$17.99 is the "premium" plan that includes 4K streaming. If you don't have any 4K sets or just plan to stream on phones/tablets, I would get their $13.99 plan.


There's not too much 4K content last I checked. I have 1 out of 2 tvs that are 4k. I didn't go for the 4K plan.


Every Netflix original show and original movie is in Dolby Vision with Atmos. Or 4K HDR. They also have a lot of upscaled third-party shows from major networks. The cost is a bit absurd, but they have tons of content and it looks pretty darn great IMO. Worth it especially if you can split the cost with a relative or friend.


Good to know... Thanks!


Even if you have a 4k set is it still even worth it [with your viewing distance and screen size](https://www.rgb.com/sites/default/files/articles/viewingdistanceresolutioncomparison.jpg)?


That shit is hard to read. But the gist is ... I need a bigger TV.


I was just thinking that I have a 50-in TV that I just watched the new Dune on and I could easily do with 70 in or above or like maybe a gigantic 4K projector or maybe like a 100 inch TV? I wonder if I can get one for less than $200


I thought Dune drops tomorrow?


Yeah it does but all the “internet cool kids” are casually talking about it Like it’s even out for months. Also it’s not even relevant to this convo since it’s not on Netflix but he made sure to name drop lol


I mean I thought it had already left the theaters when I downloaded it but apparently it's not even out yet???


It released in theaters internationally before the US.


This is true for damn near everyone. All your best TV reviewers are mostly in agreement: when deciding what features to prioritize in your new TV purchase, get the biggest one in your budget


It's worth it just for the four concurrent streams.


4 different households are sharing my Netflix account. I have Netflix and CuriosityStream/Nebula, My parents have Amazon Prime and Paramount Plus, one friend has Hulu/Disney+/ESPN bundle, and we all have each other's logins so pay for one service and get 4+.


I’m surprised you don’t get caught. They can see that one account is being used at 4 different locations. (But maybe the companies don’t care.)


Netflix does not care (at least not enough to proactively fight it)... and even then, people aren't always at their house.


You have 4 people watching at once in a house?


Yes, lets say we have a big house ;)


I figured but then what's the problem with paying 17.99? Or about 4.50


They meant sharing account with others.


.,.. Did my 4.50 comment not make it clear that I know that


Children are notorious moochers and rarely split the bill


That’s a fantastic definition of children


Depending on what’s going on at our house, we can have 4 people watching. Me in our bedroom/office, my husband in the living room/office, and each of our teens on their own devices.


If you have a SO, that's already 2. Add a kid that's 3. Also, on that note, I *really* love that even if you pay the minimum amount for multiple services, you can watch Netflix and Disney+ at the same time, for example. That is one of the benefits that is not talked about often. You normally have to pay extra fees for a 2nd cable box and it's only for the same channels.


> Also, on that note, I really love that even if you pay the minimum amount for multiple services, you can watch Netflix and Disney+ at the same time, for example. The minimum for Netflix is $8.99/month and is only 1 screen.


Minimum is actually 0.00. I'm a T-Mobile customer and free with my plan


Then you have to include the cost of your plan :)


I can watch Netflix and my SO can watch Disney+. I don't really need to pay the extra to access Netflix or Disney+ on multiple screens at the same time.


I have 3 kids and a wife... Pretty lonely family that all hide in separate rooms watching things


Yes because HDR looks vastly different when compared to a traditional HD tv at any distance. Every time someone posts this same exact link they never actually address the part about how incredible HDR looks - which almost all modern 4K tvs have.


There's even differences between good and bad HDR. I have a cheapo "HDR" 4k TV that looks fine... until you see the more expensive 4k HDR TV.


Isn't the bottom row backwards? On a small screen everything looks great (not detailed, but it looks like it would be high quality, if only it were bigger). For instance, how many hit thumbnails have you clicked on, only for the larger image to be shite. Bigger screen needs those pixels.


Why would you play 1080p content on a 4K tv, when you have the option for 4K playback??




So they recently added a prompt that when you launch the Netflix app and you are watching on a 4K TV but don’t have the 4K plan it asks you if you want to upgrade for an additional fee. This absolutely sounds like you were not paying attention and just clicked upgrade. If you want to keep Netflix just go on the website and just switch your plan back to the standard and chalk that $4 you lost to bad luck. It was an accident.


my wife did exactly this while we were stoned lol


Weed keeps getting better and cheaper. The decision I make do not.


