit saw no issue. I hope these people burn in hell forevet


I have a feeling that reports aren't actually looked at by real people because there are probably so many reports happening at any one time that they can't possibly monitor them all efficiently, so these decisions are probably handled by an automated system most of the time.


I once reported a video of a man raping a girl who looked around 10 years old that was posted to one of the NSFW subs. She was clearly prepubescent (flat chested) and in pain and yet it wasn't taken down by Reddit. I'm sure I got a shadow ban for reporting it tho 😐 There were so many comments asking for the "sauce " and saying how hot it was. Vile.


WTF It’s not like some random text story they can just say is fiction but a whole damn video


Another option for reviewing removed content is your ***Rev***eddit [user page](https://www.reveddit.com/y/B!i!g!-!S!e!c!r!e!t!a!r!y!9!1!4!4?all=true). The [real-time extension](https://www.reveddit.com/add-ons/direct/) alerts you when a moderator removes your content, and the [linker extension](https://www.reveddit.com/add-ons/linker) provides [buttons](https://i.imgur.com/0BAImPq.png) for viewing removed content. There's also a [shortcut for iOS](https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/62bc7570613c42cb8b851fad264136df). The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to remove this comment. This bot only operates in authorized subreddits. To support this tool, [post it on your profile](https://old.reddit.com/user/me/submit?title=See+which+comments+of+yours+have+been+removed&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reveddit.com%2Fabout%2F) and select ['pin to profile'](https://i.imgur.com/uq9AGMV.png).   [^F.A.Q.](https://www.reveddit.com/about/f.a.q./) ^| [^v/reveddit](https://www.reveddit.com/v/reveddit/-redirect) ^| [^support ^me](https://www.reveddit.com/about/donate) ^| [^share](https://old.reddit.com/user/me/submit?title=See+which+comments+of+yours+have+been+removed&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reveddit.com%2Fabout%2F) ^& [^'pin ^to ^profile'](https://i.imgur.com/uq9AGMV.png)


Omg I think my heart just broke a little bit more. That's horrendous. This needs to stop. Wth.


This is the fucking Kali yuga


Waiting for kalki to arrive on the white horse.


Funny, that's the first seal of Revelation.


The Kali Yuga would be an improvement Welcome to the Disunited States of Weimerica


Here's a good video about Kali yuga and Ragnarok if anyone's interested doe https://youtu.be/dJbBzgLnwmY


You’re tagging the MSM?? HA. Their friends are the ones guilty of this shite, they’d never cover it in a million years.


It fucking sucks. I’m so pissed off and feeling helpless tonight.


Yeah now realize a bunch of your favorite celebs and a bunch of elite politicians are doing this on a mind boggling huge scale. Just disconnect. Pull the plug it's the only way out.


Just trust the people who can do something about it, are. Messing with rings like this can be extremely dangerous


Do the people who can actually do something about it even exist?


Yes, but they lack the integrity


don’t be pissed off please. you’re doing an amazing thing whether it feels like it’s been failing or not. your intentions are in the right place as is everyone who’s tried helping you by spreading the word and sharing the info something the very opposite of these foul pedos. that of itself is something so powerful and helpful beyond words. don’t lose faith my friend. and THANK YOU! thank you for all of this seriously


There are loads of independent medias with decent reach.


My friends & I will report this! Thank you for your amazing work!


It honestly amazes me how prevalent child sex trafficking/pedophiles/etc are in top places like governments and corporations yet most people don’t even bat an eye. I’m glad you called it out, I don’t have tik tok but I’m not surprised. How much action needs to be taken for someone to do something about gross things like this


What should this teach everyone about TikTok? [This video exposes the true, sexual corruption agenda for why TikTok actually exists.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SpL1FN5EhFY)


Let's make a reddit group for solving these kinds of things ourself? Vote if you think it's good idea


Why are little girls on social media?! Where are the parents? So gross all around. Good luck.


A lot of the girl’s profiles were in foreign languages so my guess is traffickers


still tiktok is full of unaware kids… so sad. they created an attractive social media platform, got kids interested so fucking pedos have where to check for content. because you can see them kids doing dances and challenges, and will imitate the more adults doing “spicier” content. all that being underage. totally disgusting


Yup, now combine that with current pop artists like Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, who were marketed to kids, recently coming out with material raunchier than ever. Ive been downvoted to oblivion for pointing out that these artists are being used to negatively influence the youth, now maybe people will begin to see that these major corporations and industries are one in the same and are used to fulfill an ultimate agenda.


