Hospital bag?

Hospital bag?


Phone charger. Warm clothes, pjs. Chapstick! Hospital air is very dry.


Much appreciated.


I packed a whole separate small rolling suitcase for myself. Figured I’d rather be over prepared than under. I also knew I wouldn’t want to leave and go home to do anything. We had a bathroom with a shower in our room, so I brought a few changes of clothes and was able to take a couple showers during our 3.5 day stay. I also brought a pillow and small blanket, and a laptop to watch some shows/help distract my wife during those early stages (she had an induction). Besides that, bring some basic toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, ect), and definitely some snacks for yourself.


Awesome. Thank you.


Definitely bring something - labour takes a long time (especially for a first) and you could be there for a while. You're not likely to leave right after the baby is born either. Pack as if you're going on an overnight trip somewhere (ie. toiletries and change of clothes, plus PJs). You're entering the "getting barfed on" phase of life, and you don't want to be walking around in milk-stained clothes all day. Some hospital COVID protocols don't allow exit and re-entry for partners (once you're in, you're in), so you may not be able to leave and grab something you forgot. Check to see what your hospital's details are. Temperatures in hospitals tend to be all over the place, so definitely bring a sweater just in case as well. I'd also recommend bringing chargers for any electronics, as well as some snacks and drinks (water, Gatorade, etc). Also if you have pets, give them enough food/water for at least 24 hours before you leave (or ask someone to come check on them). Congrats!


Thank you. I didn't think about the covid protocols outside of being in the delivery room so good looks. I'll look into how the protocols are at the hospital.


first time I brought way too much, bring things like a blanket or other things to bring home a baby in and what youd normally need over the course of a day or two. Im also really glad I brought camera and tripod to film/photograph handsfree to focus on being in the room.


My hospital specifically forbid tripods.


That's a good suggestion with the tripod. I will look into seeing if they allow them. Thank you.


Definitely bring a pillow. Maybe even two. I brought one and my wife ended up using it the whole time. Warm clothes. It’s always cold in the hospital. I brought a deck of cards for me and my wife to play while we waited. Slippers or comfy shoes. I had to go down to the hospital’s cafe for all my meals but I kept my slippers on to walk through the hospital. Snacks. I figure I’m paying the hospital enough money as is, I’m not gonna buy their snacks. Water bottle, same reason. Laptop would have probably been a good idea so you can watch stuff together. After the 5th hour of watching HGTV, I was ready for anything else. Don’t bother bringing 5 different outfits for the baby. The hospital gave us onesies and a swaddle. We had one outfit for photos and one to travel home. That’s all we needed.


Thank you. Was thinking of taking my Xbox but I can play apex on my laptop so the laptop should be fine.


Bro I promise your wife doesn’t want you playing video games in the hospital like that. Bring a book or some shit


Comfortable footwear and definitely a neck pillow, most of the comments cover a lot of what i would suggest, I wouldn't overpack, considering that it would be more trips to the car when you guys take the baby home, congratulations!


Thank you. The neck pillow is a good idea.


Less is more. I had to move our bags several times from all the different rooms we were in. Didn't end up wearing half of what I brought even though we were there for four days. One thing that worked for me was bringing a single, large power pack instead of a bunch of different chargers. Wall sockets are never near where you need them.


I hope they don't keep moving us lol but thank you.


This is what i packed last year. Blanket asprin rolaids phone chargers computer, tablet ,switch, firestick. clothes comfy ones like sweat pants or draw string. pillow if you have room. snacks oversized towel for her the ones they give you might wrap around a 90 woman. check covid protocol i was able to go home to get the car seat so i didnt bother to bring that.


Take some headphones so you can watch a tablet or your phone without bothering anyone. Also snacks you and she will like. The trips to the cafeteria will get old. Good luck!


For the love of Pete bring hearty snacks and a lot of them. My firstborn daughter's labor took 72+ hrs and all I had were Snickers bars. Didn't have time to leave to get more. My wife finally decided to get an epidural towards the end and I passed out when I saw the needle. 🙄 Also bring things that will make the room comfortable for your partner. We had an essential oil mister and the nice smell made the room a lot more comfortable


Pack some snacks. My wife had PB&J and hard boiled eggs on her go bag list - I teased her about it while packing them. They turned out to be super helpful. Also, we packed too many clothes for her and not enough clothes for me. She will be in a gown or maybe her PJs. Bring a sweater or hoodie you can throw on if the hospital is cold, and pants are preferred over shorts. Long charger cables are important. Our hospital provided hotel-level toiletries but it’s always nice to have your own stuff.


Pack a shirt that opens easily and will make it easy to do skin to skin with your baby. A zip hoodie worked well for me.