Hey man you can’t blame the weed because you stole some bacon. Its clearly the bacon’s fault


This needs to be engraved on a bong.


I normally only subscribe for one or two months a year.


Yes. For some reason, people think subscriptions have to be indefinite. A good strategy is to subscribe for a month or two, watch everything that needs to be watched, then cancel and subscribe some something else, do that until you've run out of services and start over again. The best part is, when you resubscribe months later, it's full of new stuff.


Don’t worry, they’ll start with the long term contracts soon enough.


I almost pulled the trigger on an annual hbo max but thought I could do better turning it on and off again than their offer which was decent, buy 10 months get 2 free basically.


This is the way.


Yep, and sometimes they'll offer you a deal to come back.


Yeah that is going to have to be the way going forward with Netflix. They use to grandfather into the lower prices which is what kept us subscribing because we didn't want to lose the $12.99/mo or whatever it was.


Netflix was usually my exception to this. My answer to my family's "but by the time you pay for all the streaming services it's as much as..." You can keep one for a month or two at a time, binge through the stuff that interest you, and then move on to the next service to do it with. But Netflix usually had enough going on that it would be Netflix and another service each month. But when it's getting to be that much, it's not longer a no brainer.


Netflix was always the exception for me. I don't necessarily feel that way anymore for my own needs, but I'm afraid it still is the exception because of my kids. My kids are young and are pretty hooked on Netflix shows. They don't mind losing the HBOMax or Disney+ shows for months at a time, but if Netflix shows are gone they are heartbroken. Netflix has been crushing everyone else in quality kids' content. Disney is surprisingly shit for kids 6 and under. Their best stuff (Bluey, Gigantasaurus) isn't even made by them and gigantasaurus is also on Netflix.


What country are you in?


People's Republic of California


What were you previously paying?




I think OP was in a legacy 4k plan.


i know what it costs to spend 2 hours in a movie theater. netflix is still a bargain in my book.




Them losing a lot of third party shit really didn't help. I canceled after they lost doctor who, never looked back. I'm sorry, having nostalgia traps like stranger things and other original series that get canceled after two seasons isn't making up for it.


You could always switch to the $8.99 plan, that's what I have and it's fine


Same. The $8.99 video quality is good enough, and people in my household like it to be always available, so it's a good compromise. And with Hulu and all the free services available, 1 screen at a time works out without too much trouble.


Exactly. I was paying for the 13.99 plan, & decided that the odds of more than one TV watching Netflix in my household was practically non-existent, with all the other streaming services we have. We changed to the 8.99 plan, & haven't looked back.




Most 4k tvs upscale, it looks good enough imo. It's passable. If I want really good 4k I'm probably not streaming it anyway.


I 3rd this. I was never watching and paying $13.99 a month. So I downgraded to $8.99 and would’ve canceled all together if it wasn’t for my parents having my login. (Although You and Squid Game make it worth having this month)


Same. My mom retired and used it all the time. I'd have cancelled it but didn't want to burden her with an extra monthly payment I'm better suited to pay.


is that plan still in SD or have they finally bumped it up to HD? when i downgraded from the 4k plan i wanted to go to the 1 stream cheap one since no one in my family really watches much netflix but it was in SD and i knew my brother would whine since he was already losing his 4k lol


It's 720p I believe. My TV upscales it so it doesn't look bad.


Turn it on and off every other month. We toggle all our services as we use them to save $$. Not enough shit to watch or hours in the day to watch it.


Cancelling as well. HBO blows them away for content imo.


I buy a $60 card every year as Stranger Things comes back. Let it run out how many months that lasts, try to make use of it when I have it. Haven't had it since sometime 2020.


If you don't watch it why keep it. No brainier.


Hasn't the 4K plan been 17.99 for a while? Or is this a different plan?


i mean....dont pay for it if you dont watch it? Seems fairly straight forward. Why do people always need their decisions affirmed by others?


Exactly, for 17.99 I get my money's worth. If I didn't I wouldn't have it.


There is good content on Netflix. I also enjoy their 4k content. I just don't watch enough of it to the point of paying that much. I watch far more Youtube, Criterion Channel, and physical media. Like I said, I will check back in 6 months and perhaps play content catch up.


Why not downgrade your plan and also just pay for it every other month or every few months? I'm on the cheapest plan and was surprised how little difference it made. I never did pay for 4K but I started off on the standard plan and then downgraded and it is fine for me. There's a good chance that the standard plan would be fine for you if you don't have to have more than 2 screens at once.


