Newborn didn’t pass initial hearing screenings

Newborn didn’t pass initial hearing screenings


Breathe. This will be just one of thousands of challenges you'll face as a Dad. It's probably nothing. We had ours fail a test on one ear but it wasn't the newborn test. Turned out to have been the beginnings of an ear infection causing some fluid and reduced hearing on that side. The tools at the hospital are for screening and have a high rate of false positives. It's meant to err on the side of caution. This too shall pass and you'll look back and chuckle at how worried you were. That said it's totally normal and fine to worry just don't let it out of control. Number one rule is that even though in your mind the baby comes first (and that's fine) in reality you come first because if you aren't taken care of then there is no one to take care of the baby. Wait to hear what the audiologist has to say. :)


Second the sentiments expressed above. Completely anecdotal, but our 2 kids both failed the in-hospital post-birth tests in both ears. Had to go back each time and they were fine.


Thank you!


Even if it isn't okay, it's not the end of the world. But the odds are it'll be fine. Don't freak out. Whatever may come, you got this. I have a close relation who is deaf in one ear, and has been from birth. They get through life just fine, so even if there's a problem, this isn't earth shattering and early awareness leads to perfectly normal lives.


What the other guys said is true, so here's some other advice that I use in a lot of situations- Visualize the worst case. Suppose she's completely deaf. So what? You're not gonna put her back to cook a little longer, so what options are you left with? Hearing aids? Sign language? These things might it be a challenge, but you'll rise to them. Because you have to. You're dad. That's what you're for. We all want our kids to be completely unremarkable health wise, but everyone ends up a little to one side or the other. Visualize the worst case, prepare for that. Be pleasantly surprised if/when it turns out to be nothing.


This is great advice, thank you! First time dad, so I’m just trying to keep my composure. This is a great way to look at things.


You're welcome dude. But, this isn't original to me. Goes back to the Stoics. Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus... I find that ancient dead people have a lot to offer dads.


Also if there is something up you are finding out super early so you can do everything possible to help.


My nephew is deaf. He got cochlear implants at 10 months and is otherwise a totally normal kid at the top of his class in school. Technology is awesome these days.


This is actually super common. Our little guy failed his test twice and they send they will try one more time the next day and if he didn’t pass he’d have to go to an audiologist . That night we were sleeping and someone next to us made a loud noise and our baby jumped . I breathed a sigh of relief knowing he could hear . The next day he passed . I really wouldn’t worry about it . I was beside myself at the time and the nurse said it’s super common and lots of babies have to be sent to the audiologist and it turns out to be nothing. When you’re in the thick of it though it’s hard to turn your mind off. It’ll be okay!


This is reassuring. She can’t definitely hear, as she reacts to sounds. Just want to make sure everything is normal with her hearing.


Oh yeah for sure - It’s nice to be fully reassured . :)




That’s good to hear!


In the event that hearing does become an issue, look into the Baby Signing Time video series (and when she’s older, the regular Signing Time series). It’s a good way to entertain your little one while also teaching her (and you) some simple ASL signs. Honestly, I recommend this to *any* new parents. The language bits in the brain develop a little while before the mouth/throat can actually start talking. So *sometimes* you can teach your kids to sign before they can talk. For us, our twins started talking and signing around the same time, but A. they had some exclusive words on both sides which means we were getting more total words (though signing “diaper” is definitely more important than saying “cat”), and B. when they make a really bad attempt at a sign and a really bad attempt at speaking a word at the same time, it’s easier to tell what word they’re trying to use (e.g. speaking “dah” could mean “dog,” “dad,” “done,” etc. Flailing arms near her shoulders could mean “cloud,” “done,” “cold,” etc. But if she’s doing both, you can match them up to figure out she means “done.”) It doesn’t work for everyone (just like *all* parenting advice), but this was my hidden gem during the baby phase. If you’ve actually got a deaf kid though, it’s a no-brainer.


