Am I crazy or does that -6 feel REALLY weak? This might get loyalty easier than most other walkers but single-target removal with a drawback doesn’t feel right for a walker ult. My suggestion would be something like “-10: Destroy all creatures. For each creature destroyed this way, create a 2/2 Zombie token with decayed.” It fits the theme and feels more impactful, albeit maybe too strong.


The original ult exiled all graveyards, then created the token for each card exiled that way. I felt that was too good


I’d be inclined to agree, since it can very reasonably ult right away, but I think it could still be pushed some. Maybe the cost of counters for that ability could be higher, or maybe you could find some amount of balance between this and the original.


I can't take this card seriously since it reads like "little Rick" or just "Richie" in Portuguese.


So I have noticed this is not the first "Recardin" card you have posted. I am curious, what is the backstory of this so called "Recardin Truntus" character you have made. He seems to be going through a character arc? Starting at just black, then Black Red, now Grixis. could you explain this? is this this the final form of Recardin Truntis? Also, could you explain the name please, me and a friend want to know, it is very unique.


His backstory is he seeks to fulfill some ambition and goal that only he knows. The black red version is him becoming enraged and consumed by the anger of him not being able to fulfill this ambition, then he is killed. He is raised by a necromancer, but keeps his intellect and all that, as a form of torture. Then the Necromancer who raised him dies and he becomes this version. As for the name, it was just me mixing random sounds to make a name, that’s what I do for almost all names I do.