Totally. Every service has more than I could ever watch in a month. Just rotate through them. This isn't rocket science


I've been considering cancelling for a while now as I practically never use it. If they jack my rates up, I will absolutely cancel. I basically keep it around because I've had it for so long. If I do cancel, I will likely never come back.


I only pay $7.99 per month. If it goes up I will drop it as well. I only use it a few times per month.


you can try the standard plan for $8 - to be honest I have a really hard time telling the difference between the two.


If you don’t watch it that much, dump it. Netflix is easily my most watched streaming service. Followed by HBO.


The optimal strategy is to cancel anything you're not getting your money's worth, and resubscribe for a month when they've dropped enough stuff to keep you entertained for the price point. Definitely cancel Netflix, or anything else, if you aren't watching it.


Cancelled at cuties


I cut Netflix earlier this year and don’t miss it. Prefer HBO.


My Netflix is only like $9. Do you have their top tier plan? For me a cost of $18 for Netflix would be way too much.


Canceled Netflix in March 2020, and don’t feel I’m missing out.


As an adult I don't watch it much but my kids (8 and 4) watch tons of stuff and there is new content they like all the time.


It would definitely be different if I had kids, or more people in my immediate family. It’s just my wife and me, and she’s happy as long as she gets some weird shows. And for now Hulu fits better than Netflix. We watch a lot on Prime though too. I know some friends with kids and they have Netflix and Disney+ and are really happy with both.


lol @ weird shows. I understand. The kids are all disney and netflix. I pretty much just watch sports in ways not to be mentioned and we have philo for lots of HGTV or Hallmark (ugh). Hulu on demand for the voice and masked singer which as it is i barely have time to watch. I did recently go in on the HBO max 50% deal for the martrix in Dec but I will cancel once that ends.


How are you watching Squid Game though?


Lol I’m not! TBH I don’t even know what it is. I only heard it from another comment.


Hey you missed the squid game! Jk that series is only good for the memes, like most of Netflix content.


Really? I found it very entertaining.


Haha! I was just looking at justwatch to see if there really was anything I was missing. I know some shows I watched are still available and have more seasons now. I’m sure I’ll catch up on them one day.


Did the same, when I got laid off it was one of the small costs I cut. If there is something on netflix I want to watch, I just go to lookmovie. The only streaming expense that I kept was amazon prime because with the pandemic, it was the only place you could get certain items and the shipping was free!


I found myself watching more and more though prime. And Hulu added almost everything from FX last year. Quite a few of those shows I have always wanted to watch, but just never could.


I'm liking Midnight Mass and want to finish Love and Death and Robots but in all honesty I watch Netflix maybe three times a month. It's great for people who just want some comfort food but for the newest shows or movies Hulu and HBO Max are where to turn to respectively.


I used to subscribe to Netflix "4 disc at a time" plan, they raised prices a coupel of times and grandfathered me so it was cool. Then they started offering free streaming, and there was nothing I wanted to watch so I didnt' really care. Then they all at once said streaming will now be a seperate subscritpion price and all grandfathered plans will be reset to current pricing. So to keep the same service, my monthly rate was going to go up about 4X. So I dropped Netflix completely and never missed them even a little.


I signed up for Netflix about a month before they split it up. I was pissed off at their disregard towards their customers and vowed to never come back. But I get it free with T-Mobile, so we've had it for a couple of years now. If T-Mo drops them (like I thought they would with T-Vision - a failed venture), I'll likely just let them go.


Mines been that price since January. WTF 😂


I already cancelled during the last round of price hikes. I will revisit it for a SINGLE MONTH and will binge anything I want in that time and then move on. I recommend doing this with multiple steaming platforms. I pay for Prime by the year, so that is the only one that I keep continually. If there is a killer deal for a specific service that I think I can get a lot of mileage out of I might get a multi-month plan (like HBOMax). STARZ is my only exception, since everytime I try to leave they give me 6 months for 20 bucks and that isn't a bad deal, but I probably use it the least... especially since they axed American Gods.


there is barely anythign on there to watch.


That's fucking insane! I cut netflix 2 years ago after their price hiked to 12$


I might have to cancel.


They bumped the Standard plan from $12.99 to $13.99 back in February or something. That was the breaking point for me. So I canceled after being a subscriber for over 10 straight years, since the early days. Now they are relegated to just a few months out of the year like all the other services. Instead of making $12 more per year from me they are now making about $100 less.