Huh weird how Instagram and Twitter do the same thing. For some reason they protect this type of behavior


This has become a pretty fucked up world when people keep coming to r/conspiracy for assistance/guidance. \-Just keep doing what you're doing. The more widespread attention and eyes on it the better. Send it to [Coffeezilla](https://www.youtube.com/c/Coffeezilla), he's all about digging to the bottom of and exposing dumb-fuckery, plus he has close to a million subscribers.


And another one just got red pilled.


Pedo is okay but talking against covid vaccination isn't. Crazy world we live in.


[HERE IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO THAT GOT REMOVED ](https://www.instagram.com/tv/CW11ibYjgzG/?utm_medium=copy_link)


I enjoyed your sign off in the video


Hopium tells me you’re wrong and want fame.. but we live in a nasty world and I have a feeling you’re right. 😔 Just had our first little one this year and it makes me sick to think there are people out there like this. Thank you for taking the time to expose them. Like really? A child? If you have these sexual desires go find someone that is willing! Not the innocent. It’s disgusting. Again, thank you and keep up the good work 👍🏻


It’s not just me exposing them! This guy is wayyyy bigger than me. I’m just a small prepping channel. Here’s his video on it. [HERE](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8tvMaf8/) And there’s this other guy who hunts down people like this who [made a video](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8tvLsJB/) We are all trying to do something about this account.


Thank you for fighting the good fight and doing something active against this stuff


Tell em they are criticizing Biden and the vaccine, they will delete their channel in a heartbeat


I had a video removed where I said I was against the mandates so yeah, you are right.


What are you trying to achieve exactly? You can send a report to that organization and the FBI yourself. Doubt there is much of a point if a thousand people send the same report over and over. Worst case it will clog up the system and other cases will take longer to be looked at. At this point you don't even have proof that there's a real "ring". It could be a troll account, it could be a honeypot, it could be someone sharing already existing videos or whatever. Only a real investigation can find that out and nobody except the authorities have the power to do something like request the account owner's information. Don't get me wrong, it's good to do something about this, but the way I see it, there's exactly one thing that can be done and I'm gonna assume you've already done it. Everything else seems like you're just trying to earn internet points. Please correct me if I'm missing the point here or sth.


Get your whole community involved. Policing forces are compromised.......... a long time ago.


Just followed you


Every platform plays host to CP and is actively protected due to the large number of government and public individuals who use the services. Regardless of involvement.


Tiktok - for when you get sick of watching your neighbors daughter through the window


The only problem is MSM and the FBI won't help. But don't let that discourage you from exposing these creeps.


Reach out to Mouthy Buddha about this. He’s on Bitchute.


Holy shit I posted on TwoX thinking the women would care about this but they don’t give a shit. Even if I can’t bring this down it exposes a major problem with TikTok and should be taken seriously. This sub is the ONLY damn sub that takes shit like this seriously.


I hope for this planet's sake that most of twox is bots. Iirc they literally went around auto-banning every member of TD and many of this sub just in case they maybe might try to post on that sub


I lean left and for the life of me don’t understand why so many ppl are afraid of civil discourse. We can disagree with each other without dehumanizing each other and we all have a lot more in common than not. The real enemy is the rich elite who have us so busy fighting each other we don’t notice the boot is on both our necks.




Civil discourse leads to understanding and humanizes the other side. It ruins the divide and conquer strategy they use.


i reckon the reason tik tok took down your vid is its likely an undercover fed honeytrap. so basically you may have been accidentally blowing their cover. But on the otherhand it really could be something dangerous and tik tok is ignoring it.


With that username though? "How do you do fellow pedos?"


Well TikTok is a Chinese communist party tool and in case anyone hasn't noticed the Chinese communist party is busy with it's treacherous spy politicians going about the destruction of western democracies. Of course the collaborators in the MSM or politicians are not going to fken do anything about this. Nor will TikTok stop this. The western politicians are busy trying to inject children with experimental therapies ,why would they care about this? They are a bunch of child murderers. What needs to happen is people need to delete TikTok and March on their parliament's and state senates and demand they string up the traitors.


Hit up Eliza Blue on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/elizableu She's a human trafficking survivor and survivor advocate. She has a lot of experience taking on these big tech companies and has a huge following and connections with organizations working to combat trafficking and CP.


