Negotiate Hospital Bill

Negotiate Hospital Bill


You need to call the Billing office and ask about their financial assistance programs.


So take it up with the hospital and not the insurance company? Do you know if they ask for anything in order to get financial assistance?


Right - unless your insurance denied your claim, they pay what they pay. Hospitals have financial assistance programs to help folks who can't afford their bills. Each program is different, but they usually ask what your income and liabilities are. Then using those numbers, they will sometimes knock a portion off, or a percentage, or put you on a no interest payment plan...stuff like that. It's not the same as bargaining in a flea market though - it's more like applying for a loan.


They will probably ask for some sort of proof of income, but it’s completely up to the hospital so you’ll have to talk with them. I highly recommend this though. Worst thing that can happen is they say no, but it might save you thousands.


What part are you trying to negotiate down? If you have an insurance company, any savings that you get come off the amount that insurance has to pay after you meet your deductible. Most insurance companies will already have negotiated a price with the hospital, my insurance company sends me a break down showing what was originally billed, what they have agreed to and how much I have to pay and what they have paid. Now maybe your insurance and hospital are different, but usually an insurance company isn't paying a cent until you pay you are billed for your deductible. If you are struggling to make the payments the billing office may have some programs to help with financial assistance, but be sure that is what you are asking for, and ensure that the insurance company isn't going to want you to pay more later on. Never trust the insurance company to be decent, they are a business and care only about making money, I worked in the financial office of a hospital.


One of those times i am very happy about our healthcare system in Germany. No one here has ever heard of paying even a single Euro for a child birth. Good luck with your bill.


I’m pretty sure non profit hospitals have to offer zero interest payment plans. Lots will give you a discount for payment in full. It never hurts to ask.


I called the pediatricians number on the bill that saw my newborn at the hospital for 5 minutes and charged $2000. My portion was $900 and they took off 20% just for calling.