Honestly, I haven’t been too impressed with their library for a while. I think I may just drop it for now.


Every few months I bring up cancelling to the girl, who promptly almost screams "NO!" at me. It's the only thing I've brought up that she's against cutting. I never watch it anymore, their original shows are awful, everything I want is already downloaded on my plex server, and if Netflix does put anything good out then it ends up downloaded for me. Netflix used to be a great company that put the effort in. Now they're skating by on their reputation. I can afford to keep it without issue, I just don't want to. If they'd kept their library that they had a couple years ago full of programming that I actually wanted to see then I'd happily continue paying for it, even just on principle, but good fucking god how many dumb shows aimed at 14 year olds can you put out?


Netflix keeps going up in price soon it will hit 25 an month I like Netflix but they have way too many non English movies hell non English movies seem more the English


25 bucks a month is what i pay for cable on top on my internet plan and I get 500 channels and VoD so i can watch whatever i want whenever i want. I got to admit, there is a certain satisfaction in being able to turn on the tv, have something on right away without having to pick, and channel hop at will. Its the one feature in streaming services that i would miss - channel clicking. That and not being vendor-locked on what shows ai can watch without having to buy 3 or 4 different plans.


I dumped it 6 years ago.


me too; overpriced to the maxx


I know I will sound boring and dismal, but the only thing I have is internet. I have found there exists almost unlimited content that I could not possibly consume in one lifetime. My lady friend has Netflix at her place, but I don't watch it there either.


I was a Netflix customer from their second year, I cancelled over cuties and will never go back.


Cancelling. Been with them since inception.


It's been that price for almost a year. Idk what OP is on about.


I was just about to post something about that. My bill is $18 and change for tax.




Netflix is garbage anyway


Between my wife and I, Netflix and Hulu are the two streaming services that are used most in our house. While I'm not a fan of the price hike, we use Netflix basically everyday, so we definitely get our money's worth out of it.


Well I figured I'd look to see what I'm paying. Yup-$17.99. Ugh... Been paying that for at least 6 months. Thanks for posting this. I just changed from the premium pkg and went to standard. I think I had changed it because the kids were all trying to watch at the same time but I don't think I need more than 2 screens at once anymore.


Check your viewing history on the account. I was surprised when my wife and kids had barely watched it in two months. I dropped it after that.


Good idea. Will do.


I received an email from the nephew of Prince Rashad of Nigeria offering me a share of $35 million! All I needed to do was send them $4k to help with costs of processing the payment. I can use this money to (just about) fund all the streaming services I need to be able to watch all the programs I enjoy watching, for a few years at least. Being a multi-millionaire is tough work my dudes!


I sent Prince Rashad $8K hoping to get two shares of that $35 million. That was in 2007 and I'm confident he is going to contact me soon.


These things obviously take time...


Man, I cut Netflix off a couple years ago and never looked back.


It's free with t-mobile...


Only for the $8.99 plan or $13.99 (if you have Max) You pay the difference.


free on T-Mobile but I pay the 5 for the HD so it’s still do’s too affect me


Sooo. yes. Free.


Read the title, that's for the 4k plan.


Already unsubbed...


My cell phone plan covers half of that for me so it's still worth it... otherwise, yeah, not sure I'd pay full price even with so much 4k HDR content, I'd look at cost sharing with someone else at that point with zero guilt, LOL.


I dropped netflix years ago and never looked back. Many better choices out there now.


TMobile pays most of my Netflix bill.


It's bundled with T-Mobile cell phone service at no additional cost.


Haven’t had Netflix in years. I think AppleTV + and HBO are way better. At least, I know I use them much more.


I only sub to Netflix for a month or two at a time. Otherwise there’s nothing I want to watch


I dropped them probably 10 years ago and never looked back


If you still watch Netflix you just don’t care anymore about much of anything.


Just get cinema on your firestick


Just subscribe when they have something on you want to watch. No need to ever subscribe year round to any streaming service. That’s why we all dropped cable/satellite.


I’m paying 14.99. No idea what the plan is for that price.


You? oh good point You S4 is coming out.


I can’t cancel. I’m sharing my account with my cousin who is in college. Her mom refused to renew her subscription but she kept her own. I stepped in and said you can share mine.


I get my Netflix free thru t mobile


Which plan did you have before? Also is this in the USA?


