Took me about 4 minutes to figure this chart out lol


same. when i saw the % numbers in the bottom right it clicked.


I work in the printing industry and it’s growing more every year. Books are still a great technology. Not as much automation compared to other industries. I’m interested in how they correlated this.


May also depend on what kind of text on paper is involved. Newspapers are still going down, magazines are down here too, but I notice among my friends that they still also want some actual books besides digital ones (and so am I tbh), resulting in buying actual books every now and then. It also shows off a lot about who you are and can make you feel proud about, same as with music on vinyl. It is more special than say the daily newspaper or the average magazine (with some exceptions).


I’m the US? This chart is for the US only


Yes in the US.


My son has autism and has seen a speech language pathologist since 18 months old. He went from completely nonverbal to sign language and now tells us his needs. There has been a huge increase in need for them that's only going up. Super rewarding job and damn good pay straight out of school. Our therapists only work like 4-4.5 days a week too. You can work for someone or open your own place. If you're looking for a career where you can make a difference in the world, have 100% job security, and make a good living this is a great path.


Did they lump Software Developers into Data Science?


Sad thing is the top jobs for 2030 and beyond have not been invented yet.


Door to door sales?


Where's panhandler?


I am screwed!


Door to door shoe machine operator that makes calls as a telemarketer when walking between houses? Yeah me too, doesn't look good for us


What is a "nurse practitioner"? Isn't that a "health & personal care aide"?