Thank you I tweeted her the video


They won't do anything about pedos because they are pedos themselves


Account is down


I just checked and the account appears to be gone! Nice job!


Ic3.gov and mass reporting work


Most people are "NPCs" they dont care and wont ever do anything to look in to it or change it "out of sight out of mind" the security services dont care and actively cover up (British security services have issued more D-Notices on the matter than any other subject.. trust me there are those within working against it but the reality goes far deeper than many know) Then again most people today do not realise that The City of london is not part of england, washington dc is not part of the US and the vatican is not part of italy....when they cant even wrap their heads around this fact or even bother spending 5 minutes to look in to it how can one expect them to do the same for something that is truly so vile (they wish to keep their heads in the clouds) While this has always been the case times have recently changed...and like you say when you speak up to expose say child exploitation of the worst kind of crimes against humanity you yourself are shut down and punished while the vile cretinous scum are left to their devices...welcome to the "new world order" (For anyone going down this rabbit hole, There is a shipping company we have linked to the international child sex, slavery and human organ trade....Should i post the name for you to go deeper?)


I follow you!! I would go to r/RBI. They are amazing!


One you have already exposed them two IF you have notified the proper authorities then you don't need any more help three IF they are investigating (Someone always does) then continued high profile focus on your part can actually jeopardize whatever investigations may be on going by having them run to ground so to speak and four outside the official channels are others that you may also jeopardize in their efforts to shut something down. As they say take a chill pill as magic bullets and instant miracles do not exist, Independent validity has to be established and THAT takes time. N. Shadows


Yesterday, my account got a warning because I commented on a video and TikTok deemed it as trolling... But hey, pedophile content is alright there, I guess.


Thank you for fighting!!!


I've noticed if you put up anything negative on here about TT you will get random people aggressively defending it. I even had a random IM from a user with an 8 day old account want to chat shortly after I made the comments. They were asking alot of questions and wanted me to move the conversation to my phone or WC. I played dumb and gave random answers, but never shared further info. Account was deleted later. Just an observation. Be careful on here.


Remember when trump wanted to ban tiktok?


TikTok has ALWAYS been a pedo playground. The only reason why I refuse to use it.


This isn't news. Twitter does the same shit. Media covers up. They're complicit. No idea how we fight this shit from our keyboards....


Pizza gate pt 2?


Dude, why do you think TikTok exists? * Get cute children to dance (*cute* to you and me and *cute* to sickos has two different meanings). * Get all user data on said children, including location. So no, it's not just a method of advertising to/subliminally indoctrinating children via "influencers". Trump tried to ban TikTok for a reason... it's just unfortunate that, at the time, my natural cynical self assumed it was because TikTok was taking all of the US-based Faecesbook's future revenue.


Is the profile still there because I looked them up and can't find it. The thing is following people no matter who they are is not going to break any rules. If he were uploading his own material (depending on the content) that might be actionable. The strongest evidence (and thus space to act) would be based on what this person has on their telegram but unless you have proof of actual wrongdoing there isn't much you can do. Also because Tiktok is not going to prevent people from cross-promoting and they can't investigate telegram themselves, they would need proof that the profile is problematic. So far it's just assumptions.


It sounds like you called everyone but the police.


I reported to the FBI first


You might want to try contacting Info Wars—I am not kidding.


I’ll do it!


i'm going to give you a jaded bit of wisdom: you are harssing their account. that's why such TOS exists, to protect fucked up networks like this. it's why maxwell gripped the social pulse so hard. it's why mcaffee did too. it's why epstein funded tech. people tout that "online is our last bastion of yada yada". no. it's not. it's where you were corralled to monitor and restrict. you think snapchat and tiktok don't exist to create profitable videos? you can find cp on google, by using tiktok and snapchat as keywords. this is why they exist, to appeal to and manipulate kids. exploiting kids makes money. sorry, like i said, jaded bit of wisdom. good luck in using their machine to bring them down, while also seeking clout.


I don’t care about the clout. I’m gonna probably get banned for trying to expose them honestly. Fuck this pedo company.


Porn gets blocked fast on tiktok, maybe you should flag it that way. If its not getting blocked maybe its a fed honeypot.


then i'd say your fight is in convincing your followers to get off tiktok entirely, and stop making money for them by generating views.


First I want to get this shit on the news


hit up Chris Hansen, he was just on Rogan.