Hi OP. My daughter went through basically the exact same thing when she was born. Didn't pass the screening initially and and second time they did it she was crying so they couldn't get anything. She was born with a cleft lip/palate so there was a higher chance that she wouldn't pass anyway so there was no surprise there. It was eventually determined that there indeed was fluid in her ears so a few months later when she had her lip repair surgery they put little tubes in her ears at the same time that would drain the fluid out of her ears. Throughout all of this me and my wife were of course extremely nervous. But the team working with us were extremely professional and great with our daughter. My girl is 1.5 years old now and we checked on the tubes when she turned 1 and one of the tubes had already drained and fell out (they do that) and the other one was still in. She's doing great. Best of luck to you OP! I hope everything works out for your family.


My daughter has hearing loss in one ear, picked up at the screening. My son failed the screening and was fast tracked to the audiology team due to his sister's issues, but he now has no problems at all. I freaked out at first, but the support from the audiology team has been outstanding. My daughter is now school age and doing really well. She has a hearing aid, which she is old enough to manage herself, and she'll tell us/her teacher if she's having problems hearing. We were worried to begin with, definitely, but she coped really well with all the tests, and even with the hearing aid as a toddler. We know other parents whose kids have more severe hearing loss than ours and, with the right support, their kids are doing well.


This happened with my kid. Failed three times and made us come back a month later. Everything was fine on the follow up visit.


This won't be the comforting advice you want - but maybe she won't get a different result from a subsequent test. Your beautiful daughter might be a beautiful daughter who is also Deaf. If that's the case please know it's not the end of the world - I work surrounded by Deaf people, and hearing parents of deaf kids every day - if this is the case you and your daughter will be absolutely fine. You're already showing your on the right track with your language - even if that Is subconscious, you didn't use the word "fail' in your post title which is a huge step for some hearing parents. Happy International Day of Sign Languages for tomorrow, new dad.


You’re absolutely right. Thank you.


My daughter didn't past one ear as well. They scheduled us to see the hearing specialist a month later because they were completely booked. I was worried the whole time as well. The test requires the baby to be asleep the entire time. Luckily i was able to put my daughter to sleep in 15 minutes. So they can perform the hearing test. She passed the test. There was another lady with her baby before my appointment. She couldnt get her baby to sleep, so we went in before her.


This what I wanted to hear. Thank you!


First test My son passed left, failed right. Second test passed right then failed left. Got another checkup later and passed both. Get ready to be overly concerned about every minute detail but failing the newborn test proved to be of no consequence for my son. And when I think about it it’s not like a baby can tell you I hear that or I don’t hear that. Combined with fluid that could be in their ear canal I wouldn’t lose sleep over it but i would make that appt for peace of mind.


My son failed them all before being sent home, we had to come back for one at a week old which he passed. We weren't too worried because despite failing them at the hospital he would jump (startle) every time the door closed to our hospital room


Ours failed multiple times in 3 appointments. Went to a specialist and he passed first try. We could see he reacted to sound though so it never worried me much.


We had the same issue they almost would let us leave the hospital but in the end everything was fine. Don't make much of it until you go for the test.


Not a dad! But our toddler failed the NB hearing screen twice, (different ear each time), and had to have additional testing at Texas Children’s Hospital. Passed with flying colors. The only problem with her hearing now, is that it’s selective 😅


That's a human problem, not a hearing problem 😁 I know a lot of people with that same condition!


Yes, our 2nd failed the in hospital screening, then was sent to the local clinic for a retest in 2 weeks. He didn’t pass that one so he was referred to the hospitals audiology dept where he has been tested every 2-8 months depending on each result. He’ll be 2 in November and hasn’t completely passed the last few tests due to fluid in his ears so he’s getting tubes put in to help drain the fluid in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out if you need anything! Edit: he does/can hear, just some certain tones and volumes don’t register, and seems to be delaying his speech.


Thanks so much, and best of luck!


You (and she) will get through this! Regardless of how things turn out, I strongly encourage you to research sign language as a mode of communication. Hearing aids and cochlear implants work for some (but not all) people but having language input early on is critical. Doesn’t matter if it’s signed or spoken, those early acquisition years are critical.


Didn’t happen to me but I have heard of it quite a few times and it turns out to be nothing. Try not to catastrophize (sp) if possible. The anxiety it can cause waiting will only add on to the already difficult time that is the first few months of a new baby


This happened with our youngest. Failed the in hospital test, had to wait a month to get the baby audiologist administered test and passed it.