That's a benefit with holding on to the cheapest $9 Netflix plan, is that you don't get affected by price increases to the same extent as with the more expensive plans. As there have been occasions with price increases were at least the price for the basic plan have stayed the same, and It's still so much more cheaper than cable. For me it would require a much higher price increase to get me to cancel. I know that Netflix get a lot of hate here on Reddit, so I am probably in the minority here. But I think that Netflix is great, and I think it's still worth the money. I don't say that I don't agree to some extent that some of their library has a lot of garbage and that there are some hit and miss, and there are some shows/movies on there that I think are really awful. But as a whole I think Netflix still delivers and have been stepping up their game when it comes to originals, and there are also some really good quality shows/movies now and then. Netflix is the one streamer that puts out by far most originals every month than any other streamer, and can I find at least one or two good shows or movies to watch every month, it's still worth it to that price. I understand that taste is something subjective, and you have of course a right to your own option of Netflix, and I understand that it sucks when a services or a product you are using is increasing their prices. That's always a bummer and I don't say that I also sometimes are a little worried by Netflix constant price increases. But at the same time, I cant help to feel that sometimes many people on here that are complaining about Netflix are just spoiled and whining just for the sake of it. As I said, it's still so much more cheaper than cable, and with such a huge library that Netflix has, for that price, even with the most expensive plan, it's still worth it. I mean, for $18 you can get one dvd/blu-ray disc or one ticket to watch a movie at the theaters, to set things in perspective.


I wonder what this means for T-Mobile customers?


If you’re T-Mobile subscriber, you can subscribe thru them for 7.99 for 4k plan.


Glad I watched the only thing I’ve gotten into lately….Squid Game. You know that violent, dubbed, poorly acted show that is unbelievably addicting? Yeah, that one.


thanks for the reminder i just down graded


4 different households are sharing my Netflix account. I have Netflix and CuriosityStream/Nebula, My parents have Amazon Prime and Paramount Plus, one friend has Hulu/Disney+/ESPN bundle, and we all have each other's logins so pay for one service and get 4+. All prices are increasing so I guess we all will pay for extra. I use Nebula and YouTube the most, then Netflix next, and barely use the others.


Tmobil subsidies yay


I cancelled Netflix when I got Disney plus. Shortly after, my family finally got on board with sharing subscriptions. I buy Disney. My parents provide Sling. My sister has Netflix. We have all Amazon, but just because of the shopping and shipping. Between those, 99.9% of anything I want to see is covered.


I think that is a great way to offset the cost. Plus when you rejoin you likely get some sort of free trial I think that is the key with any streaming service. They should be rotated to save money and get sign up deals. Its just more difficult if you have kids that will complain


I have a website I go to for everything that isn't on Prime (which I pay for because free shipping) Hulu, YoutubeTV, HBOmax (which I have friends and family sharing their accounts).


I canceled my membership. If the basic plan had 1080p video quality, I would resub. Been using my library card to watch DVDs and stream on Kanopy. Also been enjoying some TubiTV. So far so good. Can’t complain.


This is a great thread. I didn't realize I was paying too much. I don't have 4k and I just switched back to the$13.99. Thanks for info.


T-Mobile pays half my fee for me so I’m still hanging around but it’s mostly my son using it at this point.


Never canceling it


A flank steak to make Chinese food costs 24 bucks. Well worth it in my opinion.


When I started out it was like $7.99.


I cancelled a couple of years ago. Netflix content is awful, nothing worth watching.


i havent paid for my own netflix in 3 years, no I'm not using a friends one, i got one for $1 once and its been working ever since.


I only have it b/c im on a family acct otherwise i wouldnt pay for it..


Have it free with my cell plan otherwise I would have dropped Netflix a couple years ago.


I just got the same email. Actually two emails. The first one said my plan had been updated to the $8.99 plan which I already had, then a few seconds later I got the email saying it was updated to the $17.99 plan. (Premium) I went to change it back and it said it was changing it, but it doesn't reflect it. It's still showing the $17.99 plan, that I didn't have before today.


I just called Netflix and These changes were not authorized. They helped me secure my account. They could see that I didn't sign in to change the plan to the premium. They did change me back to the basic plan.


Real cord cutters don't pay for Netflix just saying 🙂.


You could do what we do. Share a Netflix plan. My parents actually pay for it in the UK but it is also used by my sisters family, and my family living in the USA along with my mother in law. All in all about 9 people share it but due to the time zones we never have any issues. We then pay for Disney+ which gets shared back. So overall across everyone it really works out as quite good value. Netflix keep threatening to prevent this from working but we've never had a single issue.