It’s banned!!! Goodjob guys:D


Homeland Security Investigations could be a better help because there are part of ICE, The pedo account could possibly be oversees or in connection with foreign pedos




You can tag the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It’s @missingkids


I found something similar on YouTube, reported it as many times as humanly possible until I got banned from YouTube. It's still there to this day and it's fucked up !


It’s probably an FBI sting. Getting prospective pedos to pay money so they can trace it and arrest them. That’s my only guess as to why they aren’t taking it down.


Unfortunately tik took and Instagram are full of pedo pages. I report them when I see them but they are quite prolific.


Bruh ive tried reporting cp accounts on twitter, discord and reddit. The only ones that did anything about it was discord, reddit blatantly said there was nothing wrong with accounts I reported and twitter my account gets banned yet the kiddie porn stays up. I like your cause but im gonna take the backseat on this one


These rings are useful to the Chinese Communist Party. So that they can use it as blackmail. Who owns TikTok? The Chinese Government.


Good job for doing this. Its abhorrent they are shielding a dangerous profile.


Sorry to break it to ya but Reddit is doing this exact same thing if not worse and more organized.


Can you report this to the Internet Watch Foundation? https://www.iwf.org.uk/


Wow I applaud your work to do the right thing. This is what this sub needs more of. This is an actual conspiracy of pedophiles conspiring.


Ha, best of luck with getting dirty fucking paedo's exposed man. But, history does seem to show that the elites are up to their necks in it, so it's no wonder that you'd be the bad one for exposing these awful fucks.


That handle lol... This feels a bit like calling the cops on the surveillance van with a sign that reads "Buy illegal drugs here!" But I don't suppose it hurts to be certain.


Reminds me of a few years ago when someone did some digging and found a massive CP distribution network on twitter, almost entirely run by men from a certain region of the earth. When users began reporting the network en masse, not only did Twitter not act and remove the blatant violations, they banned account of the OP who discovered the network and muted those who reported the CP. It was really messed up.


You’re a fucking hero for keeping this going!


Report for COVID misinformation so it's flagged internally and reviewed


How convenient that a new variant pops up right before the Epstein Maxine trial starts- Today! Nothing but a distraction !


Not sure if this helps but you might wanna declare that you are of sound mind and have no intention to suicide, at least that's what Hong kongers do when about to be disappeared by the police. Good luck buddy.


TikTok is a cancer. So is Instagram


Reddit, too honestly


YouTube also protects pedos. They have removed an account of mine for reporting the account of a man who was speaking suggestively to the account of a person who had identified themselves as underaged. Yes, it's what you think is going on. They are forcing their worldview onto us. It goes much deeper than that, there are plans for shaping society, but you can start with the novel Brave New World and extrapolate from there.


Report to the FBI? Hahahah, who do you think are the gate keepers protecting these evil people and networks? Read about Tracy Twyman.


So fucked, tiktok is malware. Just delete and tell anyone who has it to delete it.


Get off TikTok . TikTok is cancerous and riddled with pedos


I reported them! And thank you!


hey, i was content manager at Tiktok. They have a special team that take care specially for pedo reported content - but….. it seems they send the cases to some NGO (I asked once what they do with it because i had to work on it too :( ) - If you want to talk to someone of tiktok try to find a content manager or similar on LinkedIn. The same for news - you can find reporters and write them directly there. Hope it helps. That used to make me sick too.


It may be the FBI's account, searching for pedo's


I'm glad you're exposing this. But I'm also cringing that the Tik Tok narcissism circle jerk cult mob is going to get their "piece of the pie" by making a video about this without actually giving a shit before moving on to the next "like" template generator video. I suppose the end result is the same though. Attention drawn to this issue. Good on you OP. I hope you burn them all alive.


I think I’m done with this app after this. It hasn’t been great for my mental health anyway. I wanted to teach basic prepping and survival skills but I’ve shared everything I know anyway. This was the last nail in the coffin and I’m determined to make it well known before I peace the fuck out.


I don't blame you. Not to sound boomerish, but I never got into it and don't even have it on my phone. Seeing the weird narcissistic traits that people develop when they regularly use Tik Tok is really off putting to me. It's worse than Instagram and snap chat when they first came out with the filters to cover up whatever flaws you want to cover. You can still use those same filters but people also develop this weird like.. make believe personality making their videos too. It's hard to put into words, but it's like watching people pretend to be real people, and it is contagious because it has hooked everyone. I'm sure you'll probably be better off cutting the cord, especially for your mental health, like you said.


You're a beautiful human being.